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Old and New Testament.






1) Bible Maps - overlaps with #2 but has maps not in the alphabetical listing
2) Bible Maps 2 - alphabetical listing of maps - by books of the Bible and subjects
3) Bible Maps 3 - Bible maps posted on

Hint: Click thumbnails below for full image. If map is too large the browser window of Internet Explorer (IE), will automatically resize the map to fit the window (assuming that feature is activated - on IE see Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Multimedia > Enable automatic image resizing). In IE editions prior to 7.0 click the Automatic Image Resizing icon that appears in the lower-right hand corner of the picture (Click once to enlarge the map and bring the location names and notes into focus. Click again to resize the map to fit the window). On IE 7.0 simply hold pointer over the map and click once for original size then click again to return to resized image (maximum resolution at 100% setting).


Public Domain Maps
Click thumbnail to enlarge

Abraham's Journey
Genesis 11:27-12:9, Acts 7:2-4

 (remember to resize to get words in focus - see hint above)

Battle of Michmash
1Samuel 13:1-23; 14:1-14

Elijah's Travels
1Kings 17-21
2Kings 1:1-4; 2:1-25; 4-9; 13:14-21

United Kingdom: 12 Tribes of Israel

Divided Kingdom: 931BC
1Kings 12


Divided Kingdoms - 775 BC


Israel Under Solomon


Alexander's Conquests

Maps below courtesy of Penn State

Seleucid Empire, ca 198BC


Israel's Topography


Sinai Topography

The Twelve Tribes


UN Partition Plan 1947


Armistice Lines 1949-67


Six Day War 1967


Modern Israel, 2005



Satellite Image Maps
Used by permission
Click thumbnail to enlarge

New Testament Palestine

 (remember to resize to get words in focus - see hint above)

Old Testament Palestine

The Biblical World

Paul's First Missionary Journey
Acts 13:4-14:28

Paul's Second Missionary Journey
Acts 15:36-18:32

Paul's Third Missionary Journey
Acts 18:23-21:26

Paul's Journey to Rome
Acts 27:1-28:31

Summary of Events of Matthew Chapters 1-7
Sermon on the Mount
(click for more detail)



DOWNLOAD InstaVerse for free. It is an easy to install and simple to use Bible Verse pop up tool that allows you to read cross references in context and in the Version you prefer. Only the  KJV is free with this download but you can also download a free copy of Bible Explorer which in turn offers free Bibles that work with InstaVerse, including  the excellent, literal translation, the English Standard Version (ESV). Other popular versions are available for purchase. When you hold the mouse pointer over a Scripture reference anywhere on the Web (as well as offline in Word for Windows, email, etc) the passage pops up immediately. InstaVerse can be disabled if the popups become distractive. This utility really does work and makes it easy to read the actual passage in context and not just the chapter and verse reference.

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