Hebrew Word Studies


Introduction: Since there are over 8600 Hebrew words in Strong's Lexicon any attempt at Hebrew word studies is an overwhelming task. As of 2016 there are more than 400 Hebrew word studies but clearly this is a lifelong project (and at age 70 it undoubtedly will never be finished!) The goal of the word studies will be to include Hebrew words that are used in the commentary notes on this website, but they will generally not be discussed in as much detail as the Greek Word Studies. The format will be similar to the Greek and will include the English word first (with most common synonyms), the Strong's number (all Hebrew numbers will begin with a "0" to distinguish from the Greek Strong's numbers) and the transliterated Hebrew word which will serve as the link to the on site definition. You might also try searching preceptaustin.org using the Strong's number (remember to put a zero in front of the Strong's number, not an "H") if you know the number and it is not in this list, as many other Hebrew words have definitions, albeit not in as much detail. Note that the English words are based on the New American Standard translation.

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Abaddon (011) abaddon

Abandon (forsake, left, spread)(05203) natash/natas 

Abhor (detest) (08581) taab

Abhor (01602ga'al

Abhor (dread, loathe)(06973qut

Abomination (detestable, loathsome) (08441) toebah

Abominations (08251) shiqquts

Abram (087abram

Abundance (ashes, fatness) (01880) deshan

Accept (verb) (be accepted, be a delight, be pleased) (07521) ratsah/rasah

Accepted (noun) (07522) ratson/rason

Adonai (0136) 'adonay

Adultery (05003)(נָאַף nāʾap̱)

