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Chart from recommended resource  Jensen's Survey of the NT - used by permission


GREG ALLEN- sermon


WILLIAM BARCLAY-  commentary

ALBERT BARNES- commentary

BRIAN BELL- sermons 

  • Luke 9 Sermons below
  • Luke:9:1-17 A Dozen Sent, a Multitude Fed
  • Luke:9:18-26 His Cross, my Cross
  • Luke:9:27-36 A Foretaste of Glory
  • Luke:9:37-62 Failure, Frustration, & moving Forward


JOHANN A BENGEL- commentary


A B BRUCE - Expositor's Greek Testament


JIM BOMKAMP- sermons 

GENE BROOKS- sermons 

HENRY BURTON - Expositor's Bible Commentary



RICH CATHERS - sermons

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ADAM CLARKE-  commentary


STEVEN COLE - - sermons


RON DANIEL - sermons 

JOHN DUMMELOW - commentary


J LIGON DUNCAN - et al- sermons 



CHARLES R ERDMAN-  commentary



DON FORTNER- sermons 

A C GAEBELEIN Annotated Bible

JOHN GILL- commentary

FREDERIC GODET- commentary



L M GRANT- commentary

DAVE GUZIK-  commentary

ROBERT HAWKER - Poor Man's Commentary

MATTHEW HENRY- commentary

F B HOLE - Commentary

HOLMAN PUBLISHING - well done, conservative study Bible notes


HARRY IRONSIDE-  commentary


WILLIAM KELLY- commentary

PAUL E. KRETZMANN -Lutheran Perspective - commentary

LIFE APPLICATION BIBLE - Notes on Luke (158 pages) includes nice black and white maps










HENRY MORRIS - Defender's Study Bible Notes

ROBERT NEIGHBOUR - Living Water Commentary


JAMES NISBET'S - Church Pulpit Commentary



PASTOR LIFE - various pastors' sermons

PETER PETT - Commentary

JOHN PIPER- sermons 

ALFRED PLUMMER- commentary

E H PLUMPTRE, D.D.- commentary

MATTHEW POOLE - Commentary

PREACHER'S HOMILETICAL - Commentary - Includes Germ Notes, Illustrations, Homilies



A. T. ROBERTSON-  commentary


RON RITCHIE- sermons 

J C RYLE-  commentary

ROB SALVATO- sermons 

JOHNNY SANDERS - published 2005. Well done


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  • Luke 9 - Following sermons are on this page
  • Luke 9:1213 The Five Thousand Fed
  • Luke 9:29-32 The Transfiguration of Christ
  • Luke 9:55 Against Mistaking Our Own Spirit
  • Luke 9:57-62 Appropriate Addresses to Distinct Characters
  • Luke 9:62 Against a Disposition to Relinquish the Lord's Service

