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Consider a devotional study of the book of James. Read James 2 and then listen to the well done audio messages by Pastor Keith Krell. If you have a 20-30 commute one way you can listen to the full message in your round trip instead of listening to the traffic (assuming you have an Mp3 device such as an Ipod). I had never heard of Pastor Krell either, but his messages are sound, and sufficiently in depth to aid your assimilation of the pithy passages in James. This week we will listen to two messages on James 2 (which means you would have read through this chapter at least 2 times by week's end. Consider keeping a notebook to record what the Spirit speaks to you through the Word of Truth)…

James 2:1-13 Know Mercy

James 2:14-26 Working Hard or Hardly Working

If you would like more exposition on James, Pastor Steven Cole's written messages (Pdf) are excellent and end with several discussion questions to allow you to apply what you have learned. Enjoy! And be edified and equipped!

James 2:1-7 Why Partiality is Wrong - 1

James 2:8-13 Why Partiality is Wrong - 2

James 2:14-19 Saving Faith: Genuine or False?

James 2:20-26 Are We Justified by Works?


Walking in (by) the Spirit?

Mystical? Mysterious? Something possible for only a few select "super saints"? Can this really be my experience? What does it mean practically? The short answer is God commands us to walk in the Spirit (Gal 5:16-note) and what He commands, He always enables, providing the desire and power (Php 2:3-note). In light of His promises which never fail (2Cor 1:20), you are encouraged to set aside some time and with a humble, tender, teachable heart, to prayerfully study the resources below. If your heart's desire is to experientially walk by the Spirit, it is my prayer that our Father would use these resources (all firmly grounded on His Word which is truth and life) to help you move toward that God glorifying goal, a goal which is clearly in His will and therefore a prayer request which He will answer affirmatively (1John 5:14, 15). Ultimately as we walk in the Spirit, others will see our supernatural good works on earth and will be led to render a proper opinion of the supernatural authenticity and veracity of our Father Who is in heaven (one of a saint's major life privileges and purposes - Mt 5:16-note). The Spirit controlled (supernatural) life is not a program but a Person (Ro 8:9-note) living in saints who are ever learning to walk by faith, in the light of sound doctrine and in continual surrender and obedience to that truth. Our Lord's desire for each of His children is abundant life, for He Himself declared "I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly (to the full, in all its fullness)" (John 10:10b). Beloved, may our Father grant each of us His desire and His power that we might walk by His Spirit and experience the abundant life in His Son, Christ Jesus. Amen.

Here are the resources…

As a background, read slowly and meditatively through the entire letter to the Galatians several times in several versions (NAS, NIV, NLT, ESV, Amplified available here) to help understand the context of Paul's practical teaching in Galatians 5. Then you will "glean and graze" more profitably in the following resources… not as a passive hearer but an effectual doer - Do this as a month long (or longer) devotional exercise; take notes; meditate on and pray over the truth the Spirit illuminates; re-read Paul's letter to the Galatians; then walk out in the victorious life made possible by our Savior's victory at Calvary!

John Piper Mp3- Walk by the Spirit! Audio is better than just reading the transcript

Ray Stedman Mp3 - Legalism - excellent on how not to walk by the Spirit

J Vernon McGee Mp3 - Gal 5:16, 5:16; 5:17; 5:18-21; 5:22-23; 5:24-26

S Lewis Johnson - Life by the Spirit - Mp3 (Pdf)

Dan Duncan Mp3 - Galatians 5:16-26

Verse by verse notes Galatians 5:16-26 - After you've pondered the principles for yourself. Galatians 5:16; 5:17; 5:18; 5:19; 5:20; 5:21; 5:22; 5:23; 5:24; 5:25; 5:26

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