A Few Good Christian Books Online

Major update April 24, 2015.

The following book links represent a compilation of Christian books available at no charge on the internet. You will note that there are a number of Christian biographies which in my opinion, other than the Scripture itself, are an especially rich source of encouragement in how to live the practical, everyday Christian life. If you know of other biographies available on the web, please send the link and they will be posted to for the edification of the body of Christ. Thank you in advance.

Remember that I have not read every resource on this page, so if you find a work that you feel is questionable and specifically does not square with Scripture, as a good Berean, please email your concern and the work will be examined and removed if found to be Scripturally unbalanced or unorthodox.

Although the "vitality" of the resource links is checked periodically, it is very difficult to keep a few dead links from sneaking in because web sites either change their addresses or go "off the air" altogether. Please email (see bottom of page) any dead links so they can either be updated or deleted.


(Never let good Christian books detract from or replace the reading of the "Best Book", God's Word of Truth)

Grace Gems - Click Author's Name - emphasis on Puritan writings - large collection!

Desiring God Online Books by John Piper

Books by Ray Stedman

Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray

Abortion and the Christian- What Every Believer Should Know

Abortion and the Meaning of Personhood - by Clifford E. Bajema

Abraham or the Obedience of Faith by F. B. Meyer

Abraham Lincoln- Theologian of American Anguish — Elton Trueblood

Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray (alternative site)

A Daily Devotional by Charles Spurgeon Same as "Faith's Checkbook"

Adoniram Judson: A Biography by his son Edward Judson

Amazing Grace - The Meaning of God's Grace — And How It Can Change Your Life — James Montgomery Boice

A History of Religious Educators by Elmer Towns

A Hunger for God by John Piper (on fasting) (Also many other books by Piper)

A Man to Match the Mountain by David Roper

A New Look at an Old Earth by Don Stoner - Creation vs Evolution

And You Visited Me - The Story of Prison Fellowship Scotland — Edited by Betty McKay and Louise Purvis

A Persuaded Heart: A Woman's Potential for Genuine Freedom by Gladys Hunt

A Primer On Biblical Meditation (How to Reflect on the Word of God)

Apart With Him - Fifty Years of the Mount Hermon Conference — by Harry R. Smith

A Very Present Help - A Tribute to the Faithfulness of God — Sir William Dobbie

A Wandering Jew in Brazil: An Autobiography by Solomon L. Ginsburg (Compelling reading!)

A Woman's Worth, by Elaine Stedman

A Serious Call to a Devout & Holy Life by William Law (alternative site)

Addresses by Henry Drummond (includes "Love, the Greatest Thing in the World")

All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon

Angels Around Us - What the Bible Really Says — by Douglas Connelly

Basics of Bible Interpretation by Bob Smith

Be Filled Now by Roy Hession

The Best of D. L. Moody- Twenty-three Sermons by the Great Evangelist

Between Heaven and Earth - Conversations with American Christians — Helmut Thielicke

Billy- A Personal Look at Billy Graham, the World's Best-loved Evangelist — by Sherwood Eliot Wirt

Biography of George Mueller by A. T. Pierson

The Biblical Doctrine of Heaven — by Wilbur M. Smith

Biblical Inerrancy by John Gerstner

Black Samson: African Strong Man Discovers Greater Power, by Levi Keidel

Born Crucified by L. E. Maxwell

Born to Reproduce by Dawson Trotman (Let his passion for God challenge you)

Calling Youth to Christ - Messages by Billy Graham — Billy Graham

The Chance of a Life Time - Helps for Servicemen — Billy Graham

Christian Theology - A Systematic Presentation — P. B. Fitzwater

Churches That Abuse — Ronald M. Enroth

The Company of the Committed — by Elton Trueblood

Confident Children and How they Grow by Richard L. Strauss

Conflict and Conscience — Mark O. Hatfield

Contemporary Christian Music- Where It Came From, What It Is, Where It's Going — Paul Baker

Corrie's Christmas Memories — by Corrie ten Boom

Count It All Joy - A Mother's Love For Her Handicapped Son — by Betty McKay

Counted Righteous in Christ by John Piper

The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon (not Christian but good historical context)

Daily Light on the Daily Path-Jan by Samuel Bagster (adapted from KJV to NASB with links verses in context)

Dating, Sex & Friendship — Joyce Huggett — online edition

Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist by John Piper

The Disciplines of Life -- by V. Raymond Edman

The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment - Harry Buis - Table of Contents

