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Chart from recommended resource Jensen's Survey of the NT - used by permission
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Chart from recommended resource  Jensen's Survey of the NT - used by permission


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Chart from recommended resource Jensen's Survey of the NT - used by permission


Charles Haddon Spurgeon writes that this text "is an invaluable aid to the critical study of the text of the New Testament. You will find in it the ripened results of a matured scholarship, the harvesting of a judgment, generally highly impartial, always worthy of respect, which has gleaned from the most important fields of Biblical research, both modern and ancient, at home and abroad. You will not look here for any spirituality of thought or tenderness of feeling; you will find the learned Dean does not forget to do full justice to his own views, and is quite able to express himself vigorously against his opponents; but for what it professes to be, it is an exceedingly able and successful work. The later issues are by far the most desirable, as the author has considerably revised the work in the fourth edition. What I have said of his Greek Testament applies equally to Alford’s New Testament for English Readers,* which is also a standard work." (Spurgeon, C. H. Lectures to my Students, Vol. 4: Commenting and Commentaries; Lectures Addressed to the students of the Pastors' College, Metropolitan Tabernacle)












Rosscup comments: Evangelical comments run quickly to their points, yet the generality causes skipping some key details (cf. on Anna, Lk 2:36-38) or seem to argue around a more likely view with unconvincing reasoning (Lk 3:16). In other cases, Bock seems to select the most probable view, an instance being in seeing the sermon (Luke 6) as a condensed version of the same sermon in Mt 5–7. One can also find the second and third soils of Luke 8 taken to represent people not actually saved (148–49). One can wonder in Lk 14:34–35 how inability to be worthy disciples is in harmony with salvation as a gift, for the work passes by this. Bock in most verses touches clearly on key issues and… lacks space to deal with every important matter… For a work with much application, cf. Darrell Bock, Luke (NIV Application Commentary. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1996). (Rosscup, J. Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)



A B BRUCE - Expositor's Greek Testament

HENRY BURTON - Expositor's Bible Commentary

D Edmond Hiebert - A practical, warm-hearted exposition by a conservative scholar. Although written during the nineteenth century, it is rich in its interpretative contents, as, for example, on chapter 15.

  • Luke 1 - Has all of the following in easier to read format
  • Luke 1 - The Genesis of the Gospel
  • Luke 1:5-25, 57-80 The Mute Priest
  • Luke - The Gospel Psalms
  • Luke - The Virgin Mother



D Edmond Hiebert - Greek text. The work of a famous British scholar of the past century. In spite of its age, the phrase-by-phrase treatment is worth consulting.


RICH CATHERS - sermons

2000 Study














Rosscup comments: Concise treatments are given to each of the NT books. The main value of the set lies in its clear synthesis which helps the student grasp the flow of thought as he moves through a book. Erdman possessed a lucid writing style. He was amillennial. (Rosscup, J. Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

D Edmond Hiebert - A devotional and practical exposition, in paragraph form, by a conservative Presbyterian scholar.


Spurgeon comments: "We frequently consult this work and never without finding in it things new and old. To preachers who will not steal the lectures, but use them suggestively, they will be extremely serviceable." (Spurgeon - Commenting on Commentaries)


A C GAEBELEIN Annotated Bible



FREDERIC GODET - commentary

Spurgeon has these comment on Godet: Dr. Meyer says: “To an immense erudition, to a living piety, Godet unites a profound feeling of reality; there is here a vivifying breath, an ardent love for the Saviour, which helps the disciple to comprehend the work, the acts, the words of his Divine Master.” (Spurgeon - Commenting on Commentaries)

Cyril Barber - An exhaustive, technical commentary that ably defends the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith while expounding the text. Deserves a place on the shelf of every pastor. 

D Edmond Hiebert - An exhaustive, technical commentary by a conservative French theologian of the past century. Godet's theological and critical conservatism is clearly revealed in this work on Luke. Of abiding value in spite of its age.

Rosscup comments: Though old, this work is almost exhaustive in dealing with interpretive problems and shows a wide acquaintance with commentators of all ages up to his day. He is regarded by Greek authorities as weak on textual criticism but strong on exegesis. (Rosscup, J. Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

GOSPEL COALITION - audio sermons on Luke 1 






ROBERT HAWKER - Poor Man's Commentary


F B HOLE - Commentary

HOLMAN PUBLISHING - well done, conservative study Bible notes






Cyril Barber - An excellent handling of Luke's theme, replete with the author's own translation and an exposition that is at once refreshing and satisfying.