Afflict (Humble) (06031) 'anah

Afflicted (07492raats

Alas (0162ahah

Altar (04196) mizbeah

Ambush (lie in wait, lurk) (0693) arab

Amen (0543) amen

Anathoth (06068) anathoth

Anger (nose, nostril, wrath) (0639) aph

Anguish (calve, give birth, shakes, travail, tremble, writhe).02342chul

Anoint (04886) masah/maschah

Anointed (04899) mashiach/masiyah

Anointing (consecrated) (04888) mishchah

Anoint (05480) suk

Answer (response, purpose) (04617) maaneh

Appointed times (festival, feast, meeting) (04150) moed

Apostasy (07962) shalva

Appoint (punish, number, numbered, punish, visit) (06485pequddah/pāqadh/paqad

Arise (rise, establish, stand, set, get) (06965) qum

Aroma (fragrance) (07381) reah

Arouse (awaken)(05782) 'ur

Arrogance (01433) godel

Arrogant (proud, presumptuous) (02086) zed

Ashamed (put to shame) (0954) bosh

Ash heap (dunghill)(0830) aspot

Asleep (sleep, smolders) (03463yashen

Assemblies (convocation, reading)(04744) miqra

Associate (Fellow, Companion)(05997) amith

Atonement (See "Make atonement" below) (03725) kippur/kippurim

Avenge (free, go unpunished, acquit, purge)(05352naqah

Baal (verb)(husband, marry, rule)(01166) baal

Baal (noun)(husband, lord, master, owner, possessor)(01167) ba'al

Baal (proper noun)(01168ba'al

Baal - See uses in combination with other Hebrew words

Babylon (0894) babel

Barren (06135) 'aqar

Baruch (01263) baruk

Basin (laver) (03695) kiyor

Bear, bring, proclaim good news (01319basar

Bear (carried) (05445) sabal

Beautiful (handsome, appropriate) (03303) yapheh

Beautiful (beauty, glory) (06643) tsebi/tsebiy

Become weary (03286) ya'aph

Before (06440) panim/paniym/paneh

Before (in front of, opposite, presence)(05048) neged

Beginning (first-fruits) (07225) reshith

Behold (02009) hinneh

Believe (0539) aman

Beloved (01730) dod

Besiege (harass, attack) (06696) tsûr/sur

Bite (05391) nashak

Bitter (3966) marar

Blameless (without defect or blemish, perfect, integrity) (08549) tamim

Bless (01288) barak

Blessing  (01293) berakah

Bless (0835) 'esher/'eser

Blot out (wipe)(04229machah

Boaz (01162) bo'az

Booths (tabernacles) (05521) sukkah

Bow down (prostrate, worship) (07812) shachah

Branch (spout, what grew) (06780) tsemach

Branch (05342) netser/neser

Bread (food) (03889) lehem

Break , broken (07665) shabar

Break (broke)(06555) parats

Breastpiece (02833) hosen

Bribe (07810) shochad

Broken (05218) naka

Bruise (07779) shûph

Build (highway, exalt) (05549) salal

Burnt offering (05930) 'olah

Buy (purchase, acquire) (07069) qanah

Cakes (02471) challah

Calamity (0343) ed

Call (07768) shava'/sawa'

Canopy (02646) chuppah

Captured (caught) (03920) lakad

Case (strife) (07379) riyb

Cast (07993) shalak/salak

Cave (04631) mearah

Celebrate (02287chagag

Chaff (07179) qas/qash

Chosen (choose)(0977bahar/bachar

Circumcise(04135) mul

Cleaved (1692) dabaq

Clean (adjective) (pure) (02889) tahor

Clean (verb) (cleanse, purify) (02891) taher

Clothe (clothed, dressed, arrayed, put on clothes)(03487) labas

Come before (confront, meet) (06923) qadam

Come near (Draw near, offer) (07126) qarab

Commandment (04687) mitsvah

Compassion (have compassion, mercy)(07355) racham

Complacency (07962) shalva

Complete, Whole, Full (08003) shalem

Complete destruction (complete end, full end) (03617) kala

Confess (praise, give thanks) (03034) yadah

Came upon mightily (06743tsalach

Comforted (repent, relent, sorry, change, console) (05162) naham/nacham

Condemn (act wickedly)(07561rasha

Contain (endure, hold, provide, sustain) (03557) kul

Contend (plead case) (07378) riyb

Consecrate (Sanctify, make holy) (06942) qadash

Consider (reckon, regard, devise, plan) (02803) chasab/hasab

Continual (continually, regular) (08548) tamid

Contribution (offering, heave offering) (08541) terumah

Contrite (crushed, broken)(01794) dakah

Convocation (04744) miqra'

Corner (tower) (06438) pinnah

Couch (06210) eres

Council/counsel (05475) sod

Counselor (03289) ya'ats

Covenant (01285) berit/berith/beriyth

Cover (conceal) (03680) kacah/kasah

Create (01254) bara'