Don't Bet On It- What does the Bible say about Gambling- — Tom Watson, Jr-

Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper (Adobe Acrobat)

Dying to Live by Bob Smith (Biblical counseling)

Elijah and the Secret of His Power by F. B. Meyer

Evangelical Affirmations - Edited by Kenneth Kantzer & Carl F.H. Henry

The Evidence that Convicted Aida Skripnikova — Michael Bourdeaux

Faith's Checkbook by Charles Spurgeon

Faith and Fortitude - The Life and Work of General Sir William Dobbie — by Sybil Dobbie

The Fine Art of Friendship — Ted W. Engstrom — Table of Contents

Fire in Your Heart by Sammy Tippit (In need of revival? Let this little book challenge you)

Five Great Questions of the Bible - by W.A. Criswell

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus -Ann Ortlund (44 short meditations worth perusing)

Foolish Faith: What Today's Information Age Says About God by Judith Etinger (Apologetics)

For the Love of Mike- The Michael MacIntosh Story — by Sherwood Eliot Wirt

The Persecutor - Sergei Kourdakov

Foxe's Book of Martyrs by John Foxe

Gems From Spurgeon by Charles Spurgeon (90 Quotations worth quoting)

Getting Along With Each Other by Richard Strauss

Giants of the Missionary Trail by Eugene M. Harrison.

Gil Dodds - The Flying Parson -- Mel Larson

Give the Winds a Mighty Voice- The Story of Charles E. Fuller — Daniel P. Fuller

Gleanings in Genesis by A. W. Pink (48 of his other works)

The Goal and the Glory — America's Athletes Speak Their Faith — 1966 edition

God's Passion for His Glory by John Piper

God in the Garden - The Story of the New York Billy Graham Crusade — Curtis Mitchell

God's Inerrant Word - An International Symposium on the Trustworthiness of Scripture — John Warwick Montgomery, Editor

The God Who Smiles- An Invitation to a Joy-Filled Life — Sherwood Eliot Wirt

God's Methods For Holy Living — Donald Grey Barnhouse — Online Edition - Online Book

Gospel Trailblazer- An African-American Preacher's Historic Journey Across Racial Lines — Howard O. Jones

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners by John Bunyan

Grandparents Can — by Dale Evans Rogers

Great Sermons on the Birth of Christ — Compiled by Wilbur M. Smith

Great Sermons on the Death of Christ — Compiled by Wilbur M. Smith

Great Sermons on the Resurrection of Christ — Compiled by Wilbur M. Smith

Growing Into Love Before You Marry — by Joyce Huggett

Gypsy Smith: His Life & His Work by Gypsy Smith

Heaven by Dwight L. Moody

Heart To Heart With Pastors' Wives — by Lynne Dugan

Hearts Afire - Vance Havner - Table of Contents

Heaven's Back Row - A Journey of Hope from Sexual Brokenness and HIV to a New Beginning

Heir To A Dream — by Pete Maravich and Darrel Campbell

Help! I'm A Baby Boomer — Hans Finzel

The Henrietta Mears Story — Barbara Hudson Powers

Heritage and Hope - The Legacy and Future of the Black Family in America — Howard & Wanda Jones

History of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff

Homosexuality- A Biblical Perspective - Pastor Gil Rugh

Homosexuality - A Biblical View — Greg L. Bahnsen

Hooks, Lines & Sinkers - a Compilation — by Ted W. Engstrom

How To Live the Victorious Life by an Unknown Christian

How Great Christians Met Christ — James C. Hefley

How to Pray by R. A. Torrey

How To Read A Christian Book - A Guide to Selecting and Reading Christian Books as a Christian Discipline — David L. McKenna

How to Sing a Love Song- Loving Your Mate with Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment — by Eugene Whitney

How to Solve Conflicts- A Practical Study of the Book of James — George Sweeting

How to Work For Christ by R. A. Torrey (See The R. A. Torrey Archive)

How We Got Our Bible - by W.H. Griffith Thomas

Humility by Andrew Murray

I Don't Know What Old Is, But Old Is Older Than Me — Sherwood Eliot Wirt

I Came To Love You Late — by Joyce Landorf

I Will Do A New Thing- The U.S. Center for World Mission … and Beyond — by Roberta H. Winter

If I'm So Free — How Come I Feel Boxed In- — Dennis Guernsey

In His Steps by Charles Sheldon

In the Hands of the Potter — Dale Evans Rogers

Is God At Home- — J.B. Phillips

The Incendiary Fellowship — Elton Trueblood

It Is Time — Vance Havner

In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood (7th Edition April, 2001) by Dr. Walt Brown.

