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Another quick way to see if an English word has a corresponding Greek word study is to search this page by pressing your "Ctrl Key" and the letter "F" which in Chrome or IE pops up a search box in which you can enter your query. 

1) Words highlighted in yellow in the commentaries on the website have an associated in depth word study. (Note that the transition from the old site lost the yellow highlighting which has to be added again -- a slow process!)

2) Click the Greek word below for the in depth definition on Using the first entry as an example...

Abandon (desert, forsake, leave) (1459) egkataleipo

Click on the word egkataleipo for the in depth definition on If you click the Strong's Number (1459 in the example above) it will take you to's definition (which includes Thayer's abbreviated and full definition and Liddell-Scott-Jones' definition). NOTE: If you do not know the Strong's Number click Greek Word Study and go to "STEP 1: DETERMINE STRONG'S NUMBER." Then you can return to this page to see if there is a definition of the word you are studying. To find the Strong's Number on this page use control + F for PC or for Mac use Command + F (use Chrome not Firefox) to bring up the "Find" function. Enter the Strong's number or word. If there is no definition listed, obviously you will not find a Strong's Number on this page. Check back as this page is frequently updated with additional in depth word studies. (See related resource: Three Reasons to use Better Bible Study Resources than Strong's)

3) Are you looking for a Greek word not in this list? There are many Greek words defined on this website that are not in this list. How do you find them? Enter the Strong's number in the Search Preceptaustin box near the top of this page. This will bring up all hits of pages where your Strong's number is found. Then to find the Strong's Number on a specific page use control + F for PC or Command + F for Mac (using Chrome not Firefox) to bring up the "Find function. Enter the Strong's number which should discover the location on that page.

Note: For list of Word Study resources that can be borrowed for an hour from see Word Study Resources - Greek and Hebrew

Someone has well said that those who shun the study of the original Biblical languages will find themselves at the mercy of the translators.


NOTE - All of these resources can be borrowed from This list also includes resources to help study the Bible. 

See also the list of Word Study Resources 

The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament by Zodhiates, Spiros - This is my "go to" resource for Greek word studies. One on the best lexicons for laymen. Highly Recommended for Greek Word Studies to aid your interpretation of a passage. 

Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament by Friberg, Timothy. Shorter definitions than Zodhiates but does an excellent job in summarizing the various nuances of a specific Greek word. One of my favorites.

NIDNTT - The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology - Click for discussion of this resource which is available online with all 3 volumes (representing the full set) on the same link. This resource is fully accessible with no time limit or requirement to borrow and with full copy and paste functionality.

Shorter Lexicon of the Greek New Testament by Gingrich, F. Wilbur. Similar to Friberg but shorter definitions. Gingrich however gives more Scriptures for each nuance, whereas Friberg generally gives only one representative Scripture. 

The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament by Rogers, Cleon - This book is a gold mine of little gems on individual Greek words in any NT passage you are studying. If you have time it is always worth checking out! I use it in my Greek word studies all the time. 

Word meanings in the New Testament - Matthew-Revelation by Ralph Earle. Strictly speaking this is not a lexicon, but it offers insights on select words in a verse by verse format (but not every verse is included in the analysis). This resource is worth checking if you have time as it can occasionally give some wonderful insights on a specific Greek word. 

New Testament Words - William Barclay - 59 ratings very interesting resource - covers about 70 NT Greek words in Barclay's unique style. On page 289 there is a helpful index of English words with the corresponding Greek word, in turn followed by the places Barclay described them in New Testament Words and in his Daily Study Bible series (see list of DSB commentaries here). E.g., take the Greek word for "Covetousness" which is pleonexia and is found in New Testament Words on page 61 and pp 233-235 and is also described in the Daily Study Bible entries for : Mark 7:14-23Ro 1:28-32Eph. 4:17-24Col. 3:5. So you can click the DSB commentary on Mark 7 and scroll down to Mark 7:14 to see Barclay's entry for pleonexia which concludes "Pleonexia ( G4124) is that lust for having which is in the heart of the man who sees happiness in things instead of in God." Interesting!

Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament : based on semantic domains - Louw Nida. Brief but nice definitions. Not easy to use - you need to know some Greek. Classifies Greek words into 93 "semantic domains" (see list on page XXV) and if you can categorize the word you are looking for in one of the domains, it can help find the specific word you are interested in. 

Kittel's Theological Dictionary of the New Testament : abridged in one volume (TDNT) - Classic ("Little Kittel") work summarizing the 10 volume set by Kittel. For most of us the abridged definition is "more than enough!" 

A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament, and other early Christian literature (BDAG); by Bauer, Walter, More detailed definitions but need to know Greek. Zodhiates and Friberg are much easier to use. 

Liddell and Scott's Greek-English lexicon, abridged : the little Liddell by Liddell, Henry George. The abridged version. You need to know Greek to use.

Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament (Volume 1 - A thru E);  Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament (Volume 3- P thru ...) Volume 2 not available. I do not find this adds much to the easier to use resources like Zodhiates and Friberg

A Pocket Lexicon to the Greek New Testament by Souter, Alexander. Brief definitions. Need to know some Greek. Not that helpful. 

Vine's Expository Dictionary of Old Testament and New Testament Words - pdf. The old standby. You can also borrow Vine's complete expository dictionary of Old and New Testament words

New Testament Words in Today's Language by Detzler, Wayne A - Wonderful resource to supplement word studies.  3 ratings THIS IS A SLEEPER! 

So That's What it Means - This is another book formerly titled "Theological Wordbookedited by Charles Swindoll. It is now under this new title So That's What it Means and can be borrowed - it is more like a dictionary than a lexicon but the comments are superb! The contributors include DKC—Donald K. Campbell, WGJ—Wendell G. Johnston, JAW—John A. Witmer, JFW—John F. Walvoord 

Christian Words  By: Turner, Nigel, Published: 1980 - >500 pages. An interesting, unique resource on Greek words (no Hebrew) with extensive bibliography. For an example see "Abba" and "Alleluia" - "In Christian vocabulary Alleluia is a heavenly song, a chant of saints in the bliss of Paradise, echoed on earth as joyful seasons." One caution is he uses the Apocryphal writings extensively - I am not sure of his theological persuasion.

Zondervan NASB exhaustive concordance - 1589 pages

Pocket dictionary for the study of New Testament Greek by DeMoss, Matthew S. If you want to dig a little deeper into Greek. 66 ratings

Synonyms of the New Testament by Trench, Richard Chenevix - or click here for list of 108 entries

Expository Dictionary of Bible Words by Richards, Larry,  33 ratings It is does not go into great depth on the Greek or Hebrew words but does have some excellent insights. 

Expository dictionary of Bible words : word studies for key English Bible words based on - Stephen Renn


Abandon (desert, forsake, leave) (1459) egkataleipo

Abba (Aramaic for "father") (0005) abba

Abide (remain, persevere, stay, tarry) (1961) epimeno

Abhor (detest, treat with disgust) (948) bdelusso

Abhor (detest, hate) (655) apostugeo

Abide (continue, endure, remain, stay) (3306) meno

Able (mighty, possible, strong) (1415) dunatos

Able (verb) (1414) dunateo

Able (can, could) (1410) dunamai

Able (can, could) (2480) ischuo

Able to judge (discerner, discerning) (2924) kritikos

Able to teach (apt to teach) (1317) didaktikos

Abolish (Bring to end, do away, nullify, void, cancel, release, KJV = destroy) (2673) katargeo

Abominable (unlawful) (111) athemitos

Abomination (e.g., of desolation) (946) bdelugma

Abound (surpass, overflow, lavish, have abundance, surplus, excel, exceed) (4052) perisseuo

Abounded (overflow, abound beyond measure or exceedingly) (5248) huperperisseuo

Abounding in riches (become rich)(4147) plouteo

Above (upward) (507) ano

Above reproach (blameless, unreproveable) (410) anegkletos

Above reproach (beyond reproach, blameless, faultless, unblemished) (299) amomos

Above reproach (without reproach, unrebukeable) (423) anepileptos

Abstain (keep away from, avoid)(568) apechomai or apecho (See another study - apecho)

Abstain (depart, desert, fall or draw away, withdraw) (868) aphistemi

Abundance (4050) perisseia

Abyss (12abussos

Accept (1209) dechomai

Accept (receive, take aside) (4355) proslambano

Accept (4327) prosdechomai

Accept (1926)(epidechomai)

Accept (, contain, make room) (5562)(choreo

Acceptable (2101) euarestos

Acceptable (2144euprosdektos

Acceptable (favorable) (1184) dektos

Acceptable (2144euprosdektos

Acceptance (594) apodoche

Access (4318) prosagoge

Accompany (4870sunakoloutheo

Accomplish (bring about, do, produce) (2716) katergazomai

Accomplished (4135) plerophoreo

Accomplished (2005) epiteleo

Account (1335diegesis

Accountable (5267) hupodikos

Accumulate (2002) episoreuo

Accurately (199) akribos

Accursed (anathema) (331) anathema

Accused, accusation (2724) kategoria

Accusing (bring charge)(1458egkaleo

Accuse (2723) kategoreo

Accuse falsely (defraud)(4811) sukophanteo

Accusers (2725kategoros

Accustomed (custom, practice)(4914sunetheia

Acted (4364) prospoiéomai 

Active (1756) energes

Active service (4754) strateuomai

Act like men (407andrizo

Act unbecomingly (be rude) (807) aschemoneo

Addicted to wine(3943) paroinos

Add (2023) epichoregeo

Add (increase, proceed) (4369prostithemi

Address (1941) epikaleomai

Adequate (2425) hikanos

Adequate (739) artios

Adequacy (2426) hikanotes

Adjure (1775) enorkizo

Adjure (3726horkizo

Administration (3622) oikonomia

Admonish (3560) noutheteo

Admonish (3867paraineo

Adoption as sons (5206) huiothesia

Adorn (2885) kosmeo

Adulterating (1389) doloo

Adulterers (3432) moichos

Adulteress (3428) moichalis

Adulteries (3430moicheia

Advance (increase, make progress) (4298) prokopto

Adversary (476) antidikos

Affairs (4230) pragmateia

Affection (4698) splagchnon

Afflict (crowd, distress, suffer affliction) (2346) thlibo

Affliction (2347) thlipsis

Afflictions (scourging)(3148mastix

Afraid, be (5399) phobeo

Afraid (1169deilos

After (3694opiso

Against (1727) enantios

Age (165) aion

Agony (74) agonia

Agree, agreed together (4856sumphone

Agreed (4934suntithemi

Agreement (4783sugkatathesis 

Air (109) aer

Alabaster (211) alabastron

Alarmed (4426) pturo

Alert (1127) gregoreuo

Alien (3927) parepidemos

Alien (3941) paroikos

Alienated (excluded) (526) apallotrioo

All (whole, everything)(537hapas

All (whole, entire)(3650holos

Allegorically speaking (238allegoreo

Allow (permit, let, stop) (1439eao

All time (perpetually, continually) (1336) dienekes

Almighty (3841) pantokrator

Alms (charity) (1654) eleemosune

Already suffered (4310) propascho

Always (3842) pantote

Altar (2379) thusiasterion

Always (constantly) (104) aei

Am (1510) eimi (Includes discussion of "ego eimi"),

Amazed (1605) ekplesso

Amazed (2296) thaumazo

Amazed (2284thambeo

Amazed (1568ekthambeo

Amazed (astonished, astounded, besides one's self) (1839) existemi

Amazement (2285thambos

Ambassador (be an ambassador) (4243) presbeuo

Ambush (1747enedra

Amen (281) amen [OT = Amen (0543) amen]

Anchor (45) agkura

Angel (messenger)(32) aggelos/angelos

Anger (outbursts of) (wrath, rage, indignation) (2372) thumos

Anger (wrath) (3709) orge

Anger (3950) parorgismos

Angry, be (be enraged) (3710) orgizo

Angry (very angry)(2371thumomacheo

Angry (4360) prosochthizo

Anoint (5548) chrio (See also Messiah - Anointed One)

Anoint (218aleipho

Anointed (2025) epichrío

Anointing (5545) chrisma

Announce (312) anaggello/anangello

Announced beforehand (4293prokataggello

Annoyed (disturbed)(1278diaponeo (or herei)

