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The Ryrie Study Bible

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The Man Samuel in 1 Samuel 1-8


Explanation - The following list includes not only commentaries but other Christian works by well known evangelical writers. Most of the resources below are newer works (written after 1970) which previously were available only for purchase in book form or in a Bible computer program. The resources are made freely available by archive.org but have several caveats - (1) they do not allow copy and paste, (2) they can only be checked out for one hour (but can be checked out immediately when your hour expires giving you time to read or take notes on a lengthy section) and (3) they require creating an account which allows you to check out the books free of charge. To set up an account click archive.org and then click the picture of the person in right upper corner and enter email and a password. That's all you have to do. Then you can read these more modern resources free of charge! I have read or used many of these resources but not all of them so ultimately you will need to be a Berean (Acts 17:11+) as you use them. I have also selected works that are conservative and Biblically sound. If you find one that you think does not meet those criteria please send an email at https://www.preceptaustin.org/contact. The resources are listed in alphabetical order by the author's last name and some include reviews of the particular resource. 

David, a heart for God by Briscoe, D. Stuart 1 rating

Looking on the heart (Volume 2 - 1 Samuel 15-31) by Davis, Dale Ralph A Study of 1 Samuel (21-Part MP3 Series)

2 Kings : the power and the fury by Davis, Dale Ralph

Cyril Barber - Combines history and theology in his description of the events surrounding Israel's first two kings.

Preaching through the Bible : 1 Samuel by Eaton, Michael 

First and Second Samuel by Johnson, Frank,

1 and 2 Samuel : an introduction and commentary by Baldwin, Joyce

A concise, competent, clear evangelical work using various sources, elucidating most passages well and showing their theological and practical relevance then and now.

1 Samuel by Klein, Ralph - Word Biblical Commentary Series. This is a cumbersome commentary for routine use.

Cyril Barber - Based on the latest Redaktionsgeschichte, this exposition makes a valuable contribution but needs to be used with discernment. The bibliographies at the beginning of each chapter are of the utmost value. Comments on the text are technical, and because Klein feels the text is in poor shape, he relies heavily on the LXX and other critical commentaries. Seminarians and pastors will find Klein's translation helpful, his research impeccable; but his explanation of the theme of 1 Samuel is lacking. However, his overall treatment is one that deserves careful consideration.

Samuel -1 & 2 Samuel by Payne, David 8 ratings

The first book of Samuel by Ackroyd, Peter -   The second book of Samuel : commentary

James Rosscup - An attempt to meet general readers’ needs. The approach is mildly critical. Ackroyd has a clear writing style and often is of help on the reading of a given text, historical setting, customs and explanation of the passage. The work is cursory.

The first book of Samuel by Blaikie, William Garden, (See his book on 2 Samuel)

Cyril Barber - One of the finest devotional commentaries ever produced. First published in 1887 as part of The Expositor's Bible (see below)

Desiring God's own heart -1 & 2 Samuel/1 Chronicles by Arthur, Kay 52 ratings

1 & 2 Samuel : a self-study guide by Jensen, Irving

A NavPress Bible study on the book of 1 Samuel  55 ratings

The prophets of Israel  - Leon Wood - 405 pages (1979)  See user reviews

James Rosscup - A thoroughly conservative work, very clearly written, in two sections, prophetism and the prophets. Wood under the first division goes into the identity, meaning of “to prophesy,” function, the Holy Spirit and prophecy, and other aspects. In the second, he discusses in some detail prophets before Samuel, Samuel, monarchy prophets, and the writing prophets from the ninth century to post-exilic days. This is a fine book that gives the student or pastor a much better, integrated understanding of the prophets behind the prophetic books.

The Holman Illustrated study Bible 120 ratings Includes the excellent Holman maps but otherwise of little help in serious study.

Disciple's Study Bible : New international version   54 ratings Not that helpful for verse by verse study.  Focuses on application of Christian doctrines. 10,000 annotations; doctrinal summaries, "Life Helps" section relate doctrine to everyday discipleship. 

