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Updated January 27, 2016

Caveat: Some of the commentaries below have forgone a literal approach to the interpretation of Scripture and have "replaced" Israel with the Church, effectively taking God's promises given to the literal nation of Israel and "transferring" them to the Church. Be a Berean Acts 17:11!

("Jehovah is Salvation")
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Holiness, Righteousness & Justice of Jehovah Grace, Compassion & Glory of Jehovah
God's Government
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See Introduction to Isaiah by Dr John MacArthur: Title, Author, Date, Background, Setting, Historical, Theological Themes, Interpretive Challenges, Outline by Chapter/Verse. Excellent overview. From Grace To You  ministries - same intro as in MacArthur Study Bible (print)

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The following outline is from Paul Apple's excellent outline commentary on Jehovah is Salvation (1062 pages)

Coming Judgments on Both God’s People and God’s Enemies But Hope Offered in the Future Millennial Kingdom –Focus on the Threat from Assyria


A. (Isaiah 1:1-12:6) Jerusalem and Judah Headed for Judgment (Near Term and Eschatological) but the Delivered Remnant Will Enjoy Millennial Blessings Via the Reign of Immanuel
    (Isaiah 1:1) Introduction to the Book of Isaiah

1. (Isaiah 1:2-5:30) Indictment of Judah with Interludes regarding Millennial Blessings and Insights into God’s Judgment-chiastic structure (a-b-c-c-b-a)

a. (Isaiah 1:2-20) Indictment introduced against Judah for spiritual rebellion-with a call for repentance

1) (Isaiah 1:2-9) Spiritual rebellion breaks both the health of the sinner and the heart of the Sovereign

a) (Isaiah 1:2-4) Indictment of rebellion as shocking and hurtful
b) (Isaiah 1:5-9) Infection of rebellion as all-encompassing except for a divinely preserved remnant

2) (Isaiah 1:10-20) Spiritual rebellion condemned as hypocrisy that demands repentance and reformation

a) (Isaiah 1:10-15) Rejection of hypocritical religious activity
b) (Isaiah 1:16-20) Call for repentance and reformation

b. (Isaiah 1:21-2:5) Interlude regarding the glory of the future Messianic kingdom

1) (Isaiah 1:21-31) Despite spiritual harlotry, purified Jerusalem promised a future of justice and righteousness

a) (Isaiah 1:21-23) Looking at the present-tragic lament-faithful city becomes a harlot
b) (Isaiah 1:24-26) Looking at the process-tough love-harlot becomes a faithful city
c) (Isaiah 1:27-31) Looking at God’s promises-transformed legacy vs. terminal legacy-redemption for the repentant

2) (Isaiah 2:1-5) The glory of the coming Messianic kingdom will be manifested in the universal indoctrination in the Word of God and the unilateral implementation of justice and peace

a) (Isaiah 2:2-3) The universal indoctrination program of the Messianic kingdom
b) (Isaiah 2:4) The unilateral implementation program of justice and peace in the Messianic kingdom
c) (Isaiah 2:5) Application: Learn and Live the Light of God

c. (Isaiah 2:6-22) Insight into the terrors of the Day of the Lord when self-absorbed Israel will be abased and quaking before the majestic presence of the exalted Lord-3 Descriptions of proud Israel’s humiliation:

1) (Isaiah 2:6-9) Self-absorbed-description of a land filled with iniquity
2) (Isaiah 2:10-17) Abased-description of Israel abased and the Lord exalted
3) (Isaiah 2:18-21) Quaking-description of Israel quaking before the terror of the Lord and the splendor of His majesty


c. (Isaiah 3:1-4:1) Insight into the intended targets of God’s judgment amidst the chaos of a collapsing society-Jerusalem destined for judgment

1) (Isaiah 3:1-15) Rejection of God leads to the collapse of society and specific judgment against lofty, male leaders
2) (Isaiah 3:16-4:1) Rejection of God leads to the collapse of society and specific judgment against arrogant, aristocratic women

b. (Isaiah 4:2-6) Interlude regarding the glory of the future Messianic kingdom as a time of boasting, cleansing and protection-The Messianic God-man will purge Jerusalem to usher in a kingdom of security where God’s people make their boast in their beautiful and glorious redeemer


a. (Isaiah 5:1-30) Indictment fleshed out to vindicate God’s severe, righteous judgment

1) (Isaiah 5:1-7) God cannot be blamed for Israel’s apostasy and unfaithfulness-Parable of the vineyard
2) (Isaiah 5:8-23) God’s severe judgment directed against an apostate people-6 Woes against 6 Perversions:

a) (Isaiah 5:8-10) Perverters of Possessions
b) (Isaiah 5:11-17) Perverters of Pleasures
c) (Isaiah  5:18-19) Perverters of Reverence
d) (Isaiah  5:20) Perverters of Values
e) (Isaiah  5:21) Perverters of Wisdom
f) (Isaiah 5:22-23) Perverters of Justice

3) (Isaiah 5:24-30) God’s wrath is imminent, intense and inescapable

2. (Isaiah 6:1-13) Isaiah’s (Conversion?) Call to ministry and Commissioning

a. (Isaiah 6:1-7) Isaiah’s call to ministry -- Overwhelmed by forgiveness from a holy God

1) (Isaiah 6:1-4) Overwhelmed with a vision of the emphasized holiness of the majestic God
2) (Isaiah 6:5) Overwhelmed with the guilt of personal and national sin
3) (Isaiah 6:6-7) Overwhelmed by the gracious provision of forgiveness


b. (Isaiah 6:8-13) Isaiah’s commissioning to a ministry of hardening hearts

1) (Isaiah 6:8) No predetermined expectations -- Requires a faithful prophet
2) (Isaiah 6:9-10) Ministry expectations -- Seems contradictory to God’s character (e.g. His goodness)
3) (Isaiah 6:11-12) Judgment expectations -- Must accept the duration and severity of God’s judgment while maintaining a heart of compassion
4) (Isaiah 6:13) Remnant expectations-Still anticipates the hope of a believing remnant

3. (Isaiah 7:1-12:6) Immanuel Introduced as the only valid object of trust and hope for God’s people

a. (Isaiah 7:1-9) Celebrating the Victory of Faith in the Lord-4 Ways to reinforce the necessity of faith:

1) (Isaiah 7:1) History lesson-the victory of faith must feed on past experiences of God’s faithfulness
2) (Isaiah 7:2-4a) Command-the victory of faith must look to God with courage
3) (Isaiah 7:4b-9a) Encouragement-the victory of faith must be reinforced with godly encouragement
4) (Isaiah 7:9b) Warning-the victory of faith must respond to divine warnings


b. (Isaiah 7:10-16) The Messianic promise of Immanuel announced-anticipating fulfillment of kingdom objectives -- God sovereignly extends His grace in the form of precious Messianic promises that ensure the fulfillment of His kingdom objectives and meet our need in times of trial

1) (Isaiah 7:10-11) The offer of God’s grace comes by way of revelation
2) (Isaiah 7:12-13) The rejection of God’s grace tests God’s patience (but never frustrates His purposes)
3) (Isaiah 7:14-16) The sovereign extension of God’s grace centers on Messianic fulfillment of kingdom objectives


c. (Isaiah 7:17-25) The exercise of God’s sovereignty over wicked world rulers -- Shocking judgment comes from the hand of the Lord as He uses wicked instruments for judgment to bring about almost total desolation


d. (Isaiah 8:1-22) Rely only on Immanuel

1) (Isaiah 8:1-18) Immanuel is the only safe sanctuary from hostile enemies

a) (Isaiah 8:1-4) The arm of flesh (Assyria) can look impressive
b) (Isaiah 8:5-8) The arm of flesh will ultimately destroy you
c) (Isaiah 8:9-15) The only hope for refuge is Immanuel
d) (Isaiah 8:16-18) The signs and wonders associated with the promise of Immanuel encourage us to anticipate deliverance

2) (Isaiah 8:19-22) Avoid any contact with the dark side of the occult-8 reasons given


e. (Isaiah 9:1-7) God will transform His people from gloom to glory by the righteous reign of the promised Immanuel

d. (Isaiah 9:8-10:4) Rely only on Immanuel -- The unrelenting wrath of God executes waves of judgment against a people that persist in rejecting His counsel

1) (Isaiah 9:9B-12) Critical sin of prideful self-reliance
2) (Isaiah 9:13-17) Critical sin of blind loyalty to godless leaders
3) (Isaiah 9:18-21) Critical sin of self-preservation
4) (Isaiah 10:1-4) Critical sin of judicial injustice and exploitation


c. (Isaiah 10:5-19) The exercise of God’s sovereignty over wicked world rulers -- The tools used by God for His sovereign purposes (e.g. Assyria) must never imagine that they function with independent purpose and power

1) (Isaiah 10:5-11) Contrast between the sovereign purpose and the Assyrian purpose
2) (Isaiah 10:12-14) Contrast between the sovereign power and the Assyrian power
3) (Isaiah 10:15) Contrast between the praise due to the sovereign Lord and praise due to the tool nation
4) (Isaiah 10:16-19) Judgment executed by the sovereign Lord against His tool nation for their moral culpability


b. (Isaiah 10:20-11:10) The Messianic promise of Immanuel realized-fulfilling kingdom objectives

1) (Isaiah 10:20-34) The mighty God carries out His master plan for the repentant remnant by controlling historical cycles of oppression, deliverance and judgment

a) (Isaiah 10:20-23) Word of hope for the oppressed
b) (Isaiah 10:24-27) Word of deliverance via the coming Anointed One
c) (Isaiah 10:28-34) Word of judgment

2) (Isaiah 11:1-10) In the future Messianic kingdom the knowledge of the Lord incarnate in Immanuel will establish justice, peace and unity

a) (Isaiah 11:1-5) The establishment of justice-Messianic King ruling in wisdom and righteousness-delighting in the fear of the Lord
b) (Isaiah 11:6-9) The establishment of peace-Messianic Kingdom environment enjoying peace and harmony-dominated by the knowledge of God
c) (Isaiah 11:10) The establishment of unity-Messianic Kingdom nations submitting eagerly-devoted to the majesty of the Davidic monarch


a. (Isaiah 11:11–12:6) Celebrating the Victory of Faith in the Lord-Final redemption and rejoicing

1) (Isaiah 11:11-16) The redemption of the redeemed -- Exodus redemption revisited in final victory of the regathered remnant
2) (Isaiah 12:1-6) The rejoicing of the redeemed-Exaltation renewed as the rescued remnant gives thanks and Testimony

B. (Isaiah 13:1–23:18) Ten Oracles of Judgment (mainly on the Gentile nations surrounding Judah) Because of Their Pride and Self-Reliance-Destined for Both Near Term and Eschatological Judgment With Some Remnant Hope-Application: Trust in God Alone!


1. (Isaiah 13:1–14:27) Judgment on Babylon-Root Sins of Pride and Self-Reliance Will Be Judged

a. (Isaiah 13:1-22) The wrath of God directs instruments of destruction against evil nations on account of their pride and self-reliance
b. (Isaiah 14:1-23) Presumptuous pride brought low-4 reactions to the destruction of the proud king of Babylon
c. (Isaiah 14:24-27) Transition-Judgment on Assyria-demonstrates God’s sovereignty over all the nations


2. (Isaiah 14:28-32) Judgment on the Philistines-God’s Kingdom will Triumph in the End

(Isaiah 14:28) Prelude-listen to God’s revelation-God provides light in dark times

a. (Isaiah 14:29-30a) Do not gloat prematurely-God’s kingdom will triumph
b. (Isaiah 14:30b-31) Instead, bewail your impending doom-God’s enemies will perish

(Isaiah 14:32) Application to God’s people-Trust in the All-Sufficient Savior


3. (Isaiah 15:1–16:14) Judgment on Moab-Compassion for the Lost-Prideful idolaters should stir our hearts to compassion as they face grievous devastation for their rejection of refuge in Christ

4. (Isaiah 17:1-14) Judgment on Damascus-Warning Against Forgetting God-Forgetting God dishonors Him greatly but does not cancel out His covenantal remnant program

a. (Isaiah 17:1b-3) Devastation coming for Syria and Israel
b. (Isaiah 17:4-6) Glory fading away for Syria and the northern kingdom of Israel-yet a small remnant preserved

c. (Isaiah 17:7-8) Faith refocusing on the only true God
d. (Isaiah 17:9-11) Root sin = forgetting God and seeking security in the arm of the flesh


(Isaiah 18:1-7) Core Salvation Message for the Gentiles (Isaiah represented here by the Ethiopians)-Transition from Woe to Worship - Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord and Worship Him Alone

a. (Isaiah 18:1-2) Woe-Dangerous threats can stir up a frenzy of protective activity
b. (Isaiah 18:3) Waiting-Wait for the Lord to manifest His dominion
c. (Isaiah 18:4-6) Watching-The oppressive invasions by world powers will be nipped in the bud by the Lord who reigns over all
d. (Isaiah 18:7) Worship-Submission and tribute will be gratefully offered when the Lord reigns visibly from Mount Zion


5. (Isaiah 19:1-20:6) Judgment on Egypt-The Futility of Trusting in the Arm of the Flesh and the Process of Salvation-Egypt will face deserved judgment and experience undeserved blessing-but will never be a dependable source of salvation

a. (Isaiah 19:1-15) Egypt cannot save itself-human wisdom leads to ruin
b. (Isaiah 19:16-25) Egypt cannot save you because it needs salvation itself-The Process of Salvation:

1) (Isaiah 19:16-17) Conviction of Sin-starting point of the conversion process-Fear of God
2) (Isaiah 19:18) Crossroads of Decision-pledging allegiance-Salvation vs. Destruction
3) (Isaiah 19:19-22) Consummation of Salvation-leading to worship and growing knowledge
4) (Isaiah 19:23) Congregation United in Worship-reconciliation and fellowship on human plane
5) (Isaiah 19:24-25) Congregation United in Blessing-unity of saved Jews and Gentiles experiencing God’s blessings

c. (Isaiah 20:1-6) Trusting in the arm of the flesh (Egypt and Ethiopia) will be futile-always leads to bondage and humiliation and shame


6. (Isaiah 21:1-10) Judgment on Babylon-The Horror of God’s Judgment-Horror strikes those who perceive the destructive consequences of trusting in the arm of the flesh

a. (Isaiah 21:1-2) Harsh vision of unrelenting attacks
b. (Isaiah 21:3-4) Horror overwhelms God’s prophet
c. (Isaiah 21:5-9) Hopes crushed by the shattering of the arm of the flesh

d. (Isaiah 21:10) Hard times lie ahead for the people of God before millennial blessing


7-8. (Isaiah 21:11-17) The Certainty of God’s Judgment-There will be no stay of execution with respect to God’s judgment plans for the nations-regardless of how general or how precise the revelation of His timeline

7. (Isaiah 21:11-12) Judgment on Edom (Dumah = Silence)-How much longer? Uncertain timeline but hope will be followed by even more severe hardship

8. (Isaiah 21:13-17) Judgment on Arabia-Precisely one year until fleeing refugees reduced to a very small defeated remnant

9. (Isaiah 22:1-25) Judgment on Jerusalem-The Valley of Vision-Unbelief = The Unpardonable Sin –

Two Specific Examples of Self-Reliance:

a. (Isaiah 22:1-14) The refusal to trust in God constitutes the unpardonable sin as divine protection is removed from the self-reliant who blindly party their way to destruction
b. (Isaiah 22:15-25) Self-reliance leads to condemnation-whether the fault lies with the leader (and his presumptuous self promotion) or with the people (and their proclivity for hero worship)


10. (Isaiah 23:1-18) Judgment on Tyre-The Pride of Earthly Affluence-Greedy capitalism with its root motivation of prideful self-sufficiency will be judged by God as prostitution-yet a remnant will be restored and sanctified


C. (Isaiah 24:1–27:13) Songs of Praise for the Blessings of Faith Enjoyed in Millennial Triumph After the Catastrophic Devastation of the Guilty World-City of Man Reduced to Rubble While the City of God Worships and Sings Praises


1. (Isaiah 24:1-23) Judgment on the Earth-The Whole Earth is Headed for Catastrophic Devastation and Only the Remnant Remains to Praise God

a. (Isaiah 24:1-12) Catastrophic devastation and gloom on the entire guilty world in the day of the Lord
b. (Isaiah 24:13-16a) Worldwide songs of praise from the meager remnant glorifying the Lord
c. (Isaiah 24:16b-22) Catastrophic devastation of eschatological judgment
d. (Isaiah 24:23) Songs of eternal triumph-Kingdom of God exalted in the new heavens and new earth


2. (Isaiah 25:1-12) Songs of Praise for God’s Greatness and His Salvation-The Redeemed Need to Express Their Praise to God for His Greatness and His Salvation Culminating in Swallowing Up Death for All Time

a. (Isaiah 25:1-5) Song of praise of the prophet Isaiah-exalting God for His greatness
b. (Isaiah 25:6-12) Song of praise of the redeemed nations-exalting God for His salvation


3. (Isaiah 26:1-21) Songs of Praise for the Blessings of Faith-Faith in the Rock of Ages is Fortified by Valuable Lessons From God’s Righteous Judgments

a. (Isaiah 26:1-6) Celebration of faith-blessings and motivations
b. (Isaiah 26:7-19) Instruction in righteousness-via God’s righteous judgments-impact on the righteous and the wicked
c. (Isaiah 26:20-21) Application: Escaping the day of the Lord’s wrath


4. (Isaiah 27:1-13) Song of Praise of the Fruitful Vineyard-Regathered Israel Flourishes in the Millennial Kingdom as God Deals Decisively With Her Enemies

a. (Isaiah 27:1) Transition: Destruction of powerful enemies in preparation for blessing
b. (Isaiah 27:2-6) Contrasting Song of the Vineyard-the protection and cultivation of the vine keeper produces good fruit that impacts the world in the millennial kingdom
c. (Isaiah 27:7-11) Two divine actions and two contrasting results-the moderated discipline of the Lord and the unmitigated destruction of the enemy city leads to people being either forgiven or forsaken
d. (Isaiah 27:12-13) Two images of the divine regathering of saved Israel


D. (Isaiah 28:1-35:10) 6 Woes Against Worldly Alliances Based on Pride and Self-Reliance-Destined for Both Near Term and Eschatological Judgment With Some Remnant Hope-Application: Trust in God Alone!