CHUCK SMITH- sermons 


C. H. SPURGEON- sermons 


MIKE STONE - sermon

GEOFF THOMAS - sermons


TODAY IN THE WORD - devotionals

JOHN TRAPP - Commentary


BOB UTLEY- Commentary





Following Whithersoever Charles Wesley Naylor Luke 9:1
A Host of Heralds C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 9:1-2
A Love of Preaching   Luke 9:1-2
A Missionary's Healing Work Sunday School Times Luke 9:1-2
Authority for Missions Sunday School Times Luke 9:1-2
Bodily Healing a Preparation for Spiritual Instruction Dr. Henderson. Luke 9:1-2
Charge of Our Saviour to the Twelve J. Thomson, D. D. Luke 9:1-2
Delight in Preaching H. W. Beecher. Luke 9:1-2
Insignificant Beginnings Sunday School Times Luke 9:1-2
Missionary Work is God's Work David Livingstone, LL. D. Luke 9:1-2
Practical Suggestions E. P. Rogers, D. D. Luke 9:1-2
Preaching the Kingdom D. C. Hughes, M. A. Luke 9:1-2
Simplicity in Preaching   Luke 9:1-2
The Apostolic Authority Van Oosterzee. Luke 9:1-2
The Call to Christian Work The. Weekly Pulpit Luke 9:1-2
The Kingdom J. P. Thomson. Luke 9:1-2
The Kingdom of God J. P. Thomson. Luke 9:1-2
The Mission of the Twelve E. P. Rogers, D. D. Luke 9:1-2
The Twofold Mission: Preaching and Healing J. R. Bailey., W. E. H. Lecky, M. A. Luke 9:1-2
Lessons from the First Commission W. Clarkson Luke 9:1-6
The Mission of the Twelve R.M. Edgar Luke 9:1-17
Apostolic Simplicity   Luke 9:3
Travelling Without Any Burden Sunday School Times Luke 9:3
Fireside Preaching Renan. Luke 9:4
Willing Hospitality Schottgen. Luke 9:4
Dust E. R. Conder, D. D. Luke 9:5-6
Dust Witnessing to the Actions of People E. R. Conder, D. D. Luke 9:5-6
Heralds of Joy C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 9:5-6
No Connivance with Those Who Reject the Gospel M. F. Sadler, M. A. Luke 9:5-6
A Guilty Conscience D. Thomas, D. D. Luke 9:7
An Accusing Conscience   Luke 9:7
Bad Actions Personified   Luke 9:7
Conscience Awakened J. G. Pilkington. Luke 9:7
Emblem of a Troubled Conscience   Luke 9:7
Herod Desiring to See Jesus B. Bouchier, M. A. Luke 9:7
Herod in Perplexity J. Parker, D. D. Luke 9:7
Insincere Unbelief C. Wadsworth. Luke 9:7
The Might and Impotence of the Conscience Van Oosterzee. Luke 9:7
The Tetrarch and the Teacher W. Clarkson Luke 9:7-9
Bread from Heaven Alexander Maclaren Luke 9:10
The Profit of Restful Retirement R. Collyer. Luke 9:10
Christ Welcoming Seekers C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 9:11
Power to Heal S. Martin, D. D. Luke 9:11
Real Grace for Real Need C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 9:11
The Healing Hand of Christ W. Clarkson Luke 9:11
The Lord that Healeth Thee' Alexander Maclaren Luke 9:11
The Divine Provision for the World's Need W. Clarkson Luke 9:12-17
Ability Developed by Responsibility Anon. Luke 9:13-17
Ancient Graces Before Meals Biblical things not generally known. Luke 9:13-17
Between the Lord of Life and the Famishing Multitudes R. Finlayson, B. A. Luke 9:13-17
Christ in a Fourfold Aspect D. Thomas, D. D. Luke 9:13-17
Confidence in Christ's Power to Supply Necessity W. Buck. Luke 9:13-17
Divine Provision, Human Distribution J. R. Bailey. Luke 9:13-17
Duty not Measured by Our Own Ability H. Bushnell, D. D. Luke 9:13-17
Enough for All When Christ Distributes The Weekly Pulpit Luke 9:13-17
Feeding the Five Thousand J. Henderson. Luke 9:13-17
Food for Hungry Souls John Keble, M. A. Luke 9:13-17
Gave A. Cart, M. A. Luke 9:13-17
Jesus and His Bounty J. O. Darien. Luke 9:13-17