The Islam Debate - Josh McDowell and John Gilchrist vs. Ahmed Deedat

Jesus, Man of Joy - Sherwood Eliot Wirt

Jesus Only - Vance Havner - Table of Contents

John Calvin's Complete Commentary Series

Leading from the Heart by Robert Boyd Munger

A Life Well Lived - 52 Inspiring Real-life Stories for Devotion, Study and Family Reading — Jim Gwinn

Life of William Carey: Shoemaker & Missionary by George Smith (1909) (Alternative Site)

Living and Growing Together - The Christian Family Today — Edited by Gary R. Collins

The Life of the Party : A True Story of Teenage Alcoholism

Living in Love: Secrets from Bible Marriages by Richard Strauss

Living In Two Worlds- The Wanda Jones Story — Wanda Jones with Sandra Aldrich

Living the Christ-filled Life by John Hunter

Love Your Work — by David McKenna

Making Your Faith Your Own — by Teresa Turner Vining

Man the Dwelling Place of God by A.W. Tozer

Man to Man - A Devotional Book for Men — Richard Halverson

A Man to Match the Mountain - Overcoming the Obstacles of Life - by David Roper

The Man Who Would Not Hate- Festo Kivengere – (As told for children)

Managing Your Time — Ted Engstrom

Marriage Is for Love by Richard Strauss

Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Preacher by John Peters

Mary - What the Bible Really Says — by Douglas Connelly

The Message of Keswick and Its Meaning — 1957 Edition

Miracles - What the Bible Says — by Douglas Connelly

Missing From Action- A Powerful Historical Response to the Crisis Among American Men — by Weldon Hardenbrook with Terry Somerville

Monganga Paul - The Congo Ministry and Martyrdom of Paul Carlson, M.D. — by Lois Carlson Bridges

Mormon Claims Answered by Marvin Cowan

Morning & Evening by Charles Spurgeon: Classic Daily Devotional

Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon by Charles Ray.

My Answer — by Billy Graham — The Online Edition

My Lover, My Friend — by Colleen Townsend Evans and Louis H. Evans, Jr-

My Father's Names by Elmer Towns

Open Your Bible to the New Testament Letters — Sherwood Eliot Wirt

Origins and Destiny - A Scientist Examines God's Handiwork - by Dr. Robert Gange

Our Daily Homily by F. B. Meyer

Our Evangelical Faith — Harold John Ockenga

Our Daily Walk by F B Meyer (Jan-Dec)

Out of My Mind - The Best of Joe Bayly — Joseph T. Bayly

The Overcomers- Outstanding Christians Share the Secrets of Successful Living — Russell Chandler

Passion of Jesus Christ, The by John Piper

Peace With God by Billy Graham

Pilgrimage Through the Watchtower by Kevin R. Quick (Apologetic on Jehovah's Witnesses)

Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan

A Pilgrim Who Made Progress — William Deal — Online Edition

A Place To Stand — Elton Trueblood

Pleasant Paths — Vance Havner — Online Edition - Online Book

Preciousness of Time & the Importance of Redeeming It by Jonathan Edwards (sermon)

Power Through Prayer by E. M. Bounds

The Power of Biblical Thinking — by Ralph L. Keiper

Practical Christianity by A. B. Simpson (Studies on the epistle of James)

Prayer, Praise and Promises by Warren Wiersbe (Excellent devotions on the psalms)

Prayer - Conversing With God — by Rosalind Rinker

Prevailing Prayer: What Hinders It? by Dwight L. Moody

The Psychology of Jesus - The Dynamics of Christian Wholeness — David L. McKenna

Purpose in Prayer by E. M. Bounds

Putting an End to Worship Wars by Elmer Towns

Racing Toward 2001 - The Forces Shaping America's Religious Future — Russell Chandler

RBC Discovery House Booklets: each 20-30 pages, click for list of all 148 booklets

Real Christians Don't Dance - Sorting the Truth from the Trappings in a Born-Again Culture, by John Fischer

Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood by John Piper & Wayne Grudem

Recovering from Churches that Abuse — Ronald Enroth

Redi-Answers on Jehovah's Witnesses Doctrine from BlueLetterBible (includes Scriptural links)

Redi-Answers on Mormon Doctrine from BlueLetterBible (includes Scriptural links)