Crown (separation, dedicated) (05145) nezer

Cry out (02199) za'aq

Cup (05592sap/saph

Curse (devoted, destruction, utterly destroy) (02764) herem

Curse (blaspheme) (05344) naqab

Curse (despise, lighten, swift) 07043) qalal

Cut (make [a covenant], cut off, destroy) (03772) karath

Cut off (divide, decree)(01504gazar

Darkness (02822) choshek

Darling (07474) rayah

Deal treacherously (0898) bagad

Deceive (deny, lie, pretend obedience) (03584) kachash

Deceitful (07423) remiyah

Decision (02742charuts

Deep sleep (08639)(tardemah

Defect (blemish) (03971) mum

Defend (01598ganan

Defile (pollute, stain) (01351) gaal

Delight (desire) (02654) chaphets

Delight (desire, pleasure) (02656) Hepes/chepes/chephets

Desire (02530) chamad/hamad

Delight (06026) anag

Deliver (05337natsal

Demons (he goat) (08163) sa'yr

Departed (04185) mus/mush

Deposit (reserve) (06487) piqqadon

Derision ( mock, mocked, sneer)(03933laag

Desire (crave, long) (0183) awah

Desire (08669) teshuqah

Desolation (empty, formless, futile, waste, meaningless) (08414tohu 

Despair (07817) shachach/sahah

Despise (0959) bazah

Despise (0936) buz

Desolate (lay waste, devastate) (02717) chareb

Desolation (horror) (08047) sammah/shammah

Desolation (be desolate, appalled, astonished) (08074) shamen/samen

Desolate (desolation) (08077) shemamah

Destroy (corrupt)(07843) shachath

Destroy (demolish, exterminate) (08045) shamad

Destroy, destroyed, destroyer (devastate,  ruin). (07703shadad

Destruction (brokenness, injury, ruin, crushed) (077667) seber

Destruction (devastation, violence)(07701) shod

Determined (please, willing, persisted, ventured)(02974yaal 

Detestable (08263) sheqets/seqes

Devices (counsels) (04156) moesah

Devious (03868) luz

Discern (understanding, consider) (0995) bin/biyn

Disciples (03928limmud

Discipline (instruction) (04148) musar

Discipline (chasten, instruct) (03256) yasar

Discretion (purpose, plot) (04209) mezimmah

Disgrace (dishonor, shame) (07036qalon

Disgrace (03639) kelimmah

Disgraced (humiliated, ashamed, insulted, blush)(03637kalam

Dismay (disturbed, terrified, hasten) (0926bahal

Disperse (05310) naphats/napas

Distinguish (05330) nesah

Distress (verb) (06887) tsarar

Distress (trouble) (noun) (06869) tsarah

Distress (trouble, affliction, tribulation) (06862tsar

Disturbed (01993) hamah

Divide (flatter) (02505) chalaq

Divine, Divination (07080) qasam

Dread (fear) (06343) pachad

Drive, drove, driven (01644garas

Dry, Parched (06723tsiyah

Dwelling (seat, settlement) (04186) moshab

Dwindle (07087qapha

Eagle (05404) nesher

Empty (idle, worthless) (07386) req

Emptiness (void)(0922bohu

Enmity (0342'eybah or 'ebah 

Entice (deceive) (066601) pathah

Ephah (0374) ephah

Ephod (0646) epod

Equity (04339) meshar

Escape (deliverance, survivors, what has escaped)(06413peletah

Fall (attack, intercede, meet, reach)(06293paga/pagha

Forever (eternal)(05703) 'ad

Everlasting, Eternal, Forever (05769) olam

Exile, reveal, uncover, open (01540) galah

Face (06440) panim/paniym/paneh

Fainting (dim)(03544keheh

Faith (faithfulness) (0530) emunah

Fall (meet, reach, attack, entreat, intercede, touch)(06293paga/pagha

Falsehood (lies, deception) (08267) sheqer

Fast (06685tsom

Fat (02459) heleb

Favor (grace) (02580) chen/hen

Fear, be afraid (verb)(03372yare

Fear (03374) yirah

Fear (dread, terror) (02731) charadah

Feast (festival) (02282) chaq

Figure (04426) melitsah

Fill (filled, filling, full, fulfill, fulfilled, completed, ordain) (04390) male

Filth (06675) so'ah/tso'ah

Fine flour (05560) solet

Firepot (03595kiyyor

First-fruitss (07225) reshith

First-fruits (Early ripened things) (01061) bikkurim

Flint (06440challamish

Fled (wander, flee, fugitive, stray)(05074nadad

Fool (0191) 'evil

Fool (03684) kesil

Foolishness (folly) (0200) iwweleth

Foreigner (alien, adulteress) (05237) nokriy

Forever (eternal)(05703) 'ad

Forget  (07911shakach/shakah

Forgiven (05545) salach (See another study)