1. (Isaiah 28:1-29) Woe #1-Directed Against Harmful Political Leaders = Disoriented Drunkards and Security-Seeking Scoffers of Israel – The Only Sure Foundation = The Precious Cornerstone = the Messiah

a. (Isaiah 28:1-13) Woe on the disoriented drunkards of Ephraim (Northern Kingdom)
b. (Isaiah 28:14-29) Woe extended to the security-seeking scoffers of Jerusalem (Southern Kingdom)


2. (Isaiah 29:1-14) Woe #2-Directed Against Religious Hypocrisy in Jerusalem –
The Lord Judges Rote Religious Tradition with Spiritual Blindness

a. (Isaiah 29:1-4) Jerusalem reduced to dust
b. (Isaiah 29:5-8) Jerusalem’s enemies (God’s instruments of discipline) reduced to fine dust
c. (Isaiah 29:9-14) Judgment of spiritual blindness


3. (Isaiah 29:15-24) Woe #3-Directed Against the Sophisticated Self Sufficient = Those Who Think They Are Smarter Than God = Deceivers and Defrauders – Those Who Think They are Smarter Than God Will be Wiped Off the Face of this Earth

a. (Isaiah 29:15-16) Condemnation for those that mock God = Ruthless Deceivers
b. (Isaiah 29:17-21) Deliverance in the Millennial Kingdom from those who mock God = Defrauders
c. (Isaiah 29:22-24) Transformation for the redeemed


4. (Isaiah 30:1-33) Woe #4-Directed Against Alliances with the World –

a. (Isaiah 30:1-7) Returning to Egypt is the Pathway to Shame and Futility

1) (Isaiah 30:1-5) False security leads only to shame
2) (Isaiah 30:6-7) Futility is the name of the game

b. (Isaiah 30:8-17) Rejection of God’s Word dooms religious frauds to complete collapse

1) (Isaiah 30:8-11) Rejection of God’s Word is the characteristic mark of religious frauds who substitute smooth sayings for hard truth
2) (Isaiah 30:12-14) Bad choices (Rejection of God’s Word) lead to bad consequences (your world collapsing and shattering)
3) (Isaiah 30:15-17) Rejection of God’s Word leaves nowhere to turn for deliverance

c. (Isaiah 30:18-33) Restoration and Retribution culminate in the Day of the Lord

1) (Isaiah 30:18-26) Restoration to the blessing of covenant privilege = God’s Grace
2) (Isaiah 30:27-33) Retribution with fire and brimstone on Assyria and the enemy nations –both near term and eschatological focus

5. (Isaiah 31:1-32:20) Woe #5-Directed Against Those Who Trust in the World’s Wisdom and Power

a. (Isaiah 31:1-9) 3 Arguments for trusting in God instead of in the world

1) (Isaiah 31:1-3) By way of Reminder-of the superiority of God to worldly power and wisdom
2) (Isaiah 31:4-5) By way of Illustration-two images of the invincibility of God in protecting His covenant people
3) (Isaiah 31:6-9) By way of Warning-to trust God alone and escape the fire of His judgment

b. (Isaiah 32:1-8) Lousy government and upside down social values will be transformed by the righteous reign of the Messiah

1) (Isaiah 32:1-4) Transformed rulers and discerning populace-anticipation of the glorious reign of the Messiah
2) (Isaiah 32:5-8) Transformed social values-respect for legitimate nobles vs exposure of fools and rogues

c. (Isaiah 32:9-20) Complacent feasting will soon be replaced by judgmental famine in preparation for the eschatological blessings of the outpouring of the Spirit

1) (Isaiah 32:9-14) Warning to complacent women at ease in Zion –Abundance replaced with Abandonment
2) (Isaiah 32:15-18) Blessings from the outpouring of the Spirit
(Isaiah 32:19-20) Epilogue-Severe judgment precedes abundant blessing


6. (Isaiah 33:1-12) Woe #6-Directed Against the Destroyer with Deliverance for Zion – When God Springs Into Visible and Dramatic Action, the Destroyer is Destroyed and God’s People are Delivered

a. (Isaiah 33:1-12) Two movements of judgment and deliverance

1) (Isaiah 33:1-6) First movement: judgment and deliverance
2) (Isaiah 33:7-12) Second movement: judgment and deliverance

b. (Isaiah 33:13-24) Two results of witnessing God’s judgment and deliverance –
Appreciate the Savior as our True Deliverer, Lawgiver and King

1) (Isaiah 33:13-16) Fellowship with the holy omnipotent God
2) (Isaiah 33:17-24) Blessings from the majestic Messiah-King


7. (Isaiah 34:1-35:10) Summary Conclusion of Woes Against Worldly Alliances

a. (Isaiah 34:1-17) Images of Slaughter and Desolation flesh out the horrifying picture of the unleashing of the wrath of God
b. (Isaiah 35:1-10) 3 Kingdom Blessings that encourage believers as we eagerly anticipate the faithful fulfillment of God’s promises


HISTORICAL HINGE (Isaiah 36-39) –
Object Lessons Regarding Judgment and Deliverance -- Looking back to Threat of Assyria and Forward to Threat of Babylon

A. (Isaiah 36:1-37:38) Threat From Assyria

1. (Isaiah 36:1-37:7) King of Assyria Threatens Jerusalem-Seek the Lord for deliverance in times of Satanic intimidation and pressure rather than cutting a deal with the devil
2. (Isaiah 37:8-38) The Power of Prayer-Crisis situations provide the opportunity for God to vindicate His preeminence and glory as He responds to prayers for deliverance from His covenant people

B. (Isaiah 38:1-39:8) Threat From Babylon

1. (Isaiah 38:1-22) Healing of Hezekiah-Divine Deliverance demonstrates the sovereignty of God over life and death . . . and defines our life in terms of worship
2. (Isaiah 39:1-8) Pitfalls of Pride-Opening the door to the threat from Babylon

The sovereign God of creation and history (Isaiah 40-48) sends His promised Suffering Servant to redeem His people from the judgment they face (Isaiah 49-57) with the anticipation of entering into the future glory of the Messianic Kingdom (Isaiah 58-66)-Focus on the Threat from Babylon


A. (Isaiah 40:1–48:22) Supremacy of the Lord-Deliverance From Captivity / Ultimate Redemption – His Credentials as Sovereign Creator and as Accurate Predictor/Controller of the Future

1. (Isaiah 40:1-31) Introduction of Supremacy-Application = Promised Comfort of Zion

a. (Isaiah 40:1-11) Hope Derives from the Salvation and Governing Blessings Associated With the Promised Coming of Messiah
b. (Isaiah 40:12-31) Hope Requires Patiently Waiting on the Lord for Sustaining Strength and Perseverance Because of His Ultimate Supremacy and Significance


2. (Isaiah 41:1-29) Test of Supremacy = Who Calls the Shots-Challenge to False Gods to Prove Themselves

a. (Isaiah 41:1-7) God Calls All the Shots-The Supreme “I AM”
b. (Isaiah 41:8-20) God’s Covenant People Have No Need to Fear and Much Cause for Rejoicing

c. (Isaiah 41:21-29) False Gods Are Powerless to Call the Shots


3. (Isaiah 42:1-25) Praise of Supremacy

a. (Isaiah 42:1-9) Servant Song #1-Predicted Justice on Earth is Coming
b. (Isaiah 42:10-17) New Universal Songs of Praise for God Fulfilling His Promises
c. (Isaiah 42:18-25) Warning: Clueless Israel Still Unresponsive to God’s Discipline


4. (Isaiah 43:1-44:5) Redemptive Purposes of Supremacy

a. (Isaiah 43:1-13) Confidence and Certainty in God’s Redemptive Purposes

1) God’s Special Relationship to His People Reinforces Our Confidence in God’s Redemptive Purposes
2) God’s Identity as the One True God Makes Certain the Performance of His Redemptive Purposes

b. (Isaiah 43:22-44:5) God’s Gracious Forgiveness Can Transform Worthless Worship Into Surprising Salvation


5. (Isaiah 44:6-46:13) Uniqueness of God Undergirds His Supremacy

a. (Isaiah 44:6-23) Idolatry Makes No Sense In Light of the Uniqueness of God
b. (Isaiah 44:24-45:13) Divine Deliverance Orchestrated by the Unique Creator/Lord-Predicted Mission of Cyrus
c. (Isaiah 45:14-25) The Uniqueness of God Determines the Exclusivity of Salvation
d. (Isaiah 46:1-13) Superiority of the Sovereign Unique God Over the Idols of Babylon


6. (Isaiah 47:1-15) Humiliation of Babylon (and Their False Gods) For Opposing God’s Supremacy-Powerless to Deliver

7. (Isaiah 48:1-22) Warning Against Neglecting the Message of God’s Supremacy-Keys to Spiritual Listening “There is no peace for the wicked”


B. (Isaiah 49:1-57:21) Servant of the Lord-Suffering Precedes Glory

1. (Isaiah 49:1 - 50:3) The Unveiling of the Servant with Promised Blessing to Both Israel and the Gentiles

a. (Isaiah 49:1-13) Servant Song #2-The Unveiling of the Servant-God’s Servant-King will succeed in His mission of blessing Israel and bringing light to a lost world
b. (Isaiah 49:14-50:3) God has not abandoned the nation Israel


2. (Isaiah 50:4-11) Servant Song #3 -- The Marks of an Obedient Servant -- The victorious Servant/Disciple has God as his helper in effective communication and persevering commitment

3. (Isaiah 51:1-52:12) Preparation for Responding to the Mission of the Servant-Suffering Precedes Glory

a. (Isaiah 51:1-8) 3 Calls to Pay Attention -- Listen to God’s Word of Encouragement-Present pressures must not distract us from listening to God’s Word of encouragement regarding the consummation of salvation and righteousness
b. (Isaiah 51:9-52:12) 3 Wake Up Calls-Embrace the discipline of the Lord that ultimately leads to divine deliverance as sovereign redemption demonstrates that God reigns


4. (Isaiah 52:13-53:12) Servant Song #4 -- The Mission of the Suffering Servant in Accomplishing Redemption

a. (Isaiah 52:13-15) Stanza 1-The Exaltation of the Suffering Servant
b. (Isaiah 53:1-3) Stanza 2-The Rejection of the Despised Servant
c. (Isaiah 53:4-6) Stanza 3-The Substitution of the Punished Servant
d. (Isaiah 53:7-9) Stanza 4-The Silent Submission of the Sacrificed Servant
e. (Isaiah 53:10-12) Stanza 5 -- The Exaltation of the Satisfied Servant


5. (Isaiah 54:1-56:8)) Results of Redemption Accomplished by the Suffering Servant

a. (Isaiah 54:1-17) 3 Rocks of Security for the Redeemed People of God

1) (Isaiah 54:1-5) Rock of a Fruitful, Growing Family
2) (Isaiah 54:6-10) Rock of Committed Love in Marriage
3) (Isaiah 54:11-17) Rock of Glorious Fortified City as the Heritage of the Servants of the Lord

b. (Isaiah 55:1-13) 3 Superior Aspects of the Gospel of God-God Offers Joy and Peace at No Cost to Anyone Who Will Seek Him in Repentance Before it is Too Late

1) (Isaiah 55:1-5) Command to Come-Superior in terms of its Universal and Grace Oriented Salvation
2) (Isaiah 55:6-11) Command to Seek-Superior in terms of its Power to Save
3) (Isaiah 55:12-13) Command to Celebrate-Superior in terms of its Outcome

c. (Isaiah 56:1-8) Outsiders Can Become Insiders-Blessing Promised to All Who Commit to God’s Righteousness –Even Gentiles and Eunuchs


6. (Isaiah 56:9-57:21) Condemnation Remains for Self-Serving Leadership and Man-Made Religion

a. (Isaiah 56:9-12) Condemnation of Self Serving Leadership-God Invites Unsuspecting Disaster Upon the Self Serving Leaders Who Should Be Protecting and Feeding his Vulnerable Flock
b. (Isaiah 57:1-21) Man-Made Religion Can Never Produce Peace -- Peace Only Comes From Sovereign Grace of a Holy God
“There is no peace for the wicked”


C. (Isaiah 58:1-66:24) Salvation of the Lord-Future Glory Lies Ahead

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Isaiah 5:1 Commentary
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Isaiah 6:1 Commentary
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Isaiah 8:22 Commentary

Isaiah 9:1 Commentary
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Isaiah 10:31 Commentary
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Isaiah 11:1 Commentary
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Isaiah 11:12 Commentary
Isaiah 11:13 Commentary
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Isaiah 11:15 Commentary
Isaiah 11:16 Commentary


Isaiah 12:1 Commentary
Isaiah 12:2 Commentary
Isaiah 12:3 Commentary
Isaiah 12:4 Commentary
Isaiah 12:5 Commentary
Isaiah 12:6 Commentary


Isaiah 13:1 Commentary
Isaiah 13:2 Commentary
Isaiah 13:3 Commentary
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Isaiah 13:8 Commentary
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Isaiah 13:11 Commentary
Isaiah 13:12 Commentary
Isaiah 13:13 Commentary
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Isaiah 13:15 Commentary
Isaiah 13:16 Commentary
Isaiah 13:17 Commentary
Isaiah 13:18 Commentary
Isaiah 13:19 Commentary
Isaiah 13:20 Commentary
Isaiah 13:21 Commentary
Isaiah 13:22 Commentary

Isaiah 40:31 In Depth Commentary - Those Who Wait Upon the LORD will gain new strength!

Isaiah 63:1-6 In Depth Commentary - Jesus declares "I Am Mighty to Save!"