Another, other (2087) heteros

Another, other (243allos

Answer back (reply)(470) antapokrinomai

Antichrist (500) antichristos

Anticipate (spoke first) (4399prophthano 

Anxiety(3308) merimna

Anxious (3309) (be anxious) merimnao

Anxious longing (603) apokaradokia

Apart (without) (5565) choris

Apostasy (forsake)(646apostasia

Appeal, appealed (1941) epikaleomai

Appear (398anaphaino

Appeared (2014) epiphaino

Appeared (made manifest, disclosed, revealed) (5319) phaneroo

Appearing (appearance) (2015) epiphaneia

Applying (3923) pareisphero

Appoint (put in charge, made) (2525) kathistemi

Appoint (establish, designate, determine) (5021) tasso

Appointed (destined) (2749) keimai

Appointed (4400procheirizo

Appointed (show)(322) anadeíknumi

Appointed (5500cheirotoneo

Apostle (652) apostolos; or here

Apostleship (651) apostole

Appearance (form, fashion) (4976) schema

Approve (1381) dokimazo

Approved (1384) dokimos

Approve (4909) suneudokeo

Aprons (4612simikinthion

Arbitrator (3312meristes

Archangel (743) archaggelos

Argue heatedly (1264diamachomai

Arise (arose, get/got up, stand/stood) (450) anistemi

Ark (2787kibotos

Arm 3695) hoplizo

Arm (1023brachion

Armor (3696) hoplon

Aroma (3744) osme

Around (surrounding, round about)(2945) (kuklo

Arrange beforehand (4294prokatartizo

Arrive (attain) (2658) katantao

Arrive (embark, set foot, mount)(1910epibaino

Arrogant (inflated)(5448) phusioo

Arrows (956) belos

Arrogance (hapax legomenon)(5450phusiosis

Arrogant (5244) huperephanos

Arrogant (5246) huperogkos

Art (craft, trade)(5078techne

As, just as (even, even so, so, according)(2531kathos

Ashamed (1870) epaischunomai

Ashamed (153) aischunomai

Ask (question, request) (2065) erotao

Ask (154) aiteo

Asps (785) aspis

Aspire (make it one's ambition) (5389) philotimeomai

Assassins ("dagger men")(4607sikarios

Assembling together (1997) episunagoge

Assisted (1884eparkeo

Assurance (5287) hupostasis

Astonished (1605) ekplesso

Astonishment (1611) ekstasis

At home (1736) endemeo

At once (1824exautes

Attain (arrive, come) (5348) phthano

Attempt (inclination)(3730horme

Attend continually (4342) proskartereo

Attested (displaying, exhibited, prove)(584apodeiknumi

Auditorium (201akroaterion

Authority (2963) kuriotes

Authority (1849) exousia

Authority (2003) epitage

Author (747) archegos

Awake (1326) diegeiro

Avenge (take revenge) (1556) ekdikeo

Avenger (1558) ekdikos

Avoid (1578) ekklino

Avoid (4026) periistemi

Awake (1127) gregoreuo


Babes (1025) brephos

Babe (infant, immature) (3516) nepios

Backbiting (2637) katalalos

Bad (5337) phaulos

Bad (unwholesome) (4550) sapros

Bag (4082pera

Bank (table)(5132trapeza

Baptism (908) baptisma

Baptize (907) baptizo

Baptist (910baptistes

Barnabas (921) barnabas

Barracks (camp, armies)(2925a) parembole

Barren (4723steira

Barren (692) argos

Barricade (5482charax

Barrier (5418) phragmos

Basket (Peck-measure) (3426) módios

Baskets (2894) kophinos

Baskets (large)(4711spuris

Basket (4553sargane

Be able (1840) exischuo

Be absent (1553) ekdemeo

Be alert (1127) gregoreuo

Be alert (keep watch)(69) agrupneo

Be a burden (1912) epibareo

Beach  (123aigialos

Beat (buffet, harshly treat) (2852) kolaphizo

Beat (beating, flogged, receive lashes, strike) (1194) dero

Became futile (3154) mataioo

Be Strong (2901) krataioo

Bear up (endure) (5297) hupophero

Bear (399) anaphero

Bear (carry, endure, pilfer, supports, tolerate)(941bastazo

Bear (put up with, endure) (430) anechomai

Bearing fruit (2592) karpophoreo

Bears (protects, endures) (4722) stego

Bears witness (4828) summartureo

Beat (strike, hit) (5180) tupto/typto

Beaten with rods (4463rhabidizo

Beautiful (5611horaios

Became alive (sprang to life) (326) anazao

Became fools (3471) moraino

Because of (5484charin

Because, that (3754hoti

Become useless, unprofitable (889) achreioo

Be conceited (5309hupselophroneo

Bed (conceived, sexual promiscuity) (2845) koite

Bed (2825kline

Be diligent (4704) spoudazo

Beelzebul ("Beelzebub")(954beelzeboul

Before (2714) katenopion

Before (1799enopios

Before (1715emprosthen

Beg (beseech, request, pray) (1189) deomai

Beget again (313) anagennao

Begging (4319prosaiteo 

Begging (1871epaiteo

Begin (having begun) (1728) enarchomai

Begin (proceed, began, beginning, ruler, starting)(757archo

Beginning (746) arche

Behavior (conduct) (391) anastrophe

Behold (2400) idou

Behold (2396) ide

Behold (reflect) (2734) katoptrizomai

Belial (955beliar

Believe (4100) pisteuo

Believe, not (569) apisteo

Belly (Innermost being, womb) (2836) koilia

Beloved (verb) (25) agapao

Beloved (27) agapetos

Be miserable (5003) talaiporeo

Benefactor (2110) euergetes

Benefit (2108euergesia

Be of good courage (bold, confident) (2292) tharrheo

Bereft (642) aporphanizo

Besetting (surrounding) (4029) perikeimai

Be silenced (1993) epistomizo

Be sober (3525) nepho

Bestow (put around)(4060peritithemi 

Be strong (1743) endunamoo

Betrothed (718) harmozo

Better (2909) kreitton/kreisson

Beyond reproach (176) akatagnostos

Beware (pay or give attention) (4337) prosecho

Bewail (3996) pentheo

Bewitch (940) baskaino

Bias (4299prokrima

Binding (1195desmeuo

Birthday (1077genesia

Bishop (1985) episkopos

Bitterness (4088) pikría

Black (2217) zophos

Blameless (410) anegkletos

Blameless (299) amomos

Blameless (298) amometos

Blameless (faultless) ( 273) amemptos

Blamelessly (adverb) (274) amemptos

Blameless (677) aproskopos

Blaspheme (987) blasphemeo

Blasphemy (slander)(988) blasphemia

Blemishes (3470) momos

Blessed (3107) makarios

Bless (verb) (2127) eulogeo

Blessed in (1757) eneulogeo

Blessed (2128) eulogetos

Blessing (3108) makarismos

Blessing (2129) eulogia

Blessing (2721kateulogeo

Blind (5185) tuphlos

Blinded (5186) tuphloo/typhloo

Blindfold (cover) (4028perikalupto

Blood (129) haima

Blows (beatings, wound, plaque) (4127plege

Boast (exult, glory) (2744) kauchaomai

Boast (glory, rejoice) (2745) kauchema

Boast (4068) perpereuomai

Boastful (212) alazoneia

Boastful (213) alazon

Boastful (2755) kenodoxos

Boasting (2746) kauchesis

Boat (4143ploion

Bodily (4984somatikos

Body (corpse, dead bodies)(4430ptoma

Body (4983) soma

Body (skin)(5559chros

Boldness (have boldness) (3955) parrhesiazomai

Boldly (very boldly) (5112) tolmeros (tomeroteron)

Bond, bondage (4886) sundesmos

Bondservant (Slave, servant) (1401) doulos; doulos

Bondslave (maidservant) (1399) doule

Book (975biblion

Born (begotten, father of, conceived) (1080) gennao

Born Again (313) anagennao

Bosom (lap, bay) (2859) kolpos 

Bosom (breast)(4738stethos

Both (297) amphoteros

Bother (2873) kopos

Bothered (5182) turbazo

Bound together (2086heterozugeo 

Bought with a price (buy, purchase) (59) agorazo

Bound under an oath (332anathematizo

Bound (bind, imprison, tie)(1210deo

Bow (decline, lay) (2827) klino

Bow (2578) kampto

Bowels (476) splagchnon

Box (4438) pukteuo

Brag (4068) perpereuomai

Brand-marks (4742stigma

Bread (740artos

Breadth (4114) platos

Break, broke (2806klao

Break (tear)(1284diarresso (diarrégnumi)

Breakfast (lunch)(709aristao

Break in (1358) diorusso

Breaking (4919sunthrupto

Breastplate (2382) thorax

Breathed His last (1606expneo

Breathed last (1634ekpsucho

Breathing (1709empneo

Brethren (81) adelphotes

Bridegroom (the actual individual)(3566numphios

Bridegroom (in phrase "attendants of the bridegroom")(3567numphon

Bridle (5468chalinagogeo

Bring (1863epago

Bringing...against (cast, overcome)(2702kataphero

Bring down (brought)(2609katago

Bring into (1533) eisphero

Bring no fruit to maturity (5052telesphoreo

Bring us to (4317) prosago

Bring into bondage (2615) katadouloo

Bring/brought (offer, present) (4374) prosphero

Broad (hapax legomenon2149) euruchoros

Broken (crush, brokenhearted) (4937) suntribo

Broken to pieces (4917sunthlao

Brood (KJV - "generation")(1081gennema (cf genema = fruit)

Brother (80) adelphos

Brought before (go ahead, lead way, walk in front)(4254proago

Brought up (nurture)(397anatrepho

Brought up children (5044teknotropheo

Brought us forth (616) apekueo

Brutal (434) anemeros

Building (edification, edifying) (3619) oikodome

Build up (edify) (3618) oikodomeo

Build upon (2026) epoikodomeo

Built together (4925) sunoikodomeo

Burden (2655katanarkao

Burden (cargo, load) (5413) phortion

Burdened (overcome, weighed down) (916) bareo

Burdensome (916) barus

Buried (4792sugkomizo

Buried (bury)(2290thapto

Burn (4448) puroo

Burn (2545) kaio

Burn (2618) katakaio

Burn (1572) ekkaio

Burn incense (2370)  thumiao

Burnt Offering (3646) holokautoma

Burst (break forth, slam)(4486rhegnumi

Business (2039) ergasia

Business (1712) emporion

By itself (844automatos

Bystanders (3936) paristemi


Caesar (2541kaisar

Caiaphas (2533Kaiaphas

Calculate (5585psephizo

Call (invite, name, summon) (2564) kaleo

Call (calling, summon) (4341proskaleo

Call (invite, summon) (3333metakaleo

Call (address)(4377prosphoneo

Calling (2821) klesis

Called (2822) kletos

Called (1941) epikaleomai

Callous, become (524) apalgeo

Call out (5455phoneo

Call together (4779sugkaleo

Came (3854paraginomai 

Came down  (2718katerchomai

Cancel out (blot out, erase, wipe away) (1813) exaleipho

Cannot be shaken (immovable) (761) asaleutos

Cannot lie (893) apseudes

Capernaum (2746) Kapharnaoum

Captain (747) archegos

Captain (owner)( 3490naukleros

Captive (161) aichmalosia

Captive (164aichmalotos

Capture (take or hold captive) (2221) zogreo

Care(3308) merimna

Care (1958epimeleia

Careful, be (be intent, give attention to) (5431) phrontizo

Carefully (1960epimelos

Careless (692) argos

Cargo (1117gomos

Carnal (4561) sarx

Carousing (2970) komos

Careful, carefully (199) akribos

Carried away (associate with) (4879) sunapago

Carry about (4064) periphero

Carry away (1828) exelko

Carry (led)(667apophero

Casting upon (1977) epirrhipto

Cast (throw, send, drive, take, put) (1544) ekbállō

Cast...into hell (5020) tartaroo

Cast off (659) apotithemi

Catch (2340thereuo

Cause trouble (1776) enochleo 

Caught (beforehand; takes...first)(4301prolambano

Caught up (carry off, snatch, take away) (726) harpazo

Ceased (3973) pauo

Celebrate (rejoice, be merry, glad) (2165) euphraino

Census be taken (enrolled, register) (583) apographo

Cents (787assarion

Cent (Small copper coins) (3016) leptos

Centurion (1543Hekatontarches

Cephas (2786) Kēphás

Certain (949) bebaios

Certain (securely, under guard)(806aphalos

Certificate of debt (5498) cheirographon

Chaff (892achuron

Chain (254) halusis

Challenging (4292) prokaleo

Change (exchange) (236) allasso

Character (5158) tropos

Charges (accusation)(1462egklema

Charity (26) agape

Chaste (pure)(53) hagnos

Cheerful, be (keep up courage) (2114euthumeo

Cheerful (2431hilaros

Cherish (2282) thalpo

Chief tax collector (754architelones

Child, children (see also "little children") (5043) teknon

Children (3813) paidion

Choke (4846sumpnigo

Choked out (638apopnígo

Choice (1589) ekloge

Chose, choose (1586) eklego/eklegomai

Chosen (1588) eklektos; click here

Chose (choosing) (138) haireomai

Christ (5547) Christos (See also Messiah - Anointed One)

Christian (5546) Christianos

Church (1577) ekklesia/ecclesia

Circumcise (verb) (4059) peritemno

Circumcision (4061) peritome

Circumspectly (199) akribos

Citizen (4177polites

Citizenship (4175) politeuma

City authorities (4173) politarches

Clanging (214alalazo

Clean, cleanses (1571) ekkathairo

Cleansed (2511) katharizo

Clear (clear, innocent , pure) (2513) katharos

Clear (single, generous) (573) haplous

Clearly seen (2529) kathorao

Cleverly devised (4679) sophizo

Cling (join) (2853) kollao

Clothe (1746) enduo

Clothe, clothed (wear, wrap)(4016periballo

Clothes (garment, cloak) (2440) himation

Clothe yourself (1463) egkomboomai

Cloud (3509) nephos

Cloud (3507nephele

Coarse Jesting (2160) eutrapelia

Cohort (4686speira

Collected a tenth (tithe) (1183) dekatoo

Collection (3048logeia

Colt (4454polos

Coins (1406drachme

Confidence (boldness) (3954) parrhesia

Come (1205) deute

Come (approach) (4845) sumpleroo

Come (stand, stood, be ready)(2186) ephistemi

Come (Coming, went) (2064) erchomai

Come in (slip in) (3922) pareiserchomai

Come out (came, left, went, gone)(1831exerchomai

Come over (cross over)(1224diabaino

Come short (lack, be in need, be inferior) (5302) hustereo

Come to aid (997) boetheo

Come to...senses (366) ananepho

Come down (descend, went gown)(2597katabaino

Come to life again (326anazo

Come upon (1904) eperchomai

Come together (assemble, gather)(4905sunerchomai

Coming (3952) parousia

Command (2003) epitage

Command (direct, arrange, give orders or instructions) (1299diatasso

Command (order)(2004epitasso

Command (order)(1781entellomai

Command (verb) (direct, instruct, order, prescribe) (3853) paraggello

Command (order, appoint)(4367) prostasso

Commander (5506chiliarchos

Commandments (instruction, orders) (3852) paraggelia

Commandments (instructions, orders, requirement)(1785) entole

Commend (demonstrate) (4921) sunistemi/sunistao

Commendation (4956sustatikos

Commit adultery (3431) moicheuo

Commit adultery (3429moichao 

Common (unclean, unholy) (2839) koinos

Commonwealth (4174) politeia

Communion (fellowship, sharing, contribution) (2842) koinonia

Company (3657homilia

Compare (3666) homoioo

Compare (combining)(4793sunkrino

Compassion (1656) eleos

Compassion (verb) (3627) oikteiro

Compassion (Mercies) (3628) oiktirmos

Compel (force) (315) anagkazo

Compete (75) agonizomai

Compete (as athlete) (118) athleo

Complaint (1112) goggusmos

Complete (2005) epiteleo

Complete (5046) teleios

Complete (whole, entire) (3648) holokleros

Complete (2675) katartizo

Complete (535) apartismos

Compile ("to set forth in order" KJV) (392) anatassomai

Composed (united)(4786sugkerannumi 

Comprehend (overtake, seize, attain, lay hold) (2638) katalambano

Compulsion (constraint) (318) anagke

Conceited (5187) tuphoo

Conceive (arrest, help) (4815) sullambano

Concerned (care, worry)(3199melo

Consecrated (shewbread, showbread) (4286) prothesis

Condemn (2632) katakrino

Condemn (2613katadikazo

Condemn (2607) kataginosko

Condemned to death  (doomed to die, sentenced to death) (1935epithanatios

Condemnation (2631) katakrima

Condemnation (Judgment) (2917) krima

Conditional Clauses click here

Conduct (4176) politeuomai

Conduct (390) anastrepho

Confer (talk with) (4814) sullaleo

Confer (conversing, helped, meet, met, pondering)(4820sumballo

Confess (acknowledge, profess, admit, promise) (3670) homologeo

Confess (give praise, praise) (1843) exomologeo

Confession (3671) homologia

Confident (convince, persuade, trust) (3982) peitho

Confidence (boldness) (3954) parrhesia/parresia

Confident (4006) pepoithesis

Confirmed (establish) (950) bebaioo

Conflict (73) agon

Conflict (119) athlesis

Conform (4964) suschematizo

Conformity with (conformed) (4832) summorphos

Confusion (bewildered, confounding, stir)(4797) sugcheo/sugchunno

Conscience (4893) suneidesis

Consecutive order ("an orderly account" = NKJV) (2517) kathexes

Consent (4909) suneudokeo

Consent (1962epineuo

Consented (4784sugkatatithemai

Consequently (5105) toigaroun

Consider (3049) logizomai

Consider (count, regard) (2233) hegeomai

Consider (behold) (2657) katanoeo

Consider (3539) noeo

Consider (plan, purpose, resolve)(1011bouleuo

Consider (357) analogizomai

Considered (1760enthumeomai

Consideration (5364philanthropos

Considering (examining)(333) anatheoreo

Considered worthy (2661kataxioo

Consider worthy (deserve, desire, insist)(515axioo

Consolation (3890) paramuthion

Consolation (3889paramuthia

Console (3888) paramutheomai

Conspiracy (disorderly gathering)(4963sustrophe

Constantly (88) adialeiptos

Constantly (without ceasing, always) (89) adialeiptos

Consult (contribute) (4323) prosanatithemi

Consume (355analisko

Consume (2068esthio

Contaminated (234alisgema

Content (842) autarkes

Content (714) arkeo

Continue (1961) epimeno

Contentment (841) autarkeia

Continue (abide, stay) (3387parameno

Continue (abide, stay)(1696emmeno

Continuing (4342) proskartereo

Contradict (argumentative) (483) antilego

Contrary (1727) enantios

Control (constrain, afflict, grip, hem, cover, crowd, distress) (4912) sunecho/synecho

Controversies (2214) zetesis

Conversion (1995epistrophe

Convict (expose) (1651) elegcho

Conviction (1650) elegchos

Convincing proofs (5039tekmerion

Convulsion (4952susparasso

Convulsions (4682sparasso

Copy (corresponding) (499) antitupon

Corban (Qorban) (2878korban

Cords (4979schoinion

Corner (corner stone) (1137) gonia

Corner Stone (204) akrogoniaios

Correctly (3723orthós

Corrector (3810) paideutes

Correction (1882) epanorthosis

Corresponds (4960sustoicheo

Corruption (perishable, destruction) (5356) phthora

Corrupt, to (5351) phtheiro

Corrupt (3394) miasmos

Council (conspire, plot together, conferred)(4824sumboulion

Council (supreme court) (the Sanhedrin)(4892) sunedrion

Count (3049) logizomai

Count (numbered)(705) arithmeo

Count...blessed (3106makarizo

Counted (2674katarithmeo

Counted (4860sumpsephizo

Course (1408) dromos

Covenant (1242) diatheke

Cover (2572) kalupto

Cover (2619) katakalupto

Covered (1943) epikalupto

Covered  (shortened)(4958sustello 

Covered with sores (1669helkoo

Covering (cloke) (1942) epikaluma

Covering (4629) skepasma

Covetous (4123) pleonektes

Covetousness (4124) pleonexia

Craftiness (3834) panourgia

Craftsman (5079technites

Create (2936) ktizo

Created (4111plasso

Creation (2937) ktisis

Creatures (2938) ktisma

Credit (3049) logizomai

Credit (2811) kleos

Crept in unawares (3921) pareisduno

Crime (4467rhadiourgema

Criminals (2557kakourgos

Crooked (4646) skolios

Cross (4716) stauros

Cross (tree, club, wood) (3586) xulon

Crossed over (3846) paraballo

Crossing over (1276diaperao

Crown (4735) stephanos

Crowned (4737) stephanoo

Crucified (4717) stauroo

Crucified with (4957) sustauroo

Crush (break) (4937) suntribo

Crushed (4729) stenochoreo

Cry (994) boao

Cry (995) boe

Cry (2896) krazo

Cried out (349anakrazo

Cry (clamor, shout) (2906) krauge

Cry out (shout)(2905kraugazo

Cry out (shout, call) (2019epiphoneo

Cunning (3180) methodeia

Curse (2672) kataraomai

Curse (accursed) (2671) katara

Cursed (1944epikataratos

Cursing (685) ara

Custom (habit)(1485ethos

Custom ("was...custom)(1486etho

Cut (1282diaprio

Cut in pieces (1371) dichotomeo

Cut off (hindered) (1581) ekkopto

Cut off (mutilate)(609apokopto

Cut off (2751keiro

Cymbals (2950kumbalon


Danger (be in danger) (2793kinduneuo

Dangers (2794kindunos

Dare (have courage, be bold)(5111) tolmao

Daring (5113) tolmetes

Dark (850) auchmeros

Darkened (4656) skotoo1988

Darkened (4654) skotizo

Darkness (2217) zophos

Darkness (4653) skotia

Darkness (4652skoteinos

Darkness (4655) skotos

Dawns (1306) diaugazo

Daystar (5459) phophoros

Dazzling (797astrapto

Dead (be or consider dead) (3499) nekroo

Dead (3498)(nekros)

