An Estimate of Thomas Manton - J C Ryle

The publication of a complete and uniform edition of Manton’s works is a great boon to the readers of English theology. Many of his best writings have been hitherto inaccessible to all who have not long purses and large libraries. The few who know him would gladly testify, I am sure, that Thomas Manton was one of the best authors of his day, and that his works richly deserve reprinting.

The republication of this great divine’s writings in their present form appears to demand a few prefatory remarks.

Praying in the Spirit

  • What does it mean to pray in the Spirit?
  • How important is it that we pray in the Spirit?
  • What can we do to assure we are praying in the Spirit?
  • What happens to prayers that are not prayed in the Spirit?
  • Is praying in the Spirit the same as praying in tongues?

Those are some of the questions you should be able to answer after you read the notes on this topic.