 Mighty to Save - related study

Paul Apple
Isaiah Commentary
Excellent - Highly Recommended
Literal Interpretation
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Jehovah is Salvation - 1062 pages - January, 2016

Brian Bell
Calvary Murrieta
Sermons on Isaiah
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Isaiah 1

Isaiah 2

Isaiah 3-4

Isaiah 5

Isaiah 6

Isaiah 7 

Isaiah 8

Isaiah 9 

Isaiah 10

Isaiah 11, 12

Isaiah 13  

Isaiah 14 

Isaiah 15, 16

Isaiah 17, 18 

Isaiah 19, 20 

Isaiah 21, 22

Isaiah 23

Isaiah 24, 25

Isaiah 26

Isaiah 27

Isaiah 28

Isaiah 29

Isaiah 30

Isaiah 31

Isaiah 32 

Isaiah 33, 34
Isaiah 35 

Isaiah 36, 37 

Isaiah 38, 39  

Isaiah 40:1-11

Isaiah 40:12-31 

Isaiah 41  

Isaiah 42  

Isaiah 43   

Isaiah 44   

Isaiah 45 

Isaiah 46, 47 

Isaiah 48

Isaiah 49 

Isaiah 50

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Isaiah 58

Isaiah 59 

Isaiah 60 

Isaiah 61 

Isaiah 62 

Isaiah 63 

Isaiah 64 

Isaiah 65 

Isaiah 66

Jim Bomkamp
Commentary Notes on Isaiah
Calvary Chapel, Green Bay
Literal Interpretation

Isaiah 1:1-16 - Introduction/Isaiah Prophesies Against Complacent Religion
Isaiah 1:17-2:22 - The Lord Will Judge Judea And Establish His Kingdom There In the Lat Days

Isaiah 3-4 Judgment For Jerusalem And Judea/Restoration Of The Earth And The Faithful Remnant
Isaiah 5 Six Woes Of Judgment

Isaiah 6 The Vision And Calling Of Isaiah
Isaiah 7-8 The Ministry Of Isaiah To King Ahaz And Jerusalem At Large

Isaiah 9 Hope For The Nation Comes Through A Son To Be Born 
Isaiah 10 Judgment Is Determined For The Assyrians

Isaiah 11 The Root And The Shoot Springs Forth From Jesse
Isaiah 12-13 Israel's Song Of Praise/ Babylon To Be Judged

Isaiah 14 How God Judges Evil  

Isaiah 15-16 The Judgment Of Moab

Isaiah 17-18 The Judgment Of Damascus And Ethiopia 
Isaiah 19-20 The Burden And Restoration Of Egypt

Isaiah 21-22: The Burden Of Babylon, Edom, and Arabia, And The Valley Of Vision
Isaiah 23-24 The Burden Of Tyre, Apocalyptic Vision:  Part 1
Isaiah 25-26 Apocalyptic Vision, Part 2:  The Song Of Praise
Isaiah 27-28 Apocalyptic Vision, Part 3:  Deliverance Of Israel / Woe To Ephraim
Isaiah 29 Woe To Ariel / Woe To Those Who Try To Deeply Hide Their Plans From The Lord
Isaiah 30 Woe To Those Who Execute Plans Without The Lord
Isaiah 31-32 Woe To Those Who Go Down To Jerusalem For Help & Rely On Horses/Reign Of The Righteous King
Isaiah 33 Woe To The Treacherous Destroyer:  Assyria

Isaiah 34-45 The Lord Will Judge All Nations / Everlasting Joy Will Fill Christ's Kingdom
Isaiah 36-37 When Judea Turns To The Lord He Finally Dispatches Assyria
Isaiah 38-39 Hezekiah Is Healed Then Shows His Treasures To Babylon
Isaiah 40 How Great Is Your God?
Isaiah 41 Who Besides The Lord Can Bring Into Being What Does Not Exist And Foretell The Future?
Isaiah 42 The Lord Says, "Behold My Servant!"
Isaiah 43 The Lord Will Be With His People Through The Waters And The Fire
Isaiah 44 The Lord He Alone Is God And There Is No Other
Isaiah 45 The Captive Judeans Are Encouraged To Gather Themselves Together And Come Out"
Isaiah 46-47 Babylon, All Of Her Sorceries, Magic Spells, And Astrology Shall Not Be Able To Deliver Her"
Isaiah 48 Judea Must Finally Take Ownership For Her Sins
Isaiah 49 God's Ideal Servant Declares His Own Coming And Works
Isaiah 50-51 God's Ideal Servant Is A Model Disciple And All Are Called To Be Obedient To Him
Isaiah 52 Israel Is Told To Clothe Themselves In Strength & Beautiful Garments For The Coming Of God's Servant
Isaiah 53 The Suffering Servant Is Revealed
Isaiah 54-55 The Blessing On Zion And The Invitation To Come
Isaiah 56-57 God's People Are To Walk In Righteousness & Justice, Leaders Rebuked For Failing To Watch & Protect
Isaiah 58-59 Be Careful Of Your Motives For Fasting / General Call To Repentance Of Sin
Isaiah 60-61 Zion Glorified / God's Ideal Servant Speaks Of His Work
Isaiah 62-63 I Cannot Keep Silent Until Jerusalem Shines In Righteousness & Brings Salvation / The Lord Pours Out His Vengeance On The Nations
Isaiah 64-65 Isaiah's Intercession For The People / The Lord's Response
Isaiah 66 The Consummation Of God's Plans For Mankind

Gene Brooks
Sermon Notes on Isaiah
Literal Interpretation

Isaiah 1 - The Remedy for Rebellion

Isaiah 2-4 -- Our Pride and His Glory

Isaiah 5 - The Song of the Vineyard

Isaiah 6 - High and Lifted Up

Isaiah 7 - Immanuel: God with us

Isaiah 7:14 - The Virgin Shall Conceive

Isaiah 8-9: Trust and obey for there's no other way

Isaiah 9:1-5 - A Great Light

Isaiah 9:6-7 - Unto us a Child is born

Isaiah 10:5-12:6 -- The Root of Jesse

Isaiah 13-20: Hope in the midst of the storm

Isaiah 21-22 - The Valley of Vision

Isaiah 23 - God's sovereignty over global financial markets

Isaiah 24-25: Judgment saves!

Isaiah 26-27 - Darkness before Dawn

Isaiah 28-29: The Precious Cornerstone

Isaiah 30-31: The Holy One of Israel

Isaiah 32-33 - The King of Righteousness

Isaiah 34-35 - The Highway of Holiness

Isaiah 36-37 - The Prayer of Hezekiah

Isaiah 38 - Hezekiah's Illness

Isaiah 39 - Envoys from Babylon

Isaiah 40 - Comfort My People

Isaiah 41-42 - Here is My Servant!

Isaiah 43-47 - The Only One

Isaiah 48-49 - The Time of My Favor

Isaiah 50:1-52:12 - He Who Comforts

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 - Numbered with the Transgressors

Isaiah 54-55 - Come to the Waters

Isaiah 55:7 -Stop your Backsliding

Isaiah 56-57 - A House of Prayer for All Nations

Isaiah 58 - True Fasting

Isaiah 59 - The Redeemer will come to Zion

Isaiah 60 - Awaken to the Glory!

Isaiah 61 - The Year of the Lord's Favor

Isaiah 62 - Watchmen on the Walls

Isaiah 63 - Who is this, Robed in Splendor?

Isaiah 64 - The Potter and the Clay

Isaiah 65 - New Heavens and New Earth

Isaiah 66:1-16 - Peace Like a River

Isaiah 66:17-24 - The Culmination of a Glorious Vision

Alan Carr
Sermon Notes on Isaiah
Literal Interpretation

Isaiah 1:18 The Invitation To Cleansing
Isaiah 6:1-8 What We need In The Down Times

Isaiah 9:6 No Wonder They Call Him Wonderful
Isaiah 9:6  His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful
Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 1:21-25 What's In A Name?
Isaiah 12:1-3 Where Salvation Will Take You
Isaiah 21:6-12  Watchman, What Of The Night?
Isaiah 25:8-9  Some Tears Our Lord Will Wipe Away
Isaiah 25:8-9 He Fought The Battles, I Enjoy The Victories
Isaiah 35:8-9  Traveling The Heavenly Highway
Isaiah 38:17-20 The Psalm Of The Rescued Saint
Isaiah 41:8-10 Precious Promises For Your Journey
Isaiah 42:1-4  Our Tender Lord
Isaiah 43:1-7 How To Enjoy Your Salvation -
Isaiah 45:22 Salvation Made Plain And Simple
Isaiah 49:13-18 Unforgettable
Isaiah 53:1-3 The Real Beauty Of Jesus
Isaiah 53:4 Jesus: Our Burden Bearer
Isaiah 55:1-3  The Invitation To Contentment

Rich Cathers
Commentary Sermon Notes on Isaiah
Fullerton Calvary Chapel
Literal Interpretation
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Isaiah 1:1-20

Isaiah 1:18-31

Isaiah 2

Isaiah 3-4

Isaiah 5

Isaiah 6

Isaiah 7 

Isaiah 8

Isaiah 9 

Isaiah 10:1-15

Isaiah 10:16-34

Isaiah 11

Isaiah 12 

Isaiah 13  

Isaiah 14:1-14  

Isaiah 14:16-15:9

Isaiah 16

Isaiah 17 

Isaiah 18  

Isaiah 19 

Isaiah 20

Isaiah 21:1-10

Isaiah 21:11-17

Isaiah 22 

Isaiah 23

Isaiah 24

Isaiah 25

Isaiah 26

Isaiah 27:1-6

Isaiah 27:7-13 

Isaiah 28

Isaiah 29

Isaiah 30

Isaiah 31

Isaiah 32 

Isaiah 33

Isaiah 34 

Isaiah 35 

Isaiah 36 

Isaiah 37 

Isaiah 38  

Isaiah 39 

Isaiah 40:1-11

Isaiah 40:12-31 

Isaiah 41  

Isaiah 42  

Isaiah 43   

Isaiah 44   

Isaiah 45 

Isaiah 46 

Isaiah 47 

Isaiah 48

Isaiah 49 

Isaiah 50

Isaiah 51:1-6 

Isaiah 51:7-23

Isaiah 52:1-12 

Isaiah 53:3-5 

Isaiah 53:6-9

Isaiah 53:10-12

Isaiah 54:1-10

Isaiah 54:11-17

Isaiah 55:1-5 

Isaiah 55:6-13 

Isaiah 56

Isaiah 57 

Isaiah 58:1-7

Isaiah 58:8-14

Isaiah 59 

Isaiah 60 

Isaiah 61 

Isaiah 62 

Isaiah 63 

Isaiah 64 

Isaiah 65 

Isaiah 66

Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
Commentary on Isaiah
Jamieson, Fausset, Brown
Literal Interpretation

Jamieson, Fausset, Brown's Commentary is one of the more literal, conservative older commentaries (prior to 1900) and is therefore a recommended resource for your study of Isaiah.

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The Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible


Isaiah Commentary 1

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Isaiah Commentary 40

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Isaiah Commentary 48

Isaiah Commentary 49

Isaiah Commentary 50

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Isaiah Commentary 54

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Isaiah Commentary 56

Isaiah Commentary 57

Isaiah Commentary 58

Isaiah Commentary 59

Isaiah Commentary 60

Isaiah Commentary 61

Isaiah Commentary 62

Isaiah Commentary 63

Isaiah Commentary 64

Isaiah Commentary 65

Isaiah Commentary 66

Thomas Constable
Expository Notes
Literal Interpretation
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Isaiah 1 Commentary Isaiah 2 Commentary Isaiah 3 Commentary Isaiah 4 Commentary
Isaiah 5 Commentary Isaiah 6 Commentary Isaiah 7 Commentary Isaiah 8 Commentary
Isaiah 9 Commentary Isaiah 10 Commentary Isaiah 11 Commentary Isaiah 12 Commentary
Isaiah 13 Commentary Isaiah 14 Commentary Isaiah 15 Commentary Isaiah 16 Commentary
Isaiah 17 Commentary Isaiah 18 Commentary Isaiah 19 Commentary Isaiah 20 Commentary
Isaiah 21 Commentary Isaiah 22 Commentary Isaiah 23 Commentary Isaiah 24 Commentary
Isaiah 25 Commentary Isaiah 26 Commentary Isaiah 27 Commentary Isaiah 28 Commentary
Isaiah 29 Commentary Isaiah 30 Commentary Isaiah 31 Commentary Isaiah 32 Commentary
Isaiah 33 Commentary Isaiah 34 Commentary Isaiah 35 Commentary Isaiah 36 Commentary
Isaiah 37 Commentary Isaiah 38 Commentary Isaiah 39 Commentary Isaiah 40 Commentary
Isaiah 41 Commentary Isaiah 42 Commentary Isaiah 43 Commentary Isaiah 44 Commentary
Isaiah 45 Commentary Isaiah 46 Commentary Isaiah 47 Commentary Isaiah 48 Commentary
Isaiah 49 Commentary Isaiah 50 Commentary Isaiah 51 Commentary Isaiah 52 Commentary
Isaiah 53 Commentary Isaiah 54 Commentary Isaiah 55 Commentary Isaiah 56 Commentary
Isaiah 57 Commentary Isaiah 58 Commentary Isaiah 59 Commentary Isaiah 60 Commentary
Isaiah 61 Commentary Isaiah 62 Commentary Isaiah 63 Commentary Isaiah 64 Commentary
Isaiah 65 Commentary Isaiah 66 Commentary

Dr David Cooper
Exposition of Isaiah
Written from 1943-46
Prior to Israel Becoming a Nation on May 14, 1948
Biblical Research Studies Group
Literal interpretation

The Message of the Prophet Isaiah-Chart

Isaiah 1- The Great Indictment

Isaiah 2-4 -Jerusalem Purged By Judgment and Blessed

Isaiah 5-6 - Vineyard of Jehovah and Isaiah's Call and Commission

Isaiah 7-8 -The Book of Immanuel - Babylon

Isaiah 13-14 -The Oracles Regarding the Nations

Isaiah 15-18 -The Oracles Regarding the Nations Moab and Damascus

Isaiah 18-20 -The Oracles Regarding the Nations - Ethiopia and Egypt

Isaiah 21-23 -Burdens Concerning the Nations Completed

Isaiah 24-25 -The Tribulation and The Millennium

Isaiah 26-27 -Israel's Song of Hope During the Tribulation

Isaiah 28-29 - The First and Second Woes

Isaiah 30-31- The Third and Fourth Woes

Isaiah 33 - The Fifth Woe

Isaiah 34-35 - World Judgment and World Blessing


Isaiah 36-37 - Sennacherib's Challenge to the Almighty

Isaiah 38-39 - Hezekiah's Sickness and he Visit of the Ambassadors from Babylon

Isaiah 40 - Jewish Evangelization Commanded

Isaiah 42-43:13 - Messianic Times According to Isaiah

Isaiah 43:14- 44-5

Isaiah 44:6-23

Isaiah 44:24-45:25 -The Two Restorations of Israel

Isaiah 46-48 - Babylon's Final Overthrow and Israel's Complete Deliverance by Her Messiah

Isaiah 49 - The Servant of Jehovah and Israel's Restoration

Isaiah 50 - The Servant of Jehovah King Messiah

Isaiah 51:1-52:12 - A Triple Call And a Threefold Exhortation To Awake

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 - The Servant of Jehovah Set Forth in Isaiah
Isaiah-The Servant of Jehovah

Isaiah 54 - Israel and the Millennial Jerusalem

Isaiah 55-57 - A Call To Israel To Repent

Isaiah 58-60 -The Final Call For Israel To Lay Aside Formalism and Wickedness and To Accept Her Messiah

Isaiah 61 - A Blueprint of Messianic Times

Isaiah 62:1-63:6 - Israel In Gods Future Plan

Isaiah 63:7-64:12 - A Second Version of Israel's Confession Of Her National Sin

Isaiah 65 - Isaiah's Viewing the Future

Isaiah 66 - Matters of the End Time

Dan Duncan
Sermons on Isaiah
Literal interpretation
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Isaiah - Believers Chapel Dallas

Isaiah 1:1-31 The Great Arraignment  
Isaiah 2:1-22 Two Jerusalems  
Isaiah 6:1-13 Holy, Holy, Holy  
Isaiah 7:1-16 God Is With Us  
Isaiah 9:1-7 The Child with Four Names  
Isaiah 11:1-16 Root and Branch
Isaiah 14:12-17 Lucifer's Fall  
Isaiah 36 - 37 A Mighty Fortress  
Isaiah 38 - 39 He Remains Faithful  
Isaiah 40:1-11 Comfort  
Isaiah 40:12-31 The Majesty of God  
Isaiah 42:1-9 Justice For All  
Isaiah 43:1-7 Fear Not  
Isaiah 48:1-22 The Lord of History  
Isaiah 49:1-7 The Light of the World  
Isaiah 50:1-11 The Steadfast Servant  
Isaiah 51:1-11 Encouragement for Believers  
Isaiah 52:13-15 God's "Ecce Homo"  
Isaiah 53:1-6 The Servant as the Substitute  
Isaiah 53:7-12 The Suffering That Satisfies  
Isaiah 55:1-13 Free Grace  
Isaiah 61:1-11 Good News to the Afflicted  
Isaiah 63:1-7 Mighty to Save  
Isaiah 64:1-12 A Prayer for the Unclean  
Isaiah 65:1-25 The New Heavens and the New Earth  
Isaiah 66:1-24 Hope for the Humble

Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Israelology - Commentary on Israel
Note: This resource is listed because it has numerous
commentary notes that relate to the OT Prophetic Books

Israelology: Part 1 of 6  Introduction: Definition of Terms 
Israelology: Part 2 of 6  Israel Present (Note: Article begins on Page 2) 
Israelology: Part 3 of 6  Israel Present (Continued) 
Israelology: Part 4 of 6 - Israel Future (Part One)  
Israelology: Part 5 of 6 - Israel Future (Part Two) 
Israelology: Part 6 of 6 Other Relevant Topics - Illustrations of Israel (including marriage) 

A C Gaebelein
Annotated Bible
Isaiah Commentary
Brief Comments on Chapters
Literal interpretation


Isaiah 1 Commentary

Isaiah 2 Commentary

Isaiah 3 Commentary

Isaiah 4 Commentary

Isaiah 5 Commentary

Isaiah 6 Commentary

Isaiah 7 Commentary

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About the
Book of Isaiah

Book of Isaiah - Bible Survey
What are the Major Prophets and Minor Prophets?
What is the Deutero-Isaiah theory? Was the Book of Isaiah written by multiple Isaiahs?
What should we learn from the life of Isaiah?
Who was King Uzziah in the Bible?
What does the Bible mean when it refers to a “Daughter of Zion”?
What does it mean that God is holy, holy, holy?
Is 'virgin' or 'young woman' the correct translation of Isaiah 7:14?
What is the Key of David?
What does it mean that Jesus is our Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6)?
What does it mean that Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)?
Why are both Jesus and Satan referred to as the morning star?
How, why, and when did Satan fall from heaven?
Why does Isaiah 45:7 say that God created evil?
What does it mean and when will it happen that every knee shall bow?
Why wasn't Jesus named Immanuel?
What are the four Servant Songs in Isaiah?
Is Isaiah 53 'The Suffering Servant' a prophecy about Jesus?
What does it mean that “by His stripes we are healed”?
Where do the Hebrew Scriptures prophesy the death and resurrection of the Messiah?
What is the meaning of “Hephzibah” in the Bible?
Why are all of our righteous acts considered filthy rags?