Lessons from the Miracle of Multiplying the Loaves J. Foote, M. A. Luke 9:13-17
Saying Grace At Meals J. Foote, M. A. Luke 9:13-17
The Miraculous Feeding of Five Thousand D. Longwill. Luke 9:13-17
Valuable Fragments Christian Journal Luke 9:13-17
Christ's Cross and Ours Alexander Maclaren Luke 9:18
Alone Praying C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 9:18-20
Alone with God   Luke 9:18-20
Christ the True Messiah Bishop Watson. Luke 9:18-20
Jesus -- the Christ R. H. Newton Luke 9:18-20
Jesus the Christ J. G. Rogers, B. A. Luke 9:18-20
Jesus Will have His Disciples Van Oosterzee. Luke 9:18-20
Making Known the Obscured Christ H. W. Beecher. Luke 9:18-20
One of Christ's Conferences with His Disciples W. Jay. Luke 9:18-20
The Christ of God: Tokens of the True Saviour Isaac Taylor of Ongar. Luke 9:18-20
The Lord's Question Van Oosterzee. Luke 9:18-20
What Men Say of Christ Thomas Jones. Luke 9:18-20
The Saviour's Secret Revelations R.M. Edgar Luke 9:18-36
Christ Foreseeing the Cross A. Maclaren, D. D. Luke 9:22
On the Humiliation and Sufferings of Christ S. Clarke, D. D. Luke 9:22
Bearing the Cross Abbe Bautain. Luke 9:23
Christians Must Expect Afflictions T. Manton, D. D. Luke 9:23
Christ's Terms of Discipleship A. F. Barfield. Luke 9:23
Cross-Bearing Bishop Woodford. Luke 9:23
Erroneous Ideas Respecting Self-Denial A. H. K. Boyd D. D. Luke 9:23
Following Christ W. Page Roberts, M. A. Luke 9:23
Increasing Need of Self-Denial W. Gurnall. Luke 9:23
Joy from Self-Denial H. W. Beecher. Luke 9:23
Of Self-Denial J. Edwards, D. D. Luke 9:23
Of Taking Up the Cross J. Edwards, D. D. Luke 9:23
Personal Cross-Bearing G. S. Barrett, B. A. Luke 9:23
Self-Denial W. H. Hay Aitken, M. A. Luke 9:23
Self-Denial T. L. Cuyler, D. D. Luke 9:23
Self-Denial J. H. Thom. Luke 9:23
Self-Denial John Wesley Luke 9:23
Self-Denial George MacDonald Luke 9:23
Self-Denial is the First Law of Grace   Luke 9:23
Self-Denial is the Sign of a Christian C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 9:23
Self-Denial the Test of Religious Earnestness Canon Liddell. Luke 9:23
Self-Denial Versus Self-Assertion J. Hudson Taylor Luke 9:23
Self-Repression Archbishop Seeker. Luke 9:23
Self-Sacrifice H. Macmillan, D. D. Luke 9:23
Shirking the Cross E. Paxton Hood. Luke 9:23
Taking Up One's Cross W. Page Roberts, M. A. Luke 9:23
The Christian Law of Self-Sacrifice S. Harris, D. D. Luke 9:23
The Conditions of Service New Outlines on New Testament. Luke 9:23
The Cross is Near At Hand G. S. Barrett, B. A. Luke 9:23
The Crucial Test   Luke 9:23
The Daily Cross Essex Congregational Remembrancer Luke 9:23
The Dignity of Cross-Bearing A. P. Foster. Luke 9:23
The Duty of Taking Up the Cross Bishop Horne. Luke 9:23
The Law of Daily Christian Life R. Tuck, B A Luke 9:23
The Necessity of Self-Denial T. Boston, D. D. Luke 9:23
Various Forms of Self-Discipline J. Vaughan, M. A. Luke 9:23
Various Particulars in Which Self-Denial Must be Practised J. Foote, M. A. Luke 9:23
Life Gained by Losing it W. Clarkson Luke 9:23, 24
Gaining Life by Losing It B. Herferd, D. D. Luke 9:24
Individuality Stopford A. Brooke, M. A. Luke 9:24
Life Through Death R. D. Hitchcock, D. D. Luke 9:24
Losing the Life to Find It Stopford A. Brooke, M. A. Luke 9:24
Saved by Willing to Lose   Luke 9:24
Self-Seeking Involves a Cross Equally with Self-Abnegation W. H. H. Aitken, M. A. Luke 9:24
The Gain of Loss J. T. Higgins. Luke 9:24
A Crime Against the Life of the Soul Theodore T. Munger. Luke 9:25
A Wreck E. Paxton Hood. Luke 9:25
Bad Bargains   Luke 9:25