Dead bodies (corpse)(4430ptoma

Deadness (3500) nekrosis

Deal gently (3356) metriopatheo

Death (2288) thanatos

Debate (2214) zetesis

Debtor (3781) opheiletes

Debtors (5533chreopheiletes

Debts (what is dure) (3783) opheilema

Decay (to destroy) (1311) diaphtheiro

Decay (corruption)(1312diaphthora

Deceit, deceitfulness, deception (539) apate

Deceitful (ceceiver)(4108planos

Deceit (1388) dolos

Deceive (538) apatao

Deceive (1818) exapatao

Deceive, deception (mislead, misled, stray, go or be led astray)(4105) planao

Deceit, deceitful (4106) plane

Deceitful (1386dolios

Deceiver (5423) phrenapates

Deceiving (1387) dolioo

Descendant (race, kind, birth, family, children) (2085genos

Decently (2156) euschemonos

Declared (determine, fix, predetermine) (3724) horizo

Decree (1378) dogma

Decrease (1642) elattoo

Deeds (practices, function) (4234) praxis

Deed, deeds (work, works) (2041) ergon

Deep (901bathus

Deeply grieved (very sad) (4036) perilupos

Defending (626) apologeomai

Defense (627) apologia

Defile (2840) koinoo

Defiled (3392) miaino

Defiled (soiled)(3435moluno

Defilement (3436) molusmos

Defraud of your prize (2603) katabrabeuo

Degrading (Dishonor, Shame) (819) atimia

Delay (5549) chonizo

Deliver (4506) rhuomai

Deliver (give over, hand over)(1929epididomi

Delivered (betray, commit, entrust, hand over) (3860) paradidomi

Deliver (525) apallasso

Delivering an address (1215demegoreo

Deliverance (4991) soteria

Deliverer (3086lutrotes

Delude (3884) paralogizomai

Demand (1809exaiteo

Demons (1140) daimonion

Demons (1142daimon

Demon-possessed (1139daimonizomai

Demonstrate (1731) endeíknumi

Demonstrate (proof, sign) (1732) endeixis

Demonstration (585) apodeixis

Denarius (1220denarion

Den (4693spelaion

Deny (720) arneomai

Deny (533) aparneomai

Depart (360) analuo

Depart (672) apochoreo

Depart (leave, move, passed) (3327) metabaino

Departure (359) analusis

Departure (1841) exodos

Depth (deep) (899) bathos

Depraved (96) adokimos

Depraved (2704) kataphtheiro

Deprive (defraud)(650apostereo

Describe (1334diegeomai

Describe (1555ekdiegeomai

Designated (4316) prosagoreuo

Desire (Good pleasure, good will, kind intention, well pleasing) (2107) eudokía

Desire (3715) orexis

Desire (will, intention) (1013) boulema

Desire (3713) oregomai

Desire (to will, want, wish, intend) (1014) boulomai

Desire (Want, Will, Wish) (2309) thelo

Desire (covet, long, lust) (1937) epithumeo

Desires (1939) epithumia

Desolate (desolation) (2050) eremosis

Despairing (1820) exaporeomai

Despise (2706) kataphroneo

Despise (regard, treat or view with contempt) (1848) exoutheneo

Destroy (perish, lose, lost) (622) apollumi

Destroy, to (5351) phtheiro

Destroy (perish, vanish) (853) aphanizo

Destroy (utterly) (1842) exolothreuo

Destroy (4199) portheo

Destroy (abolish, tear down)(2647) kataluo

Destroyed (3645olothreuo 

Destroying (2507) kathaireo

Destruction (2506) kathairesis

Destruction (waste) (684) apoleia

Destruction (4938) suntrimma

Destruction (3639) olethros

Determine (1231diaginosko

Detestable (947) bdekluktos

Devil (1228) diabolos

Devoted (472) antechomai

Devote (4342) proskartereo

Devotion (2138euparedros

Devour (2666) katapino

Devour (consume, ate) (2719katesthio

Devout (3741) hósios

Devout (worshiper, God-fearing)(4576sebomai

Devout (2126) eulabes

Devout (godly)(2152eusebes

Devoutly (3743) hosios

Dialect (language) (1258) dialektos

Die (581) apogenomenos or apoginomai

Die (death) (599) apothnesko

Died (2348)(thnesko)

Die (deceased, die, dying, put)(5053teleutao 

Die together (4880sunapothnesko

Difficult (5467) chalepos

Difficulty (3433molis

Dignified (4587) semnotes

Dignified (4586) semnos

Diligence (4710) spoude

Diligent, be (4704) spoudazo

Dip (911bapto

Direct (2720) kateuthuno

Direct (3329metago

Dirty (4508rhuparos

Disbelieve (569) apisteo

Discern (distinguish) (1253) diakrisis

Discernment (144) aisthesis

Disciple (3101) mathetes

Disciple (make disciples) (3100) matheteuo

Discipline (chasten, correct, educate, instruct, teach, punish) (3811) paideuo

Discipline (4995) sophronismos

Discipline (1128) gumnazo (gymnazo)

Discipline (buffet, batter, beat my body black and blue) (5299) hupopiazo

Discipline (3809) paideia

Discredited (3469momaomai

Discuss (debate, argue)(4802suzeteo

Diseases (3554nosos

Disgraceful (150) aischros

Disguise (transform) (3345) metaschematizo

Dishonored (treat shamefully) (818) atimazo

Disappoint (disgrace, put to shame) (2617) Kataischuno

Disclose (Make clear, bring charges, appear) (1718) emphanizo

Disgrace (reproach) (3681) oneidos

Dismay (4928sunoche

Disobedience (543) apeitheia

Disobedience (3876parakoe

Disobedient, to be (544) apeitheo

Disobedient (545) apeithes

Despaired (1820exaporeo

Dispensation (3622) oikonomia

Displayed publicly (4388) protithemi

Display (to disgrace) (1165) deigmatizo

Dispossessing (2697kataschesis

Disputes (3163) mache

Dispute (5379philoneikia

Dispute (hostility) (485) antilogia

Disregard (4065) periphroneo

Dissensions (1370) dichostasia

Dissipation (810) asotia

Dissipation (2897kraipale

Distance (3113makrothen

Distinction (1293) diastole

Distinguished (splendid, glorious)(1741endoxos

Distort (3344) metastrepho

Distort (4761) strebloo

Distracted (4049perispáo

Distress (4730) stenochoria

Distress (2347) thlipsis

Distress (318) anagke

Distressed (85) ademoneo

Distribute (1239diadidomi inheritance (2624katakleronomeo

Disturbance (5017tarachos

Disturbances (disorder, contusion, tumult)(181akatastasia

Disturbed (shaken) (4525saino

Divide (allot, apportion)(3307) merizo

Divide (distribute, share)(1266diamerizo

Divided (distribute)(1244diaireo

Divine (2304) theios

Divine nature (2305) theiotes

Division (gifts) (3311) merismos

Division (1267diamerismos

Do (gain, laid) (2698katatithemi

Do business (occupy)(4231pragmateuomai

Do, done, did, doing; Make, made, makes, making; Perform, Practice (4160) poieo

Do best (778askeo

Doctrine (teaching, instruction) (1319) didaskalia

Doer (poet)(4163) poietes

Do good (15agathopoieo

Do good (14agathoergeo

Dogs (2965) kuon

Domain, dominion (1849) exousia

Dominion (2904) kratos

Door (2374thura

Double-minded (1374) dipsuchos

Doubt (judge, discern, make distinction) (1252) diakrino

Drag (sweep away)(4951) suro

Dragged (1670helko

Drag (seize, capture) (4884sunarpazo

Draw (withdraw) (645) apospao

Draw near (at hand, approach) (1448) eggizo

Draw Near (4334) proserchomai

Dream (3677onar

Dream (1797enupniazomai

Dreams (1798enupnion

Dregs (4067peripsoma

Drift away (3901) pararrhueo

Driven (oars, rowed)(1643elauno

Drive out (1559) ekdioko

Dropsy (5303) hudropikos

Drove away (forced away)(556apelauno

Drowned (2666) katapino

Drunk (freely) (3184methuo

Drunkenness (3178) methe

Drunk, get (3182) methusko

Drunk freely (3184methuo

Dull (3576) nothros

Dust (2868koniortos

Duty (debt)(3782opheilē

Dwell (spread tabernacle) (4637) skenoo

Dwell (3611) oikeo

Dwell (1774) enoikeo

Dwell (live, reside, settle) (2730) katoikeo

Dwell (1981) episkenoo

Dwelling (2732) katoiketerion

Dwelling (4638) skenoma

Dying (3500) nekrosis


Each one (each, every man, everyone)(1538hekastos

Eager (4289) prothumos

Eager, be (4704) spoudazo

Eagerly wait (553) apekdechomai

Eagerness (4290) prothumos

Early in the morning (3721) orthrios

Earnest (728) arrabon

Earnestly (eagerly)(4709spoudaios

Earnest expectation (603) apokaradokia

Earnestly contend (1864) epagonizomai

Earnestness (4710) spoude

Earth (1093ge

Earthen (3749) ostrakinos

Earthquakes (storm at sea)(4578seismos

Easily entangles (besetting) (2139) euperistatos

East (rising, Sunrise)(395anatole

Eat with (4906) sunesthio

Eaten by worms (4662skolekobrotos

Effective (1756) energes

Effects (1755energema

Elapsed (over, past)(1230diaginomai

Elders (4245) presbuteros

Elect (1588) eklektos; Chosen in Christ

Elements, elementary (4747) stoicheion

Eloquent (3052logios

Embittered (4087) pikraino

Eminent (5344huperlian

Emperor (Augustan)(4575sebastos

Empty (empty-handed, futile, foolish) (2756) kenos

Empty (verb( (2758) kenoo

Empty chatter (2757) kenophonia

Empty conceit (2754) kenodoxia

Empty talkers (3151) mataiologos

Enact (3549) nomotheteo

Encounter (4045) peripipto

Encourage (3888) paramutheomai

Encouragement (3931) paregoria

Encourage (exhort, comfort, implore) (3870) parakaleo

Encouraged (4389protrepo

Encouragement (exhortation) (3874) paraklesis

Encumbrance (3591) ogkos

End (custom, outcome) (5056) telos

End (Consummation) (4930) sunteleia

Endeavor (4704) spoudazo

Endless  (562aperantos

Endure (persevere) (5278) hupomeno

Endure (430) anechomai

Endure (4722) stego

Endured (2594) kartereo

Endure hardship (2553kakopatheo

Enemy (hostile) (2190) echthros

Engaged (3423mnesteuo

Enjoy...pleasures (619) apolausis

Enlighten (Illumine) (5461) photizo

Enlist as a soldier (4758) stratologeo

Enmity (2189) echthra

Enough (2425) hikanos

Enraged (2373thumuoo

Enter, entrance (1529) eisodos

Enslave (1398) douleuo

Enslaved (1402) douloo

Entangles (1707) empleko

Enter into (1531eisporeuomai

Entertain (to stay, lodge, surprise) (3579) xenizo

Eternal (166) aionios

Enters (come, came)(1525eiserchomai

Entertain (324) anadechomai

Entice (1185) deleazo

Entirely (3651) holoteles

Entrust (4100) pisteuo

Entrust (commend, commit) (3908) paratithemi

Entrusted (3866) paratheke

Envy (5355) phthonos

Envying (5354) phthoneo

Ephesus (2181Ephesos

Equal (2470)(isos

Equality (2471isotes

Equip (2675) katartizo

Equipped (1822) exartizo

Equipping (2677) katartismos

Err (795) astocheo

Error (4106) plane

Escape (668) apopheugo

Escape (1628) ekpheugo

Escape notice (without knowing)(2990) lanthano

Eschew (1578) ekklino

Especially (more abundantly)(4056perissoteros

Establish (confirm, strengthen) (4741) sterizo

Establish (founded, groundedlay foundation) (2311) themelioo

Estate (3776ousia

Eternal (126) aidios

Euraquilo (2146Eurakulon

Evangelists (2099) euaggelistes

Evening (late)(3798opsios

Evident (5318) phanerós

Evident (1212delos

Evil (bad, harm) (2556) kakos

Evil (2549) kakia

Evil (wicked, bad) (4190) poneros

Evil (worthless)(5337) phaulos

Evil report (1426dusphemia

Exacting (austere)(840austeros

Exact representation (5481) charakter

Exact truth (803) asphaleia

Exalt (lift up) (5312) hupsoo

Exalt (magnify, make great) (3170megaluno

Examine (1381) dokimazo

Examined (426anetazo

Examining (appraise, call to account, ask questions) (350) anakrino

Example (5261) hupogrammos

Example (5296) hupotuposis

Example (5179) tupos

Example (copy, copies) (5262) hupodeigma

Exasperate (2042) erethizo

Exceeding abundantly huperekperissou

Excellent, excellencies (703) arete

Excellent (differ, are more valuable, worth more) (1308) diaphero

Excellent (differ, various)(1313diaphoros

Excess (810) asotia

Exchanged (3337) metallasso

Exchange (465antallagma 

Exchange (489antimisthia

Exchanging (474antiballo

Exclude (1576) ekkleio

Excuse (3868) paraiteomai

Exercise (1128) gumnazo (gymnazo)

Exercise (have) authority (1850exousiazo

Exist (being, live, possessions)(5225) huparcho

Exodus (1841) exodos

Exorcists (1845exorkistes

Expect (suppose, thinking) (3633) hoiomai

Expectation (4329prosdokia

Expect, expecting (4328) prosdokao

Expecting (560apelpizo

Explain (relate, declare, make known, exegete) (1834exegeomai

Explain (1329diermeneuo

Explain (set outside)(1620ektithemi 

Explain (settle)(1956epiluo

Explain (report)(1285diasapheo

Explicitly (4490) retos/rhetos

Exploit (engage in business) (1710) emporeuomai

Extinguish (4570) sbennumi

Eye, eyes (3788) opthalmos

Eyeservice (3787) ophthalmodouleia

Eyewitnesses (2030) epoptes

Eyewitnesses (845) autoptes


Fable (3454) muthos

Face (presence, partial) (4383) prosopon

Face (503antophthalmeo

Factions (sects, heresies) (139) hairesis

Factious (141) hairetikos

Fade not (263) amarantos

Fail (come to an end, obscure)(1587ekleipo

Fall (falls off or away, failed) (1601) ekpipto

Faint (Lose heart, grow weary) (1590) ekluo

Fainthearted (3642oligopsuchos

Fainting (674apopsucho

Faith specific phrase "the faith (pistis)"