Form (08544temunah

Form (handsome, appearance) (08389toar

Forsake (leave) (05800) 'azab

Fortified (gather, mighty things) (01219) batsar

Fortunes (07622) shebuth

Fountain (04726) maqor

Frankincense (incense) (03828) lebonah

Freedom (06495peqach-qoach

Freewill offering (05071) nedabah

Front (06440) panim/paniym/paneh

Full (devoted, complete, perfect, wholly) (08003) shalam

Furnace (03564kur

Fury (05678) 'ebrah

Gain (02498) chalaph

Garland (turban, headdress) (06287pe'er

Gash (muster) (01413) gadad

Gift (give, bestow, bribe) (04979) mattanah

Gird (02296) hagar/chagar

Glean (05953) 'alal

Give thanks (praise, confess) (03034) yadah

Glory (03519) kabod

Glory (glorify, to honor) (03513) kabad

Glorify (beautify, adorn)(06286paar

Go (walk)(01980) halak

God (0430) Elohim

Godless (02611) chaneph

Godly (kind) (02623) hasid

Goodness (02898) tub

Grain offering (offering) (04503) minchah

Greed (cut off, finish, profit, gain by violence) (01239) basa

Groan (roar) (05098) naham

Grow (sprout, spring forth) (06779) tsamach

Grumble (murmur) (03885) lun

Guilt Offering (Trespass offering) (0817) asam

Guilty (condemned) (0816) asam

Happened (befall, met) (07136) qarah

Happening (fate) (04745) miqreh

Harsh (pain, painful, sorrow) (06089) etseb

Hate (08130) sane

Heal (Physician) (07495) rapha/rophe

Healing (remedy) (04832) marpe

Hear (listen, obey, understand)(08085shama

Heart (03820) leb

Heart (03824) lebab

Help (05826) 'azar

Help (05828) 'ezer

Help (05833) 'ezrah

Help (salvation, deliverance) (03444) yeshua

Hidden (treasure, wealth) (04301) matmon

Hide (05641) cathar/satar

Hiding place (secret, secret place) (05643) cether/seter

High (safe) (07682) sagab

High places (01116) bamah

Highway (04547) maslul

Hissing (derision) (08322) shereqah

Hold (08551) tamak

Holy (most holy, holy things, sanctuary) (06944) qodesh

Hope (03176) yahal/yachal

Hope (wait) (06960) qavah

Horeb (02722choreb

Hostility (07147) qeri

Hosts (army/armies, war, service) (06635) tsaba

Humble (subdue)(03665kana

Humbles (abase, make low) (08213) shaphel

Humility (gentleness, meekness) (06038) anawah

Humiliation (disgrace) (03639) kelimmah

Idols (0457) elil

Idols (01544) gillul/gillulim

Idol (graven image) (06459) pesel

Imagination (04906) maskiyth

Impurity (uncleanness)(05079niddah

Incurable (desperately sick) (0605) anash

Indignation (02195) za'am

Indignation (rage, wrath) (02197) zaaph

Infection (mark, stroke, affliction, assault, wound) (01504nega

Iniquity (punishment, guilt) (05771) 'avon

Injustice (iniquity) (05766) 'avel/'awel

Insensitive (08082) shamen/saman

Jah or Yah (03050) Jehovah (Yahweh)

Jealous (zealous)(07065) qanah

Jealousy (07068) qin'ah

Join (fasten) (06775) tsamad

Joshua (03091) Yehoshua/Jehoshua

Joy (08342) sason

Joy (gladness, pleasure, delight) (08057) simchah

Joyful (glad, rejoice, rejoicing) (08056) sameach

Jubilee (ram's horn) (03104) yobel

Judge (08199shaphat 

Judgment(s) (justice, ordinance[s]) (04941) mishpat/mispat

Justify (acquit, prove righteous, vindicate)(06663tsadeq

Keep (preserve, observe, watch, guard) (05341) natsar

Keep (careful, guard, kept, observe, watch) (08104shamar

Know (03045yada

Knowledge (01847) daat

Labor (mischief, toil trouble, anguish) (05999amal

Languish (wither, pine or fade away, fail)(0535) 'amal

Last (latter, outcome) (0319) acharith

Law (instruction, teaching) (08451torah

Lead or go astray (wander, stagger, deceive) (08582) taah

Learning (03948) leqah/leqach

Left (remnant) (07604) sha'ar/sa'ar

Leprosy (06883) tsaraath

Lewdness (02154) zimmah

Lie in wait (lure, ambush) (0693) arab

Lie down (sleep/slept, lay, lie down, lying rest) (07901) sakab

Lies (03585kachash

Light (bright) (03974) maor

Line (measuring line, circumference)(06957) qav.