PAUL E. KRETZMANN -Lutheran Perspective

LANGE'S COMMENTARY - J J VAN OOSTERZEE - Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures 

Spurgeon writes "Oosterzee in Lange is excellent."

D Edmond Hiebert - In keeping with the series to which it belongs, the massive material is presented in three parts: exegetical and critical, doctrinal and ethical, and homiletical and practical. Conservative in viewpoint. Valuable for those willing to dig into its vast stores of material, much of which is definitely dated.


LIFE APPLICATION BIBLE - Notes on Luke (158 pages) includes nice black and white maps









J R MILLER - Devotional Hours


HENRY MORRIS - Defender's Study Bible Notes

ROBERT NEIGHBOUR - Living Water Commentary


JAMES NISBET'S - Church Pulpit Commentary




PETER PETT - Commentary



ALFRED PLUMMER - International Critical Commentary - Detailed Comments Verse by Verse

Rosscup comments: This used to be often considered the best older commentary on the Greek. (Rosscup, J. Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

D. D. Salmond - It is distinguished throughout by learning, sobriety of judgment, and sound exegesis. It is a weighty contribution to the interpretation of the third Gospel, and will take an honorable place in the series of which it forms a part. 

J. H. Thayer - It is a valuable and welcome addition to our somewhat scanty stock of first-class commentaries on the third Gospel. By its scholarly thoroughness it well sustains the reputation which the International Series has already won. 

Cyril Barber - A most exhaustive and helpful treatment of the Greek text.

E H PLUMPTRE, D.D. - New Testament Commentary for English Readers Edited by Charles J Ellicott, D.D.

MATTHEW POOLE - Commentary


PREACHER'S HOMILETICAL - Commentary - Includes Germ Notes, Illustrations, Homilies









JOHNNY SANDERS - published 2005. Well done



  • Luke 1 Sermons - All the sermons below are on this page
  • Luke 1:17 John the Forerunner of Jesus
  • Luke 1:35, 38 The Angel's Message to Mary
  • Luke 1:46, 47 The Virgin's Song of Praise
  • Luke 1:67-75 The Son of Zacharias
  • Luke 1:78, 79 The Causes of Our Saviour's Incarnation



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  • A GREAT CHARACTER. Luke 1:15, 16.
  • JESUS AS SAVIOR AND KING. Luke 1:30-33.
  • MARY'S PRAYER. Luke 1:30-38.
  • HOLY JOY. Luke 1:46-55.
  • DELIVERED TO SERVE. Luke 1:74, 75.

R C SPROUL DEVOTIONALS GOSPEL OF LUKE - transcripts from Ligonier

R C SPROUL - Sermons Mp3 only




GEOFF THOMAS Sermons on Luke 1

TODAY IN THE WORD - devotionals

JOHN TRAPP - Commentary







  • Luke 1:47 Devotional
  • Luke 1:53 Devotional - He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away. - Luke 1:53 Beware of placing any limit whatever to the grace of Jesus. Be your circumstances what they may; remember that "God is able to make all grace abound towards you; that you always, having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work." Make no allowance for sin, frame no excuses for inactivity, shrink from no cross, be disheartened by no difficulty, give place to no temptation, yield to no excessive grief; for Jesus has spoken it, and He now speaks it to you, "My grace is sufficient for you." Since, then, the grace of Jesus is illimitable, take with you in your journeying to the one Source of supply a vessel of large capacity that you may receive abundantly. Remember that, as a believer in the Lord Jesus, "All things are for your sake, that the abundant grace might, through the thanksgiving of many, redound to the glory of God." Let your life be a perpetual traveling to this grace. Do not be satisfied with what you have already received. Go, again and yet again, to this Divine Fountain, taking every corruption as it is developed, every sin as it is felt, every sorrow as it rises, to Jesus; remembering for your encouragement, that though you have received much, yet "He gives more grace," and is prepared to give you much more than you have yet received. Rejoice that the emptiness of the vessel is no plea against the filling of the vessel. If the Spirit of God has made you "poor in spirit," has wrought in you a "hungering and thirsting for righteousness," betake yourself to the grace of Jesus. The full vessel He needs not, nor does the full vessel want Him. He invites, He draws, and He receives none save the empty. He will have all the honor of our salvation. He will magnify His grace in the creature's nothingness. Your emptiness shall eternally glorify His fullness. With the example and the words before me of him who styled himself the 'chief of sinners,' I hesitate not to encourage the greatest sinner to come to Christ. "Who was before a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy... And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which are in Christ Jesus. This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief." Truly might he exclaim, "By the grace of God I am what I am." Beware then, I beseech you, of going to Christ for salvation in any other character than as an empty sinner. Had the vessels been brought other than empty, to receive the miraculous oil, they would have been refused, filled though they had been with ambrosia itself. Nothing should mingle with the oil. Nothing should shade the luster of the miracle. And so is it with the grace of Jesus. Brilliant genius, profound erudition, costly benevolence, and the purest ethics of natural religion, avail nothing in the matter of the soul's salvation. These are the ambrosia, of which the vessel must be emptied before it comes to Christ. It must all be laid aside as constituting a plea of acceptance. The only plea admissible with Christ is that without His grace you perish forever. "Lord, save, or I perish."