Faith (4102) pistis

Faithful (believer, believers) (4103pistos

Faithless (569) apisteo

Fail (4098pipto

Fall asleep (2837) koimao

Fall away (stumble; take offense) (4624) skandalizo

Fall down (slam against) (4363prospipto

False circumcision (2699) katatome

False, Falsehood (5579) pseudos

False (4112) plastos

False apostles (5570) pseudapostolos

Falsely called (5581pseudonumos

False prophets (5578) pseudoprophetes

False Teachers (5572) pseudodidaskalos

False vows (1964epiorkeo

False witness (5577pseudomarturia

Family (3965) patria

Famine (3042limos

Far above (5231huperano

Far off (3112) makran

Farewell (4517rhonnumi 

Farmer (1092) georgos

Fashion (4964) suschematizo

Fast (3522) nesteuo

Fastings (fast, hunger) 3521) nesteria

Father (3962) pater

Fattened (4618siteutos

Faultless ( 273) amemptos

Favored (freely bestowed) (5487) charitoo

Fear (reverence) (5401) phobos

Fear How to Handle It

Feast (1859) heorte

Feeble (3886) paraluo

Feed (4165) poimaino

Feed (give) (5595) psomizo

Feed (tend) (1006) bosko

Feel compassion (4697) splanchnizomai

Feet (4228pous

Field (68agros

Fell, fallen (embrace, grip, press around)(1968) epipipto

Fell from (634apopipto

Fellow bondservant (4889) sundoulos

Fellow citizens (4847) sumpolites

Fellow heirs (4789) sugkleronomos

Fellow members of the body (4954) sussomos

Fellow partakers (4830) summetochos

Fellow prisoner (4869) sunaichmalotos

Fellow soldier (4961) sustratiotes

Fellow worker (4904) sunergos

Fervent (1618) ektenes

Fervent (2204zeo

Fervently (1619) ektenos

Fever (4446puretos

Few (small, little, short) (3641) oligos

Field (1091georgion

Fierce gale (2978) lailaps

Fiery ordeal (4451) purosis

Fig tree (4808) suke

Fight (73) agon

Fight (strive, compete, labor earnestly) (75) agonizomai

Fight (4170polemeo

Fight (3164) machomai

Fight (4752strateia

Figure of speech (figurative language, proverb)(3942paroimia

Fill up (fulfill, complete, make up) (378) anapleroo

Filled (complete) (4137) pleroo

Filled (fulfill, complete) (4092) pimplemi

Filled (well-fed, satisfying, enjoyed)(1705empiplemi

Filled (5526) chortazo

Filled :(2880korennumi

Filling up (1072gemizo

Filthiness (4507) rhuparia

Filthiness (151) aischrotes

Filthy lucre (147) aischrokerdos

Find, found (2147) heurisko

Find fault (3201) memphomai

Finding fault (complainers) (1113) mempsimoiros

Fine linen (1040) bussos/byssos

Finish (complete, carry out, accomplish) (5055) teleo

Finish (fulfill) (4931) sunteleo

Finish (2005) epiteleo

Finish (1615) ekteleo

Fire (4442pur

Firm (4731) stereos

Firm (949) bebaios

First (4413protos

First-born (firstborn) (4416) prototokos

First fruits (536) aparche

Fishermen (231halieus

Fit (useful)(2111) euthetos

Fit (2425) hikanos

Fitting (433) aneko

Fit together (4883) sunarmologeo

Fixing our eyes (see) (872) aphorao

Fix...hope (1679) elpizo

Flaming (4448) puroo

Flashed (4015periastrapto

Flattering (2850) kolakeia

Flee (escape) (5343) pheugo

Fled for refuge (2703) katapheugo

Flesh (4561) sarx

Fleshly (flesh, material things)(4559) sarkikos

Flock (4168) poimnion

Flood (2627kataklusmos

Flooded (2626) katakluzo

Foaming (876aphros

Follow (190akoloutheo

Follow (1872) epakoloutheo

Follow (1811) exakoloutheo

Followed (investigated) (3877) parakoloutheo

Following...example (4831) summimetes

Fond of sordid gain (146) aischrokerdes

Food (eating, rust) (1035) brosis

Food (1305) diatrophe

Food (1033) broma

Foolish (878) aphron

Fool, foolish (453) anoetos

Fool, foolish (3474) moros

Foolishness (3472) moria

Foolishness (877aphrosune

Foolish (801) asunetos

Footstool (beneath) (5286) hupopodion

For (1063gar

For (on behalf of, for sake of) (5228huper

Forbear (1933) epieikes

Forbearance (463) anoche

Forces (press, compel)(29) aggareuo

Forcing...way (971biazo

Foreigner (241allogenes

Foreknown (4267) proginosko

Foreknowledge (4268) prognosis

Forerunner (4274) prodromos

Foresee (4275) proeido 

Forever (165) aion

Forewarn (foretell, tell in advance) (4302) prolego

Forfeit (Suffer loss) (2210) zemioo

Forgetting (neglect) (1950) epilanthanomai

Forgive (grant, freely give, bestow) (5483) charizomai

Forgiven (863) aphiemi

Forgiveness (859) aphesis

Forgotten (3024) lethe

Formerly (4391prouparcho

Fortresses (3794) ochuroma

Form (appearance, sight) (1491) eidos

Form (3444) morphe

Form (embodiment) (3446) morphosis

Form (5296) hupotuposis

Formed (3445morphoo

Former (first) (4387) proteros

Formerly (ever, last, once)(4218) pote

Fornication (4202) porneia

Foresee (4275) proeido

Fortune telling (soothsaying)(3132manteúomai

Foundation (2602) katabole

Foundation (2310) themelios

Fragrant ( 2175) euodia

Fraud (4468rhadiourgia

Freedom (liberty) (1657) eleutheria

Free (1659) eleutheroo

Free (1658) eleutheros

Free gift (5486) charisma or click here for summary of spiritual gifts

Freed (1344) dikaioo

Freedman (558) apeleutheros

Free will (1595hekousios

Friendship (5373) philia

Friend (5384) philos

Frightened (disturbed) (2360) throeo

Frightened (terrified) (1719) emphobos

Fringe (tassel) (2899kraspedon

From (575) apo

From (1537ex or ek

From a distance ("from afar") (4207porrothen

From the beginning (from above) (509anothen

Fruit (2590) karpos

Fulfillment (5050) teleiosis

Full (abounding, covered, mature) (4134) pleres

Full (1073gemo

Full (3324) mestos

Full armor (3833) panoplia

Full of idols (2712) kateidolos

Full of light (bright, illumined)(5460photeinos

Fully accomplished (658) apoteleo

Fully supplying (4322prosanapleroo

Fully assured or convinced (4135) plerophoreo

Full assurance (4136) plerophoria

Full of fear (1630) ekphobos

Fully trained (2675) katartizo

Fullness (patch) (4138) pleroma

Function (5540) chresis

Furnace (2575) kamino

Furnished (bother, bringing, give, grant, show, offer)(3930) parecho

Furnished (spread)(4766) stronnuo

Futility (3153) mataiotes


Gain (verb) (win, win over, make profit) (2770) kerdaino

Gain (noun) (2771) kerdos

Gain (4200) porismos

Galileans (1057Galilaios

Gall (5521chole

Gallons(3355) metretes

Gangrene (1044) gaggraina

Garden plants (vegetable, garden herb)(3001lachanon

Gate (4439) pule

Gate (4440pulon

Gather (assemble, gather together, invite, store)(4863sunago

Gather (4816sullego

Gather together (gather) (1996) episunago

Gather together (4871sunalizo

Genealogy...traced (1075) genealogeo

Genealogies (1076) genealogia

General assembly (3831) paneguris

Generation (1074) genea

Generous (2130eumetadotos

Generous gift (100hadrotes

Gentle (1933) epieikes

Gentle (4239) praus

Gentleness (Consideration)(4240) prautes

Gentleness (4239) praupathia

Gentleness (1932epieikeia

Gentiles (nation, nations) (1484) ethnos

Genuine (505) anuopkritos

Gestured (nodded)(3506neuo

Get up early (3719orthrizo

Ghost (5326phantasma

Gift (5486) charisma or click here for summary of spiritual gifts

Gifts (1390) doma

Gift (1431) dorea

Gift (1432) dorean

Gift (1434) dorema

Gird (2224zonnumi

Gird (328) anazonnumi

Gird (4024) perizonnumi

Girded (1241diazonnumi

Girl (2877korasion

Give attention or heed (1907) epecho

Give birth (bring forth, born)(5088tikto

Give hearty approval (4909) suneudokeo

Give heed (1801) enotizomai

Giver (1395dotes

Gives life (2227) zoopoieo

Gives life (2225) zoogoneo

Giving thanks (2168) eucharisteo

Giving thanks (437) anthomologeomai

Give up, desert, loosen (447) aniemi

Gladly (2234) hedeos

Gladness (20) agalliasis

Gladness (2167euphrosune

Gleaming (1823) exastrapto

Gloom (2217) zophos

Gloom (2726) katepheia

Gloomy (looking sad)(4659) skuthropos

Glorified (1740endoxazomai

Glorify Relationship of Justified, Sanctified, Glorified

Glorify (1392) doxazo

Glory (1391) doxa

Gnashing (1030) brugmos

Gnashing (1031brucho

Go (following, journey, started, traveling, way, went) (4198) poreuo

Go down (1931) epiduo

Go on ahead (4281proerchomai

Goal (4649) skopos

Godhead (2304) theios

Godliness (2150) eusebeia

God (2316) theos

Godly (2153) eusebos

Going (get, go their way, go away, goes, went) (5217) hupago

Going around (1353diodeuo

Going on (Advanced) (4260) probaino

Going out (1826) exeimi 

Gold (5553chrusion

Gone astray (795) astocheo

Gong (bronze, copper)(5475chalkos

Good (18) agathos

Good (2570) kalos

Good Deeds (Good Works) - word study

Good for nothing (Raca) (4469) raca

Goodness (19) agathosune

Goodness (5544) chrestotes

Good report (1426euphemia

Good will (2133) eunoia

Gospel (2098) euaggelion

Gossip (hapax legomenon)(5587psithurismos

Gossips (5588) psithuristes

Gossips (5397phluaros

Grace (favor) (5485) charis

Grainfields (4702sporimos

Granted (1433) doreomai

Grasped (725) harpagmos

Grave (5028) taphos

Greatly annoyed (greatly disturbed) (1278diaponeo

Greatness (3168) megaleiotetos

Greatness (3174) megethos

Great value (4186polutimos

Greed (4124) pleonexia

Greeks (1672Hellen

Greet (salute, embrace, take leave, pay respects) (782) aspazomai

Greeting (salutation)(783aspasmos

Griefs (3601) odune

Grieving (in agony, torment) (3600) odunao

Grieve (be distressed, to sorrow) (3076) lupeo

Groan (complain, sigh) (4727) stenazo

Groans (4726stenagmos

Groans together (4959sustenazo

Grope (touch, feel) (5584) pselaphao

Gross immorality, commit (1608) ekporneuo

Grow (837) auxano

Growing old (1095) gerasko

Grow up, spring up (5453) phuo

Grow Weary (1573) ekkakeo

Grumble (1234diagogguzo

Grumble (1111gogguzo

Grumbling (1112) goggusmos

Grumblers (1113) goggustes

Guaranteed (949) bebaios

Guard (5432) phroureo

Guard (5442) phulasso

Guards (5441phulax

Guard (1314diaphulasso

Guide (3595) hodegos

Guide (verb)(3594hodegeo

Guilt (159) aitios

Guilty (5267) hupodikos/hypodikos

Guilty (liable, subject , deserving) (1777) enochos


Hades (86) hades

Had lack (1641elattoneo

Had means (2141euporeo

Hallelujah (239) allelouia

Handled (touch, grope) (5584) pselaphao

Handling accurately (3718) orthotomeo

Handkerchief (napkin)(4676soudarion

Hanging (2910) kremannumi

Hanging on (1582ekkremannumi

Happen (4819) sumbaino

Hard (1423duskolos

Hard (harsh, difficult) (4642) skleros

Hardness (4643) sklerotes

Hardness of heart (4641sklerokardia

Harden (4645) skleruno

Harden (4456) poroo

Hardness (4457) porosis

Hardship (3449) mochthos

Hard to understand (1425) dusnoetos

Hard to explain (1421) dusermeneutos/dysermeneutos

Hardworking (2872) kopiao

Harm (984blapto

Harm (injure, do wrong, offend, treat unjustly) (91adikeo

Harmless (185) akeraios

Harmony (4857sumphonesis

Harvest (2326therismos

Harvest (1079)(genema

Haste (4710) spoude

Hate (verb) (3404) miseo

Hateful (4767) stugeo

Haters of God (2319) theostuges

Haters of good (865) aphilagathos

Have...attitude (5426) phroneo full (568) apecho (See another study on apecho)