Little (06810) tsair

Look (behold) (05027) nabat

Love (friend) (0157aheb/ahab

Low (lowly, humble, deep) (08217) shaphal

Loathe (06962) qut

Locusts (swarming locusts)(0697arbeh

Lodge (tarry, abide) (03885) lun

LORD (03068) Jehovah

Lovingkindness (02617) hesed/chesed/heced

Make atonement (forgive, appease) (See "mercy seat") (03722) kapar

Make restitution (pay, repay, recompense) (07999) shalam

Mandrakes (01736) duday

Manslayer (murder)(07523) ratsach

Massah (04532massah

Medium (0178ob/ov

Meditate (01897) hagah

Meditate (07878 - verb) (07879 - noun) siyah

Meeting (appointed times, festival, feast) (04150) moed

Memorial (reminder, remembrance) (02146) zikkaron

Memorial (0234) azkarah

Mercy Seat (03727) kapporet

Meribah (04809meribah

Messenger (angel) (04397) malak

Midst (07130) qereb

Mighty (01368) gibbor

Mighty One (046ayir/abiyr/abir

Might (power, strength, courage) (01369) geburah

Minister as priest (03547kahan

Mixed (confuse, anoint)(1101balal

Molech (Moloch in Acts 7:43) (04432) molek

Mourn (verb) (056abal

Mourn (05594saphad

Mourn (grow dark) (06937qadar

Mourning (04553) misped

Mourn (057) abel  

Naive (06612) pethi

Name (08034) shem

Near (close, soon, neighbor, relative) (07138) qarob

Neighbor (companion, friend) (05997) amith

Neighbor (friend, another) (07453) rea/reya'

Net (02764) herem

Net (07568resheth

New (02319) chadash

Night monster (03917lilith

Offense (offensive, unclean)(06292) piggul

Offer (Draw near) (07126) qarab

Offer (burn incense or sacrifices, offer up in smoke) (06999) qatar

Offering (07133) qorban/korban

Offering (grain offering) (04503) minchah

Offering by fire (0801) ishsheh

Oil (08081) shemen

Open (06491paqach

Oppress (extort, defraud) (06231) ashaq

Oppress (crush, crushed)(07533ratsats

Oppressed (exact, hard-pressed, taskmaster, drive hard)(05065) nagas

Oppression (06115oster

Oppressive (03238) yanah

Orchard (06508) pardes

Oracle (04853) massa'