Afraid of Being Convinced Memoirs of Bishop Gobat. Luke 1:1-4
Certainties Alexander Raleigh, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Certainties Concerning Christ W. Clarkson Luke 1:1-4
Christianity Courts Examination J. Clifford, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Courtesy James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:1-4
Dedication of Books James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:1-4
Examination Convincing   Luke 1:1-4
Historical Belief in the Divine Truth of Christianity J. J. Van Oosterzee, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Importance of a Firm Religious Belief Davy. Luke 1:1-4
In Order Professor Godet., Prebendary Row. Luke 1:1-4
Infidels Neglect to Examine the Bible Student's Handbook to Scripture Doctrines. Luke 1:1-4
Introductory Consideration James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:1-4
Luke and Theophilus J. J. Van Oosterzee, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Luke Is J. J. Van Oosterzee, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Many Workers Needed Joseph Parker, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Most Excellent Theophilus J. J. Van Oosterzee, D. D., Starke. Luke 1:1-4
Most Excellent Theophilus James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:1-4
Most Excellent Theophilus Biblical Museum Luke 1:1-4
Other Narratives of Christ's Life J. B. Thomson, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Power of Personal Testimony   Luke 1:1-4
Pulpit Notes Joseph Parker, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Religion a Reality Essex Remembrancer Luke 1:1-4
St. Luke's Preface Bishop Harvey Goodwin. Luke 1:1-4
St. Luke's Preface P. Schaff , D. D. Luke 1:1-4
Testimonies of Experience H. W. Beecher. Luke 1:1-4
The Absolute Certainty of the Christian Religion R.M. Edgar Luke 1:1-4
The Bible Really Believed Baxendale's Illustrations Luke 1:1-4
The Bible Tested Dr. John Hall. Luke 1:1-4
The Christian Faith is Founded on Facts Dean Stanley. Luke 1:1-4
The Highest Aim Which a Christian Anther Can Propose to H Ibid. Luke 1:1-4
The Order in Divine Things Van Oosterzee. Luke 1:1-4
The Power of Truth Dr. Donne. Luke 1:1-4
The Preface the Best Part of the Book Joseph Parker, D. D. Luke 1:1-4
The Preface to the Gospel G. D. Boardman. Luke 1:1-4
The Purpose of the Gospel F. D. Maurice, M. A. Luke 1:1-4
The Tone of Certainty E. White. Luke 1:1-4
The Tone of the New Testament on Certainty in Religion Edward White. Luke 1:1-4
The Witnesses of the Gospel Facts E. White. Luke 1:1-4
Theophilus Professor Godet. Luke 1:1-4
Triumph of the Word Dr. McEwan. Luke 1:1-4
Luke I. 3, 4 Thomas Arnold Luke 1:3
Luke I. 3,4 Thomas Arnold Luke 1:3
Elijah Come Again Alexander Maclaren Luke 1:5
Of the Course of Abia Dr. Kitto. Luke 1:5
Priesthood in the Davis of Our Lord Dr. Geikie. Luke 1:5
The Priestly Descent of the Forerunner Dr. Grosart. Luke 1:5
The Priestly Orders Archdeacon Farrar., Van Doren. Luke 1:5
Life in its Completeness W. Clarkson Luke 1:5, 6
The Inauguration of the Dispensation of Grace R.M. Edgar Luke 1:5-25
A Model Coupler W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:6
All God's Commands to be Observed A. W. Hare. Luke 1:6
Characteristics of True Righteousness H. R. Burton. Luke 1:6
Domestic Life Essex Remembrancer Luke 1:6
Like Stock, Like Fruit Bishop Hall., Dr. Grosart. Luke 1:6
Observance of God's Ordinances Bishop Beveridge. Luke 1:6
Performance of Duties W. Gurnall. Luke 1:6
The Blameless Pair E. Payson, D. D. Luke 1:6