Money Given as the Punishment of Avarice Family Treasury Luke 9:25
Save Your Soul Tourbe. Luke 9:25
Secure the Soul J. Trapp. Luke 9:25
The Loss of the Soul E. Paxton Hood. Luke 9:25
The Priceless W. Clarkson Luke 9:25
The World Cannot Give Peace Archdeacon Earrar. Luke 9:25
Am I Ashamed of Christ? Essex Remembrancer Luke 9:26
Ashamed for Being Ashamed of Christ   Luke 9:26
Christ's Threefold Glory H. Melvill, B. D. Luke 9:26
Confessing Christ Biblical Treasury Luke 9:26
False Shame E. Mellor, D. D. Luke 9:26
Necessity of Confessing Christ Before Men   Luke 9:26
Not Ashamed of Christ D. L. Moody. Luke 9:26
On Dishonouring Christ J. Parsons. Luke 9:26
Shame of Christ, and its Consequences J. Burns, D. D. Luke 9:26
The Folly and Guilt of Being Ashamed of Christ S. S. Smith, D. D. Luke 9:26
The Monstrous Shame Dr. Talmage. Luke 9:26
Tom Baird, the Carter   Luke 9:26
Witnessing for Christ Cannon Liddon. Luke 9:26
The Transfiguration W. Clarkson Luke 9:28
A Bore the Cloud W. M. Taylor, D. D. Luke 9:28-36
Arguments in Favour of Hermon as the Scene of the Transfiguration Archdeacon Farrar. Luke 9:28-36
Arguments in Favour of Tabor as the Scene of the Transfiguration Van Oosterzee. Luke 9:28-36
Christ's Transfiguration T. Manton, D. D., T. Goodrich. Luke 9:28-36
Christ's Transfiguration Bishop Hacker. Luke 9:28-36
Lessons F. Jacox. Luke 9:28-36
Lessons from the Transfiguration H. M. Grout, D. D. Luke 9:28-36
Luminous Hours H. W. Beecher. Luke 9:28-36
Modern Transfigurations   Luke 9:28-36
Our Lord's Transfiguration W. B. Wright. Luke 9:28-36
The Beauty of Jesus Christ Canon Body. Luke 9:28-36
The Countenance as an Index W. F. Crafts. Luke 9:28-36
The Irradiation of Our Lord's Raiment Canon Body. Luke 9:28-36
The Mountain Where the Transfiguration Took Place Canon Body. Luke 9:28-36
The Prayers of Christ B. Wilkinson, F. G. S. Luke 9:28-36
The Redeeming Majesty of the Son of God A, J. Morris. Luke 9:28-36
The Transfiguration R. H. McKim, D. D. Luke 9:28-36
The Transfiguration Stopford A, Brooke, M. A., D. Moore, M. A. Luke 9:28-36
The Transfiguration T. M. Herbert, M. A. Luke 9:28-36
The Transfiguration of Christ T. S. Evans, D. D. Luke 9:28-36
The Transfiguring Look E. H. Chapin, D. D. Luke 9:28-36
The Transforming Power of Communion with God John Christian, D. D. Luke 9:28-36
Thoughts on the Transfiguration T. Binney. Luke 9:28-36
Transfiguration During Prayer Bishop Hacker. Luke 9:28-36
We Must Climb If We Would See Christ Bishop Hacket. Luke 9:28-36
Why a Mountain was Chosen for the Transfiguration Bishop Hacket. Luke 9:28-36
Prayer and Transfiguration Alexander Maclaren Luke 9:29
In the Holy Mount' Alexander Maclaren Luke 9:30
A Revelation of the Heavenly Life Canon Body. Luke 9:30-32
Celestial Visitors Thomas Jones. Luke 9:30-32
Christ Crucified J. G. Rogers, B. A. Luke 9:30-32
Death an Exodus S. Cox, D. D. Luke 9:30-32
The Central Truth of the Transfiguration W. M. Taylor, D. D. Luke 9:30-32
The Conference During the Transfiguration H. Belfrage. Luke 9:30-32
The Conference on the Mount T. Manton, D. D. Luke 9:30-32
The Decease At Jerusalem H. J. Bevis. Luke 9:30-32
The Thought of Death Amid the Raptures of the Transfigura H. Macmillan, LL. D. Luke 9:30-32
Two Divisions in the Glorified Church Canon Body. Luke 9:30-32
A Three-Tent Heaven Irving A. Searles. Luke 9:33
Balloon Religion Irving A. Searles. Luke 9:33
Holiness in Religious Assemblies and in Every-Day Life W. Landels, D,D. Luke 9:33
On the Top of Tabor J. J. Wray. Luke 9:33