Reflections On A Pilgrimage- Six Decades of Service — by Ted W Engstrom

Reincarnation- A Christian Critique of a New Age Doctrine — Mark C. Albrecht

Restoring Relationships- The Importance of Forgiving and Being Forgiven — Ralph Gwinn

Revival Addresses by R. A. Torrey (Alternative Site)

Revival In Our Time - The Story of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Campaigns including Six of his Sermons — by Billy Graham

Revolutionary Love — By Bishop Festo Kivengere

Robert Murray McCheyne by AA Bonar

The Rudy Atwood Story — by Rudy Atwood

Same-Sex Partnerships- A Christian Contribution to Contemporary Debate — John Stott

Sanctity of Life: The Inescapable Issue by Charles Swindoll

Secret Power by Dwight L. Moody

Sermons by B. B. Warfield

Sermons by George Whitfield (59 sermons) (Alternative Site)

Sermons by J.C. Ryle

Sermons by Jonathan Edwards (Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God)

Sex and the Bible — Jack Wyrtzen

The Social Conscience of the Evangelical — Sherwood Eliot Wirt

Some Run With Feet of Clay — by Jeannette Clift

Some Through the Waters — by Yi Lin

Strictly Personal — by Eugenia Price

The Struggle for Inner Peace — Henry Brandt

They Call Me Mother Graham — Morrow Coffey Graham

There I Stood In All My Splendor — Ethel Barrett — Online Edition

Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God by R. A. Torrey

The Timelessness of Jesus Christ - Richard Halverson

The Blessed Life by F. B. Meyer

The Top Ten Ways to Drive Your Wife Crazy - And How to Avoid Them — Hans & Donna Finzel

The Changing World of Mormonism by Jerald & Sandra Tanner

The Christian in Complete Armour by William Gurnall

The Christian Witness to the Muslim by John Gilchrist

The Coming Prince by Sir Robert Anderson (Classic conservative work on Daniel's Seventieth Week)

The Cross of Christ by A. B. Simpson

The Cross: A Call to the Fundamentals of Religion by J. C. Ryle (sermon)

The Deeper Christian Life by Andrew Murray

The Divine art of Soul Winning J. Oswald Sanders

The Duties of Parents by J. C. Ryle (sermon)

The Green Letters by Miles Stanford

The Holy War by John Bunyan (Alternative Site)

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis

The Joy of Knowing God by Richard Strauss

The Kneeling Christian author unknown

The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia by W. M. Ramsay

The Life of Prayer by A. B. Simpson

The Life of William Carey - Shoemaker & Missionary

The Life & Work of Dwight Lyman Moody (1837-1899) by J. Wilbur Chapman, D.D.

The Mark of the Christian by Francis Schaeffer

The Names of the Holy Spirit (Study Guide) by Elmer Towns

The Necessity of Prayer by E. M. Bounds

The New Life by Andrew Murray

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? by F. F. Bruce

The Possibilities of Prayer by E. M. Bounds

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

The Prayer Life by Andrew Murray

The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts by Isaac Watts

The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer

The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

The School of Obedience by Andrew Murray

The Secret of Guidance by F. B. Meyer (Alternative Site)

The Soul Winner by C H Spurgeon

The Story of John G. Paton Told for Young Folks by James Paton

The Story of the Bible by Sir Frederic Kenyon

The Temple: Its Ministry & Services by Alfred Edersheim

The Ten Commandments by Thomas Watson

The Cross on the Mountain- The Beatitudes in the Light of the Cross - Sherwood Eliot Wirt

The Two Covenants by Andrew Murray (alternative site)

The Everlasting Man by G. K. Chesterton

The Training of the Twelve by A. B. Bruce

The True Vine: Meditations for a Month on John 15:1-16 by. Andrew Murray

The Way to God and How to Find It - Dwight L. Moody

The Way into the Holiest (Expositions of the Epistle to the Hebrews) by F. B. Meyer

The Weapon of Prayer by E. M. Bounds

Thoughts For Young Men by J. C. Ryle (highly recommended for young men! & old men!)