Transparent in Character C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:6
Unity of Zacharias and Elisabeth VanDoren. Luke 1:6
Zacharias and Elisabeth John Rawlinson. Luke 1:6
Opposite Wonders in the Conception of Christ and of John Bishop Hall., W. H. Van Doren, D. D. Luke 1:7
The Grief of Being Childless Dr. Geikie. Luke 1:7
The Society of Children   Luke 1:7
Virtue Rewarded After Long Trial W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:7
His Lot Dr. Kitto. Luke 1:8-10
Joint Offering of Priest and People W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:8-10
Order in the Performance of Religious Duties W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:8-10
Priestly Functions James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:8-10
Remarkable Effect of United Prayer Hervey's "Manual of Revivals." Luke 1:8-10
Supplication the Church's Power Bishop F. D. Huntingdon. Luke 1:8-10
Symbol of United Prayer R. Tuck. Luke 1:8-10
The Priest's Office Dr. Geikie Luke 1:8-10
The Providence in Chance Bishop Goodwin. Luke 1:8-10
The Social Feelings in Large Gatherings J. Aldis. Luke 1:8-10
Zachariah's Prayer Heard Van Oosterzee. Luke 1:8-10
Absence from the Sanctuary Dr. Grosart. Luke 1:11
Angelic Visits Dr. Parker. Luke 1:11
Angels Present in Church Dean Hook. Luke 1:11
Character of the Angels   Luke 1:11
Intercourse Between Visible and Invisible World F. D. Maurice. Luke 1:11
Reality of the Spirit World Murray. Luke 1:11
Seeing the Angels Prof. Godet. Luke 1:11
The Angels as Observers and Witnesses Bishop Bull. Luke 1:11
The Annunciation to Zacharias   Luke 1:11
Angelic Glory Awakening Fear W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:12
Sight Rather than Faith the Cause of Fear Bishop Hall. Luke 1:12
Terrifying Effect of Supernatural Appearances James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:12
Acceptable Prayer Defined W. H. Van Doren, D. D. Luke 1:13
And Thy Wife Elisabeth... John Rudolf Stier. Luke 1:13
Angelic Solicitude W. Burkitt, M. A Luke 1:13
Human Life on Earth Known in Heaven Dr. Parker. Luke 1:13
Light Will Arise in Due Time A. B. Grosart, LL. D, Rudolph Stier Luke 1:13
Long-Offered Prayers A. B. Grosart, LL. D., Anon. Luke 1:13
Prayer Heard Though not Immediately Answered H. W. Beecher. Luke 1:13
Prayers Answered At Last North-Western Christian Advocate. Luke 1:13
The Efficacy of Prayer Pall Mall Gazette. Luke 1:13
The Fear-Nots of the Bible Anon. Luke 1:13
Unanswered Prayer Accepted T. Guthrie, D. D. Luke 1:13
Parental Ambition W. Clarkson Luke 1:13-17
An Ideal Child James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:14
Prophetic Description of the Baptist W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:14
Social Joys Dr. Parker. Luke 1:14
Useful Lives A. Decoppel. Luke 1:14
True Greatness Alexander Maclaren Luke 1:15
A Great Man   Luke 1:15-16
A Strange Greatness Bishop Goodwin. Luke 1:15-16
Abstinence and Health Canon Basil Wilberforce. Luke 1:15-16
Abstinence and Promotion Christian Chronicle Luke 1:15-16
And He Shall be Filled with the Holy Ghost Professor Drummond., Dr. Joseph Leckie. Luke 1:15-16
And Many of the Children of Israel J. R. Bailey. Luke 1:15-16
And Shall Drink Neither Wine nor Strong Drink Archdeacon Farrar. Luke 1:15-16
Character and Work of John Robert Hall. Luke 1:15-16
Character of John the Baptist A. M. Fairbairn, D. D. Luke 1:15-16
Conversion Must be a Complete Surrender C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:15-16
Goodness is Greatness Henry R. Burton. Luke 1:15-16