Have nothing to do with (3868) paraiteomai

Have strength (2729katischuo

He (that, that one, those, he, she) (1565) ekeinos

Head of the house (owner)(3617oikodespotes

Head (chief)(2776) kephale

Heads of grain (4719stachus

Headwaiter (755) architriklinos

Heal (cure) (2390) iaomai

Heal (cure)(2323therapeuo

Healing (2393iasis

Heard (191akouo

Hearers (202) akroates

Heart (2588) kardia

Heart (476) splagchnon

Hearty agreement (4909suneudokeo

Heavenly (2032) epouranios

Heaven (3772) ouranos see longer definition of ouranos

Heavy laden (5412) phortizo

Hebrew (1446Hebrais

Heel (4418pterna

Heirs (2818) Kleronomos

Hell (Gehenna) (1067) geenna

Hellenistic (1675Hellenistes

Helmet (4030) perikephalaia

Help (482) antilambano

Help (996) boetheia

Help (997) boetheo

Helper (998) boethos

Helper (Advocate, Comforter) (3875) parakletos

Helpless (sick, weak) (772) asthenes

Hidden (852) aphanes

Hidden (2928) krupto

Hidden (2927) kruptos

Hidden (613) apokrupto

High (adjective, haughty) (5308) hupselos

High (5311) hupsos/hypsos

Highly regarded  (precious)(1784entimos

High priest (749) archiereus

Hindered (thwart) (1465) egkopto/enkopto

Hinder (forbid, prevent) (2967) koluo

Hired servants (3411misthotos

Hit (strike, sting)(3817paio

Hold fast (firmly) (472) antechomai

Hold fast (occupy, restrain, possess) (2722) katecho

Hold (seize)(2902) krateo 

Holding fast or forth (1907) epecho

Holiness (38) hagiasmos

Holiness (42) hagiosune

Holiness (41) hagiotes

Holiness (3742) hosiotes

Holy (40) hagios

Holy (One) (3741) hosios

Homeland (country of their own)(3968patris

Hometown (country) (3968patris

Homosexuals (733arsenokoites

Honor (5091) timao

Honor (5092time

Hope (1680) elpis; elpis (2) Believer's Blessed Hope

Hope (verb) (1679) elpizo

Horns (2768keras

Hosanna (5164Hosanna

Hospitable (5382) philoxenos

Hostile (2189) echthra

Hostile (1727) enantios

Hostile (verb), hold grudge (be subject)(1758) enecho

Hostile (adversary, enemy) (5227) hupenantios

Hosts (4756stratia

Host of heaven study of this phrase

Hot (2200zestos

Hour (yards)(4083pechus

Hour (5610hora

House (3614) oikia

House (household, home) (3624) oikos

Household (3609) oikeios

How great (what kind?) (4217) potapos

Howl (3649ololuzo

Humble (5011) tapeinos

Humble (verb) (5013) tapeinoo

Humble (5014) tapeinosis

Humility of mind (5012) tapeinophrosune

Hunger (verb) (3983) peinao

Hurry (4710) spoude

Hurry (make haste) 4692speudo

Hush (4602sige

Hymns (5215) humnos

Hypocrisy (5272) hupokrisis

Hypocrite (5273) hupokrites


Idle babbler (4691) spermologos

Idles (692) argos

Idols (1497) eidolon

Idolatry (1495) eidololatreia

Idolater (1496) eidololatres

If  (3rd class condition) (2579) kan

Ignorance (52) agnoia

Ill-treated (2558) kakoucheo

Image (1504) eikon

Imitate (follow...example) (3401) mimeomai 

Imitators (3402) mimetes

Immeasurably more huperekperissou

Immediately (2117) euthus

Immediately (2112) eutheos

Immediately (at once) (3916parachrema

Imminent (5031) tachinos

Immorality (4202) porneia

Immorality, commit (4203) porneuo

Immoral (4205) pornos

Immortality (110athanasia

Immovable (277) ametakinetos

Impart (share, give) (3330) metadidomi

Impartiality (678) aprosopoleptos

Imperishable (861) aphtharsia

Imperishable (862) aphthartos

Implanted (1721) emphutos

Implore (3143) marturomai

Imposed (insistent, lying, press around) (1945) epikeimai

Impossible (without strength) (102) adunatos

Impossible, be (101adunateo

Imposters (1114) goes

Imprisonment (chains)(1199) desmos

Imprisoned (prison house) (1201desmoterion

Impure (169) akathartos

Impurity (167) akatharsia

Impute (1677) ellogeo

In as much (1895epeideper

Inaugurate (1457) egkainizo

Incense (2368thumiama

In Christ Jesus Click

Incited (3951parotruno

Incorruptible (861) aphtharsia

Increase (837) auxano

Increase (4121) pleonazo

Indescribable (411anekdiegetos

Indicate (made clear, communicate)(4591semaino 

Indignant (23aganakteo

Indignation (74aganaktesis

Indulgence (4140) plesmone

Indwells (1774) enoikeo

Inexpressible (412) aneklaletos

Inexpressible (731arretos

Inform (indicate, signify, make clear) (1213) deloo

Informed (report, showed)(3377menuo

Inherit (2816) kleronomeo

Inheritance (2817) kleronomia or see kleronomia

Inheritance (lot) (2819) kleros

Iniquity (93) adikia

Inn (guest house) (2646) kataluma

Inner (inside, within, inner man)(2080) eso

Innocent (unsuspecting) (172) akakos

Innocent (338anaitios

Innocent (185) akeraios

inquire (ask)(4441punthanomai

Inquiry (1830) exereunao

Insane (3912paraphroneo

Inscription (1923epigraphe

Inscription (5102titlos

Insight (5428) phronesis

Insisting (2001epischuo 

Insisting (1340) diischurizomai 

Insolent (5197) hubristes

Inspired by God (2315) theopneustos

Instigated (1892epegeiro

Instruction (1291diastello

Insurrection (riot, dissension)(4714stasis

Intelligence (prudent)(4908sunetos

Intending to (about to, going to)3195) (mello

Intentions (purpose) (1771) ennoia

Interpretation (2058hermeneia

Introduction (4318) prosagoge

In season (2122) eukairos

Instruct, instructed (2727) katecheo

Instruct (knit, hold together, conclude) (4822) sumbibazo

Instructed (3453) mueo

Instruction (admonition, warning) (3559) nouthesia

Instruments (3696) hoplon

Insult (cast insults, revile, reproach) (3679) oneidizo

Insult (5196) hubris

Intense heat (2741) kausoo

Intention (1963epinoia

Intercede (appeal, plead) (1793) entugchano

Interpretation (2058hermeneia

Invalidate (208akuroo

Inventors (2182) epheuretes

Invisible (517) aoratos

Irreconcilable (786) aspondos

Irrevocable (278) ametameletos

Iscariot (2469iskariotes

It is finished (5055tetelestai = perfect tense of teleo


Jail (5084teresis

Jealous (earnestly desire, eagerly seek) (2206) zeloo

Jealousy (2205) zelos

Jesus (2424) Iesous

Jettison the cargo (1546ekbole

Jews (2453) Ioudaios

Joined....hypocrisy (4942) sunupokrinomai

Joined together (4801suzeugnumi

Join (cling, cleave) (2853) kollao

Joined (4347) proskollao

Joining in helping (4943) sunupourge

Jot (smallest letter) (2503) iota

Joy (5479) chara

Judas (2455Ioudas

Judge (decide, determine, condemn)(2919) krino

Judgment (justice, court, sentence)(2920krisis

Judge (2923krites

Judgment seat (968) bema

Judaizer - see "Live like a Jew"

Just (1342) dikaios

Just (1738) endikos

Justice(penalty, punishment)(1349dike

Justify Relationship of Justified, Sanctified, Glorified

Justify, justified (acquitted, vindicated, freed) (1344) dikaioo

Justly (1346) dikaios


Keep (reserve, guard, heed, kept in custody, observe, preserve) (5083) tereo

Keep (5432) phroureo

Keep (5442) phulasso (treasured)(1301diatereo

Keep house (3616oikodespoteo

Keep watch (1127) gregoreuo

Keeping (jail)(5084teresis

Key (2807kleis

Kill (put to death)(615) apokteino 

Kill (slay, put to death - see also thuo below) (337anaireo 

Kind (Gentle) (2261) epios

Kind (5541) chresteuomai

Kindled (381anapto

Kindle afresh (329) anazopureo

Kindness (5544) chrestotes

Kindness (kind, easy, good) (5543) chrestos

Kindred spirit (2473) isopsuchos

King (935basileus

Kingdom (932) basileia

Kinsman (Avenger) - Greek verb Agchisteuo

Kiss (verb) (5368) phileo

Kiss (noun) (5370) philema

Kiss (2705) kataphileo

Knees (1119) gonu

Knelt (1120gonupeteo

Knock (2925krouo

Know (1492) eido

Know (make known) (1107) gnorizo

Know (recognize, understand) (1921) epiginosko

Know about (understand)(1987epistamai

Know the hearts (2589kardiognostes

Knowledge (1922) epignosis

Know (1097) ginosko

Known (acquaintance)(1110gnostos

Knowledge (1108) gnosis


Labor (verb) (2872) kopiao

Labor (noun) (2873) kopos

Labor pangs (5604) odin

Labor pains  (verb)(5605odino

Laborer (Workman, Laborers) (2040) ergates

Lacking (3007) leipo

Lacking (5303husterema

Lagging (3636) okneros

Laid...upon (put, fall)(1911epiballo

Laid (lies, set, standing) (2749) keimai

Laid bare (5136) trachelizo

Laid up (606) apokeimai

Laid waste (2049eremoo

Lake (3041limne

Lamb (286amnos

Lamb (721) arnion

Lambs (704aren

Lamenting (sing a dirge)(2354threneo

Lamp (3088) luchnos/lychnos

Lampstand (3087) luchnia

Lamps (2985lampas

Lame (5560) cholos

Lamentation (2870) kopetos

Large basket (4711spuris/sphuris

Lasciviousness (766) aselgeia

Last (2078) eschatos

Late rains (3797opsimos

Later (5306husteros

Laugh (2606katagelao

Laughter (1071) gelos

Lavished (4052) perisseuo

Lawful (permitted)(1832exesti

Lawfully (3545nomimōs

Lawgiver (3550nomothetes 

Lawlessness (458) anomia

Lawless (459) anomos

Lawless (only in Lxxparanomos

Lawyer (3544nomikos

Lay aside (put off, spoil, disarm) (554) apekduomai

Lay aside (659) apotithemi

Laying on (1936) epithesis

Lay up (save, store, treasure) (2343) thesaurizo

Lay (laid, laying, put, place, attack) (2007epitithemi

Lazarus (2976) Lazaros

Lazy (692) argos

Lazy (3636) okneros

Lead a quiet life (keep silent, rest) (2270) hesuchazo

Lead (leader) (2233) hegeomai

Lead (rule) (4291) proistemi

Lead (bring, conduct, lead away or astray) (520apago

Lead out (1806exago

Leader (3595) hodegos

Leap (spring up) (242) hallomai

Leaped (2177ephallomai

Leap (4640skirtao

Learn (3129) manthano

Learned the secret (3453) mueo

Least (smallest, very small) (1646) elachistos

Leaven (yeast)(2219zume

Led captive (162) aichmaloteuo

Left (leave) (2641) kataleipo

Left (5275) hupoleipo

Legion (3003legion

Length (3372) mekos

Leper (3015lepros

Leprosy (3014) lepra

Less presentable (809aschemon

Let down (5465) chalao

Let down (2524kathiemi

Letter (1992) epistole

Letter(s) (bill, learning, writings)(1121gramma

Liar (5583) pseustes

Lie (do not lie...falsely) (5574) pseudomai

Liberality (572) haplotes

Lie (falsehood) (5579) pseudos

Life (979) bios

Life, of life (982biotikos

Life (2222) zoe

Life (5590) psuche

Lifted up (raise)(1869epairo

Ligaments (4886) sundesmos

Light (1645) elaphros

Light (5457) phos

Light (5462) photismos

Lightning (796) astrape 

Like (same)(3664homoios

Likeness (1504) eikon

Likeness (3667) homoíoma

Likewise (3668) homoios

Likewise (3898) paraplesios

Lilies (2918krinon

Linen wrappings (3608othonion

Liquor (4608sikera

Little children (5040) teknion

Little Faith (3640oligopistos

Live (verb, living, alive) (2198) zao

Lived luxuriously (5171truphao

Live like the Jews (2450) ioudaizo

Live together (4800suzao

Living creature (animal) (2226) zoon

Loathe (1609ekptuo

Lofty thing (5313) hupsoma

Log (1385dokos

Loins (3751) osphus

Long (2425) hikanos

Long for (1971) epipotheo

Long (1973) epipothetos

Longing (1972epipothesis

Longsuffering (3115) makrothumia

Look (observe, keep eye on, watch) (4648) skopeo

Look (1689) emblepo

Looking (4327) prosdechomai

Looking (4328) prosdokao

Looking for (578) apoblepo

Looking for (327) anazeteo

Look at (regard, pay special attention) (1914)  epiblepo

Looked at (see, notice) (2300) theaomai

Looking around (4017periblepo

Look (intently) (3879) parakupto

Look (gaze) intently (816) atenizo

Look up (regain or receive sight)(308anablepo

Looking up (429aneurisko

Loose (811asotos

Lord (master, owner)(2962) kurios

Lord over (master) (2961) kurieuo

Lording (2634) katakurieuo

Lose heart (1573) ekkakeo (used in KJV, Textus Receptus)

Lose heart (grow weary)(1457egkakeo (used in Nestle-Aland)

Lose heart (120) athumeo

Loss (2209) zemia

Loss of (580apobole

Love (verb) (25) agapao

Love (noun) (26) agape

Love (5363) philanthropia

Lovely (791asteios

Lovers of pleasure (5369) philedonos

Love (5368) phileo

Love of money (5365) philarguria

Love of the brethren (5360) philadelphia

Lovers of money (5366) philarguros

Lovers of self (5367philautos

Loves to be first (5383) philoproteuo

Loving what is good (5358) philagathos

Lowly, low degree (5011) tapeinos

Lukewarm (5513chliaros

Lusts (1939) epithumia

Lying (in bed, sick, reclining, dining, bedridden)(2621katakeimai


Mad (3130mania

Made like (871) aphomoioo

Made lower (1642) elattoo

Made without hands (886) acheiropoietos

Made us alive together with (4806) suzoopoieo

Magic (4021periergos

Magician (sorcerer, wise man)(3097magos

Magistrates (captains, officials) (4755strategos

Magnificent (3176) megistos

Majesty, magnificence (3168) megaleiotetos

Majesty (3172) megalosune

Majestic (3169) megaloprepes

Make, made (grant) (1303) diatithemi

Make a public spectacle (2301) theatrizo

Make certain (949) bebaios

Make...defense (626) apologeomai

Make every effort (4704) spoudazo

Make jealous or provoke to jealousy (3863parazeloo

Make salty (233) halizo

Make signs (1269dianeuo

Make a slave (1396) doulagogeo

Make straight (2116euthuno

Making many rich (4148ploutizo

Malice (2549) kakia

Malice (2550) kakoetheia

Malicious gossip (1228) diabolos

Malign (987) blasphemeo

Manage (engage in, have charge over, lead, rule) (4291) proistemi

Manifestation (5321) phanerosis

Manifold (4182) polupoikilos

Many (2425) hikanos

Many portions (4181) polumeros

Many times as much (4179pollaplasion

Maranatha (3134) Maranatha

Mark (image formed) (5480charagma

Market place (58) agora

Marriage (1062) gamos

Marry (1060gameo

Marvelous (2298) thaumastos

Mary (3137maria

Master (Lord) (1203) despotes

Master (1988epistates

Master builder (753) architekton

Mature (5046) teleios

Maturity (perfect) (5047) teleiotes

Measure (standard) (3358metron

Measure (verb)(3354metreo

Measured in return (488antimetreo

Measures (2884kor

Meddler (244) allotriepiskopos

Mediator (3316) mesites

Meditate Site hits, Biblical Meditation, Primer

Meek (4239) praus or here

Meek (5011) tapeinos

Meekness (4240) prautes

Meet (529) apantesis

Meet (befall)(4876) sunantao

Members (3196) melos

Memorial (3422mnemosunon

Men (730) arrhen

Mend (2675) katartizo

Men-pleasers (441) anthropareskos

Mention (remembrance, think)(3417) mneia

Merchant (1713emporos

Merciful (3629oiktirmon

Merciful (2436) hileos

Merciful (1655) eleemon

Merciless (415) aneleos

Mercy (1656) eleos

Mercy Seat (2435) hilasterion

Message (31) aggelia/angelia

Messiah (3323) messias (See also Messiah - Anointed One)

Met (5221hupantao

Methods (3180) methodeia

Might (2479) ischus

Might (2904) kratos (mightily; mighty deeds)

Miles (distance) (4712stadion

Mina (3414mna, mnah

Mind (3540) noema

Mind (1271) dianoia

Mind (3563) nous

Minds (3510) nephros

Mind set (5427) phronema

Minds (3510nephros

Minister (serve , wait on) (1247) diakoneo

Minister (5256) hupereteo

Minister (3008) leitourgeo

Ministering (3010) leitourgikos

Ministry (service) (3009) leitourgia

Ministers (3011) leitourgos

Ministry (service, relief) (1248) diakonia

Miserable (1652eleeinos

Misery (5004) talaiporia

Mistreat (insult) (5195) hubrizo

Mistreat (2559kakoo

Mock (3456) mukterizo

Mock (1702) empaizo

Mockers (1703) empaiktes

Mocking - diachleuazo

Moderate...came (5285) hupopneo

Modestly (127aidos

Moloch (3434moloch

Moment ("flash") (4743) stigme

Moment (823atomos 

Momentary (3910) parautika

Money (silver)(694argurion

Money (bronze, copper)(5475chalkos

Money (wealthy)(5536chrema

Money belts (905ballantion

Money box (1101glossokomon

Money changers (2855kollubistes

Money changers (2773) kermatistes

More (greater) (4053) perissos

Moral excellence (703) arete

Morals (2239ethos

More than abundant (5250huperpleonazo

More tolerable (414anektoteros

Morning (4404proi

Morning Star (5459) phophoros

Morsel (5596psomion

Mortal (2349) thnetos

Mortify (3499) nekroo

Most excellent (2903kratistos

Most High (highest) (5310) hupsistos

Moth (4597) ses

Motion (2678Kataseio

Mourn (3996) pentheo

Mourn (2875) kopto

Mourning (3997) penthos

Mourning (lamenting audibly)(3602odurmos

Mouth (4750stoma

Move (provoked, stirs)(2795kineo

Moved away (3334) metakineo

Move up (4320prosanabaino

Move (remove)(3352metoikizo

Move (remove) (2795kineo

Multiply (4129) plethuno

Multitude (crowd, throng)(4128plethos

Murder (5408phonos

Murder (commit murder)(5407phroneuo

Murderer (443) anthropoktonos

Murderers (5406phoneus

Murmur (1112) goggusmos

Mustard (4615sinapi

Mute (deaf)(2974kophos

Mute (dumb, silent)(880aphonos

Mute (216alalos

Mutilators (2699) katatome

Myriad (thousands)(3461) murias

Myrrh (Smyrna)(4667smurna

Mystery (3466) musterion; God's Mystery by Wayne Barber

Myth (3454) muthos


Naked (stripped) (1131) gumnos

Nakedness (1132gumnotes)

Name (verb) (3687) onomazo

Name (3686) onoma

Nard (3487nardo

Narrow (2346) thlibo

Narrow (4728) stenos

Natives (915barbaros

Nature (natural) (5449) phusis/physis

Natural (5446) phusikos

Natural (worldly-minded) (5591) psuchikos

Nature (5287) hupostasis

Nazarene (3480Nazoraios

Nazareth (3478Nazaret

Near (1451) eggus

Necessary (must, ought) (1163) dei

Necessary (more necessary, pressing) (316) anagkaios

Necessity (necessary, need) (318) anagke

Neck (5137trachelos

Need (5532) chreia

Need (verb)(5535) chrezo

Needlessly (1432) dorean

Needy (1729endees

Neglect (272) ameleo

Neighbor (Near) (4139) plesion

Neighbors (1069)(geiton

Nest (2681kataskenoo

Nets (1350diktuon

Never (3763) oudepote

New (2537) kainos

New (3501) neos

New (freshly slaughtered or slain)(4372) prosphatos

Newness (2538) kainotes

Newborn (738) artigennetos

News (fame) (5345pheme

Nicodemus (3530Nikodemos

Night (evening) (3571nux

Noble minded (noble) (2104) eugenes

Noise (report, blast, roaring)(2279) echos

Noisy (2278echeo

No offense (677) aproskopos

No one (nothing) (3762) oudeis

No longer (no more, not anyone)(3765ouketi

Not accustomed (552) apeiros

Not...ashamed (422) anepaischuntos

Not believe (569) apisteo

Not know (not understand, unaware, uninformed, ignorant) (50) agnoeo

Not tempted (551) apeirastos

Not without aim (84) adelos

Nourish (1625) ektrepho

Now (so, yet, then, or, even, other hand)1161de 

Now (present)(3568nun

Number (706arithmos

Nursing (5162) trophos


O, Oh (5599) o

Oath (3727) horkos

Obedience (5218) hupakoe

Obey (5219) hupakouo

Obey (3980peitharcheo

Obedient (5255) hupekoos

Objects of Worship (4574sebasma

Observe (2648katamanthano

Observe (5442) phulasso

Observe (2029) epoteuo

Observe (notice) (2657) katanoeo

Observed (3907parateresis

Obtain (attain) (5177) tugchano/tynchano

Offense (4625) skandalon

Offense (4349proskope

Offer (399) anaphero

Offering (gift) (1435) doron

Offering (4376) phosphora

Offer sacrifice (kill, butcher)(2380thuo

Officer (attendant, helper, minister, servants)(5257) huperetes

Of the same kind (2472) isotimos

Of the word (spiritual, reasonable) (3050) logikos

Oil (1637) elaion

Old (3820) palaios

Old (744) archaios

Oldness (3821) palaiotes

Older men, women (3811) presbuteros

Once (530) hapax

Once for all (one time) (2178) ephapax

One (alone, individual, one thing, first)(1520heis

One accord (3661) homothumadon/homothymadon

One another (240) allelon

Onesimus (3682) Onesimos

Only (only begotten, One of a Kind, One and Only) (3439) monogenes

Open (explain) (1272) dianoigo (another word study)