Treasury of David by Charles Spurgeon - Spurgeon's excellent verse by verse commentary on every Psalm

Truth and Power: The Place of Scripture in the Christian Life by J. I. Packer

Two Covenants by Andrew Murray

Understanding the New Age — by Russell Chandler

Victorious Christian Praying by Sammy Tippit (52 topics on prayer)

We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing — by Lieutenant James C. Whittaker

Welcome to the Rest of Your Life- A Guide to Worry-free Retirement — by Ted Engstrom

What the Faith is All About by Elmer Towns (Basic Doctrines of Christianity)

What About Horoscopes- — Joseph Bayly

What Jesus Says- The Master Teacher and Life's Problems — Robert Boyd Munger

When Two Walk Together Learning to Communicate Love & Acceptance in your Marriage by Richard and Mary Strauss

When in Doubt, Fire the Manager - My Life and Times in Baseball — Alvin Dark

While It Is Day - An Autobiography — by Elton Trueblood

The Whisper of His Grace - A Fresh Look at Suffering - by David L. McKenna

Winning the Winnable by Elmer Towns (A new day in evangelism… friendship evangelism) (Adobe Acrobat)

When Our Parents Need Us Most- Loving Care in the Aging Years -- by David L. McKenna

Why Pro-Life- - Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers — by Randy Alcorn

Winning the New Civil War - Recapturing America's Values, by Robert Dugan

With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray

Whose Voice Are You Listening To

Woman Submit! Christians and Domestic Violence — by Jocelyn Andersen

Woman to Woman — by Eugenia Price

A Woman's Place- Leadership in the Church — C.S. Cowles

World Aflame — by Billy Graham

Women Who Made Bible History — Harold J. Ockenga

You Can Trust the Bible - Our Foundation for Belief and Obedience — John R.W. Stott

Your Mighty Fortress - Cultivating Your Inner Life With God — Sherwood Eliot Wirt

Youth Education in the Church — Edited by Roy B. Zuck & Warren S. Benson


Adventuring Through the Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Bible

Spiritual Warfare: Battle Strategy For the War with Satan

Authentic Christianity

Body Life (Revised and Expanded Edition)

Genesis 1-3- Understanding Man

Genesis 4-11- The Beginnings

Man of Faith: The Life of Abraham

Leviticus- The Way to Wholeness

Ecclesiastes- Is this All There is to Life

Jeremiah- Death of a Nation

Talking With My Father- Jesus Teaches on Prayer

What on Earth is Happening (The Olivet Discourse)

The Gospel of Mark- The Servant who Rules Mark 1-1-8-33)

The Gospel of Mark- The Ruler Who Serves (Mark 8-33-16-20)

Gospel of John

Secrets of the Spirit (John's Gospel)

Book of Acts: Studies in Acts

Romans- From Guilt to Glory - Volume 1 (Romans 1-8)

Romans- From Guilt to Glory - Volume 2 (Romans 9-16 )

Romans- Reason to Rejoice (2004)

First Corinthians- The Deep Things of God

Second Corinthians- Power out of Weakness

Ephesians- Our Riches in Christ

1st & 2nd Thessalonians


Hebrews- How to Live What You Believe

Revelation- God's Final Word

Portrait of Integrity by Mark Mitchell (Ray Stedman's Biography)

Jesus Teaches on Prayer

Esther: The Queen & I

Job: Let God be God

Psalms: Folk Songs of Faith


Hudson Taylor's Spiritual secret. -- An inspiring biography (Microsoft Reader File)

The Green Letters Miles Stanford (or read online version above)

Your God is Too Small by J. B. Phillips

DISCLAIMER: Before you "go to the good books", go to the BEST BOOK, the Holy Scriptures, and study them diligently and inductively in dependence on your Teacher, the Holy Spirit, Who Jesus promised would guide us into all the truth (Jn 16:13) (see Introduction to Inductive Bible Study) We must continually have an attitude "like newborn babies" and "long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it (we) may grow in respect to salvation." (1Peter 2:2) As a physician I know that the greatest growth always comes from the most nutritious intake. Any book, even those by the most conservative and orthodox authors cannot help but have at least some bias based upon one's theological "leaning", training and experience and so by nature is not "pure milk". The inclusion of links to specific books does not indicate that we agree with everything in the book or other books by the same author. We have made a sincere effort to select conservative, "bibliocentric" books which we have either read or have some familiarity with the author. However, should you discover a book which you feel in unorthodox, questionable or inappropriate for any reason, we would sincerely appreciate an email detailing your specific concern and if it is a valid concern we will remove the link. In summary, although Christian books written by conservative authors are wonderful, we strongly recommend that your priority be a daily intake of solid Biblical food so that with practice you will have your spiritual senses trained to discern good from evil (Heb 5:14).