Ordination (setting, offering)(04394) millu

Outcasts (banished, driven away, scattered, seduce)(05080nadach

Oven (furnace)(08574tannur

Overflow (07783shuq

Overthrow (break down, destroy, tear down) (02040) haras

Panic (04103mehumah

Passover (06453) pesach/pesah

Path (course, circle of a camp) (04570) magal, magalah

Path (way)(0734orach/orah

Peace (07965) shalom

Peace offerings (08002) selem/shelem

Perfect (whole, whole burnt offering) (03632) kalil

Perish (lost, destroy, ruin) (06) abad

Perversion (crookedness) (05558) selep

Perverse (08419) tahpukah

Perverse (crooked) (06141) 'iqqesh

Pestilence (01698) deber

Pierce (01856daqar

Pitch (02203) zepheth

Plans (thoughts; design) (04264) mahasabah

Plague (0834maggephah

Plant (verb) (08362) shathal/satal

Play the harlot (02181) zanah

Pleasing (06149) arab

Pleasant (favor)(05278) noam

Pomegranate (07416) rimmon

Possessed (07069) qanah

Possession (treasured possession) ( 05042) naba

Possession (property, site) (0272) ahuzzah/achuzzah

Possession (gift, heritage) (05159) nachalah

Pour (08210) shaphak

Praise (verb) (01984) halal

Praise (noun) (08416) tehillah

Praise (confess, give thanks) (03034) yadah

Praise (sing)(02167) zamar

Prayer (08605) tepillah

Presence (06440) panim/paniym/paneh

Present (offer, draw near, bring near) (07126) qarab/qarav

Pride (01346) ga'avah

Profit (dishonest gain, unjust gain, illicitly)(01215) besa

Proud (pride) (01343) geeh

Profane (noun) (02455) chol

Profane (verb) (02490) chalal

Prosperous (success) (06743) tsalach/salah

Proverbs (04912) mashal

Provoke (stir) (01624) garah

Prudence (06195) ormah

Pure (adjective) (Clean) (02889) tahor

Purge (purify, cleanse, choice, test) (01305) barar

Purify (make or become white) (03835) laban

Pursue (persecute, chase, follow) (07291) radaph

Put fat on (prosperous, sated, anointed) (01878) dasen

Quarrel (dispute, contention)(7379riv/rib/riyb

Quiet (verb) (undisturbed, rest)(08252) shaqat

Quickly (hasten, hurry, swift)(02820mahar 

Ransom (bribe) (03724) koper

Ransom (06030peduth

Rashly (thoughtlessly) (0981) bata

Rebel (rebellious) (04784) marah

Rebuke (01605) gaar

Recompense - noun (01576gemul

Recompense - verb (to deal with, to wean)(01580gamal

Redeem, Redemption, Redeemer (01350) goel/ga'al

Redemption (right of redemption) (01353) geullah

Redeem (06299) padah

Refine (02212) zaqaq

Refine (smelt, test) (06884) tsaraph

Refuge (verb- seek/take refuge/shelter in) (02620) (chasah)

Refuge (04733) miqlat

Refuge (noun) (04268) machaseh

Refuge (02620) chasah

Reject, (cast off, despise) (03988) ma'as

Rejoice (glad, exult) (01523) gil

Release (liberty, freedom) (01865) deror

Rely on (lean on, trust) (08172) sha'an

Remember (record, mention) (02142) zakar

Remnant (03498) yathar

Remnant (07604) sha'ar/sa'ar

Remnant (rest) (07611) sheerith

Renew (restore) (02318) chadash/hadas

Report (news, message, rumor)(08052) shemuah

Reproach (02781) cherpah

Reproof (08433) tokeha

Reprove (rebuke, render decisions, argue, decide)(03198yakach

Rescue (deliver, escape, save)(04422) malat

Rest (complete or solemn rest) (07677) shabbathon

Rest (resting place) (04496) menuchah

Rest (lay, leave, place/put, set/settle, deposit)(05117) nuach/nuah 

Rest (remnant)(03499yether

Restrain (withhold, shut up)(03607) kala'

Return (turn away or back, bring or go back, restore) (07725) shub/sub

Rich (06223) ashir/asiyr

Riddle (dark saying) (02420) chidah

Righteous (adjective) (06662) saddiq

Righteousness (06666tsedaqah

Rise early (eager) (07925) shakam

Roar (disturbed (01993) hamah

Roars (07580shaag

Rock (05553) sela'

Rock (06697) tsur

Rot (04743maqaq

Rottenness (07538raqab

Rule (4910mashal)

Sabbath (07676) sabbat

Sackcloth (08242saq

Sacrifice (sacrifices) (02077) zebah

Sad (sorrows, pains, trouble, wounds) (06904) assebet

Safe (07682) sagab

Salvation (help, deliverance) (03444) yeshua

Salvation(03468yesha‛, yêsha‛

Sanctuary (holy place) (04720) miqdash

Satisfy, satisfied (07646) saba

Save (deliver, help) (03467) yasha'