Open (455) anoigo

Open (380anaptusso

Opened wide (4115platuno

Opinion (consent, judgment, decided)(1106gnome

Opponent (1727) enantios

Opponent (adversary, enemy, oppose) (480) antikeimai

Opportunity (occasion) (874) aphorme

Oppose (cope) (436) anthistemi

Opposed (498) antitasso

Opposing arguments (477) antithesis

Opposition (475) antidiatithemi

Opposition (73) agon

Oppressed (2669) kataponeo

Oppressed (2352thrauo

Oppressed (2616katadunasteuo

Oracles (3051) logion

Order (Good discipline) (5010) taxis

Order (Command) (2753keleuo

Ordinance (1345) dikaioma

Ordinance (1378) dogma

Ordinance (1296) diatage

Ought (1163) dei

Ought (3784) opheilo

Out of season (171) akairos

Out of your mind (3105mainomai

Overcome (conquer) (3528) nikao

Overcome (2274) hettao

Overlooked (5237hupereido

Overseer (1985) episkopos

Overshadow (1982episkiazo

Oversight (1983) episkopeo

Overturn (396) anatrepo

Overwhelm (2666) katapino

Overwhelmingly conquer (5245) hupernikao

Own (2398) idios

Own accord (830authaireto

Own initiative (1683)(emautou)


Pallet (2895krabattos

Parable (symbol) (3850) parabole

Paralytic (3885paralutikos

Parchments (3200) membrana

Paradise (3857paradeisos

Part (3196) melos

Part (share) (3310) meris

Part (share, district, partial) (3313meros

Partake (3348) metecho

Partakers (partners) (3353metochos

Parted...carried (1339diistemi

Partiality (4382) prosopolepsia

Partiality (4346)(prosklisis

Partiality (4381) prosopolemptes

Participate (4790) sugkoinoneo

Partner (partaker, sharer) (2844) koinonos

Partnership (3352metoche

Passing away (3855) parago

Passed away (pass by) (3928) parerchomai

Pass by opposite (492antiparerchomai

Passed over (3929) paresis

Passover (3957) pascha

Passing (temporary) (4340) proskairos

Passions (3806) pathos

Pass through (go through, spread, pierce)(1330dierchomai

Past feeling, become (524) apalgeo

Paths (5163trochia

Paths (5147tribos

Patience (5281) hupomone

Patience (3115) makrothumia

Patient (be patient) (3114) makrothumeo

Patiently (3116) makrothumos

Patient when wronged (420) anexikakos

Patriarch (3966) patriarches

Pattern (5296) hupotuposis

Pay close attention to (1907) epecho

Pay tithe (collect tithe)(586apodekatoo

Peace (1515) eirene

Peacemaker (1518) eirenopoios

Pearls (3135margarites

Peculiar (4041) periousios

People (assembly)(1218) demos

Perfect (2675) katartizo

Perfect (2005) epiteleo

Perfect (5046) teleios

Perfect (verb) (5048) teleioo

Perfecter (accomplisher, finisher) (5051) teleiotes

Perfume (ointment)(3464muron

Perish with (544) sunapollumi

Perishable (5349) phthartos

Permit (give permission)(2010) epitrepo

Perplexity (640aporia

Perplexed (1280diaporeo

Perplexed (639) aporeo/aporeomai

Perplexed (1298diatarasso

Persecute (press on) (1377) dioko

Persecutions (1375) diogmos

Perseverance (5281) hupomone

Perseverance (4343) proskarteresis

Persevere (1961) epimeno

Persuades (374) anapeitho

Persuasive argument (4086) pithanologia

Persuasive (3981peithos

Perverse, pervert (1294) diastrepho

Perverted (1612) ekstrepho

Peter (4074) petros

Pharisees (5330pharisaios

Philosophy (5385) philosophia

Physical (of flesh, human)(4560) sarkinos

Physician (2395iatros

Picking (5089tillo

Piercing (1338) diikneomai

Pierced ( 4044) peripeiro

Pierced(1574) ekkenteo 

Pierced (2660katanusso

Pilate (4091Pilatos

Pilfer (3557) nosphizo

Pillar (4769stulos

Pilot (2942kubernetes

Pinnacle (4419pterugion

Pit (999bothunos

Pitcher (2765keramion

Place (opportunity, room) (5117) topos

Planned (4388) protithemai

Plagues (5117loimos

Please, to (verb) (700) aresko

Pleasing (desirable, pleased) (701) arestos

Please (699) areskeia

Pleased (take pleasure, be well pleased) (2106) eudokeo

Pleasure (2237) hedone

Pledge (728) arrabon

Plot (1917epiboule

Plotting (lying in wait) (1748enedreuo

Plot together (4823sumbouleuo

Plot (1917epiboule

Plunder (1282diarpazo

Plunge (sink) (1036) buthizo

Pointing out  (5294hupotithemi

Poison (2447) ios

Policemen (4465rhabdoúchos

Poll-tax (tribute)(2778kensos

Polluted (stained, spotted) (4695) spiloo

Pool (2861kolumbethra

Possess (obtain, acquire)(2932) ktaomai

Possession (4041) periousios

Possession (4047) peripoiesis

Poor (4434) ptochos

Poor (3998penichros

Poor (3993penes

Porticoes (4745stoa)

Poured out (1632) ekcheo

Poured out as a drink offering (4689) spendo

Poverty (4432ptocheia

Power (Miracles) (1411) dunamis

Power (1753) energeia

Power (1849) exousia

Power (2904) kratos

Practice (2039) ergasia

Practice (1838) hexis

Practice (4238) prasso

Practicing magic (3096mageuo

Practice Piety (worship)(2151eusebeo

Praetorium (governor's palace)(4232praitorion

Praise (fame, worthy of praise) (1868) epainos

Praising (praise)(134aineo


Pray (4336) proseuchomai

Pray (wish) (2172) euchomai

Prayer (1162) deesis

Prayer (4335) proseuche

Preacher (2783) kerux

Preach (the gospel, good news)(2097) euaggelizo/euangelizo

Preached the Gospel beforehand (4283) proeuaggelizomai

Preach (proclaim) (2784) kerusso

Precede (arrive, attain, come upon) (5348) phthano

Precepts (1778entalma

Precious (great value, more precious, very costly) (4186) polytimos

Precious (5093) timios

Predestined (4309) proorizo

Preparation (2091) hetoimasia

Prepare, prepared (ready) (2090) hetoimazo

Prepare (2675) katartizo

Prepare (builder, built, construction)(2680kataskeuazo

Prepared (3903paraskeuazo

Prepared beforehand (4282) proetoimazo

Prepare beforehand (4304promeletao

Preparation day (3904paraskeue

Presence (3952) parousia

Presence (before, in sight of) (1799) enopion

Present (came, have come)(3918) pareimi

Present (3936) paristemi

Present (to come) (1764) enistemi

Presentable (2157euschemosune

Preserve (5442) phulasso

Preservation (4991) soteria

Pressing around (insistent, assail)(1945epikeimai

Press in (598apothlibo

Pretext (pretense, for appearance's sake) (4392) prophasis

Previously committed (4266) proginomai

Previously promised (4279proepaggello

Previously ratified (4300prokuroo

Previously said (4275proeipon

Pride (5243huperephania

Priests (2409) hiereus

Prince (747) archegos

Principality (746) arche

Principles (4747) stoicheion

Prison (watch, guard)(5438) phulake

Prisoner (1198) desmios

Prisoners (1202desmotes

Prize (1017) brabeion

Proceed (progress) (4298) prokopto

Proceed out (1607ekporeuomai

Proclaim (1804) exaggello

Proclaim (2605) kataggello

Proclaim (give notice) (1229) diaggello

Proclamation, preaching (2782) kerugma

Proconsul (deputy)(446anthupatos

Profane (952) bebelos

Profess (assert) (5335) phasko

Profit (2039) ergasia

Profit (verb) (5623) opheleo

Profitable (good, advantage, expedient)(4851) sumphero

Profitable (5624) ophelimos

Progress (4297) prokope

Prolonged (3905parateino

Prominent (1851exoche

Prominent (appropriate)(2158) euschemon

Promise (1862) epaggelma

Promise (verb) (1861) epaggello

Promise (1860) epaggelia/epangelia

Proof (1383) dokimion

Proof (prove character, ordeal) (1382) dokime

Properly (2156) euschemonos

Proper (fitting) (4241) prepo

Proper (becoming, allowed) (2520) katheko

Property (2933ktema

Prophecy (4394) propheteia

Prophesy (4395) propheteuo

Prophet (4396) prophetes

Prophetess (4398prophetis

Propitiation (2435) hilasterion

Propitiation (2434) hilasmos

Make propitiation (be merciful) (2433) hilaskomai

Proselytes (4339proselutos

Prosper (succeed) (2137) euodoo

Prosperity (2142) euporia

Prostitute (4204porne

Protect (5432) phroureo; phroureo

Protect (5442) phulasso

Proud (5244) huperephanos

Prove (1381) dokimazo

Provide (2023) epichoregeo

Provide (4265) problepo

Provide for (4306) pronoeo

Province (1885eparchia

Provision, Providence (4307) pronoia (Related study: The Providence of God)

Provision (2024) epichoregia

Provoke (2042) erethizo

Provoke to anger (3949) parorgizo

Provoke (3947) paroxuno

Prudent (wise, shrewd) (5429) phronimos

Psalms (5568) psalmos

Pugnacious (4131) plektes

Pull up (385) anaspao 

Punish (2849) kolazo

Punished (5097timoreo

Punishment (2851) kolasis

Punishment (2009epitimia

Purchased (obtain, keep) (4046) peripoieomai

Pure (97) adolos

Pure (1506) eilikrines

Purification (2512) katharismos

Purify (48) hagnizo

Purity (47) hagneia

Purity (54hagnotes

Purity (862b) aphthoria

Purge, purge out (1571) ekkathairo

Purple (4209porphura

Purpose (4286) prothesis

Purposed (4255proaireo

Purpose (plan) (1012) boule

Purposed (4388) protithemai

Put (430) anechomai

Put aside (659) apotithemi

Put forth (4261proballo

Put in order (2885) kosmeo

Put on (1746) enduo

Put on the list (2639) katalego

Put out (1877) epanago

Put out (656aposunagogos

Put out to sea (321anago

Put to death (1315diacheirizo

Put to death (2289) thanatoo death (336) anairesis

Put to open shame (3856) paradeigmatizo

Put up with (5159tropophoreo


Quiet (Still, be still, quiet, to silence, muzzle) (5392phimoo

Quick tempered (3711) orgilos

Qualified (2427) hikanoo

Quarrels (2054) eris

Quarrelsome (3164) machomai

Quench (4570) sbennumi

Questions (2214) zetesis

Questions (2213zetema

Questioned, ask (1905) eperotao

Quickly (5035) tachu

Quick (quickly, soon)(5036) tachus

Quickly (shortly)(adverb)(5030tacheos

Quickly (soon)(5034tachos

Quiet (2271hesuchia

Quite evident (evident)(4271)(prodelos


Rabbi (4461rhabbi

Race (73) agon

Race (1408) dromos

Radiance (541) apaugasma

Rage (folly)(454) anoia

Rage (5433phruasso

Rail (987) blasphemeo

Rain (wet)(1026) brecho

Raised up with (4891) sungeiro

Raised (1453) egeiro

Raised up (1825) exegeiro

Ran a straight course (2113euthudromeo

Ransom (3083) lutron/lytron

Ransom (487) antilutron

Ratified (2964kuro

Ravaging (3075lumainomai

Ravens (2876korax

Reaching forward (1901) epekteino

Read (314) anaginosko

Readiness (eagerness) (4288) prothumia

Reading (320anagnosis

Ready (4289) prothumos

Ready (2092) hetoimos

Ready to share (2843koinonikos

Realize (become aware of) (4894) suneidon

Reap (2325) therizo

Reason (discuss, ponder) (1260dialogizomai

Reason (cause, guilt, ground) (156aitia

Reasoning (Thought, speculation, disputing, doubts) (1261) dialogismos

Reason (discuss) (1256) dialegomai

Reason among (4817sullogizomai

Rebellion, rebellious (506) anupotaktos

Rebuke (warn) (2008) epitimao

Receive (4327) prosdechomai

Receive (receive back, obtaining) (2865) komizo

Received (3880) paralambano

Receive (1209) dechomai

Receive (take, took) (2983) lambano

Receive (back) (618) apolambano

Receive (324) anadechomai

Receive (accept) (3858) paradechomai

Received (cast lots, chosen by lot) (2975) lagchano

Receive mercy (1653) eleeo

Reception (feast, banquet)(1403doche

Reception (1529) eisodos

Reckless (4312) propetes

Reckon (3049) logizomai

Recline (347anaklino

Recline, reclined (377anapipto

Reclined (sit down)(2625) kataklino

Reclining (345anakeimai

Reconcile (2644) katallasso

Reconcile (604) apokatallasso

Reconciliation (2643) katallage

Reconcile (be reconciled) (1259) diallasso

Recover (366) ananepho

Recovery of sight  (309anablepsis

Redeem (make the most of) (1805) exagorazo

Redeem (3084) lutroo

Reed (measuring rod, pen, rod)(2563kalamos

Refuse (3868) paraiteomai

Refute (reprove) (1651) elegcho 

Redemption (629) apolutrosis How to do Greek Word Study (See also)