Our Wishes are not Always Wise T. Manton, D. D. Luke 9:33
Peter's Rash Judgment Bishop Hacker. Luke 9:33
Raise Up Your Eyes Heavenward Joseph Schuen. Luke 9:33
The Cloud J. Ruskin. Luke 9:33
The Fear of the Disciples J. R. Bailey. Luke 9:33
The Overshadowing Cloud W. T. Bull, B. A. Luke 9:33
The Overshadowing Cloud J. Waite, B. A. Luke 9:33
The Voice from the Cloud J. R. Bailey. Luke 9:33
A Cloud of Protection Bishop Hacker. Luke 9:34-36
Christ, the Great Prophet, Must be Head T. Manton, D. D. Luke 9:34-36
Entering the Cloud W. M. Statham, B. A. Luke 9:34-36
Keeping a Secret Homiletic Magazine Luke 9:34-36
Man and Mystery U. R. Thomas Luke 9:34-36
The Cloud Bishop Hacker. Luke 9:34-36
The Cloud a Blessing J. Parker, D. D. Luke 9:34-36
The Cloud and the Voice Bishop Huntington. Luke 9:34-36
The Lord Jesus as Mediator T. Manton, D. D. Luke 9:34-36
The Overshadowing Cloud, and the Voice that Comes from It R. Newton. Luke 9:34-36
The Wisdom of Hearing Christ W. Clarkson Luke 9:35
The Healing of the Lunatic Child W. Clarkson Luke 9:37-42
Bring Thy Son Hither Anon. Luke 9:37-43
Fasting E. N. Kirk. Luke 9:37-43
Inability Through not Believing   Luke 9:37-43
Satan's Rage F. Whitfield, M. A. Luke 9:37-43
Spiritual Power, Impaired and Restored S. Prenter, M. A. Luke 9:37-43
The Corner's Conflict with Satan C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 9:37-43
The Devil Throwing Down J. Allan. Luke 9:37-43
The Devil's Last Throw C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 9:37-43
The Secret of Successful Work R.M. Edgar Luke 9:37-62
The Comer's Conflict with Satan Charles Haddon Spurgeon Luke 9:42
Repeated Predictions J. Thomson, D. D. Luke 9:44
Children and Childhood R. Collyer. Luke 9:46-48
Christianity and Childhood Ruskin. Luke 9:46-48
How Children are Emblematic of Conversion J. Foote. Luke 9:46-48
The Church and the Child W. Clarkson Luke 9:46-48
The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven T. W. Aveling. Luke 9:46-48
True Greatness Canon Duckworth. Luke 9:46-48
Unhappiness of Striving to be Great   Luke 9:46-48
Unobtrusiveness of the Truly Great W. L. Watkinson. Luke 9:46-48
Casting Out Devils Phillips Brooks, D. D. Luke 9:49-50
Exclusiveness and Neutrality - the Forbidden and the Impossible Thing W. Clarkson Luke 9:49, 50
Need for Toleration W. Buck. Luke 9:49-50
Wisdom, Duty, Danger W. Clarkson Luke 9:51-55
A Visit from Christ John James. Luke 9:51-56
Boldness of the Decided Man Paxton Hood. Luke 9:51-56
Christ a Saviour A. Macfarlane. Luke 9:51-56
Christ Hastening to the Cross A. Maclaren, D. D. Luke 9:51-56
Christ, the Saviour of Human Life H. Melvill, B. D. Luke 9:51-56
Christ's Mission W. D. Horwood. Luke 9:51-56
False Zeal Archbishop Tillotson. Luke 9:51-56
Intolerance Rebuked W. H. Lewis, D. D. Luke 9:51-56
Misdirected Enthusiasm Prof. Momerie, M. A. , D. Sc. Luke 9:51-56
On Persecution P. Doddridge, D. D. Luke 9:51-56
Our Lord and the Samaritans J. Foote, M. A. Luke 9:51-56
Our Lord's Treatment of Erroneous Zeal B. Beddome, M. A. Luke 9:51-56
Peace and War -- from a Christian Standpoint Dawson Burns, M. A. Luke 9:51-56
Religious Repulsions H. W. Beecher. Luke 9:51-56
Steadfastnes in the Path of Duty T. L. Cuyler, D. D. Luke 9:51-56
The Battle-Face Sunday School Times Luke 9:51-56
The Face Toward Jerusalem   Luke 9:51-56
The Son of Man the Saviour of Life W. Walters. Luke 9:51-56
The Spirit of Christ and of Elijah J. Vaughan, B. A. Luke 9:51-56
The Story of the Sons of Thunder Canon Luckock. Luke 9:51-56