New Bible Commentary - (1994) See user reviews 

The Experiencing God Study Bible : the Bible for knowing and doing the will of God - Blackaby, Henry (1996) 1968 pages - CHECK THIS ONE! Each chapter begins with several questions under the title "PREPARE TO MEET GOD." Then you will interesting symbols before many of the passages. The chapter ends with a "DID YOU NOTICE?" question. This might make a "dry chapter" jump off the page! Read some of the 48 ratings

The David Jeremiah study bible - (2013) 2208 pages. 2,272 ratings Logos.com - "Drawing on more than 40 years of study, Dr. David Jeremiah has compiled a legacy resource that will make an eternal impact on generations to come. 8,000 study notes. Hundreds of enriching word studies"50+ Essentials of the Christian Faith" articles."

Compact Bible commentary by Radmacher, Earl D; Allen, Ronald Barclay; House, H Wayne, et al - 954 pages.  424 ratings Multiple contributors to the comments which are often verse by verse. The comments are brief but meaty and can really help your study through a given book. A sleeper in my opinion. 

The Lion handbook to the Bible - (1999) 822 pages. This resource is absolutely loaded with very nice color pictures and charts.

NIV archaeological Study Bible (2005) 2360 pages 950 ratings (See also Archaeology and the Bible - OT and NT)

NIV cultural backgrounds study Bible. bringing to life the ancient world of scripture Keener, Craig and Walton, John. Editors (2017)

The NIV study Bible by Barker, Kenneth L; Burdick, Donald W (1995) 2250 pages. Note this is the first edition. Here is a link to the 2011 version of the NIV Study Bible Note that this resource has been fully revised in 2020.

The Ryrie study Bible - Charles Ryrie (1978) 2142 pages. Conservative.  216 ratings

Evangelical Commentary on the Bible - editor Walter Elwell (1989) 1239 pages. User reviews

Harper study Bible : the Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version

The Jewish Study Bible - Only OT - Interesting Jewish perspective.

The student Bible : New International Version

Hebrew-Greek key word study Bible : New international version

Key word commentary : thoughts on every chapter of the Bible by Water, Mark

Eerdmans' family encyclopedia of the Bible (1978) 344 pages

Eerdmans' handbook to the Bible (1983) 688 pages 

Tyndale handbook of Bible charts & maps by Wilson, Neil  

Bible handbook and A-Z bible encyclopedia

International children's Bible field guide : answering kids' questions from Genesis to Revelation by Richards, Larry

The illustrated guide to Bible customs & curiosities by Knight, George W. (George William), 

Today's Handbook of Bible times & customs by Coleman, William L

The Shaw Pocket Bible handbook - Editor - Walter Elwell (1984) 408 pages.

"This hardback is small in size but packed full of content: Brief summaries of every book of the bible, cultural, archaeological and historical info, word definitions, pictures, maps and charts." Worth checking! 

The New Unger's Bible Dictionary by Unger, Merrill Frederick, 1909-

Survey of the Bible : introductory insights, background studies, book-by- book survey by Unger, Merrill Frederick

The Hodder Bible handbook by Unger, Merrill 

Nelson's expository dictionary of the Old Testament by Unger, Merrill 

Kregel Bible handbook : a full-color guide to every book of the Bible by Kerr, William 3 ratings

The new encyclopedia of Christian quotations by Water, Mark

Zondervan handbook to the Bible

Dictionary of deities and demons in the Bible (DDD) - 950 pages (1995) Read some of the 65 ratings (4.8/5 Stars). A definitive in depth resource on this subject. Very expensive to purchase. 

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery - free for use online with no restrictions (i.e., you do not need to borrow this book). Editors Leland Ryken, J C Wilhoit, Tremper Longman III - This is a potential treasure chest to aid your preaching and teaching as it analyzes the meaning of a host of Biblical figures of speech. Clue - use the "One-page view" which then allows you to copy and paste text. One downside is there is no index, so you need to search 3291 pages for entries which are alphabetical. 