Importance of One Conversion W. M. Punshon, D,D. Luke 1:15-16
In the Sight of the Lord Dean Church. Luke 1:15-16
Personal Influence in Conversion   Luke 1:15-16
True Greatness Dr. W. M. Taylor. Luke 1:15-16
A Father Reconciled to His Son D. L. Moody. Luke 1:17
Drawing Lightning C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 1:17
The Pioneer of the Gospel James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:17
The Prepared People J. Vaughan, M. A. Luke 1:17
The Spirit and Power of Elias C. Simeon., Samuel Cox, D. D. Luke 1:17
The Spirit and Power of the Baptist George Low, M. A. Luke 1:17
The Wisdom of the Just J. Slade, M. A. Luke 1:17
And Zacharias Said unto the Angel Bishop Goodwin. Luke 1:19-23
As Soon as the Days of His Ministration Were Accomplished Dean Stanley. Luke 1:19-23
Belief G. A. Gordon. Luke 1:19-23
Dumb Bishop Andrewes. Luke 1:19-23
Grieving Because of Unbelief From sermon by Charles Finney. Luke 1:19-23
He Beckoned unto Them Richard Crashaw. Luke 1:19-23
He Had Seen a Vision Lyman Abbot. Luke 1:19-23
I am Gabriel Dr. Kitto. Luke 1:19-23
I am Gabriel. Names of Angels F. Godet, D. D. Luke 1:19-23
Remained Speechless Bishop Hall. Luke 1:19-23
Sticking to Duty T. Guthrie, D. D. Luke 1:19-23
Telling the News At Home A. B. Grosart, LL. D. Luke 1:19-23
The Judgment on Zacharias C. H. Spurgeon., A. B. Grosart, LL. D. Luke 1:19-23
Unbelief a Sin Handbook to Scripture Doctrines. Luke 1:19-23
The Judgment Upon Zacharias Charles Haddon Spurgeon Luke 1:20
Modesty Buck. Luke 1:24
Modesty a Retiring Grace Hartwig. Luke 1:24
Absence of Self-Consciousness Stopford A. Brooke, M. A. Luke 1:26-30
Angelic Visitations H. W. Beecher. Luke 1:26-30
Blessed Among Women J. H. McIlvaine, D. D. Luke 1:26-30
Blessed of God Wallin. Luke 1:26-30
Calmness of Mary Harriet B. Stowe. Luke 1:26-30
Encouragement to the Humble H. Melvill, B. D. Luke 1:26-30
God's Presence with His People Henry R. Burton. Luke 1:26-30
Mary a Typical Jewess Harriet B. Stowe. Luke 1:26-30
Mary the Flower of a Selected Race Harriet B. Stowe. Luke 1:26-30
Mary to be Held in Honour Horace Bushnell, D. D. Luke 1:26-30
Mary, the Mother of Jesus Horace Bushnell, D. D. Luke 1:26-30
Mary's Home-Life E. T. Marshall, M. A. Luke 1:26-30
Mary's Piety Horace Bushnell, D. D. Luke 1:26-30
Mary's True Place in Christian Esteem E. T. Marshall, M. A. Luke 1:26-30
The Annunciation W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:26-30
The Annunciation Dr. Parker. Luke 1:26-30
The Blessed Among Women Van Oosterzee. Luke 1:26-30
The Glory of Mary Harriet B. Stowe. Luke 1:26-30
The Mother of Jesus -- a Woman's Sermon to Worn Marianne Farningham. Luke 1:26-30
Thou Hast Found Favour Rudolf Stier. Luke 1:26-30
The Beginning of the Creation of God R.M. Edgar Luke 1:26-38
The Angel's Greeting Johannes Eckhart Luke 1:28
Fulness of Meaning in the Name Jesus G. W. Heacoek. Luke 1:31
Jesus Born the Son of God Friedrich Schleiermacher Luke 1:31
Signification of the Name Jesus Van Doren. Luke 1:31
The Divinity of the Name Jesus James Merchant. Luke 1:31
The Efficacy of This Name M Faber. Luke 1:31
The Incarnation Van Doren. Luke 1:31
The Lock of the Heart   Luke 1:31
The Miraculous Conception Dr. Geikie. Luke 1:31
The Name Jesus C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:31
The Name Jesus Student's Handbook to Scripture Doctrine. Luke 1:31
The Name of Jesus A. F. Barfield. Luke 1:31
The Name of Jesus a New Year Watchword Thos. H. Barnett. Luke 1:31
The Preciousness of the Name Jesus P. von Hartung. Luke 1:31
The Greatness of Jesus Christ W. Clarkson Luke 1:31-33
