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Commentaries, Word Studies, Devotionals, Sermons, Illustrations
Old and New Testament.





(1)  Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Library

Genesis (color)
Creation to Babel

Abraham through Joseph

Exodus through Kings (color)

Rahab to Ruth

Samuel through Saul

King David and Solomon

Elijah to Ezra

Esther to Daniel


(2) Woodcuts by Gustave Dore


(3)  Illustrations  (>400  B&W images) 


(4) Collections from BlueLetterBible

Five Books of Moses
Book of Joshua
Story of Samson
Book of Ruth
Kings and Chronicles
Song of Solomon
Book of Daniel
Temple Images
Archeology & History


(5) Public Domain Biblical Images



Genesis 1-37
Genesis 37-Exodus 31
Exodus 35-Leviticus 23
Leviticus 25 - Deut 9
Deuteronomy 15 - Judges 2:4
Judges 3:27 - 1 Samuel 14-13
1 Samuel 16:2 - 1 Kings 19:5
2 Kings7:8 - 2Chronicles 21:12
2 Kings 17:23 - Job 17
Job 21-42 plus miscellaneous
Isaiah 1-37:14
Isaiah 38:5 - Jeremiah 8:20
Jeremiah 11:22 - Jeremiah 52
Jeremiah 52:13 - Ezekiel 37:1:
Ezekiel 38:22 - Hosea 4:13
Hosea 4:6 - Haggai 1:13
Zechariah 1:8 - Matthew 11:28
Matthew 6:28 - Luke 2
Luke 4:8 - John 19:25
John 19:19 - Acts 21:34
Acts 16:30 - 1 Corinthians
1 Corinthians - Ephesians 6:2
Galatians and miscellaneous

Miscellaneous COLOR pictures

Group 1 Includes...

The visit of the wise-men
Jesus and the children
The disciples chosen and sent out
Jesus and the nobleman's son
Jesus and a blind man
Praying for a friend
A king and His people caring for God's house
The baby Jesus in the temple
The angels' song and the shepherds' visit
The angel's message to Mary
Samuel bringing God's message to a boy of Bethlehem
God's messengers to Abraham
A lost book found
The story of a thanksgiving day
Nehemiah, the King's Cupbearer
Daniel in the Lions' den
Keeping the lord's day
Paul in prison
Peter bravely doing his work
Peter's confession


Group 2 Includes...

Saul persecuting Christians
Paul preaching Christ
Peter trusted again
Paul's story of his adventure
Jesus returns to the Father
Peter the fisherman
Peter's lie forgiven
The resurrection day
Paul shipwrecked
A gift that pleased Jesus
Jesus in the home of Zaccheus
The story of the Good Samaritan
Jesus teaching a new commandment
The power of Jesus to forgive sin
A story about forgiving
Jesus teaching how to pray
Jesus baptized
Jesus and the man at the pool
The story of the ten lepers
Jesus and his friends in the upper room

Group 3 Includes...

A busy day at Capernaum
God's house for praise and prayer
King David's kindness to a lame man
God's promise to Mary
The story of the
Birth of Jesus
The shepherd boy and a giant
John's message about Jesus
God's promise to Zacharias
David's Mighty Men
David and the sleeping King
Abigail the peacemaker
King David learning to give up his own way

Revelation Pictures (copyright protected)  

Revelation Illustrated
Revelation Artwork



NT Collections from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Library

The Early Life of Jesus

The Ministry of Jesus

The Passion History of Jesus

The New Testament Church

The Birth and Ministry of Jesus (color)

The Passion History of Jesus (color)

The NT Church and Misc Illustrations (color)


NT Collections from Blueletter Bible

Taylor's Life of Christ
Miracles of Lord Jesus
Acts of the Apostles
Temple Images
Archeology & History



Prophetic Charts on this Website

Bible Prophecy
Four charts covering Revelation 4-22
Chart of Scriptures that Describe the "Great Tribulation"

Summary Chart of Daniel's Seventieth Week
Daniel's Seventieth Week - Units of Seventy - Why years not months or days?
Timeline of Jewish & Gentile History According to Daniel's Prophecy

Ezekiel Timeline - Ezekiel's prophecy in context of Israel's history

The Three Divine Days - Of The Lord, Of Christ, Of God
The End Time Judgments - Of Christ, Sheep & Goats, Israel, Great White Throne
Glory of the LORD - Depicts departure of God's glory and return to His Temple
God's Plan for the Ages - God's Eye Overview from first Adam to last Adam
God's Plan for Jerusalem - Timeline of the "five" prophetic peaks of Jerusalem


Revelation Chart by Harry Ironside

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Clarence Larkin Bible Charts from Blueletter Bible

(Although Larkin is generally conservative and literal, these charts are one man's interpretation so be a Berean)

The Seven Cosmic Phases of the Earth
The Three Stages of the Earth
The Royal Grant to Abraham (Abrahamic Covenant)
The Antichrist and the Times of the Gentiles
The Prophetic Days of Scripture ("Day of the Lord", etc)
The Two Comings of Christ
The Church as Seen in the Book of Revelation
The Seven Churches
The Dispensation of Judgment
The Resurrections and Judgments


Clarence Larkin Bible Charts from another site
(Quality of these charts is not as good as those above but there are some different charts)

The Church and the Kingdom
The Church
The Heavens
The Mountain Peaks Of Prophecy
Ages and Dispensations
The Failure Of Man
The Second Coming
The Resurrections and Judgments
The (Spiritual) Underworld


Miscellaneous Sources...

Bible Picture Gallery - Pay site but they do have some FREE PICTURES

Don't forget to do search of Google Images (see below)


DOWNLOAD InstaVerse for free. It is an easy to install and simple to use Bible Verse pop up tool that allows you to read cross references in context and in the Version you prefer. Only the  KJV is free with this download but you can also download a free copy of Bible Explorer which in turn offers free Bibles that work with InstaVerse, including  the excellent, literal translation, the English Standard Version (ESV). Other popular versions are available for purchase. When you hold the mouse pointer over a Scripture reference anywhere on the Web (as well as offline in Word for Windows, email, etc) the passage pops up immediately. InstaVerse can be disabled if the popups become distractive. This utility really does work and makes it easy to read the actual passage in context and not just the chapter and verse reference.


Search for Images

Search for Bible maps by typing place name plus the word "map" or just the place name. For example, type "Galilee map" (without the quotation marks), "Paul missionary map", "Jesus map", "Israel wilderness map", etc. You will be surprised at the number of useful maps you can retrieve.

Remember - do not include quotation marks - any phrase in quotation marks produces a search for that exact phrase whereas words without quotation marks will search for a combination that includes all the words on one page. E.g., if you type "Galilee map" in Google and keep the quotation marks, you will retrieve 103 hits on Google Image search. Now type the same two word but this time remove the quotation marks and you retrieve 36,800 hits! (Both with Moderate SafeSearch on - searching without a filter is not recommended!)

For Biblical images type the name plus another qualifying fact. For example, try "Abraham Isaac", "Abraham Genesis" (don't forget - NO quotation marks) or if you are studying Ruth, type "Ruth Boaz", "Ruth glean", etc, or for the Seven Churches of the Revelation, type "Revelation Ephesus", "Revelation Laodicea", etc. If you are studying Paul try "Paul Corinth", "Paul Athens", etc. You are getting the "picture" (pun intended). The Biblical combinations are endless and can add color to your study. Don't forget to search both Google and Alta Vista.




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