Scott Grant
Sermons on Isaiah 40-55

Isaiah 40:1-11: The voice of comfort 

Isaiah 40:12-31: Strength for the weary

Isaiah 41:1-29: The servant, the worm, and the wanderer

Isaiah 42:1-9: The servant of compassion

Isaiah 43:1-7: The love that goes with us

Isaiah 43:14-21: You ain't seen nothin' yet

Isaiah 44:6-20: Feeding on ashes 

Isaiah 45:14-25: God's amazing plan

Isaiah 46:1-13: The God who carries you

Isaiah 48:1-22: A new day

Isaiah 49:1-6: You can't outdream God

Isaiah 49:7-13: God affirms His servant

Isaiah 50:4-11: Trusting God in the darkness 

Isaiah 52:1-10: God comes home 

Isaiah 52:13-15: A strange wisdom 

Isaiah 53:1-3: Ordinary appearance, extraordinary love

Isaiah 53:4-6: Wounded healer

Isaiah 53:7-9: Strange twists in the story

Isaiah 53:10-12: The servant enjoys his family

Isaiah 54:1-5: Breaking out of the box 

Isaiah 54:6-10: The compassion of the Lord 

Isaiah 54:11-17: The greatest city in the world

Isaiah 55:1-5: Invitation to a feast

Isaiah 55:6-13: Music from home

David Guzik
Commentary on Isaiah
Literal interpretation

Isaiah Commentary 1

Isaiah Commentary 2

Isaiah Commentary 3

Isaiah Commentary 4

Isaiah Commentary 5

Isaiah Commentary 6

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F B Hole
Commentary on Isaiah
Literal interpretation

Isaiah 1:1-4:6 Commentary

Isaiah 5:1-Isaiah 9:7 Commentary

Isaiah 9:8-Isaiah 14:32 Commentary

Isaiah 15:1-Isaiah 23:18 Commentary

Isaiah 24:1-Isaiah 27:13 Commentary

Isaiah 28:1-Isaiah 35:10 Commentary

Isaiah 36:1-Isaiah 40:8 Commentary

Isaiah 40: 9 - Isaiah 45:14 Commentary

Isaiah 45:14-Isaiah 49:4 Commentary

Isaiah 49:5-Isaiah 51:16 Commentary

Isaiah 51:17-Isaiah 53:9 Commentary

Isaiah 53:10-Isaiah 55:13 Commentary

Isaiah 56:1-Isaiah 58:14 Commentary

Isaiah 59:1-Isaiah 60:5 Commentary

Isaiah 60:6 - Isaiah 62:3 Commentary

Isaiah 62:4-Isaiah 64:3 Commentary

Isaiah 64:4-Isaiah 65:12 Commentary

Isaiah 65:13-Isaiah 66:24 Commentary


Related to Isaiah
from 10,000 Illustrations

Isaiah 1:18 - Scarlet (Our Daily Bread)

Isaiah 6:1-12 Confrontation

Isaiah 12:1 O Lord, I Will Praise Thee - William Cowper Hymn
Isaiah 27:1 Leviathan (Our Daily Bread)

Isaiah 40:18-31 Life Sentence (Our Daily Bread)

Isaiah 40:25, 27-28 Our Thoughts of God (J I Packer)

Isaiah 40:21-31 Three Proofs of God's Ownership of This Universe (Today in the Word)

Isaiah 42:3 Hand of Mercy (Our Daily Bread)
Isaiah 53:6 Our Troubles (Our Daily Bread)
Isaiah 54:2 Six Inch Christians (Pastoral Renewal)
Isaiah 55:9 Unanswered Questions (Our Daily Bread)

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Harry A. Ironside
Commentary on Isaiah
Literal interpretation
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Ironside's Notes on Isaiah - another source - Scripture popups on mouseover
See also - Harry A. Ironside Audio Sermons

Dr Neil Cushman comments on use of Ironside in preaching Isaiah - "Summary on Ironside: Therefore, Ironside’s commentary on Isaiah remains an effective tool for preachers who seek to understand Isaiah in respect to the overall argument of the prophet from the perspective of a dispensationalist. The commentary’s weaknesses, however, are significant enough that it might not be consulted by the preacher at all. First, this tome is not technical in any sense; it does not deal with the Hebrew text (including any textual critical issues). Second, it interacts very little with other literature on Isaiah. Third, it passes over difficult passages in Isaiah with little comment. Fourth, it does not have the advantage of using literary tools that have been developed in the latter part of the 20th century. In short, it is dated and somewhat devotional. But this is what one might expect from popular commentaries that were produced in the first half of the 20th century. This brief survey of Ironside’s commentary on Isaiah raises two related problems pertaining to homiletics and Isaiah for dispensationalists. First, sermons on this prophecy frequently overlook the argument of the book as a whole. Favorite texts are presented in isolation from the main theme. Many a missionary message has been preached from Isaiah 6 without comment on how this divine scene fits Isaiah’s overall message. Christmas sermons on Isaiah 7:14 or 9:6 skim over the greater implications of messianic promises of the Davidic king’s incarnation. Passion sermons on Isaiah 53 (Isaiah 52:13-53:12) disregard this chapter’s placement between promises of Israel’s restoration (Isaiah 51:1-52:12) and a song that celebrates Israel’s national salvation (Isaiah 54:1-17). Second, few exegetical resources are available on Isaiah that might help the preacher with the problem described above. Commentaries which address textual, lexical, syntactical, and critical issues of the text are almost without exception non-dispensational. Most dispensational works, on the other hand, are either popular works like Ironside’s commentary or they are exegetically weak.... In the past year, 468 sermons in which Isaiah was the principal text were uploaded onto Sermon Audio’s website. Since approximately 6000 sermons were uploaded during that same period of time, sermons on Isaiah would account for nearly 8 percent of those preached. As previously noted, preachers frequently focus on familiar texts in Isaiah’s prophecy. Thus, homeleticians expounded Isaiah 6 thirty-one times, 7:14 eighteen times, 9:6 thirty times, and chapter 53 ninety- three times. In the majority of these sermons the overall message of Isaiah was not mentioned, although the historical context was sometimes addressed, especially in respect to chapters 6 and 7. (Preaching Isaiah: Dispensational Issues - Neal Cushman) (Related Audio by Cushman)














Isaiah 15-16 - THE BURDEN OF MOAB



Isaiah 19-20 - THE BURDEN OF EGYPT












































Another Source of
Harry A. Ironside's Commentary
on Isaiah


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S Lewis Johnson
Commentary on Isaiah
Literal interpretation
Isaiah Sermons

Isaiah 1:1-31 The Great Arraignment - Wickedness of Formal Worship

Isaiah 2:1-4:6 The Two Jerusalems:  Past and Future

Isaiah 5:1-30 Vineyard of Jehovah - Problem of Lawlessness

Isaiah 6:1-13 The Prophet Cleansed, Called & Commissioned

Isaiah 7:1-25 The Virgin's Son:  the Divine Sign

Isaiah 8:1–9:7 The Stone of Stumbling and the Mighty God

Isaiah 9:1-7 The Child Who Is a Father

Isaiah 9:8–10:34 The Destruction of the World's Kingdom

Isaiah 11:1–12:6 The Coming and Consummation of Jehovah's Kingdom

Isaiah 13:1–14:23 Babylon and Lucifer

Isaiah 14:24–18:7 Isaiah and the Foreign Nations - I

Isaiah 19:1–23:18 Isaiah and the Foreign Nations - II

Isaiah 24:1–25:12 Little Apocalypse I:  The Moral Universe in Judgment

Isaiah 26:1–27:13 Little Apocalypse II:  Israel Raised From the Dead and Fruitful In The Earth

Isaiah 28 The Book of Woes - I:  Covenant with Death, the Sure Foundation

Isaiah 29 The Book of Woes - II:  Formalism, Faithlessness and the Holy One of Israel

Isaiah 30-31 Politics and Faith,  the Folly of Trusting Horses and Chariots

Isaiah 32 The Ideal Man and What's Wrong With Women

Isaiah 33 The Treacherous Assyrian and the Glorious Lord

Isaiah 34-35 The Battle of Armageddon, the Coming of the Lord and the Kingdom of God

Isaiah 36-39 History, Prophecy & Son - Difference Jesus Christ Makes

Isaiah 40:1-31 The Comfort of Israel's Incomparable God

Isaiah 41:1-7 Jehovah:  the Sovereign Lord of Israel

Isaiah 42 The Servant of Jehovah, the Covenant of the People and the Light of the Gentiles

Isaiah 43-44:23 After Discipline:  Deliverance

Isaiah 44:24-45:25 Cyrus:  Anointed of Jehovah and His Greater Captain

Isaiah 46:1-47:15 Babylon Again!  Its Gods and Its Fall

Isaiah 46:1-47:15 The Moral Claims of Predicted Prophecy

Isaiah 49:1-26 Glorious Success of the Discouraged Servant of Jehovah

Isaiah 50:1-11 Israel's Sin and the Servant's Steadfast Salvation

Isaiah 51-52:12 Tidings of Salvation to Stricken Jerusalem

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Degradation and Exaltation of the Servant of Jehovah

Isaiah 54 The Glory of the Covenant Nation

Isaiah 55-57 Sure Mercies of David, Invitation, Admonition, Denunciation

Isaiah 58 True Worship,  or  the Works of Faith

Isaiah 59 The Power of Human Sin

Isaiah 60 Vistas of the Future,  or  the Glory of the Kingdom of God

Isaiah 61-62 The Glory of the Servant and His City

Isaiah 63-64 The Advent in Judgment and Appeal for Deliverance

Isaiah 65 Jehovah's Answer to Israel's Appeal New Heavens & Earth

Isaiah 66 The Seat of the Scornful in the Day of Salvation


Isaiah 52:13-15 The Startling Christ
Isaiah 53:1-3 The Misunderstood Messiah

Isaiah 53:4-6 The Vicarious Messiah
Isaiah 53:10-12; The Submissive Messiah

Isaiah 53:10-12 The Sovereign Messiah

S Lewis Johnson
Messianic Prophecies in Isaiah
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Below is a link to all of the Messianic material in Isaiah
Messianic Prophecies in Isaiah

Isaiah 1:1-31 Introduction

Isaiah 2:1-5 Messianic Salvation in the Last Days

Isaiah 4:2-6 The Glorious Branch

Isaiah 6:1-13 The Holy Seed, the Stump in the Land

Isaiah 7:1-25 The Greatest Political Power in Israel Since David

Isaiah 9:2-7 The Messianic King:  The Mighty God

Isaiah 11:1-12:6 The Salvation of Jehovah

Isaiah 40:1-31 The Comfort of Israel's Incomparable God

Isaiah 42:1-25 The Servant of Jehovah, the Covenant of the People and Light of the Gentiles

Isaiah 49:1-26 The Glorious Success of the Troubled Servant of Jehovah

Isaiah 50:1-11 The Servant's Words to Zion's Children

Isaiah 49:1-26 Degradation and Exaltation

Isaiah 54:1-17 The Glory of the Servants of Jehovah

Isaiah 55:1-13 The Sure Mercies of David

Isaiah 59:1-21 Jehovah's Coming and Covenant

Isaiah 60:1-22 The City of the Kingdom

Isaiah 61:1-3 The Glory of the Servant

Isaiah 63:1-64:12 The Advent in Judgment

Isaiah 65:1-25 Jehovah's Answer to Israel's Appeal

Isaiah 66:1-24 The Seat of the Scornful in the Day of Salvation

Alexander Maclaren
Sermons on Isaiah
Another source - Indexed by Chapter

Isaiah 1:1-9, 16-20 The Great Suit: Jehovah Versus Judah

Isaiah 1:3 The Stupidity of Godlessness

Isaiah 1:30, 31 What Sin Does to Men

Isaiah 4:5 The Perpetual Pillar of Cloud and Fire

Isaiah 5:8-10 A Prophet's Woes

Isaiah 6:1-13 Vision and Service

Isaiah 6:1 The Empty Throne Filled

Isaiah 6:2 A Seraph’s Wings

Isaiah 6:5 The Making of a Prophet

Isaiah 8:6, 7 Shiloh and Euphrates

Isaiah 9:2-7 The Kingdom and the King

Isaiah 10:17 Light or Fire?

Isaiah 11:1-10 The Sucker from the Felled Oak

Isaiah 12:3 The Well-spring of Salvation

Isaiah 17:10, 11 The Harvest of a Godless Life

Isaiah 25:6-8 In This Mountain’

Isaiah 25:6 The Feast on the Sacrifice

Isaiah 25:7 The Veil over All Nations

Isaiah 26:1-10 The Song of Two Cities

Isaiah 26:1-2 Our Strong City

Isaiah 26:3-4 The Inhabitant of the Rock

Isaiah 27:5 The Grasp that Brings Peace

Isaiah 28:1-13 The Judgment of Drunkards and Mockers

Isaiah 28:3-5 A Crown of Pride or a Crown of Glory

Isaiah 62:3 Man's Crown and God's

Isaiah 28:16 The Foundation of God

Isaiah 28:21 God's Strange Work

Isaiah 28:23-29 The Husbandman and His Operations

Isaiah 30:15 'Quietness and Confidence’

Isaiah 30:18 God's Waiting and Man's

Isaiah 31:5 Three Pictures of One Reality

Isaiah 31:9 The Lord's Furnace

Isaiah 32:2 The Hiding-place

Isaiah 33:14, 15, 1Jn 4:16 How to Dwell in the Fire of God

Isaiah 33:16 The Fortress of the Faithful

Isaiah 33:21 The Rivers of God

Isaiah 33:22 Judge, Lawgiver, King

Isaiah 35:5-6 Miracles of Healing

Isaiah 35:6-7 Mirage or Lake

Isaiah 35:8-9 The King's Highway

Isaiah 35:9-10 What Life

s Journey May Be

Isaiah 37:14-21, 33-38 The Triumph of Faith

Isaiah 37:14 Where to Carry Troubles

Isaiah 40:1-10 Great Voices from Heaven

Isaiah 40:9 O Thou that Bringest Good Tidings

Isaiah 40:2, 28 'Have Ye Not? Hast Thou Not?’