Scapegoat (05799) 'aza'zel

Scarlet (08144) saniy/shaniy

Scoffers (scorn, mock) (03887) lis/luwts

Seal (02856) chatham/hatam

Search (disguise) (02664) hapas

Secret (fellowship, intimate friendship) (05475) sod

Securely (security) (0983) betach

Security (04494) manowach

Secretly (03909lat

Seed, offspring, descendants (02233) zera

Seed (verb - sow seed) (02232zara

Seek (07836) shachar

Seek (search) (01245) baqas

Send (send away) (07971) shalach

Separate (set apart)(0914badal

Serpent (05175) nachash

Servants (05650) 'ebed

Serve (enslave, worship) (05647abad

Shaddai (07706) Shadday

Shake (quake, tremble)(07493raash

Shame (01322bosheth

Shekinah Glory - Note: this actual word is not found in the Hebrew text

Sheol (07585) she'ol

Shepherd (07462raah

Shield (04043magen

Shout (alarm, battle cry, blowing) (0929) teruah

Shout (cry aloud, sound an alarm) (07321) rua

Sickness (disease, illness, grief) (02383choli

Siege (04692) matsor

Sign (0226) 'oth

Signet (seal, signet ring) (02368) chotham

Silent (be silent, be still) (01826) damam

Sin (sin offering) (02403) chattat/chattath

Sin (verb) (02398) chata'

Sing or shout for joy (07442) ranan

Slaughter (slay, kill, offer) (07819)shachat

Slaughter (02874tebach

Sleep (08142) shenah

Sleep (03462) yashen

Slow (patience, long) (0750) arek

Sluggard (lazy) (06102) asel

Snare (verb) (03369) yaqosh

Snare (noun) (4170) moqesh

Snare (06341pach

Soft (gentle, faint-hearted) (07390) rak

Sojourn (reside)(01481) gur

Sojourner (08453) toshab

Sold (sell)( 04376makar

Solemn Assembly (06116) atsarah

Soothing (sweet) (05207) nihoah

Sorrows (pains)(04341makob

Sound wisdom (08454) tushiyyah

Spare (have compassion, pity) (02550) chamal

Spare (have compassion, show pity)(02347chus

Spiritist (conjurer, wizard, fortune-teller) 03049yiddeoni

Spoil (07998shalal

Springs (fountain) (04599) ma'yan

Sprinkle (scatter, throw) (02236) zaraq

Sprout (grow, spring forth)(06779) tsamach

Spurn (despise, reject, blaspheme) (05006) naas

Standard (signal) (05251) nec/nes

Statute (allotment, boundary, decree, due, ordinance, portion)(02706hoq

Stench (0922beosh

Stop (conceal, keep secret) (05640) satam

Strange (stranger, estrange, adulteress, outsider) (02114) zur

Stranger (alien, sojouner) (01616ger 

Strength (power) (03581) koah/koach

Strengthen (courageous, make haste)(0553amets 

Strife (contention) (04066) madon

Strong/strength (05797) 'oz

Stronghold (defense, fortress, protection, refuge, strength)(04581maoz .

Stubble (Chaff) (07179) qas/qash

Stubborn (rebellious)(05637sarar

Stumble (03782) kashal

Subdue(Subjugate, tread under foot) 03533

Success (prudent, wise) (07919) sakal/sākhal

Suddenly (06597) pithorn

Suet (06309peder

Supplication (08469) tachanun

Survivors (remnant)(08300sarid

Swarming (08318) sherets

Swept away (captured, destroy, perish) (05595saphah

Tabernacle (Dwelling) (04908) mishkan

Take notice (recognize, show partiality, acknowledge) (05234) nakar

Teach (instruct, learn) (03925) lamad

Teach (archer, cast, instruct, shoot)(03384yarah

Teaching (learning) (03948) leqah/leqach

Tear (rend, cut) (07167) qara

Tear down (05255) nasah

Test (tempt) (see 0974 below) (05254) nacah/nasah

Testimonies (05713) 'edah

Throw (cast) (07993) shalak/salak

Thummim (08550) tummiym

Time (periods of time) (05732) 'iddan (Aramaic)