The Vindictive Spirit Rebuked J. Parker, D. D. Luke 9:51-56
This is the Inn of a Traveller on His Way to Jerusalem T. L. Cuyler, D. D. Luke 9:51-56
Ungodly Nature of Revenge   Luke 9:51-56
Why Did Christ Go Up to Jerusalem? A. Maclaren, D. D. Luke 9:51-56
A Would be Disciple Repulsed W. G. Lewis. Luke 9:57-62
Enduring   Luke 9:57-62
Faring Wholly with Christ C. S. Robinson, D. D. Luke 9:57-62
Following Jesus D. C. Hughes, M. A. Luke 9:57-62
He Who Looks Back is Unfit W. Hoyt, D. D. Luke 9:57-62
Testing Sincerity Archdeacon Farrar. Luke 9:57-62
The Election of Christ P. T. Forsyth, M.A. Luke 9:57-62
The Faithful Followers of Christ Must Expect Troubles In T. Manton, D. D. Luke 9:57-62
The Poverty of Christ Reformation Anecdotes Luke 9:57-62
The True Interpretation of Religion H. W. Beecher. Luke 9:57-62
The Warning to an Ill-Calculating Professor J. Chalmers, M. A. Luke 9:57-62
Three Applicants J. Chalmers, M. A. Luke 9:57-62
Action and Grief: a Meditation for a Churchyard E. Paxton Hood. Luke 9:59-60
Christ Stimulating Sluggish Discipleship A. Maclaren, D. D. Luke 9:59-60
Christ's Invitation Put Off W. G. Lewis. Luke 9:59-60
Following Christ H. C. Williams. Luke 9:59-60
Following Christ the Great Business of Life J. H. Beech. Luke 9:59-60
Let the Dead Bury Their Dead J. A. Alexander, D. D. Luke 9:59-60
Living Preaching T. L. Cuyler, D. D. Luke 9:59-60
Meaning of the Prohibition W. Burkitt. Luke 9:59-60
No Excuse Against a Speedy Obeying Christ's Call T. Manton, D. D. Luke 9:59-60
Our Just Obligation R. W. Dale, LL. D. Luke 9:59-60
Preach Thou the Kingdom A. Maclaren, D. D. Luke 9:59-60
Religious Impressions not to be Checked J. Leifchild. Luke 9:59-60
Supremacy of Duty Mackay. Luke 9:59-60
Ways of Preaching Jesus T. L. Cuyler, D. D. Luke 9:59-60
Decision and Indecision W. Clarkson Luke 9:61
Christ Demands Decision in Religion W. Curling, M. A. Luke 9:61-62
Concentration M. R. Vincent, D. D. Luke 9:61-62
Conditional Discipleship W. G. Lewis. Luke 9:61-62
Crooked Ploughing Dr. Talmage. Luke 9:61-62
Danger in Delay W. Buck. Luke 9:61-62
Danger of Procrastination   Luke 9:61-62
Danger of Religious Indecision Theological Sketch-book Luke 9:61-62
Danger of Trifling with Religious Impressions W. G, Lewis. Luke 9:61-62
Duty Permits no Deliberation Archdeacon Farrar. Luke 9:61-62
Fatal Delay J. T. Davidson, D. D. Luke 9:61-62
Fatal Significance of a Hind Look Anon. Luke 9:61-62
Irresolution E. Schnadhorst. Luke 9:61-62
Looking Back H. R. Burton. Luke 9:61-62
Lord, I Will Follow Thee: But J. T. Davidson, D. D. Luke 9:61-62
Making a Way to Return Sir John Forbes. Luke 9:61-62
Never Look Back   Luke 9:61-62
No Looking Back W. G, Lewis. Luke 9:61-62
No Retreat   Luke 9:61-62
No Retreat Possible to the Christian Soldier   Luke 9:61-62
Perseverance Cardinal Manning. Luke 9:61-62
Prompt Decision Biblical Treasury Luke 9:61-62
Putting the Hand to the Plough N. W. Taylor, D. D. Luke 9:61-62
Reasons Why Men Look Back from the Plough Dr. Talmage. Luke 9:61-62
Sermon to Young Men H. Wonnacott. Luke 9:61-62
Spiritual Ploughing W. B. Wright. Luke 9:61-62
The Broken Column C. H. Spurgeon. Luke 9:61-62
The Danger of Backward Looks J. Chalmers, M. A. Luke 9:61-62
The Danger of Looking Back J. Orion. Luke 9:61-62
The Evil of Looking Back T. Manton, D. D. Luke 9:61-62
The Plough and the Kingdom M. R. Vincent, D. D., J. P. Thompson. Luke 9:61-62
The Power of a But J. R. Bailey. Luke 9:61-62
The Virtue of Perseverance Bishop Ehrler. Luke 9:61-62
The Workman's Qualification W. Clarkson Luke 9:61, 62