Isaiah 40:26, 29 Unfailing Stars and Fainting Men

Isaiah 40:30, 31 The Secret of Immortal Youth

Isaiah 42:3, 4 Christ the Arrester of Incipient Evil and the Nourisher of Incipient Good

Isaiah 42:16 The Blind Man’s Guide

Isaiah 43:1,7 Thy Name: My Name

Isaiah 44:1,2 Jacob Israel Jeshurun

Isaiah 44:20 Feeding on Ashes

Isaiah 44:22 Writing Blotted Out and Mist Melted

Isaiah 44:15, 19 Hidden and Revealed

Isaiah 45:12, 14 A Righteousness Near and a Swift Salvation

Isaiah 48:18 A River of Peace and Waves of Righteousness

Isaiah 49:9 Feeding in the Ways

Isaiah 49:11 The Mountain Road

Isaiah 49:16 The Writing on God’s Hands

Isaiah 50:4 The Servant's Words to the Weary

Isaiah 50:5 The Servant's Obedience

Isaiah 50:6 The Servant's Voluntary Sufferings

Isaiah 50:7 The Servant's Inflexible Resolve

Isaiah 50:8,9 The Servant's Triumph

Isaiah 50:10 A Call to Faith

Isaiah 50:11 Dying Fire

Isaiah 52:1 The Awakening of Zion

Isaiah 52:3 A Paradox of Selling and Buying

Isaiah 52:11 Clean Carriers

Isaiah 52:11, 12, Marching Orders

Isaiah 53:1 The Arm of the Lord

Isaiah 53:2,3 The Suffering Servant I

Isaiah 53:4-6 The Suffering Servant II

Isaiah 53:7-9 The Suffering Servant III

Isaiah 53:10 The Suffering Servant IV

Isaiah 53:11 The Suffering Servant V

Isaiah 53:12 The Suffering Servant VI

Isaiah 54:10 The Passing and the Permanent

Isaiah 55:1-13 The Call to the Thirsty

Isaiah 55:1 The Great Proclamation

Isaiah 55:8,9 God's Ways and Man's

Isaiah 54:12 Can We Be Sure of To-morrow? A New Year's Sermon

Isaiah 59:6, Re 3:18 Flimsy Garments

Isaiah 60:1-3 The Sunlit Church

Isaiah 60:18 Walls and Gates

Isaiah 61:3 The Joy-bringer

Isaiah 62:1, 6, 7 The Heavenly Workers and the Earthly Watchers

Isaiah 63:1 Mighty to Save

Isaiah 63:2,3 The Winepress and Its Treader

Isaiah 63:9 The Sympathy of God

Isaiah 64:5 How to Meet God

Isaiah 65:16 'The God of the Amen’

J Vernon McGee
Isaiah Commentary
Thru the Bible Commentary
Mp3's - Click for Several on Each Chapter
(Note: These are not the same as McGee's commentary below)
Literal Interpretation with Frequent Practical Application
Another Source: Click this Link For Every Chapter in Isaiah

Isaiah 1 Commentary Isaiah 2 Commentary Isaiah 3 Commentary Isaiah 4 Commentary
Isaiah 5 Commentary Isaiah 6 Commentary Isaiah 7 Commentary Isaiah 8 Commentary
Isaiah 9 Commentary Isaiah 10 Commentary Isaiah 11 Commentary Isaiah 12 Commentary
Isaiah 13 Commentary Isaiah 14 Commentary Isaiah 15 Commentary Isaiah 16 Commentary
Isaiah 17 Commentary Isaiah 18 Commentary Isaiah 19 Commentary Isaiah 20 Commentary
Isaiah 21 Commentary Isaiah 22 Commentary Isaiah 23 Commentary Isaiah 24 Commentary
Isaiah 25 Commentary Isaiah 26 Commentary Isaiah 27 Commentary Isaiah 28 Commentary
Isaiah 29 Commentary Isaiah 30 Commentary Isaiah 31 Commentary Isaiah 32 Commentary
Isaiah 33 Commentary Isaiah 34 Commentary Isaiah 35 Commentary Isaiah 36 Commentary
Isaiah 37 Commentary Isaiah 38 Commentary Isaiah 39 Commentary Isaiah 40 Commentary
Isaiah 41 Commentary Isaiah 42 Commentary Isaiah 43 Commentary Isaiah 44 Commentary
Isaiah 45 Commentary Isaiah 46 Commentary Isaiah 47 Commentary Isaiah 48 Commentary
Isaiah 49 Commentary Isaiah 50 Commentary Isaiah 51 Commentary Isaiah 52 Commentary
Isaiah 53 Commentary Isaiah 54 Commentary Isaiah 55 Commentary Isaiah 56 Commentary
Isaiah 57 Commentary Isaiah 58 Commentary Isaiah 59 Commentary Isaiah 60 Commentary
Isaiah 61 Commentary Isaiah 62 Commentary Isaiah 63 Commentary Isaiah 64 Commentary
Isaiah 65 Commentary Isaiah 66 Commentary
J Vernon McGee
Initiation into Isaiah
Commentary on Isaiah, 1960
Literal interpretation

FOREWORD: If Isaiah is “The Prince of Prophets,” then the Book of Isaiah is the most majestic of all the books of prophecy. It has been our intention in these pages to direct the attention of the reader to the Person of the One who is both Saviour and Sovereign. We trust that there is something helpful in every comment on this magnificent prophecy. No attempt has been made to create an artistic production—rather our effort is to place tools in the hands of those who long to dig for treasure in the Word of God. This book is practical rather than poetic. It is geared to everyday living, not to the hypothetical theories of theologians.




































































Allan A MacRae
The Gospel in Isaiah
Commentary on Isaiah, 1977
Not Highly Recommended - See why below
Main Index Page

Note: See comments below.

Isaiah Sees the Savior
Isaiah and His Contemporaries

The King of Persia as Deliverer
The Symphonic Structure
The Real Cause of Exile

Importance of Chapter 40

Isaiah 40 Commentary

Isaiah 41 Commentary

The Servant of the LORD Introduced

Isaiah 42:1-7 Commentary

Isaiah 42:8-25 Commentary

Isaiah 43 Commentary

Isaiah 44-47 Commentary

Isaiah 48 Commentary

Isaiah 49:1-12 Commentary

Isaiah 49:14-50:3 Commentary

Isaiah 50:4-11 Commentary

Isaiah 51:1-52:12 Commentary

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Commentary 

Isaiah 54 Commentary

Isaiah 55:1-56:2 Commentary

Isaiah 56:3-8 Commentary  

Studies in Isaiah
Main Index Page

Note: While MacRae seems to be generally conservative and evangelical, some of his comments on prophecy seem to be a bit far fetched and for lack of a better word "incongruous" with other comments he makes on similar phrases or descriptions. A healthy Berean attitude is in order to discern the wheat from the chaff. For example, see page 15 comments on Isa 2:2-4 and Isa 4:2-6 which almost all conservative evangelical ("literalistic") commentaries refers to the Millennium while MacRae does not.

As an aside, be aware that the majority of commentaries on Isaiah, ancient and modern, do not interpret Isaiah's prophecies literally, but spiritualize or allegorize passages that can clearly be read normally in a literal sense. One result is that many of the prophetic promises clearly directed literally to the nation of Israel are instead interpreted as promises now fulfilled to the Church (See What is replacement theology? and Allegorizing and Spiritualizing the Truth)

James Rosscup has this critique of MacRae's printed book "The Gospel of Isaiah": The President and Professor of Old Testament at Biblical School of Theology in Hatfield, PA wrote this. He was one of Dr. Robert Dick Wilson’s outstanding students. The work is not a commentary but a book elucidating themes in Isa 40:1–56:8, showing the interrelation of thoughts and the development of themes, based on the original Hebrew. The section has more verses cited in the New Testament than any other Old Testament passage of its length. Several portions of Handel’s Messiah came from here. The chapter on Cyrus as God’s instrument has many good insights, as do the discussions on Isaiah 40 and the several chapters on the Servant of the Lord in Isaiah 41–53, and the thoughts on chapters 54–56. (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

Understanding Isaiah
Isaiah 1-6 Commentary
Isaiah 7-12 Commentary

Isaiah 13-23 Commentary  

Isaiah 24-27 Commentary

Isaiah 28-35 Commentary

Isaiah 36-39 Commentary

Isaiah 40-66 Commentary


Isaiah Translated and Explained - Volume 1 (Isaiah 1-35)
Isaiah 1 Commentary
Isaiah 2 Commentary
Isaiah 3 Commentary
Isaiah 4 Commentary
Isaiah 5 Commentary
Isaiah 6 Commentary
Isaiah 7 Commentary
Isaiah 8 Commentary
Isaiah 9 Commentary
Isaiah 10 Commentary
Isaiah 11 Commentary
Isaiah 12 Commentary
Isaiah Translated and Explained - Volume 2 (Isaiah 36-66)

Jim Rosscup: This is one of the best older expositions of the book from a Hebrew scholar. There are frequent word studies; he deals with syntax; he has an original translation; his commentary is more detailed than most and is often helpful verse by verse. (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

Joseph Alexander

NOTE: Be an Acts 17:11 Berean as not all of these dictionaries interpret Isaiah literally.

Isaiah - Theology of Isaiah by Paul Wegner (Baker's Evangelical Dictionary)

Isaiah - Bridgeway Bible Dictionary

Isaiah - Nave's Topical Bible

Isaiah - American Tract Society Bible Dictionary

Isaiah - Chabad Knowledge Base

Isaiah - Easton's Bible Dictionary

Isaiah - Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Isaiah - Holman Bible Dictionary

Isaiah - Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible

Isaiah - Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament

Isaiah - Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament

Isaiah - Whyte's Dictionary of Bible Characters

Isaiah - Watson's Biblical & Theological Dictionary

Isaiah - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Isaiah - Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature

Isaiah - Kitto's Popular Cyclopedia of Biblial Literature


Isaiah Commentary 1

Isaiah Commentary 5

Isaiah Commentary 9

Isaiah Commentary 15

Isaiah Commentary 24

Isaiah Commentary 28

Isaiah Commentary 36

Isaiah Commentary 40

Isaiah Commentary 45

Isaiah Commentary 49

Isaiah Commentary 51

Isaiah Commentary 53

Isaiah Commentary 56

Isaiah Commentary 59

Isaiah Commentary 60

Isaiah Commentary 62

Isaiah Commentary 64

Isaiah Commentary 65

F B Hole

Isaiah 1-66 with Scripture popups on mouseover

Biblical Illustrator
Sermons on Isaiah (over 40 messages) Jim Bomkamp

The Prophets and the Promise - Index to his 433 Page Book
Preliminary - Sources, Interpreting Sources
Terms Used to Describe the Prophets
History of the Prophets
The Prophet A Citizen with a Message

Functions of a prophet: Naturalistic vs Supernaturalistic

The Prophet's Message (eg Micaiah's lying spirit)
The Prophet as a Giver of Torah
The Promise Doctrine as Taught in the NT
The Promise Given to the Patriarchs
The Promise as Renewed to Israel and to David
The Promise Doctrine of the Prophets and Psalmists
Messianic Terms - The Servant
Messianic Terms - The Kingdom and Its Anointed Kings
Messianic Terms - Yahweh's Hasidh (Hhasidh)
Collateral Lines of Promise-Doctrine
Messianic Expectation and Fulfillment
The Apologetic Value of Prophecy

W J Beecher

Commentary on the book of the Prophet Isaiah - Volume 1

Commentary on the book of the Prophet Isaiah - Volume 2

Commentary on the book of the Prophet Isaiah - Volume 3

Commentary on the book of the Prophet Isaiah - Volume 4

Rosscup's critique of John Calvin: A lucid amillennial commentary, in this reviewer’s judgment good but not as directly to the point and certainly not as recent as amillennial works by Leupold, Young, etc.

My Critique: Be cautious. Calvin does not interpret the text literally and as a result assigns to the Church the prophetic promises that in context were clearly given by God to His Chosen People, the nation of Israel. For example in his 4 volumes, Calvin uses the term "church" 1228 times and the term "Israel" only 515 times in a book clearly addressed by a Jewish prophet to Judah and Jerusalem and not the church (Isa 1:1, 2:1, etc is very clear as to the intended audience - to change it to the church is to spiritualize the text. Read Allegorizing and Spiritualizing the Truth)

John Calvin

Top 5 Commentaries on the Book of Isaiah by Keith Mathison - Ligonier Ministries - caveat - some listed do not interpret Isaiah literally!

Best Commentaries on Isaiah - Tim Challies - Caveat - Like Mathison above, he ranks Motyer the top commentary - see Rosscup below

James Rosscup: Motyer in this 594-pp. book draws on three decades of study in Isaiah to help readers by careful evangelical, exegetical work in grammar, word study, context, background, customs, and theology. He meets problems, not dodging them or putting a haze on them. He combines clarity with fresh and stimulating style and even an eye for relevancy today. He believes that Isaiah 7:14 refers to “the divine son of David” (86), defending this view and connecting the child with the mighty God in Isaiah 9:6–7. Characteristics of the work are discussion of issues and obvious broad adeptness in the scholarly literature about his subjects (cf. the footnotes on writings and problems). This work, despite Amillennial views on prophetical parts, which show blinders as to a true system in which God will fulfill details, has to rate as one of the top recent commentaries. Cf. also Motyer’s somewhat condensed work on Isaiah (408 smaller pp.). (Note from - "the fact that fulfilled prophecy was fulfilled literally is the best reason of all for assuming that unfulfilled prophecy will also be literally fulfilled. The prophecies concerning Christ's first coming were all fulfilled literally. Therefore, prophecies concerning Christ's second coming should also be expected to be fulfilled literally. For these reasons, an allegorical interpretation of unfulfilled prophecy should be rejected and a literal or normal interpretation of unfulfilled prophecy should be adopted. Amillennialism fails in that it uses inconsistent hermeneutics, namely, interpreting unfulfilled prophecy differently from fulfilled prophecy." Amillennialism)

Evangelical Commentaries on Isaiah - Martin J Selman (Discussion of J N Oswalt's NICOT - Isaiah 1-39 and J D W Watts Isaiah 1-33 - Word Biblical Commentary)

Best Commentaries

The Message of Isaiah - Table of Contents - Literal Interpretation

David Cooper
The Book of Isaiah - 65 pages Mark Copeland

Isaiah 189 Sermons from most chapters of Isaiah- Under "Choose Book" select "Isaiah", leave chapter: verse bland, under "Maximum Results" select "All"
Below are a Few Samples from the 189 messages...:
Isaiah 1:1 - The Prophet Isaiah
Isaiah 1:1 - God and Government
Isaiah 1:9 The Doctrine of the Remnant
Isaiah 1:10-18 Atonement Under the Prophets
Isaiah 1:18 The Great Invitation
Isaiah 2:1-5 The Last Days
Isaiah 6 The Prophetic Call
Isaiah 6:8 The Passion for Souls
Isaiah 7:14 The Sign of the Virgin Birth
Isaiah 9:6 His Name is Wonderful
Isaiah 14:12 Lucifer
Isaiah 19:23-25 The Future of the Arab Nations
Isaiah 21:11 The Weight of God's Word
Isaiah 28:9-10 God Teaches Doctrine
Isaiah 30:21 Walking in the Way of the LORD
Isaiah 35:8 The Highway to Heaven
Isaiah 36 The God Who Delivers by Prayer
Isaiah 38:1-5 Prayer and the Miracle of Healing
Isaiah 40:8 The Imperishable Word of God

Isaiah 41:11-14 God is Our Strength
Isaiah 42:1-7 The Faithful Jesus
Isaiah 43:1 God's Faithfulness to Israel
Isaiah 43:1-7 Passing Through Deep Waters
Isaiah 44:24 Person or Process in Creation

Isaiah 45:22 Look and Live

Isaiah 46:-11 Predestination

Isaiah 47:7-15 Leading America Back to God

Isaiah 52:13 The Heartbreak of Isaiah

Isaiah 53:1 Our Suffering Savior

Isaiah 53:1-12 The Lamb of God

Isaiah 55:1-9 The Gospel of Isaiah

Isaiah 55:6 Death-Bed Repentance

Isaiah 55:6-9 The Ways of God and Man

Isaiah 57:15 The Humble of Heart

Isaiah 59:1-2 The Barrier Between

Isaiah 60:1-5 The Glory of the Lord

Isaiah 61:1-3 The Spirit of the Lord

Isaiah 63:1-6 The Great Tribulation

Isaiah 64:4 For Those Who Love the Lord

Isaiah 65:17-25 The Golden Millennium

Isaiah 66:5-8 The Birth of Spiritual Children

W A Criswell
Preaching Isaiah: Dispensational Issues
Related Audio by Cushman
Neil Cushman
Study Notes Isaiah - most of the chapters Ron Daniel
Biblical Commentary on the Prophecies of Isaiah (Volume 1) - Google book - can download Pdf

Biblical Commentary on the Prophecies of Isaiah (Volume 2) - Google book - can download Pdf

James Rosscup: Among technical works for trained students who are able to grapple with and appreciate the Hebrew, this is one of the outstanding older linguistic commentaries on Isaiah. Delitzsch put great exegetical, historical and theological learning into the work, which is highly respected. In prophecy it is Amillennial.