Christ the Ideal Representative of Humanity John Stuart Mill. Luke 1:32
Divine Humanity Realized in Christ   Luke 1:32
Forgotten Great Ones David Swing. Luke 1:32
Jesus not a Fabrication   Luke 1:32
The Grandeur of Christ C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:32
The Greatness of Christ Bishop Martensen. Luke 1:32
The Greatness of Jesus Bishop Harvey Goodwin. Luke 1:32
The Higher Life David Swing. Luke 1:32
The Incarnation Watts. Luke 1:32
Christ the Key to the World's History Prof. Henry B. Smith. Luke 1:33
Christ's Everlasting Kingdom Cummings. Luke 1:33
Of Christ's Incarnation   Luke 1:34-35
Rome -- Her New Dogma, and Our Duties Bishop Samuel Wilberforce. Luke 1:34-35
The Difficulty of Mary's Situation E. T. Marshall, M. A. Luke 1:34-35
The Life of Separation Canon Body. Luke 1:34-35
The Miraculous Conception Bishop Horsley. Luke 1:34-35
God's Omnipotence C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:37
The Scorn of Impossibility Thomas Carlyle. Luke 1:37
Blessedness of Resignation Dr. Chalmers. Luke 1:38
Mary's Answer Exhibits Van Doren. Luke 1:38
Mary's Quiet Acceptance of Greatness Stopford A. Brooke, M. A. Luke 1:38
Ready Acquiescence in God's Will Bishop Hall. Luke 1:38
Reasons for Submission to the Will of God D. Beaumont. Luke 1:38
The Call of God Dean Church., Professor Warfield. Luke 1:38
The Handmaid of the Lord J. Slade, M. A. Luke 1:38
The Life of Consecration Canon Body. Luke 1:38
Happiness Communicated Doubles Itself Bishop Hall., Parisian Breviary. Luke 1:39-45
Mary's Visit to Elisabeth Harriet B. Stowe. Luke 1:39-45
Religious Intercourse James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:39-45
The Home of Zacharias C. Geikie, D. D. Luke 1:39-45
The Power of Sympathy C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 1:39-45
The Speech of Elisabeth Must be Regarded as an Inspired S Bishop Goodwin. Luke 1:39-45
The Subordination of Personal Joys Dr. Parker. Luke 1:39-45
Went into the Hill Country: Mary's Journey C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 1:39-45
Inspirations Amid the Hills of Judaea R.M. Edgar Luke 1:39-56
Blessedness of Firmly Believing R. Storrs. Luke 1:45
Saving Faith William Dawson. Luke 1:45
Trust in God Professor Warfield. Luke 1:45
A Harp of Ten Strings Charles Haddon Spurgeon Luke 1:46
The Key-Note of a Choice Sonnet Charles Haddon Spurgeon Luke 1:46
The Magnificat Alexander Maclaren Luke 1:46
The Voice of Praise W. Clarkson Luke 1:46-48
A New Song Dr. Parker. Luke 1:46-55
All the Perfections of God Glorified in the Gift of the Saviour C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 1:46-55
An Ignominious Fall Dr. Talmage. Luke 1:46-55
Christianity and Women Canon Liddon. Luke 1:46-55
Copiousness of God's Mercy H. W. Beecher. Luke 1:46-55
God's Continuing Mercy C. H. S. Luke 1:46-55
Greatness of God Sermons by Dr. Hamilton. Luke 1:46-55
Happiness of Confiding in God Student's Handbook to Scripture Doctrines. Luke 1:46-55
Help Offered   Luke 1:46-55
Joy Under Unfavourable Circumstances Samuel Martin. Luke 1:46-55
Joyous Workers Do Most for God H. Bonar, D. D. Luke 1:46-55
Living in God a Source of Joy   Luke 1:46-55
Magnifying the Lord C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:46-55
Mary's Canticle W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:46-55
Mary's Patriotism Stopford A. Brooke, M. A. Luke 1:46-55
Mary's Song C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:46-55
Mary's Unselfishness H. B. Stowe. Luke 1:46-55
My Saviour Stems and Twigs. Luke 1:46-55