Time (season)(06256et/eth

Tired (toil, weary) (03021) yaga'

Tithe (04643) maaser

Tower (04026) migdal

Trample (04823) mirmas

Transgress (transgression, rebel, rebellion)(06588) pesha'

Transgress (06586) pasha

Treacherous (0898) bagad

Treachery (04604) maal

Treasures (Treasury, storehouse) (0214) otsar

Treasure (to conceal, hide, store) (06845) tsapan/sapan

Tremble (quake, disturbed, troubled)(0764ragaz

Tremble (startle, frighten, make afraid, terrify) (02729) charad

Trouble (troubler, troubled) (05916) akar

Trumpet (horn, ram's horn)(07782) shophar/shopar/sopar

Trust (Rely, confident, secure)(0982batach

Truth (faithfulness, faithfully) (0571) 'emeth

Try (test, examine) (0974) bachan/bahan

Tunic (03801) kuttonet

Turban (04701) misnepet

Turn (turn away, turn back, to face, to look) (06437panah

Twist (pervert, make crooked) (06140) aqash

Tyre (06865Tsor

Uncircumcised (06189arel

Unclean (adjective) (02931) tame

Unclean, made (verb - make unclean) (02930) tame

Uncleanness (02932) tumah (another study)

Understanding (discern, consider) (0995) bin/biyn

Understanding (0998) binah

Understanding(08394) tebunah

Unfaithfully (noun) (treacherously, trespass) (04604) maal

Unfaithful (verb) (be or act unfaithful) (04603) maal

Unintentional (inadvertent) (07584) segagah

Unleavened (04682) massa/matsah

Upright (right) (adjective) (03477) yashar

Uprightness (03476) yosher

Urim (0224) urim

Utterly destroy (destroy completely, devote)(02763charam 

Vanity (futility, idols, breath, delusion, worthless, emptiness)(01892hebel

Veil (curtain) (06532) paroket

Vengeance (05359naqam

Violence (noun) (02555) chamas/hamas

Violence (verb) (do violence or harm) (02554) hamas/chamas

Virgin (05959) 'almah

Virgin (01330) bethulah

Virgin (maiden)(01330bethulah

Vision (02377) chazown/chazon

Wafers (07550) raqiq

Wages (reward, hire) (07939) sakar

Wages (04909) maskoreth

Wail (howl) (03213) yalal

Wait (02442) chakah/hakah

Wait (hope) (06960) qavah

Walk (go) (01980) halak

Wall (02346) chomah/homah

Wall (01447gader

Wander (go astray, err, commit error, reel, exhilarated, intoxicated)(07686) shagah

Waste (waste places, ruins, desolation) (02723) chorbah

Watch (watchman, watchmen) (06822) tsaphah

Wave offering (08573) tenupah

Waywardness (04878) meshubah

Wealth (riches) (02633) hosen

Wear out (waste away, decay)(01086balah

Weary (toil, labor) (03021) yaga

Weary (03287yaeph

Weary (03811) laah

Weep, weeping, wept (01058) bakah

Weep bitterly (04943marar

Weeping (noun) (01065) beki

Well (do good, be merry, prosper) (03190) yatab/yatav

Wicked (07563) rasha'

Willing (would, consent) (014) abah

Wings (edge, corner, ends, fold, skirt) (03671) kanaph

Wisdom (02451) chokmah

Wise counsel (guidance)(08458) tachbulah

Without cause (Useless) (02600) hinnam

Woe (01945) hoy

Wonderful (06383) peliy

Wonderful (06382) pele'

Wonders (difficult, miracles) (06381) pala

Worm (scarlet, crimson) (08438) tola

Worship (enslave, serve) (05647abad

Wound (04205) mazor

Wrath (anger, fury, venom, hot-tempered) (02534) chemah

Yoke (05923) 'ol

Young (06810) tsair

Zeal (07068) qin'ah

Zion (06726) Tsiyyon or here - siyyon