Franz Delitzsch
Samuel R Driver

Isaiah 1-9: Isaiah declares how God's people should be Living

Isaiah 10-20: God's plans for Judah, Assyria and Egypt

Isaiah 21-30: God controls the Future

Isaiah 31-39: God defends Jerusalem

Isaiah 40-48: God promises Comfort to his People

Isaiah 49-57: God's Special Servant
Isaiah 58-66: God's Promises to his Special People

Easy English

Isaiah Introduction, 2 Maps, Outline and Study Notes on Isaiah 1:1 through Isaiah 3:2-5

ESV Study Bible Excerpt
The Commanding Importance of the Prophetic Scriptures - Grace Journal 5.2 (Spring, 1964), pages 3-9 - includes bookmarks Charles Feinberg
Sermons on Isaiah -  Be a Berean - he does not interpret Isaiah literally in the prophetic portions = Amillennial
Sermons on Isaiah - 250 sermons
Don Fortner
Devotionals on Isaiah - Google Search Bible Gateway
The Prophet Isaiah - Commentary

Isaiah - The Annotated Bible - links to each chapter.

Three Studies in Isaiah

Messianic Predictions in Isaiah

Future Glories & Blessings in Isaiah

The harmony of the prophetic word; a key to OT - Day of the Lord, Great Tribulation, etc

The Jewish question - The Remnant - scroll down page

Studies in prophecy - Chapters entitled - The Present Age, The Blessed Hope, Who will be Caught up when the Lord Returns?, The Church and the Tribulation, The Ten Virgins, The Redemption of the Purchased Possession, The History of Satan, The Conversion of the World, The Feasts of Jehovah, When the Day Breaks and the Shadows Flees Away, Prophetic Poems by Horatius Bonar

A C Gaebelein
Sermons on Isaiah - most are Mp3 but there are a few transcripts - Be a Berean as not all sermons approach Isaiah from literal interpretation. Gospel Coalition

Isaiah 1:1-2 - #1- God's Inspired Revelation - YouTube

Isaiah 1:2-20 - #2- Corporate Repentance - YouTube

Isaiah 2:5-4:6 - #4- Producing Much Fruit - YouTube

Isaiah 5:1-7 - #5- Pride and Unbelief - YouTube

Isaiah 5:8-30 - #6- The Failure of the Church - YouTube

Isaiah 6:1-13 - #7- Living Holy Lives - YouTube

Isaiah 7 - #8 - The Incarnation - YouTube

Isaiah 8 - #9- Faithful Service - YouTube

Isaiah 9 - #10- Serving Christ Faithfully - YouTube

Isaiah 9-10 - #11- Ultimate Judgment - YouTube

Isaiah 10 - #12- Sovereignty and Free Will - YouTube

Isaiah 11 - #13- God's Future Plans - YouTube

Isaiah 12 - #14- Godly Praise - YouTube

Isaiah 13 - #15- Signs of the Times - YouTube

Isaiah 14 - #16- Defeating Satan - YouTube

Isaiah 14 - #17- Prophetic Fulfillment - YouTube

Isaiah 24 - #18- God's Wrath - YouTube

Isaiah 26 - #19- God's Peace - YouTube

Isaiah 25 - #20- Divine Mysteries Revealed - YouTube

Isaiah 28 - #21- God's Household - YouTube

Isaiah 29 - #22- Willing Obedience - YouTube

Isaiah 32 - #23- King of Kings - YouTube

Isaiah 34 - #24- God's Love and Holiness - YouTube

Isaiah 35 - #25- Supernatural Restoration - YouTube

Isaiah 40 - #26- Spiritual Preparation - YouTube

Isaiah 40 - #27- The Eternal Word - YouTube

Isaiah 40 - #28- Supernatural Enablement - YouTube

Isaiah 41 - #29- The One True God - YouTube

Isaiah 42 - #30- God's Witnesses - YouTube

Isaiah 43 - #31- The Only Way - YouTube

Isaiah 43:18-19 - #32- Forgetting the Past - YouTube

Isaiah 44: #33 God's Sovereignty

Isaiah 45 - #34- God's Redemptive Plan - YouTube

Isaiah 47 - #35- Godly Living - YouTube

Isaiah 49-50 - #36- Trusting God - YouTube

Isaiah 52 - #37- God's Redemptive Story - YouTube
Isaiah 55 - #38- Seeking God - YouTube

Isaiah 55:8-9 - #39- God's Omniscience and Omnipotence - YouTube

Isaiah 56 - #40- Reflecting Christ's Character - YouTube

Isaiah 57 - #41- Christ Our Peace - YouTube

Isaiah 58 - #42- Proper Prayers - YouTube

Isaiah 60:19-22 -  #43- God's Prophetic Plan - YouTube

Isaiah 59 - #44- The Day of Grace - YouTube

Isaiah 62 - #45- The Wedding Supper - YouTube

Isaiah 64 - #46- Grace Alone - YouTube

Isaiah 65 - #47- Wild Olive Branches - YouTube

Isaiah 66 - #48- God's Dwelling Place - YouTube

Dr Gene Getz
Literal Approach
Videos from 7-19 minutes
Isaiah Overview, Part 1
Isaiah, Part 2: God’s Redemptive Plan for Mankind
Gordon Graham
Isaiah - Synthetic Bible Studies - overview comments James Gray
Sermon Notes on Isaiah - select Isaiah in dropdown under book Joe Guglielmo
Isaiah - 80 pages of notes on the entire book of Isaiah

OT Prophets - more than 300 pages

Homer Heater, Jr
Isaiah - Christ in All the Scriptures A M Hodgkin
Isaiah Commentary F B Hole

Holman Christian Standard Bible-Study Bible - Study notes are accessible at no cost but requires you to set up an account.

Holman Publishing
Isaiah Interesting Facts Interesting Facts

Studies in Isaiah - over 400 pages of commentary from a literal perspective (Plymouth Brethren) - J Vernon McGee quotes from him several times in his Thru the Bible Commentary

F C Jennings
The Prophecies of Isaiah (Commentary)

The Prophecies of Isaiah (another source)

The Prophecies of Isaiah (third source - organized by chapter)

Keil and Delitzsch
Isaiah - Part 1 - Introduction, Background
Isaiah - Part 2 - Isaiah 1-12 Expositional Commentary
Isaiah - Part 3 - Isaiah 28-35 Expositional Commentary
Isaiah - Part 4 - Isaiah 40-66 Expositional Commentary

Isaiah 1 Commentary
Isaiah 2 Commentary
Isaiah 3 Commentary
Isaiah 4 Commentary
Isaiah 5 Commentary
Isaiah 6 Commentary
Isaiah 7 Commentary
Isaiah 8 Commentary
Isaiah 9 Commentary
Isaiah 10 Commentary
Isaiah 11 Commentary
Isaiah 12 Commentary
Click arrow to go to comments on Isaiah 13 & all chapter thru to...
Isaiah 66 Commentary

James Rosscup: This is in some ways a useful English exposition of the book, but offers no Hebrew help. It is quite thorough and pre-millennial and dispensational. Kelly usually tells the reader why he takes a certain view in the debated prophetical passages. A Plymouth Brethren author, he died in 1906.

William Kelly
Isaiah Concise Commentary (Millennial - 35 pages) Eugene Kimble
Isaiah Sermons - Pastor Kreloff is a Jewish believer - audio only Steve Kreloff
Sermons on Isaiah - 22 messages - Literal interpretation David Legge

The Prophet's Watchword: Day of the LORD - Is 2:12, 13:6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (Related Resource: Day of the Lord) - this article has a nice bookmark to go to the relevant discussions in Obadiah, Joel, Amos, Isaiah, Zephaniah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Malachi (17 page article in Grace Theological Journal 6.2 (1985), pages 231-246.

Richard Mayhue
Introduction to Isaiah - same intro that is found in his study Bible

Excerpt - Interpretive Challenges - Interpretive challenges in a long and significant book such as Isaiah are numerous. The most critical of them focuses on whether Isaiah’s prophecies will receive literal fulfillment or not, and on whether the Lord, in His program, has abandoned national Israel and permanently replaced the nation with the church, so that there is no future for national Israel. On the latter issue, numerous portions of Isaiah support the position that God has not replaced ethnic Israel with an alleged “new Israel.” Isaiah has too much to say about God’s faithfulness to Israel, that He would not reject the people whom He has created and chosen (Isaiah 43:1). The nation is on the palms of His hands, and Jerusalem’s walls are ever before His eyes (Isaiah 49:16). He is bound by His own Word to fulfill the promises He has made to bring them back to Himself and bless them in that future day (Isaiah 55:10–12). On the former issue, literal fulfillment of many of Isaiah’s prophecies has already occurred, as illustrated in Introduction: Historical and Theological Themes. To contend that those yet unfulfilled will see non-literal fulfillment is biblically groundless. This fact disqualifies the case for proposing that the church receives some of the promises made originally to Israel. The kingdom promised to David belongs to Israel, not the church. The future exaltation of Jerusalem will be on earth, not in heaven. Christ will reign personally on this earth as we know it, as well as in the new heavens and new earth (Rev. 22:1,3).

John MacArthur
Sermons on Isaiah - more that 50 Alexander Maclaren
An Introduction to Isaiah David Malick
Isaiah Commentary - 219 Individual Mp3's
Isaiah Introduction - 14 page Pdf

Isaiah Commentary - Isaiah 1 - see "Commentary Navigator" on right side of page for all 66 chapters of Mp3's

J Vernon McGee
Isaiah - Through the Bible Commentary

Christ in Isaiah - separate publication

F B Meyer
Study Questions Isaiah, Jeremiah Middletown Bible
Isaiah Outline Study - 14 pages William Moorehead
The Prophecy of Isaiah - volume 1
The Prophecy of Isaiah - volume 2

James Rosscup's critique: A thorough analytical treatment of a pre-millennial nature which some have regarded as one of the finest broad studies on Isaiah. (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

G Campbell Morgan

Isaiah-Living Messages
See also - Isaiah Brief Notes

G Campbell Morgan

Defender's Study Bible Notes - In the right column you will find links to notes on a specific verse. Not all verses have notes. Dr Morris, a creationist, interprets Scripture literally and his comments though brief are generally excellent.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

2122 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

38 3940 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54

 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66

Henry Morris
Defender's Study Bible

Brief comments on selected chapters in Isaiah

Robert Neighbour
Isaiah Overview Myer Pearlman

Commentary on Isaiah

Peter Pett

See discussion of the Day of the Lord = Is 2:11, 12, 20, 21, 13:6, 9, 34:8, 61:2

On Site

Isaiah - Yahweh is Salvation - The Gospel in the Old Testament (includes links to commentary notes on the following individual passages - Isaiah 2:1, 4:2, 7:14, 8:14, 9:1-6, 11:1-5, 11:6-12:6, 12-40, 25:8, 26:19, 32:1-20, 42-53, 52:13-15, 53:1-3, 53:4-6, 53:7-9, 53:10-12, 54-66

Wil Pounds
Notes, Lectures, Charts on Isaiah - 1-39
Notes, Lectures, Charts on Isaiah - 40-66
Lesson 1 of Precept Study on Isaiah - 1-39
Lesson 1 of Precept Study on Isaiah - 40-66
Timeline Reference Download

Isaiah 1-39 Summarized


Knowing God Through Isaiah
The Amazing Prophecy Of Names - Study of Isaiah's names for the Savior
See related topic Messianic Prophecies

RBC Booklets

Isaiah - Reformation Study Bible - Bible Gateway

Be a Berean when using this resource as it does not always interpret passages literally, especially eschatological passages that have no clear historic fulfillment. For example notice how the RSB explains "mountain" in Isaiah 2:2:

"The prophet spoke of the Temple Mount as a metaphor for the Lord’s kingdom that will be exalted above all other kingdoms (cf. Isaiah 11:9; 65:25; 66:20). Mount Zion and the temple on it were symbols of heaven and the heavenly sanctuary (Heb 9:24). These earthly representations have passed away (Heb 8:13) (Ed Comment: Is that really a true statement? Pictures of modern day Jerusalem clearly demonstrate the persistence of Temple Mount - it has not passed away!); through the priesthood of the ascended Lord, the church comes directly to the heavenly reality (Heb 12:22–24)."

Comment on the RSB Comment - Observe first of all to whom the prophecy was directed in Isaiah 2:1 = "Judah and Jerusalem" and there is no allusion whatsoever to the "church." Notice how the RSB makes no mention of Judah as the recipient of the prophecy. The point is that the diligent student of Scripture who seeks to rightly divide the Word of Truth, must be very careful when using the study notes in the Reformation Study Bible. They are good on many passages and phrases, but one must be very careful when reading comments on prophecies that clearly have not yet been fulfilled. And remember - If many of Isaiah's prophecies have been literally fulfilled (e.g., the Scriptures describing Messiah in Isaiah 53 are a prime example) why would the other prophecies not also be literally fulfilled? The safest way to interpret the Scripture is to let the Word speak for itself and not try to spiritualize the text or allegorically interpret a passage that has future eschatological implications. That is not consistent hermeneutics and opens one up to the possibility of misinterpretation. (cf Acts 17:11)

Reformation Study Bible (RSB)
Christ in the Tabernacle... - Contents Gil Rugh
Isaiah - Brief Notes C I Scofield
Isaiah - Sermon Illustrations Sermon Illustrations
Isaiah - Horae Homileticae - Scripture popups on mouseover Charles Simeon
Isaiah - Expositions C H Spurgeon
Isaiah Summary - The Salvation of the Lord Ray Stedman
Isaiah: God Redeems Ray Stedman

The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges - Isaiah 1-39
The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges - Isaiah 40-66

J. Skinner, 1897

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah - commentary on Google book (page 25-310) - With an Explanatory and Critical Commentary by Bishops of the Anglican Church, edited by Frederic C. Cook 1871-1881)

Speaker's Commentary
Isaiah Commentary (literal) - over 400 pages (millennial) John Schultz
Book of Isaiah Overview - Insight for Living Ministries

Click Isaiah Overview Chart

Charles Swindoll

Oswald T Allis and the Question of Isaianic Authorship - John H Wood
A noted conservative Old Testament scholar of a few decades back builds a carefully reasoned case for one author and unity of the book. This is his aim, and not the task of writing a commentary.

Isaiah 40-48 A Sermonic Challenge to Open Theism - Trevor Craigen

H. L. Ellison, Men Spake from God, 2nd edn.. Exeter: Paternoster Press, 1958.  (from chapter 6 of Men Spake from God- H.L. Ellison)

A Child Shall Lead Us-Is 11-6, 8-9; Mk10-15; Mt 18-1ff- L Sanneh

Preaching Isaiah: Dispensational Issues - Neal Cushman

Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12-17 Dennis Bratcher

The Immanuel Prophecy, by William Brooks

Isaiah 1:18 - Declaration, Exclamation or Interrogation? - Robert D Culver

The Purpose of the Book of Isaiah - William J Dumbrell

An Analysis of Isaiah 40:1-11 - Terry W Eddinger

Isaiah 6:9-13 in the Context of Isaiah's Theology - Craig A Evans

The Preposition B in Isaiah 27:13 - F C Fensham

Israel's Mission to the Nations in Isaiah 40-55: An Update - M A Grisanti

Isaiah's Immanuel - Edward E Hindson

A Note on Isaiah 45:9 - Alger F Johns

Who's Who and What's What in Isaiah 53 - Gordon D Kirchhevel

Isaiah 40-55 As Anti-Babylonian Polemic - Eugene H Merrill

Isaiah 40:20 Towards a Solution - A R Millard

Sennacherib's Attack on Hezekiah - A R Millard

Context and Content in the Interpretation of Isaiah 7:14 - J A Moyter

Trust in the Lord - Hezekiah, Kings and Isaiah - John W Olley

A Note on Paul's Use of Isaiah - Douglas A Oss

The Servant of the Lord: Language and Interpretation: D F Payne

The Nature of Faith in Isaiah - G C I Wong

Flying Serpents? - D J Wiseman

The NT Use of the Old Testament (36 mentions of Isaiah) - R L Thomas.

Theological Journal Articles
Isaiah - 21 Page Introduction James Van Dine

Isaiah - The Old Testament Presents... Reflections of Christ - nice summary of Isaiah's Prophecies regarding the Messiah

Isaiah - Book Outline & Menu of Notes - literal approach

Paul Van Gorder


1. Basic Considerations in Interpreting Prophecy

2. The Kingdom of God in the Old Testament

3. The New Testament Doctrine of the Kingdom

4. The Kingdom of God in the New Testament (continued)


The Doctrine of the Millennium - mentions 10 Isaiah passages

John F Walvoord

Below are Letters to Israel from a friend (Addressed to Jewish readers) -
A Grateful Gentile Thanks Israel!

What Was Moses Singing About? ... the Lord is become my salvation!
Torah: Is It the End of the Law?