My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:46-55
Power of a True Christian Woman H. B. Stowe. Luke 1:46-55
Pride Before Destruction H. R. Burton. Luke 1:46-55
Pride the Master Sin H. R. Burton. Luke 1:46-55
Rejoicing Always Life of Billy Bray. Luke 1:46-55
Rejoicing in God Canon Liddon. Luke 1:46-55
Religious Joy C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:46-55
Take Heed of Abusing the Mercy of God T. Watson. Luke 1:46-55
The Beatitude of Mary, the Mother of the Lord Canon Knox Little. Luke 1:46-55
The Christian's Exaltation T. Brooks. Luke 1:46-55
The Coming of Jesus Is Van Oosterzee., Luther. Luke 1:46-55
The Greatest Blessedness is to be a Follower of Christ J. Stringer Rowe. Luke 1:46-55
The Hungry and the Rich Canon Liddon. Luke 1:46-55
The Magnificat C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 1:46-55
The Magnificat Dr. Dolittle. Luke 1:46-55
The Magnificat Bishop Wm. Alexander. Luke 1:46-55
The Magnificat -- External Characteristics C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 1:46-55
The Magnificat -- Internal Characteristics C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 1:46-55
The Magnificat -- its Structure and Contents F. Godet, D. D. Luke 1:46-55
The Magnificat, as it Exemplifies the Life of Joy Canon Body. Luke 1:46-55
The Prophecy of the Magnificat Canon Liddon. Luke 1:46-55
The Reverence Due to the Blessed Virgin J. H. Newman, D. D. Luke 1:46-55
The Song of Mary Preacher's Monthly Luke 1:46-55
The Virgin Mary; Or, True Blessedness Rowland Ellis, M. A. Luke 1:46-55
The Virgin Mary's Joy C. Bradley, M. A. Luke 1:46-55
The Virgin's Character Stopford Brooke. Luke 1:46-55
The Visit of Mary to Elisabeth G. D. Boardman. Luke 1:46-55
True Praise Van Doren., Van Doren. Luke 1:46-55
True Womanly Fame Stopford A. Brooke, M. d. Luke 1:46-55
God Revealed in Jesus Christ W. Clarkson Luke 1:49-55
Birth and Naming of the Baptist G. Venables, S. C. L. Luke 1:56-80
Naming a Child Biblical Treasury Luke 1:56-80
Praising God H. R. Burton. Luke 1:56-80
The Birth and Training of John the Baptist G. D. Boardman. Luke 1:56-80
The Dumb Learning to Praise God   Luke 1:56-80
The Nativity of John the Baptist Dr. Parker. Luke 1:56-80
These Opening Chapters of Luke Very Jubilant G. B. Johnson. Luke 1:56-80
To Children Study and Homiletic Monthly Luke 1:56-80
The Birth and Development of the Baptist R.M. Edgar Luke 1:57-80
Joy and Awe At a Human Birth W. Clarkson Luke 1:58, 66, 67
A Child Misjudged Baxendale's Anecdotes Luke 1:66
A Question and Answer At the Birth of a Child Van Oosterzee. Luke 1:66
A Sermon to Children Mark Guy Pearse. Luke 1:66
A Sermon to Parents W. Fox. Luke 1:66
Great Expectations Canon G. H. Curteis. Luke 1:66
Indications in Childhood H. R. Burton. Luke 1:66
Internal History of the Baptist Canon G. H. Curteis. Luke 1:66
The Future of a Child Canon Vernon Hutton, M. A. Luke 1:66
The Mystery of Moral Development Handbook to Scripture Doctrines. Luke 1:66
What Manner of Child Shall This Be? A. B. Grosart, DD. Luke 1:66
Zacharias' Hymn Alexander Maclaren Luke 1:67
Changed by the Spirit C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:67-79
Deliverance At Hand Sunday School Times Luke 1:67-79
Emotion Breaking Out into Speech T. L. Cuyler. Luke 1:67-79
God's Faithfulness Sunday School Times Luke 1:67-79
Religious Value of Song   Luke 1:67-79
Songs Composed Under Stress of Deep Feeling   Luke 1:67-79
Spontaneous Spiritual Song A. B. Grosart, D. D., Professor Luthardt. Luke 1:67-79