Redemption (3085) lutrosis

Refine by fire (4448) puroo

Reformation (1357) diorthosis

Refrain (5339) pheidomai

Refreshed (404) anapsucho

Refreshing (403anapsuxis

Refuse (720) arneomai

Refute (471anteipon

Refuted (1246diakatelegchomai

Regard (3049) logizomai

Regard (4306) pronoeo

Regard (consider, lead, leader) (2233) hegeomai

Regeneration (3824) paliggenesia

Regulation (1345) dikaioma

Reign (become king) (936) basileuo

Rejected (96) adokimos

Rejected (593) apodokimazo

Reject (683) apotheo/apotheomai

Rejects (set aside, nullify)(114) atheteo

Rejoice (5463) chairo

Rejoice (Exult, Jump for joy) (21) agalliao

Rejoice with (4796sugchairo

Release (loose, destroy, untie, unbind, break) (3089) luo

Release (send away, divorce) (630) apoluo

Released (3080lusis

Religion (1175deisidaimonia

Religion (2356) threskeia

Religious (2357) threskos

Rely (1879) epanapauomai

Remains (620) apoleipo

Remain (continue) (1265) diameno

Remain (continue)(4357prosmeno

Remarkable (3861paradoxa

Remember (363) anamimnesko

Remember (3403) mimnesko

Remember (3415) mnaomai

Remember (recall, bearing in mind) (3421) mnemoneuo

Remind (5279) hupomimnesko

Reminder (5280) hupomnesis

Reminder (364) anamnesis

Remission (859) aphesis

Remnant (3005) leimma

Remnant (5275) hupoleimma

Remnant (2640kataleimma

Remorse (regret, change mind) (3338) metamellomai

Removal (555) apekdusis

Remove (transfer) (3179) methistemi

Removing (being taken, changed)(3331) metathesis

Render (repay, pay/give back, reward, sold) (591) apodidomi

Renew (340) anakainizo

Renewed (341) anakainoo

Renewed (365) ananeoo

Renewing (342) anakainosis

Repay (pay back, render) (467) antapodidomi

Repent (3340) metanoeo

Repentance (3341) metanoia

Replied (received, support, suppose)(5274hupolambano

Report (declare, tell, announce, proclaim) (518) apaggello

Reproach (3680) oneidismos

Reproach (3059loidoria

Requests (155) aitema

Required (demanded)(523apaiteo

Requirement (1345) dikaioma

Rescue (deliver) (1807) exaireo

Rescue (4506) rhuomai

Reserved (2343) theaurizo

Resist (withstand) (436) anthistemi

Resist (498) antitasso

Resisting (496) antipipto

Respect (4306) pronoeo

Respect (put to shame)(1788) entrepo

Restore (2675) katartizo

Restore (600) apokathistemi

Rest (others, finally, remaining, other things) (3062) loipos

Rest (2663) katapausis

Rest (freedom, ease)(425anesis

Rest (cease) (372) anapausis

Rest (refresh) (373) anapauo

Rest, to (to give rest, to restrain) (2664) katapauo

Restoration (605apokatastasis

Rest upon (1879) epanapauomai

Restraint (1029brochos

Restrained (4729stenochoreo

Resurrection (386) anastasis

Retribution (468) antapodoma

Return (1994) epistrepho

Return (344) anakampto

Return (Turn away from) (5290) hupostrepho

Return (390) anastrepho

Revel (5172) truphe

Reveal (601) apokalupto

Revelation (602) apokalupsis

Reveling (2970) komos

Reverence (piety) (2124) eulabeia

Reverence (2125) eulabeomai

Revile (1908) epereazo

Revile (3058) loidoreo

Revilers (blasphemer) (989blasphemos

Reward(469) antapodosis

Reward (wage) (3408) misthos

Reward (recompense) (3405) misthapodosia

Rich (rich man) (4145) plousios

Riches (wealth) (4149) ploutos

Richly (4146)plousios

Right (immediately) (2117) euthus

Right (1188dexios

Righteous (1342) dikaios (díkaios)

Righteousness (1343) dikaiosune

Righteously (1346) dikaios (dikaíōs)

Righteous (2118) euthutes

Riot (810) asotia

Riot (uproar) (2351) thorubos

Rise (dawned, arise) (393anatello

Rise up against (2721katephistemi

Rivers (4215) potamos

Roar (4500) rhoizedon

Roaring (Howling) (5612) oruomai

Robbed (4813sulao

Robbers (3027lestes

Robbery (725) harpagmos

Robbery (seizure)(724harpage

Robes (4749stole

Rock (4073) petra

Root (4491) rhiza

Rooted (4492) rhizoo

Rostrum (968) bema

Rotted (4595sepo

Royal (934) basileios

Royal (937basilikos

Rubbing (5597) psocho

Rubbish (dung) (4657) skubalon

Rudder (4079pedalion

Ruin (2692) katastrophe

Ruin (4485) rhegma

Rule (sphere)(2583kanon

Rule (1018) brabeuo

Rule (4165) poimaino

Rulers (746) arche

Ruler (magistrate, official) (758) archon

Ruler (Sovereign, Court official) (1413) dunastes/dynastes

Run (5143) trecho

Rushed (3729hormao

Rushed together (4890sundrome

Rust (2447) ios


Sabbath rest (4520) sabbatismos

Sabbath (4521sabbaton

Sabaoth (4519sabaoth

Sacrifice(2378) thusia

Sacrificed to idols (1494eidolothuton

Sad (4659) skuthropos

Sadducees (4523saddoukaios

Safeguard (804) aphales

Sail (4126pleo

Sailed (2668katapleo

Sailed away (1602ekpleo

Sailing past (3881paralegomai

Saint (40) hagios; or here

Salt (217) halas

Salvation (4991) soteria

Salvation (4992) soterios/soterion

Same nature (3663homoiopathes

Sanctification (38) hagiasmos

Sanctify (hallow) (37) hagiazo

Sanctify Relationship of Justified, Sanctified, Glorified

Sandal (5266) hupodema

Satan (4567satanas

Satisfy, satisfied (5526) chortazo

Sat up (339) anakathizo

Saul (Greek)(4569Saulos

Saul (Hebrew)(4549Saoul

Save, heal, make well or whole (4982) sozo, Three Tenses of Salvation

Save (bring safely through)(1295diasozo

Save (2343) theaurizo

Savior (4990) soter

Say good-bye (take leave)(657) apotasso

Saying (4487) rhema

Scales (3013lepis

Scarlet (2847) kokkinos

Scatter (1290) diaspora

Scatter (4650skorpizo

Scatter (squander) (1287diaskorpizo

Scattered throughout (1289) diaspeiro

Scatter like dust (3039likmao

Scepter (4464) rhabdos

Schemes (3180) methodeia

School (4981schole

Scoffers (2707) kataphrontes

Scoffing (1592ekmukterizo

Scolding (1690embrimaomai

Scorch (2739kaumatizo

Scourge (5416) phagellion

Scourges (3146) mastigoo

Scribes (1122grammateus

Scriptures (1124) graphe

Scum (4027perikatharma

Sea (2281thalassa

Seal, sealed (4972 ) sphragizo

Seal (4973) sphragis

Search diligently (1830) exereunao

Searched (2614katedioko

Seasoned (make...salty)(741) artuo

Seat with (4776) sugkathizo

See (826) augazo

See (look, beware, take care, take heed) (991) blepo

See (2396)(ide 

See (behold, look, observe, watch) (2334) theoreo

See (3708) horao

See (aorist middle subjunctive in Luke 13:28+ in the Textus Receptus) (3700) optanomai