Bethlehem: Food for Thought...

Did God Survive the Holocaust?

Peace: Is It the Sign of Messiah's Coming?

Hanukkah: Nes Gadol Hayah Sham  (A Very Great Miracle Happened There)

The Shepherds of Israel

Atonement: Is it from Mt. Sinai or Mt. Moriah?

Pesach: The Heart of Passover

David Wurm


Isaiah 1: God’s Way, Not Ours - review of book by D Martyn Lloyd-Jones Ron Maness
Isaiah 1:12-17: Why Worship Ray Stedman
James Hastings
Isaiah 1:15-16: Strange Incense! David Wilkerson
Isaiah 2:1-4 The Holy City
Isaiah 4:2 The Branch  
Wil Pounds
Isaiah 5 (Actually sermon on Lk 20:9-19 - Who Owns the Vineyard?) Steven Cole
Isaiah 6 Holy, Holy, Holy Ray Pritchard
Isaiah 6:1: The Exalted Lord F B Meyer
Isaiah 6:1–8 THE MAKING OF A MISSIONARY James Hastings
Isaiah 6:1: The Price of the Vision Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 6: Holy Are You Lord - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Isaiah 6: Holy Are You Lord
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Michael W Smith
Isaiah 6:1-8 Our Holy God Brian Bill
Isaiah 6:1-8 Spirituality Demands Honesty Theodore Epp

Isaiah 6:1‑8 Experiencing the Presence of God
Isaiah 5-6 A Vision of God in a Time of Crisis

Isaiah 5-6 - A Godly Man in a Nation in Crisis
Isaiah 5-6 - How Long, O Lord?

Isaiah 5 - A Nation in Crisis

Isaiah 5 Warning to a Nation in Crisis, Part 1

Isaiah 6 Warning to a Nation in Crisis, Part 2

Isaiah 6 God's Man for a Nation in Crisis

John MacArthur
Isaiah 6:1-8:Cultivating a Lifestyle of Worship Jeff Williams
Isaiah 6:1-8: The Holiness of God Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 6:3, 5 Reverence in the Local Assembly Middletown Bible
Isaiah 6:5: The Concentration of Personal Sin Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 6:8-12 The Work of the Lord Don Robinson
Isaiah 6:8: God's Challenge to Man F B Meyer
Isaiah 6:8: Called By God
Isaiah 6:8: The Voice of the Nature of God
Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 7-9 Emmanuel Dave Roper
Isaiah 7:14 God with Us Wil Pounds
Isaiah 7:10-14: Jesus: Born of a Virgin Ron Ritchie
Isaiah 7:14 - The Virgin Birth and Isaiah 7:14. Charles Feinberg
Isaiah 7:14 Overcoming Loneliness Ray Pritchard
Isaiah 7:14: Immanuel Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 8:14 A Rock of Salvation and a Stumbling Stone  
Isaiah 9:1-7 The Child with Many Names
Wil Pounds

Isaiah 8:19-9:7 The Savior Is Born

John MacArthur

Isaiah 9 The Lands that Long in Darkness Lay
Isaiah 9 Jesus: Prince of Peace

Rob Morgan
Isaiah 9:6 THE GIFT OF A SON James Hastings
Isaiah 9:6 Wonderful Billy Sunday
Isaiah 9:6-7 One Baby With Many Names Brian Bill
Isaiah 9:6-7 Jesus: Born To Rule Ron Ritchie
Isaiah 9:6-7: The Humble King Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 9:6: Mighty God Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 9:6: The Prince of Peace Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 9:6: Wonderful Counselor Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 9:6: Everlasting Father Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 11:1-5 A Shoot from the Stem of Jesse
Isaiah 11:6-16 Our Blessed Hope  
Wil Pounds
James Hastings
Isaiah 12-40 One Liners in Isaiah Wil Pounds
Isaiah 13 The Rise And Fall Of Babylon John F. Walvoord

Is "Lucifer" the Devil in Isaiah 14-12? - The KJV Argument against Modern Translations

Daniel B Wallace
Isaiah 21:11, 12 WHAT OF THE NIGHT? James Hastings
Isaiah 22:1 The Burden of the Valley of Vision T Austin Sparks
Isaiah 24-25 in 30 page article "The Kingdom of God and the Millennium". Michael J Vlach
Isaiah 25:8; 26:19 When God Wipes Away the Tears   Wil Pounds
Isaiah 26:3 The Promise of Peace Brian Bill
Isaiah 26:3 Is Your Hope In God Faint And Dying? Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 26:19: Songs from a Dust Heap F B Meyer
Isaiah 29:16: Turning Things Upside Down F B Meyer
Isaiah 32 A Kingdom of Righteousness      Wil Pounds
Isaiah 32:2 IN THE DESERT
James Hastings
Isaiah 32:2: Safety, Fullness, and Sweet Refreshment in Christ Jonathan Edwards
Isaiah 33:14: Sinners in Zion Tenderly Warned Jonathan Edwards
Isaiah 33:21-22: Changing Our Strength F B Meyer
Isaiah 35:7: Visions and Reality Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 35:8: The Way of Holiness Jonathan Edwards
Isaiah 38:14: The Cry of the Oppressed F B Meyer
Isaiah 38:17 Sickness Into Wholeness (2 Chronicles 29)
Isaiah 38:17 Depression Into Happiness
Rob Morgan
Isaiah 40-55: Israel's Mission to the Nations in Isaiah 40-55: An Update. Michael A Grisanti
Isaiah 40 What God Says About God Brian Bill
Isaiah 40-66 Expositional Commentary William Kelly
Isaiah 40:1 Comfort My People Thomas Bradbury
James Hastings
Isaiah 40:31: Dependent on God's Presence Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 40:1-31 A Shepherd for Turbulent Times Doug Goins
Isaiah 40: God's Encouragement Bob Deffinbaugh
Isaiah 40 Comfort for Captives Dave Roper
Isaiah 40: Comfort for God's People J Hampton Keathley, III
Isaiah 40:12-31 The Soft Hands of Our Great God Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 40:31: Changing Our Strength F B Meyer
Isaiah 40:26: Is Your Imagination of God Starved? Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 40:28: Are You Exhausted Spiritually? Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 41:8-10 Fear Not, For I Am With You Bethany Bible
Isaiah 41:10 The Promise of God's Presence Brian Bill
Isaiah 42 Think of the Millions Who Never Have Heard Rob Morgan
Isaiah 42:1-4 The Servant of the Lord Ray Stedman
Isaiah 42:1-13  A Servant for Turbulent Times Doug Goins
Isaiah 42-53 The Servant Songs in Isaiah Wil Pounds
Isaiah 43:9: God's Partnership in Our Affliction F B Meyer
Isaiah 45:22: What Am I Looking At? Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 45:1 Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye - scroll to first chapter of his book "Christ in Isaiah" F B Myer
Isaiah 49:1-13 Savior for Turbulent Times Doug Goins
Isaiah 49:5: The Missionary's Predestinations Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 50:4-11  Teacher for Turbulent Times Doug Goins
Isaiah 51:7-8 Gospel Confidence Bethany Bible
Isaiah 52:12: Yesterday Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 52:13-53 Commentary  J. G. Bellett
Isaiah 52:13-15 The Divine Servant  
Isaiah 53:10-12 The Divine Satisfaction  
Wil Pounds
Isaiah 53:5-6 Peace
Isaiah 53 Jesus: Man of Sorrows
Rob Morgan
Isaiah 53:3 A MAN OF SORROWS
Isaiah 53:6 OUR SIN-BEARER
James Hastings
Isaiah 53 Breaking Our Addictions Brian Bill

Isaiah 53 - Of Whom Does The Prophet Speak? - This Resource Includes an interesting Jewish Interpretation of Isaiah 53

Victor Buksbazen
Isaiah 53 Commentary N. Anderson

Isaiah 53: (discussed in sermon on 1Peter 2:21-23) The Suffering Jesus: An Example for Every Christian
Isaiah 53:3-4 Will There Be Any Sin or Sorrow in Heaven?
Isaiah 53 The Astonishing Servant of Jehovah
Isaiah 53:13-15 The Startling Servant of Jehovah
Isaiah 53 Behold! The Lamb

Isaiah 53:1-3 The Scorned Servant of Jehovah, Part 1

Isaiah 53:1-3 The Scorned Servant of Jehovah, Part 2

Isaiah 53:4-6 The Substituted Servant, Part 1

Isaiah 53:4-6 The Substituted Servant, Part 2

Isaiah 53:7-9 The Silent Servant, Part 1

Isaiah 53:7-9 The Silent Servant, Part 2

Isaiah 53:10-12 The Sovereign Servant, Part 1

Isaiah 53:10-12 The Sovereign Servant, Part 2

Isaiah 53 The Astonishing Servant of Jehovah

Isaiah 53 The Astonishing Servant of Jehovah

John MacArthur
Isaiah 53:3: Acquainted With Grief Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 54:5: Christ the Believer's Husband George Whitefield
Are You Thirsty- Then, Come- God’s Gracious Covenant of Life in Isaiah 55 Greg Herrick
Isaiah 55 Jesus: Water of Life Rob Morgan
Isaiah 55:1, 2 THE POOR MAN’S MARKET
James Hastings
Isaiah 55:1-3 - Exposition of Isaiah 55-1-3 J Hampton Keathley, III
Isaiah 55:8-9 Man's Way vs God's Way T Austin Sparks
Isaiah 55-64 The LORD God Reigns! Wil Pounds
Isaiah 57:15 GOD’S DOUBLE DWELLING-PLACE James Hastings
Isaiah 58:13-14 Call The Day A Delight Greg Allen
Isaiah 58:1-12 The Spiritual Feast of Fasting - audio only Clifford Lopez
Isaiah 59:16: Holiness or Hardness Toward God? Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 60:1 ARISE! SHINE! James Hastings
Isaiah 60:1: The Initiative Against Drudgery Oswald Chambers
Isaiah 61:1 THE LORD’S SERMON James Hastings

Isaiah 61:1-2 The Good News of Christmas

Isaiah 61:1,2: Balm for the Broken-Hearted

Isaiah 61:1: Refreshed by the Light
Isaiah 61:1: Setting the Captives Free

Bruce Goettsche
Isaiah 61:1-2 Jesus: Born to Serve Ron Ritchie

Isaiah 61 Jesus: Lord of All

Rob Morgan
Isaiah 61:1-62:1a The Cross and the Holy Spirit T Austin Sparks
James Hastings
Isaiah 63:1: Jesus Christ Triumphant F B Meyer
Isaiah 63-64 The Man Who Cried For God To Come Down Steven Cole
Isaiah 64:8: God's Preparations F B Meyer
Isaiah 64:8: God's Unfailing Love F B Meyer
Isaiah 64:8: God's Workmanship F B Meyer
Isaiah 65:14: The Joy of Service F B Meyer

Isaiah 66:1-2 Humble Hearts Are Heaven's Home

John MacArthur
Isaiah 66 Commentary J. G. Bellett
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Our Daily Bread
Devotional Illustrations
on Isaiah
Radio Bible Class
Updated January 26, 2016
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Isaiah 1:1-9 The Teacher Is An Animal  
Isaiah 1:1-9,16-20 Unruly Children  
Isaiah 1:10-20 Look What's For Dinner
Isaiah 1:1-4,12-17  Imitation Faith
Isaiah 1:1-17 Imitation Faith  
Isaiah 1:1-17 What Is Heavy When Empty?  
Isaiah 1:13-17 What Does God Require?

Isaiah 1:18-20; Psalm 51:7  Diamond Dust

Isaiah 1:18 - As White As Snow
Isaiah 1:19 Willing To Change


Isaiah 2:1-4 Plowshare Christmas
Isaiah 2:1-5 Hope For The World
Isaiah 2:1-9 A World At Peace  

Isaiah 2:4 The Eleventh Hour
Isaiah 2:6-18 Not A Simple God  


Isaiah 5:1-7 The Rights Of God

Isaiah 5:1-10 The Greed Problem  
Isaiah 5:18-25 Misnomers
Isaiah 5:18-23 Calling Evil Good
Isaiah 5:1-25 Rearranging the Price Tags  
Isaiah 5:20-25 When Evil Is Good  


Isaiah 6:1-6 Seeing God In Familiar Places
Isaiah 6:1-8  Holy Love

Isaiah 6:1-8  Talent Search
Isaiah 6:1-8 The Great Miracle

Isaiah 6:1-8 Whom Shall I Send

Isaiah 6:1-8 Macauley

Isaiah 6:1-10  Face-To-Face
Isaiah 6:1-10 Supersize It
Isaiah 6:1-5 The Wrong Standard  
Isaiah 6:1-7 Ordinary People  
Isaiah 6:3 Holy Is The Lord!
Isaiah 6:3 Theory Of Everything
Isaiah 6:5 Awesome!
Isaiah 6:8-13  Is Faithfulness Enough?

Isaiah 7:10-14 Where's The Baby?
Isaiah 7:14 The Spirit Of Giving 

Isaiah 7:14 A Special Birth

Isaiah 7:14 Hope In Him

Isaiah 8:1-10  Immanuel
Isaiah 8:11-18 Don't They Believe In God?  

Isaiah 9:1-7 Wonderful!  

Isaiah 9:1-7 Little Rajah, Little King
Isaiah 9:1-7  Isn't He Beautiful!
Isaiah 9:1-7 A Great Light  
Isaiah 9:1-7 No Other Name  

Isaiah 9:1-7 The Big News

Isaiah 9:1-7 A Promised Gift

Isaiah 9:1-7 Pax Romana

Isaiah 9:1-7 Light And Shadow

Isaiah 9:6 The Son Is Given


Isaiah 11:1-9 Snake In A Box

Isaiah 12 Bibles And Buckets
Isaiah 12 Don't Be Afraid  
Isaiah 12 "Not Know!"  
Isaiah 12:3 At The Well

Isaiah 12 Wells of Salvation


Isaiah 16:1-5 Fire And Rain

Isaiah 18:1-5 Watching and Waiting

Isaiah 24:15 By Dawn's Early Light

Isaiah 25:1-5 Our Refuge in the Storm  

Isaiah 25:1-9 Silent Helper

Isaiah 26:1-9 Prepare To Sleep

Isaiah 26:1-4 Peace In The Storm
Isaiah 26:1-9 Perfect Peace Is Possible  

Isaiah 26:3-4 Dealing With Delay

Isaiah 28:23-29 God Has A Purpose  
Isaiah 28:23-29 Pain Is Not Pointless9  

Isaiah 29:13  Imitation Faith

Isaiah 30:1-18 More Than Knowledge
Isaiah 30:8-18 Hide Or Seek?
Isaiah 30:8-17 The Resisters
Isaiah 30:12-19 Waiting Game  
Isaiah 30:15-18 Worth The Wait  
Isaiah 30:15-18 Calm Under Pressure  

Isaiah 30:15-22  Answer The Cry
Isaiah 30:18 Waiting . . .

Isaiah 30:15-22 Navigational System

Isaiah 30:15 Strength in Stillness


Isaiah 31:1-5 Lion Of Judah

Isaiah 31 Our Refuge And Strength

Isaiah 32:1-8 Noble Plans  

Isaiah 33:14-24 Living In The Fire  

Isaiah 35 Obsolete  
Isaiah 35:3-10 Well Done, David Schumm


Isaiah 37:30-38  The Mighty Finns

Isaiah 38:19 Education Starts At Home 

Isaiah 38:17 They Never Meet


Isaiah 39:5-40:5 Comfort in Captivity

Isaiah 40:1-11 Getting Ready For Christmas  
Isaiah 40:1-5 Pigeon Hill  

Isaiah 40:1-5 The Glory Of Humility
Isaiah 40:1-8 Spring Beauty  

Isaiah 40:1-8 A Lasting Letter

Isaiah 40:3-5 Make Way

Isaiah 40:5  The Reveal - Our Daily Bread

Isaiah 40:6-11 One Beautiful Moment

Isaiah 40:6-11,28-31  Outrunning Cheetahs

Isaiah 40:6-8 The Lost Library
Isaiah 40:8 The Press And The Bible  

Isaiah 40:10-11,28-31 Promised Strength

Isaiah 40:11 Safe In His Arms

Isaiah 40:11 Everlasting Arms

Isaiah 40:12-13,25-31 Perspective

Isaiah 40:15-31 Above Your Problems
Isaiah 40:18-31  Test Your Tiredness

Isaiah 40:21-31 The Final Picture
Isaiah 40:25-31 In His Hands  

Isaiah 40:25-31 Power Up!