The Parental Relationship H. C. Trumbull. Luke 1:67-79
The Song of Zacharias Bishop Willliam Alexander. Luke 1:67-79
The Song of Zacharias James Foote, M. A. Luke 1:67-79
The Song of Zacharias F. D. Maurice, M. A. Luke 1:67-79
The Source of True Power H. C. Trumbull. Luke 1:67-79
Zachariah's Canticle W. Burkitt, M. A. Luke 1:67-79
Difficulty of Defining Redemption Adolphe Monod. Luke 1:68
God's Great Redemption Dr. Talmage. Luke 1:68
Realizing Redemption Life of Dr. Arnold. Luke 1:68
Redeemed Bishop Hacket. Luke 1:68
Visited Bishop Hacket. Luke 1:68
All God's Promises are Fulfilled   Luke 1:70
Faithfulness of God C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:70
Immovableness of the Divine Promises C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:70
Mercy of God Boundless C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:70
God's Covenants H. R. Burton. Luke 1:73
The Purpose of God's Oath John Owen. Luke 1:73
Delivered from Fear H. R. Burton. Luke 1:74
Delivered from the Hand of the Enemy Memoirs of the late Bishop Gobat. Luke 1:74
God's Interposition Dr. Talmage. Luke 1:74
Serving God and the Fear of Man Dr. Finney. Luke 1:74
Serving the Lord in Holiness T. Boston. Luke 1:74
Serving the Lord in Holiness T. Boston. Luke 1:74
The Practical Nature of Christianity Bishop A. F. Forbes. Luke 1:74
Tormenting Fear of God H. W. Beecher. Luke 1:74
The Course of the Christian Life W. Clarkson Luke 1:74, 75
Ambition to Excel in Holiness Dean Stanley. Luke 1:75
Holiness John Munro Gibson. Luke 1:75
The Holy and Their Heavenly Prospects Christina G. Rossetti. Luke 1:75
God a Great Forgiver Arvine. Luke 1:77
Nature Silent Concerning Salvation.   Luke 1:77
Source of Salvation T. Guthrie, D. D. Luke 1:77
A Light in a Dark Place   Luke 1:78
Beholding the Sun Dr. Talmage. Luke 1:78
Burnt a Hole in the Night R. Cordley, D. D. Luke 1:78
Christ Our Dayspring John Waugh. Luke 1:78
Christ's Advent Dr. Scott. Luke 1:78
Darkness and Danger W. Hardman, LL. D. Luke 1:78
Explanation of the Imagery F. Godet, D. D. Luke 1:78
God's Mercy Towards a Dark World G. Brooks. Luke 1:78
God's Tender Mercy C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:78
Philosophy and Christianity Coleridge. Luke 1:78
Safety in the Light of Day Sunday School Times Luke 1:78
Sunshine Dr. Talmage. Luke 1:78
The Dayspring from on High J. C. Philpot. Luke 1:78
The Dayspring from on High Alexander Maclaren Luke 1:78
The Dayspring from on High: Christ as the Dawn C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 1:78
The Gradual Development of Redemption J. O. Davies. Luke 1:78
The Mercy of God A. Garry, M. A. Luke 1:78
The Necessity and Glory of Christ Bishop E. Steere. Luke 1:78
The Night of Humanity R. Rothe, D. D. Luke 1:78
The Sun an Emblem of Christ Bishop Trower. Luke 1:78
The Tender Mercy of Our God C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 1:78
The Tenderness of God P. B. Power, M. A. Luke 1:78
Waiting for the Dayspring J. O. Davies. Luke 1:78
We Notice Then W. Toase. Luke 1:78
Christ Our Light W. Clarkson Luke 1:79
Christ Our Peace W. Clarkson Luke 1:79
Every Life has its Desert Period Bishop Penriek Luke 1:80
John's Secluded Life Archdeacon Farrer. Luke 1:80
Satisfactions of Solitude Baxendale's Anecdotes Luke 1:80
Solitude a Good Teacher   Luke 1:80
Solitude Helps to Mature Thought L D'Israeli. Luke 1:80
The Retirement of John Was A. B. Grosart, LL. D Luke 1:80
The Service of Solitude W. Clarkson Luke 1:80
The Youth of John the Baptist Dr. Belfrage. Luke 1:80
Waxed Strong in Spirit A. B. Grosart, LL. D. Luke 1:80