Seed (4703sporos

Seek (2212) zeteo

Seeking (search) (2045) ereunao

Secret (2931) kruphe

Secret (hidden) (614) apokruphos

Secret, keep (4601) sigao

Secretly (2977lathra

Secretly introduce (3919) pareisago

Secretly brought in (3920) pareisaktos

Secretly induced (5260hupoballo

See clearly (1227diablepo

Seed (grain) (2848) kokkus

Seed (descendants, children)(4690sperma

Seek (1567) ekzeteo

Seek (search) (1934) epizeteo

Seize (caught)(4084piazo

Seized (contained, stands)(4023periecho

Self-control (4996) sophronos

Self controlled (Disciplined) (1468) egkrates/enkrates

Self control, exercise (1467) egkrateuomai

Self-control (1466) egkrateia

Self-control (192akrasia

Selfish ambition (2052) eritheia

Self willed (829) authades

Sell (4453) poleo

Send (send back)(375anapempo

Send, Sent (649) apostello

Send for (sent, brought)(3343metapempo

Sent away (1821exapostello

Send on way (Accompany, help on journey/way) (4311) propempo

Senses (145) aistheterion

Sensible (4998) sophron

Sensibly (4996) sophronos

Sensuality (766) aselgeia

Separate (verb) (to leave, to part) (5563) chorizo

Separated (split)(673apochorizo

Sepulchre (5028) taphos

Serpent  (3789ophis

Serve (minister, wait on) (1247) diakoneo

Serve (3000) latreuo

Serious (burdensome, heavy, savage, weighty)(926barus 

Servant (minister, deacon) (1249) diakonos

Servant (1401) doulos

Servant (child, boy, girl)(3816pais

Servant (3610) oiketes

Servant (2324) therapon

Servant-girl (bondwoman)(3814paidiske

Servants (healing)(2322) therapeia

Serve, be enslaved, render service (1398) douleuo

Service (1248) diakonia

Service/Worship (2999) latreia

Set (4287prothesmia

Set apart (separate, ostracize) (873) aphorizo

Set aside (put away) (115) athetesis

Set before (3908) paratithemi

Set before (present, exhibit) (4295) prokeimai

Set free (1659) eleutheroo

Set in order (1930) epidiorthoo

Set...mind (5426) phroneo

Set sail (put out to sea, brought, bring) (321) anago

Seven (2033hepta

Severely (664) apotomos

Sexual Immorality (4202) porneia

Sexual promiscuity (2845) koite

Shadow (4639) skia

Shake (agitate) (4531saleuo

Shake (4579) seio

Shake off(660apotinasso

Shake off (1621ektinasso

Shame (152) aischune

Shame (indecent, unseemly) (808) aschemosune

Share (3330) metadidomi

Share (2841) koinoneo

Share (receive, take)(3335metalambano

Sharp (3691) oxus

Sharper (5114) tomoteros

Sharply rebuke (1969epiplesso

Shed (1632) ekcheo

Sheet (3607othone

Shelter (5284hupopleo

Sheep (4263) probaton

Shepherd (verb) (4165) poimaino

Shepherd (noun) (4166) poimen

Shield (2375) thureos

Shine (2014) epiphaino

Shine (appear) (5316) phaino

Shine forth (1584eklampo

Shine around (4034perilampo

Shine on (2017) epiphauo

Shine (2989) lampo

Shining (2986lampros

Shod (5265) hupodeo

Shortsighted (3467) muopazo

Shortened (4958sustello

Shout (994) boao

Shout (2752) keleusma

Show forth (1804) exaggello

Show (1166) deiknuo/deiknumi

Showing (1731) endeíknumi

Show (warn) (5263) hupodeiknumi

Show (demonstrate, point out)(1925) epideiknumi

Shown hospitality to strangers (3580xenodocheo

Show partiality (4380prosopolempteo

Shrinks back (5288) hupostello

Shrink back (5289) hupostole

Shudder (5425) phrisso

Shut (Close) (2808) kleio

Shut up (enclosed) (4788) sugkleio

Shut out (1576) ekkleio

Sick (770) astheneo

Sick (732arrostos

Sick (2577kamno

Sick (2560kakos

Sift (4617siniazo

Sight (3705horama

Signs (4592) semeion See also another discussion of semeion

Silent, keep (4601) sigao

Silent, be (hush, be quiet)(4623siopao

Silly Talk (3473) morologia

Simon (4613) Simon

Sin (noun) (266) hamartia

Since (because)(1894epeidé

Sincerity (858aphelotes

Sinned (verb) (264) hamartano

Sincere (505) anupokritos

Sincere (1506) eilikrines

Sincerity (572) haplotes

Sincerity (1505eilikrineia

Singing (5214humneo

Sing, sing praises (5567psallo

Sinners (268) hamartolos

Sit (sat down, seated, settled) (2523kathizo

Sitting (seated, sat, dwell, live, sit down, sitting down)(2521kathemai

Slandered (2635) katalaleo

Slander (2636) katalalia

Slanderers (2637) katalalos

Slaps (4474) rhapizo

Slaughter (4967sphage

Slavery (1398) douleuo

Slavery (1397) douleia

Slay (slain) (4969) sphazo

Slay (2695katasphazo

Sleep (2518katheudo

Sleep (5258) hupnos

Sleeplessness (70agrupnia

Slip away (5298hupochoreo

Slow (1021) bradus

Snare (trap) (3803) pagis

Sneer (5512) chleuazo

Sober (3525) nepho

Sober (4997sophrosune

Soberly (discreetly, self-restraint)(4996) sophronos

So great (5082) telikoutos

Sold (selling) (4097piprasko

Soldier (4757) stratiotes

Soldier (4754) strateuomai

Solemnly charge (1263) diamarturomai

Solid (4731) stereos

Something to eat (1979episitismos

Sorcery (5331) pharmakeia

Sordid gain (147) aischrokerdos

Sordid (150) aischros

Sores (1668helkos

Sorrow (grief) (3077) lupe

Sosthenes (4988Sosthenes

So that (in order that)(2443hina

Soul (5590) psuche

Sound (safe) (5198) hugiaino

Sounded forth (1837) execheo

Sound mind (4995) sophronismos

Sound judgment (mind), verb (4993) sophroneo

Source (159) aitios

Sow (4687) speiro

Sowed (upon or after)(1986epispeiro

Spare (5339) pheidomai

Sparingly (5340pheidomenos

Speak (2980) laleo

Speak against (oppose) (483) antilego

Speaking evil (2551kakologeo

Speck (mote)(2595karphos

Spectacle (2335theoria

Spectacle (2302theatron

Speculation  (1076ekzetesis

Speculations (3053) logismos

Spending our life (1236) diago

Spend their time (opportunity; have time)(2119eukaireo

Spend the night (835aulizomai

Spend (tarry)(1304diatribo

Spend the winter (3914paracheimazo

Spent (1159dapanao

Spirit (breath, wind)(4151pneuma

Spiritual (4152) pneumatikos

Spiritual gift (5486) charisma or click for summary of spiritual gifts

Spit upon (1716emptuo

Spit  (1692emeo

Spoils, choicest (plunder) (205) akrothinion

Speak or say before (beforehand, foretell) (4280) proereo

Spies (1455egkathetos

Splendor (adverb)(2988) lampros

Spoke with difficulty (speech impediment)(3424mogilalos

Spot (4696) spilos

Spotless (784) aspilos

Spring (4077) pege

Sprinkle (4473) rhantismos

Sprinkled (4472) rhantizo

Sprouted (sprout, produce)(985blastano

Spy out (2684kataskopeo

Stability (4733) stereoma

Standard (5296) hupotuposis

Stand by (3936) paristemi

Stand around (4026) periistemi

Stand firm (4739) steko

Star (792aster

Startled (4422) ptoéō

Stature (2244) helika

Stay (1961) epimeno

Stay upon the earth (5550) paroikia

Steadfast (949) bebaios

Steadfast (firm) (1476) hedraios

Steadfastness (5281) hupomone

Steal (2813) klepto

Stephen (4736stephanos

Steps (2487) ichnos

Sternly warn (deeply moved, scold)(1690embrimaoma

Steward (manager) (3623) oikonomos

Steward (2012epitropos

Stewardship (3622) oikonomia

Stiff-necked (4644)  sklerotrachelos

Stimulate (provocation, contention, irritation) (3948) paroxusmos

Sting (2759kentron

Stirs up (383anaseio

Stir up (1326) diegeiro

Stirred (2042) erethizo

Stirred up (4787sugkineo

Stone (noun)(3037lithos

Stone (cast stones)(3034lithazo

Stone (cast stones)(2642katalithazo

Stone, stoning (3037lithoboleo

Stoop and look (3879) parakupto

Stop (shut, closed)(5420) phrasso

Store, storing up (2343) theaurizo

Storm (2978) lailaps

Storm (5494cheimon

Storm-tossed (5492) cheimazo

Straighten up (352anakupto

Straightforward, be (3716) orthopodeo

Strangers (3581) xenos

Stranger (foreign, another)(245allotrios

Street (4505rhume

Street (wide)(4116) platus

Streets  (4116plateia

Strength (2479) ischus

Strength (2904) kratos

Strengthen (restored, made erect again) (461anorthoo

Strengthen (2901) krataioo

Strengthen (4599) sthenoo

Strengthen (1991) episterizo

Strengthen (4732stereoo

Strengthen (1412) dunamoo


Stretch (1614ekteino

Stretcher (2826klinidion

Strictly (195akribeia

Strife (2052) eritheia

Stripes (3468) molops

Strife (2054) eris

Strike down (3960patasso

Striving against (hapax legomenon)(464) antagonizomai

Striving together (4866) sunathleo

Stroke (tittle) (2762) keraia

Strong, be (1743) endunamoo

Strong (loud, mighty, severe, strong man) (2478) ischuros

Struck down (2598) kataballo

Struggle (73) agon

Struggle (3823) pale

Stubbornness (4643) skelerotes

Study (4704) spoudazo

Stumble (4417) ptaio

Stumbled (4350) proskopto

Stumbling (4348) proskomma

Stumbling (679) aptaistos

Stumbling block (4625) skandalon

Stupor (2659) katanuxis

Subdue (tame)(1150damazo

Subject, submit (5293) hupotasso

Subjection (obedience, submissness) (5292) hupotage decrees(1379) dogmatizo

Submit, lay (394) anatithemi

Submit (5226) hupeiko

Succour (997) boetheo

Suddenly (869aphno

Suddenly (1810exaiphnes

Suddenly (160) aiphnidios

Suffer hardship with (4777) sugkakopatheo

Suffering (passion) (3804) pathema

Suffer (3958) pascho

Suffered shipwreck (3489nauageo

Suffers the pains of childbirth together (4944) sunodino

Sufficient (2425) hikanos

Sufficient (714) arkeo

Sufficient (713) arketos

Summing up (346) anakephalaiomai

Sun (2246) helios

Superintendent (1985) episkopos

Superiority (5247) huperoche

Supper (dinner)(1173deipnon

Supplications (2428) hiketería

Supply (2023) epichoregeo

Supply (5524) choregeo

Suppose (think, thought) (3543) nomizo

Sure (804) aphales

Surely (230alethos

Surmise (suppose, expect)(5282huponoeo

Surpass (more important) (5242) huperecho

Surpasses (5235) huperballo

Surpassing (beyond all comparison, more excellent) (5236) huperbole

Surround (encircle) (2944) kukloo

Surrounding district (or region)(4066perichoros

Swallow (2666) katapino

Swamped (4845sumpleroo

Swear (make no oath) 3660) omnuo

Sweet wine (1098gleukos

Swept (4563saroo

Swift (3691) oxus

Swindlers (727harpax

Swine (5519) choiros

Sword (3162) machaira

Sword (4501rhomphaia

Sympathize (4834) sumpatheo

Synagogue (4864) sunagoge

Synagogue officials (752archisunagogos


Tabernacle (dwelling, tent) (4633) skene

Talk (converse) (3656) homileo

Take (taken, took) (3880) paralambano

Take advantage (defraud) (4122) pleonekteo

Take along  (4838) sumparalambano

Took in His arms (1723enagkalizomai

Take away (cut off) (851) aphaireo

Take away (142) airo

Take away (abandon, cast off) (4014) periaireo

Take captive (163) aichmalotizo

Take captive (4812) sulagogeo

Take courage (2293tharseo

Take hold (seize) (1949) epilambano

Take note (1896epeidon 

Take out (1627) ekphero

Take pains (meditate, devise) (3191) meletao

Take shrewd advantage of (2686katasophizomai

Taken away (522apairo

Taken up (changed, removed, took)(3346) metatithemi

Taking precaution (keep away)(4724stello

Taking...stand (1687) embateuo

Take up, take on board (353) analambano

Tanner (1038burseus

Tares (2215zizanion

Tarry (1961) epimeno

Tarsus (5018tarseus

Taste (1089) geuomai

Taught (2727) katecheo

Taught (1318) didaktos

Taught by God (2312) theodidaktos

Tax, Taxes (5411) phoros

Tax booth (5058telonion

Tax collector (publican) (5057telones

Teach (teaching, taught) (1321) didasko

Teachers (1320) didaskalos

Teachers of the Law (3547nomodidaskalos

Teaching (instruction) (1322) didache

Teach strange doctrines (2085heterodidaskaleo

Tear (split, divide)(4977schizo

Tear (4978schisma

Tears (1144 ) dakruon

Telling...the truth (226aletheuo

Temperate (3524) nephalios

Temperate (1468) egkrates/enkrates

Temperance (1466) egkrateia

Temperately (4996) sophronos

Temple (sanctuary) (3485) naos

Temple (2411) hieron

Temple (2413hieros

Tempt (3985) peirazo

Tempter (3985) peirazo

Tender (476) splagchnon

Tender (527) hapalos

Tender hearted (2155) eusplagchnos

Tenderly cares (2282) thalpo

Tent (4636) skenos

Terrible (5398) phoberos

Terror (5401) phobos

Terrors (5400phobetron

Test (put to the test) (1598) ekpeirazo

Testify (3143) marturomai

Testify (witness, gain approval) (3140) martureo

Testify (1957) epimartureo

Testify solemnly (1263) diamarturomai

Testimony (3141) marturia/martyria

Testimony (3142) marturion/martyrion

Testing (1383) dokimon

Test (1381) dokimazo

Test (3985) peirazo

Thanksgiving (2169) eucharistia

The (3588) ho, hē, to

Thefts (2829klope

Then (5119) tote

Then (1899epeita

Therefore (then, so)(3767oun

Threatening (547) apeile

Thief (2812) kleptes

Thing (affair, matter, case) (4229) pragma

Think (seem, seemed, suppose, thought, reputation)(1380) dokeo

Think lightly (2706) kataphroneo

Thirst (thirsty) (1372) dipsao

Thongs (2438himas

Thorn (173akantha

Thorn (4647skolops

Thoroughly clear (1245diakathairo

Threshing floor (257halon

Throne (2362thronos

Through (because, for this reason = dia touto, why? = dia ti; continually = dia pantos)(1223dia

Throw  (put, cast, thrust, bring, laid/lying, bring, poured)(906) ballo

Throw away (577) apoballo

Thrown...down (cast) (4496) rhipto

Throw up (3925paremballo 

Throwing into confusion (1613ektarasso

Thoughts (1761) enthumesis

Thoughts (1270dianoema

Thunder (peals of thunder)(1027bronte

Tickle (2833) knetho

Time, Times (season, opportunity, epoch, proper time) (2540) kairos

Timidity (1167) deilia

Timothy (5095) Timotheos

Tolerance (463) anoche

Tolerate (430) anechomai

Tomb (5028) taphos

Tombs (3418mnema

Tomb (3419) mnemeion

Tongue (1100glossa (see also glossa)

Torment (928) basanizo

Torment (931) basanos

Torn apart (1288diaspao

Tortured (5178) tumpanizo

Tossed by waves (2831) kludonizomai

Touch (681hapto/haptomai

Towel (3012)(lention

Town clerk (1122) grammateus

Tradition (3862) paradosis

Trained (1128) gumnazo (gymnazo)

Training (3809) paideia

Trample (tread) (3961) pateo

Trample (2662katapateo

Transformed (3339) metamorphoo

Transgression (3847) parabasis

Transgressor (3848) parabates

Transgression (trespass) (3900) paraptoma

Transgression (3892) paranomia

Transgress (5233) huperbaino

Translate (interpret) (2059) hermeneuo

Translated (interpreted)(3177methermeneuo

Trap (64) agreuo

Travel with (4898sunekdemos

Treacherous (4273) prodotes

Treasure (2344) thesauros

Treasure (3866) paratheke

Treasure (keep) 1301) diatereo

Treasure (4933) suntereo

Treasury (1049gazophulakion

Treated (5530chraomai

Tremble (5141tremo

Trembling (5156) tromos

Trembling (1790) entromos

Trial (Temptation, proving) (3986) peirasmos

Trial (1383) dokimon

Tribulation (2347) thlipsis

Tribunal (968) bema

Trickery (2940) kubeia

Trickery (3834) panourgia

Triumphed over (2358) thriambeuo

Triumphs (2620Katakauchaomai 

Troops (armies, soldiers)(4753strateuma

Trouble (disturb, stir up) (5015) tarasso

Trouble (1776) enochleo

Trouble (3926parenochleo

Troubled (uproar, make a commotion) (2350thorubeo

Trouble (3636) okneros

Trouble (4660skullo

Trumpet (4536) salpigx/salpinx

Trustworthy (faithful) (4103) pistos

Truth (225) aletheia

True (227) alethes

True (adjective) (228) alethinos

True (sincerity) (1103gnesios

Try (3985) peirazo

Tunic (garment) (5509) chiton

Turn (return, convert)(4762) strepho 

Turn aside (1624) ektrepo

Turn aside (transgress)(3845parabaino

Turn away, aside (1578) ekklino

Turn away (incite to rebellion, remove) (654) apostrepho

Turn away (1294) diastrepho

Tutor (child conductor, guardian)(3807) paidagogos 

Turn (1994) epistrepho

Twinkling (4493)(rhipe

Twist together (weave) (4120) pleko

Two-edged (1366) distomos

Tychicus (5190) Tuchikos

Type (5179) tupos


Unalterable (949) bebaios

Unbelief (570) apistia

Unbelieving (571) apistos

Uncertainty (83adelotes

Unchangeable (276) ametathetos

Unchastity (4202) porneia

Uncleanness (167) akatharsia

Uncircumcision (203) akrobustia

Uncircumcised (564) aperitmetos

Uncircumcised, become (1986epispaomai

Unclothed, be (1562) ekduo

Uncondemned (178akatakritos

Uncontentious (269) amachos

Uncovered (177akatakaluptos

Undefiled (283) amiantos

Under (5270) hupokato

Under compulsion (317) anagkastos

Under obligation (3781) opheiletes

Understand (3539) noeo

Understanding (4907) sunesis

Understand (4920) suniemi

Understanding (1271) dianoia

Undertaken ("have taken in hand" KJV)(2021) epicheireo

Undistracted (563aperispastos

Uneducated (62) agrammatos

Unfading (262) amarantinos

Unfailing (413) anekleiptos

Unfathomable (421) anexichniastos

Unfruitful (175) akarpos

Ungifted (untrained, unskilled)(2399idiotes

Ungodliness, ungodly (763) asebeia

Ungodly (765) asebes

Ungrateful (884acharistos

Unholy (462anosios 

United with (4854) sumphutos

Unity (1775) henotes

Unjustly accusing (5396phluareo

Unknown (57) agnostos

Unleavened (106azumos

Unload (670apophortizomai

Unloving (794) astorgos

Unmarried (22agamos

Unmerciful (415) aneleemon

Unprepared (532aparaskeuastos

Unprincipled (113) athesmos

Unprofitable (512) anopheles

Unquenchable (762asbestos

Unreasoning (absurd) (249) alogos

Unreasonable (4646) skolios

Unrepentant (279) ametanoetos

Unrighteous (unjust, wicked)(94adikos

Unrighteousness (93) adikia

Unruly (506) anupotasso

Unruly (813) ataktos

Unsearchable (419) anexereunetos

Unsettling (384anaskeuazo

Unstable (793) asteriktos

Unstable(182) akatastatos

Unstained, unspotted (784) aspilos

Untaught (261) amathes

Untimely born (1626) ektroma

Untrained (2399idiotes

Untrustworthy (802) asunthetos

Unveiled (343) anakalupto

Unworthy (371) anaxios

Upper room (5253huperoon

Uprightly (1346) dikaios (dikaios which is distinct from dikaios 1342)

Upsetting (396) anatrepo

Upset (trouble, stir up) (387) anastatoo

Urge (prevail)(3849parabiazomai

Useful (2173) euchrestos

Useless (889) achreioo

Useless (692) argos

Utter (5350) phtheggomai

Utter (2044ereugomai

Utterly destroyed (1842exolethreuo

Utterances (3051) logion

Utterance, giving (declare, utter) (669apophtheggomai


Valid (949) bebaios

Vain (3152) mataios

Vain (3155maten

Vain (without cause) (1500) eike

Vanity (3153) mataiotes

Vain (2756) kenos

Vainglory (2754) kenodoxia

Vapor (822atmis

Varieties (1243diairesis 

Various (manifold) (4164) poikilos or click here

Vehemently (powerfully)(2159eutonos

Veil (2665) katapetasma

Vengeance (justice) (1557) ekdikesis

Very (fearfully)(1171deinos

Very (3029lian

Very earnest (4705spoudaios

Vessel (goods, container, object, instrument) (4632) skeuos

Victory (3529) nike

Victory (3534nikos

Vindicated (1344) dikaioo

Violation (3847) parabasis

Violence (970bia

Violent (972biaios

Violent (5189tuphonikos

Violently (4971) sphodros

Viper (2191echidna

Virgin (3933parthenos

Virtue (703) arete

Visible (1717emphanes

Vision (3701optasia

Vision (3705horama

Visions (appearance)(3706horasis

Visit (concerned about) (1980) episkeptomai

Visiting (3939) paroikeo

Visitation (office, office of overseer) (1984) episkope

Visitors (visiting)(1927epidemeo

Voice (sound, utterance)(5456) phone

Votive gifts (334) anathēma 

Vow (2171euche


Wage (reward) (3408) misthos

Wages (3800) opsonion

Wage war (4754) strateuomai

Wage war against (497) antistrateuomai

Waist (3751) osphus

Wait (362) anameno

Wait for (4037) perimeno

Wait, waiting (4328) prosdokao

Wait eagerly (553) apekdechomai

Waiting (4327) prosdechomai

Waiting (1551) ekdechomai

Walk (Behave, Conduct, Tread) (4043) peripateo

Walk (follow, keep in step, live) (4748) stoicheo

Walk among (1774emperipateo

Wanton pleasure (4684spatalao

War (battle, quarrels) (4171polemos

Warned (show)(5263) hupodeiknumi

Warn (546apeilo

Warned (called) (5537) chrematizo

Wash, washed (3538nipto

Washed (3068) louo

Washing (3067) loutron

Washings (909) baptismos

Watch (3525) nepho

Watch (watch closely) (3906) paratereo

Watch (1127) gregoreuo

Waves (2949kuma

Way (road, journey)(3598) hodos

Way of escape (1545) ekbasis

Weak (770) astheneo

Weakness (sickness) (769) astheneia

Weak (sick, helpless) (772) asthenes

Wealth (mammon) (3126) mamonas

Wear out (become old, obsolete) (3822) palaioo

Weapon (3696) hoplon

Weep, weeping (2799) klaio

Weeping (2805) klauthmos

Weight (burden, authority)(922) baros

Welcome (1209) dechomai

Welcome (588) apodechomai

Welcome (Receive) (5264) hupodechomai

Welcome (1774eisdechomai 

Well (sound, healed, good health, restored)(5199) hugies

Well (good health) (5198) hugiaino

Well (2095) eu

Well (pit) (5421) phrear

Well pleasing (2101) euarestos

Well pleased (2100) euaresteo

Went away (left, went, go away)(565aperchomai

Went from place to place (went around, sailed)(4022perierchomai 

Went up (came up) (305) anabaino

Wheat (4621sitos

Where (how) (4159) pothen

White (3022leukos

Wickedness (2549) kakia

Wickedness (4189) poneria

Wickedness (93) adikia

Widow (5503) chera

Wilderness (secluded, desolate, desert) (2048eremos

Wolf (3074) lukos

Wiles (3180) methodeia

Will (2307) thelema

Willfully (voluntarily) (1596) hekousios

Willing (4289) prothumos

Win, win over (gain, make profit) (2770) kerdaino

Wind (4157pnoe

Wind (417anemos

Wine (3631oinos

Wineskins (779akso

Winnowing fork (4425ptuon

Wiping (1591ekmasso

Wise (4680) sophos

Wish (3785ophelon

Wisdom (4678) sophia

With (4862) sun/syn

With (3326) meta

With (before) (4314) pros

Withdrew (left, departed, gone aside, stepping aside)(402anachoreo

Withered (dry) (3583xeraino

Withered (dry)(3584) xeros

Witness (testify, gain approval) (3140) martureo

Witness (noun) (3144) martus/martys

Without cause (1432) dorean

Without cause (vain) (1500) eike

Without excuse (379) anapologetos

Without father (540) apator

Without fear (870aphobos

Without God (112) atheos

Without honor (820atimos

Without offense (677) aproskopos

Without hypocrisy (505) anuopkritos

Without understanding (801) asunetos

Without wavering (186) aklines

Woe (alas) (3759) ouai

Womb (with child, glutton, pregnant)(1064gaster

Women (2338) thelus

Wonder (3756thauma

Wonders (5059) teras

World (3625) oikoumene

Word (matter, message, news, reason, saying, statement, utterance) (3056) logos

Word (4487) rhema

Work (1754) energeo

Work (2872) kopiao

Work, work out (2716) katergazomai

Work (Accomplish, Do, Perform, Produce) (2038) ergazomai

Workers at home (Hapax legomenon)(3626) oikourgós

Working (1753) energeia

Workmanship (what has been made) (4161) poiema

Work with (4903) sunergeo

World (165) aion

World forces (2888) kosmokrator

Worldly (952) bebelos

World (2889) kosmos

Worm (4663) skolex

Worldly (2886) kosmikos

Worry (3308) merimna

Worrying (3349meteorizomai

Worse (5501cheiron

Worthless (3152) mataios

Worthless (96) adokimos

Worship (bow down) (4352) proskuneo

Worshipped (4573) sebazomai

Worship (3000) latreuo

Worthy (adjective) (514) áxios (axios)

Worthy (adverb) (516) axíōs (axios)

Worthy (2425) hikanos

Wounds (3468) molops

Wrangle about words (3054) logomacheo cloths (4683) spargannoo

Wrath (anger) (3709) orge

Wrath (rage, indignation) (2372) thumos

Wrestle (3823) pale

Wretched (5005) talaiporos

Wrinkle (4512) rhutis

Write to  (1989epistello

Written (1125) grapho

Written (1449) eggrapho

Written before (Marked out, publicly display) (4270) prographo

Wrong (92adikema

Wrong (perverse, unusual)(824atopos




Yearn (1971) epipotheo

Yield (1502) eiko

Yoke (pair of scales or balances) (2218) zugos or zygos

Young (3501) neos

Young men (3495) neaniskos


Zeal (jealousy) (2205) zelos

Zealous (2207) zelotes