Isaiah 40:25-31 Souls And Stars  

Isaiah 40:25-31 A Difficult Hill  

Isaiah 40:25-31  Think Young

Isaiah 40:25-31 Unlimited Power  

Isaiah 40:25–41:1  Anti-Aging Power

Isaiah 40:25-31 Drained Of All Strength

Isaiah 40:25-31 I’m Invisible

Isaiah 40:25-31 Not My Worry

Isaiah 40:27-31 Running Well  

Isaiah 40:27-31 Plugged In

Isaiah 40:28-41:4 A Season Of Renewal  

Isaiah 40:28 A Possum’s Pose

Isaiah 40:29-31 Eagle Flight  

Isaiah 40:25-31  Burned-out Jugglers

Isaiah 40:27 Star Shepherd

Isaiah 40:25-27 The Star Shepherd

Isaiah 40:31 Patience To Be Patient

Isaiah 40:31 Crumbs of Time

Isaiah 40:31 A Deadly Weapon

Isaiah 40:31 Get Up!

Isaiah 40:31 Use Your Weapons

Isaiah 40:31 Wait On The Lord

Isaiah 40:31 Spiritual Decompression

Isaiah 40:31 Ruts And Routines

Isaiah 40:27-31 On Eagles’ Wings

Isaiah 40:27-31; 41:10 Without Power

Isaiah 41:10 Frightened By A Boxer

Isaiah 41:8-14 Life-Changing Choices
Isaiah 41:8-20 Someone Is With You

Isaiah 41:13 Holding Me Up

Isaiah 41:10-13 Chipmunk Chatter

Isaiah 41:17-20 Embroidery Of Earth”


Isaiah 42:1-9 God's Surprising Answer

Isaiah 42:1-7 Eye Level To A Bulldog

Isaiah 42:1-9  The Power Of Compassion

Isaiah 42:8 That Is Mine!

Isaiah 42:1-4,23-25 Who Is Deaf

Isaiah 43:1-4 Fear Not

Isaiah 43:1 A Winner Either Way

Isaiah 43: Trust Me
Isaiah 43:1-13  In The Car Wash

Isaiah 43:1-13 Heat And Holiness
Isaiah 43:1-13 Carwash Experiences
Isaiah 43:2 Does Your Roof Leak?

Isaiah 43:2 Trouble

Isaiah 43:19 New Beginnings
Isaiah 43:19-28 "Sweet Cane" For God

Isaiah 43:22-28 Think Of Them No More
Isaiah 43:22-28 Life-Saver
Isaiah 43:25 Unable To Sleep

Isaiah 43:25 Moving Past Sinful Failure

Isaiah 44:21-28 Amnesia

Isaiah 44:22 The Best Eraser

Isaiah 45:1-13  The Big Picture

Isaiah 48:11 Glory Deflectors
Isaiah 45:18-25  Help From Above

Isaiah 45:18-25 He’s There All The Time


Isaiah 46:1-10 miracle Material

Isaiah 46:1-9 Bel Bows Down

Isaiah 46:1-11 Carried In His Strong Arms

Isaiah 46:4-13 How to Grow Old

Isaiah 46:4 What We Cannot Lose

Isaiah 46:4 Aging Gracefully - Our Daily Bread

Isaiah 46:1-13  Carrying The Canteen

Isaiah 46:8-11 One Mysterious God

Isaiah 46:1-9 Bel Bows Down
Isaiah 46:1-4 Carried By God


Isaiah 47:1-11  Don't Be Fooled

Isaiah 48:17-22  Chess Master

Isaiah 48:16-22 Desert Places

Isaiah 49:1-7 He Calls Us By Name

Isaiah 49:1-6 Small Ways In Small Places

Isaiah 49:8-16  God's Constant Care

Isaiah 49:8-18 Do We Matter to God?

Isaiah 49:13-16 Not Abandoned
Isaiah 49:13-18  No Need Is Too Trivial

Isaiah 49:13-18 Greater Compassion

Isaiah 49:13-20 For This I Have Jesus

Isaiah 50:4-10  Something To Say
Isaiah 50:4-10 A Word to the Weary  

Isaiah 50:4-10 What Do You Believe?

Isaiah 50:4-5 The Secret Chamber


Isaiah 51:1-16  What Do You Fear?
Isaiah 51:7-16  Healthy Fear

Isaiah 52:7-15  Yesterday And Tomorrow
Isaiah 52:7  The Runner

Isaiah 52:7 Beautiful Feet

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 The Value Of Prophecy

Isaiah 53 Hope In Him
Isaiah 53 A Place For Sorrows

Isaiah 53 A Portrait of Jesus

Isaiah 53 The Clue Of Silence
Isaiah 53 Why Did Jesus Die?

Isaiah 53 He Died For Me!

Isaiah 53  The Agony Of The Cross

Isaiah 53  The Clue of Silence

Isaiah 53:1-6 Pack Up Your Sorrows

Isaiah 53:1-6 Seeing Jesus

Isaiah 53:1-6 Blue Christmas

Isaiah 53:1-10  Why He Died

Isaiah 53:1-10 Claiming Responsibility

Isaiah 53:4-12 Wounded For Me

Isaiah 53:4-12 Wounded For Me -2

Isaiah 53:4-12 Trail Trees

Isaiah 53:4-12 That’s Jesus!

Isaiah 53:4-10  Why Is Sin So Bad?

Isaiah 53:4 Where Was God?

Isaiah 53:5 The Deadliest Disease

Isaiah 53:5 A Fragile Lamb

Isaiah 53:5  The Burned- Over Place

Isaiah 53:6  Who's To Blame?

Isaiah 53:6 Make A U-Turn

Isaiah 53:6 Calvary's Deepest Pain

Isaiah 53:12 Sin Hurts


Isaiah 54:1-10  Close The Gate
Isaiah 54:4-10  Predicting The Future
Isaiah 54:13  Instructed By God

Isaiah 55 Making Things Square
Isaiah 55  The Price Of Food
Isaiah 55:1-3  The Toy Search

Isaiah 55:1-6 The Search For Satisfaction

Isaiah 55:1-5 Buy Without Money

Isaiah 55:1-6  Taking The Medicine

Isaiah 55:1-7  God Loves Atheists

Isaiah 55:1-7  Stumbling Christians

Isaiah 55:1-7 God Loves Atheists

Isaiah 55:1-7 Something For Nothing

Isaiah 55:1-7 What Money Can’t Buy

Isaiah 55:1-7 Just As I Am

Isaiah 55:1-9 It's Free!

Isaiah 55:1-9 Welcome To All!

Isaiah 55:7  Repenting And Rejoicing

Isaiah 55:6 "Better Late Than Never!"

Isaiah 55:6 When It's Too Late

Isaiah 55:6-13  The Plantings Of Grace

Isaiah 55:6-13  Keep At It!

Isaiah 55:8-13 Upside Down

Isaiah 55:8-11 God’s Refreshing Word

Isaiah 55:8-13 The Miracle We All Need

Isaiah 55:8-13 Hope For Skeptics

Isaiah 55:8-11 Six Degrees Of Separation

Isaiah 55:8 Gimme It!

Isaiah 55:8 Surprise Me!

Isaiah 55:8 Doesn’t God Care

Isaiah 55:9 It All Makes Sense
Isaiah 55:6-13 Do I Have To Read Leviticus?

Isaiah 55:8 Knowing The Unknowable

Isaiah 55:9 Unanswered Prayer

Isaiah 55:9 Mysterious Ways

Isaiah 57:14-21  The First Step
Isaiah 57:15-21  The Restless Sea
Isaiah 57:15 Back On The Farm


Isaiah 58:1-10 Let Freedom Ring

Isaiah 58  Willing To Change
Isaiah 58:1-12 Misapplied First Aid

Isaiah 58:6-12  All Year Long

Isaiah 58:6-12 Hoarding Or Helping

Isaiah 58:1-9  Religion And Reality
Isaiah 58:1-10 Spend Less, Give More
Isaiah 58:1-12 Cry for Help

Isaiah 58:6-12  Helping Hand

Isaiah 58:8 “Don’t Worry, Dad!”
Isaiah 58:10-12 A Healing Community

Isaiah 58:11 Eye In The Sky

Isaiah 59  A Call For Justice
Isaiah 59  Inner-City Injustice
Isaiah 59  What Can We Do?

Isaiah 59:12 You Won't Get Away With It!

Isaiah 59:1-2 Who Is Deaf


Isaiah 60:19-22 Piercing the Darkness

Isaiah 60:17-22 Gone The Sun

Isaiah 61:1-3  The Oil Of Helpfulness

Isaiah 61:3 Everything Is Beautiful

Isaiah 61:1-3 New Start For A Broken Heart

Isaiah 61:1-3 The Power Of Praise

Isaiah 61:1-2 The Answers Can Wait

Isaiah 61:10 Buyer’s Remorse

Isaiah 61:10-11 Frog And Toad


Isaiah 63:3 Vengeance Is Mine

Isaiah 63:9 His Pain

Isaiah 64 Bad Sinners Made Good
Isaiah 64
 New Clothes

Isaiah 64:1 God's Surprising Answer

Isaiah 65:17-66:2 Learning from the Redwoods

Isaiah 66:7-13 Learning To Trust

Isaiah 66:5-13 Safe in His Arms

H. Van Dyke Parunak
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John Piper
Sermons on Isaiah
Updated 1/31/14

Isaiah 6:1-8 Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord of Hosts

Isaiah 6 In the Throne Room - audio/video only

Isaiah 25:1-8 Cities of Ruthless Nations Will Revere Thee

Isaiah 30:1-5 Battling the Unbelief of Impatience

Isaiah 37 Prayer and the Victory of God

Isaiah 40:5 Three Meditations on "The Messiah"

Isaiah 40:8 Thanksgiving Toward the Past, Faith Toward the Future

Isaiah 41:1-13 Fear Not, I Am with You, I Am Your God

Isaiah 41:14 Fear Not, You Worm Jacob!

Isaiah 43:1-7 God Created Us for His Glory

Isaiah 43:8-13 I Am the Lord, and Besides Me There Is No Savior

Isaiah 43:10-13 From Wonder to Witness

Isaiah 44:1-5 A Precious Promise: The Outpouring of God's Spirit

Isaiah 52:13-53:6 Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs

Isaiah 53:3-12 The Risen Christ: Satisfied with His Suffering

Isaiah 53:7-9 Like a Lamb That Is Led to Slaughter

Isaiah 53:10-12 He Shall Be Satisfied with the Fruit of His Travail

Isaiah 53:10 The Pleasure of God in Bruising the Son

Isaiah 55:1-3 The Great Invitation: Call Others Too!

Isaiah 55:1-3 The Great Invitation: Come! Drink! Eat! Live!

Isaiah 55:10-11 The Great Invitation: God's Triumphant Word

Isaiah 55:12-13 The Great Invitation: Break Forth in Song!

Isaiah 56:1-7 Single in Christ: A Name Better Than Sons and Daughters

Isaiah 57:14-21 The Lofty One Whose Name Is Holy

Isaiah 58:1-12  A Fast for Waters That Do Not Fail, Part 1

Isaiah 58:1-12  A Fast for Waters That Do Not Fail, Part 2

Isaiah 58:1-12 Bethlehem, Break Forth Like the Dawn

Isaiah 64:1-4 God Works for Those Who Wait for Him

Plymouth Brethren
Multiple Resources on Isaiah
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Wil Pounds
Sermons on Isaiah

Introduction to Prophets in Old Testament    PDF 

Introduction to Isaiah: Yahweh is Salvation  

Isaiah 2:1-4 The Holy City 

Isaiah 4:2 The Branch  

Isaiah 7:14 God with Us 

Isaiah 8:14 A Rock of Salvation and a Stumbling Stone  

Isaiah 9:1-7 The Child with Many Names  

Isaiah 9:1-7 Name the Child

Isaiah 11:1-5 A Shoot from the Stem of Jesse

Isaiah 11:6-16 Our Blessed Hope

Isaiah 12–40 One Liners in Isaiah 

Isaiah 25:8; 26:19 When God Wipes Away the Tears

Isaiah 32 A Kingdom of Righteousness

Isaiah 42-53 The Servant Songs of Isaiah

Isaiah 52:13-15 The Divine Servant

Isaiah 53:1-3  The Divine Sufferer 

Isaiah 53:4-6 The Divine Substitute

Isaiah 53:7-9 The Divine Sacrifice

Isaiah 53:10-12 The Divine Satisfaction

Isaiah 54-66 The LORD God Reigns!


Related Resource (Recommended): Christ in the Old Testament (Multiple Messages)

Precept Ministries
Studies on Isaiah

Notes, Lectures, Charts on Isaiah - 1-39
Notes, Lectures, Charts on Isaiah - 40-66
Lesson 1 of Precept Study on Isaiah - 1-39
Lesson 1 of Precept Study on Isaiah - 40-66

Timeline of the Times of Isaiah

Isaiah 1-39 Summarized

Isaiah 1 & 2 Chart

Pulpit Commentary (PC)

This work, although generally conservative, is not listed as a recommended commentary for Isaiah because it has many comments that can lead to confusion especially if you believe the "safest" interpretation of Scripture is literal interpretation! A number of comments in the PC interpret Old Testament promises to Israel as being fulfilled in the Church. The PC mentions the "Church" some 827 times in the section on Isaiah despite the fact that the "Church" is not found in a literal reading of the Old Testament! There is only a single mention of the "millennium" in the PC (and even this comment on Isaiah 66 is not accurate) compared with 52 mentions of "millennium" in the highly respected Bible Knowledge Commentary. The importance of this fact is that the book of Isaiah is replete with direct and indirect allusions to a future time period which correlates well with the 1000 year period described by John in Revelation 20. If one interprets Isaiah's prophecies from an amillennial (no literal millennium) perspective, many chapters are difficult to understand, forcing one to resort to figurative interpretations. Click for several examples of non-literal interpretation in the Pulpit Commentary (on Isaiah 1:26, Isaiah 2:2, Isaiah 4:2-3, Isaiah 5:1, Isaiah 11:9)


John Calvin's Commentary is similar to the Pulpit Commentary and has some 1225 references to the "Church" in his comments on Isaiah! Calvin interprets many prophetic passages in Isaiah in a non-literal manner, interpreting many of the prophecies as referring to the Church rather than to Israel (see study of Israel of God). As an example, Calvin has a very confusing interpretation of Isaiah's great prophecy in chapter 2 in which God gives a promise of the future restoration of the kingdom of Israel, a prophecy which interpreted literally speaks of a future Millennial Kingdom. Calvin all but removes Israel from Isaiah 2 replacing it instead with references to the gospel and to the Church, making this beautiful promise to Israel almost unintelligible. Please do not misunderstand. John Calvin deserves great respect as a theologian for he was a "giant" in the Reformation, but like many of the reformers, his interpretation of the Old Testament and specifically OT prophecy is less than stellar.

Allen Ross
Expository Commentary

Introduction to The Study of the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah 1:1-31: Israel's Ungrateful Rebellion and Yahweh’s Gracious Invitation
Isaiah 6:1-13: How the Sovereign LORD God Prepares His Servants

Isaiah 7:1-25: A Call for Faith and the Sign of Immanuel

Isaiah 8:1-22: The Announcement of Judgment

Isaiah 9:1-7: The Glorious Messiah and the Messianic Age

Isaiah 13:1-23:18: The Burdens Upon The Nations
Isaiah 27:1-13: The Defeat of the Forces of Evil and the Deliverance of the People of God

Isaiah 38:1-22: The Deliverance of Judah's King

Isaiah 40:1-31: A Message of Comfort to God's People

Isaiah 43:1-13: The LORD is the Gracious Redeemer

Isaiah 44:6-23: Dead Idols or the Living God

Isaiah 44:24-45:25: The Knowledge of the LORD

Isaiah 46:1-13: The LORD's Superiority to the Gods of Babylon
Isaiah 48:1-22: Exhortations to Heed God's Call

Isaiah 50:1-11: The LORD Can and Will Help Those Who Trust Him

Isaiah 52:1-12: The Announcement of Comfort to the Redeemed

Isaiah 52:13-53:12: The Suffering Servant

Isaiah 52:13-53:12: The Triumph of the Suffering Servant An Exposition

Isaiah 55:1-13: God's Exhortation to Receive His Grace

Isaiah 54:1-17: Future Blessings for the People of God
Isaiah 56:9-57:21: God's Condemnation or God's Comfort
Isaiah 61:1-11: The Spirit-filled Servant and the Kingdom of God
Isaiah 64:1-12: Israel's Plea for Deliverance

Isaiah 65:1-25: The LORD's Answer: Mercy for Israel

Charles Simeon
Isaiah Sermons
Seems to Generally Interpret Israel as Israel (Jewish)


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