MICHAEL ANDRUS, et al - nice transcripts

PAUL APPLE 1 Samuel Commentary 189 page Pdf



JAMES BERGEN - two resources that can be borrowed

James Rosscup on New American Commentary - The commentator is a professor at Hannibal-La Grange College, Hannibal, MO. He argues for the accurate, reliable, relevant Word of God. His excellent work reflects wide knowledge of biblical literature in the text and in footnotes. The writing flows with lucid vitality, and Bergen invests much from word study, grammar, customs, geographical details, etc. His appraisal of Eli is arresting (69), as are comments on Saul’s excuses of I Sam. 15 and David’s fight with Goliath. Bergen’s careful weighing of views about how Saul died ends with his harmonizing view that Saul fell on his sword (I Sam. 31), but in his final moments the Amalekite hastened his death (2 Sam. 1). This is a fine grappling with main details in the two books.

BRIAN BELL - Sermons - often has very helpful insights


BRIAN BILL 1 Samuel Sermon Notes






Rosscup says this is part of "A 12-vol. set done by 12 men selected for unusual ability to show the Bible is alive in biblical exposition, with spiritual refreshment and insight. The authors seek to combine scholarship on biblical meaning, illustrations to spark applications, and outlines." 

Cyril Barber - Pastoring a church with a good seminary library close by enabled Chafin to have access to the finest literary resources available. His treatment of the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David is helpful, even if it lacks depth that a thorough knowledge of human personality would enhance. In spite of this, preachers will find these chapters clearly outlined and their contents ably articulated.

ADAM CLARKE - Commentary


THOMAS CONSTABLE - Expository Notes




Cyril Barber “A pleasing exposition of the Biblical text.” – In this treatment of the lives of Samuel and Saul, Samuel is shown to possess an inner Godward orientation that motivated all he did. Saul is revealed as being motivated by external considerations. These two men-contemporaries for a time-explain for us the dynamics of success from God's perspective. In explaining 1 Samuel, Deane and Kirk provide the kind of practical application that will delight every devout Bible student. Recommended.



EASY ENGLISH - Commentary




EXPOSITOR'S BIBLE Commentary - William Blaikie

D Edmond Hiebert - A practical, warm-hearted exposition by a conservative scholar. Although written during the nineteenth century, it is rich in its interpretative contents, as, for example, on chapter 15.

Cyril J. Barber - One of the finest devotional commentaries ever produced. 

Spurgeon on Blaikie's related life of David: "Dr. Blaikie is a good writer. This Life of David has supplied a great lack." (Lectures to my Students, Vol. 4: Commenting and Commentaries)


DON FORTNER 1 Samuel Sermon Outlines

A C GAEBELEIN Annotated Bible

GENE GETZ - short videos emphasizing application

  • 1 Samuel; Principle #7; 1 Sam. 3:1-18; Human Responsibility: We are to take full responsibility for our failures, never blaming God or anyone else. Video
  • 1 Samuel; Principle #8; 1 Sam. 3:19-4:2; Discerning the Truth: We should consult the Holy Scriptures as well as mature Christians to help us discern truth from error. Video

JOHN GILL - Commentary


James Rosscup - This generally highly-regarded work offers much assistance verse by verse, using the RSV. The author comments a lot on the Hebrew text as to exegesis, word study, dealing with problems, etc.



L M GRANT - Commentary

DAVE GUZIK - Commentary

ROBERT HAWKER - Poor Man's Commentary

MATTHEW HENRY - Commentary

DAVID HOCKING - 62 page study "Learning to Trust God" in 1 Samuel (outline format)

F B HOLE - Commentary

HOLMAN PUBLISHING -  BORROW - Editor Jeremy Royal Howard  





KEIL AND DELITZSCH 1 Samuel Commentary


Spurgeon's Comments: "Then, of course, gentlemen, you will economize rigidly until you have accumulated funds to purchase Kitto’s Pictorial Bible. You mean to take that goodly freight on board before you launch upon the sea of married life. As you cannot visit the Holy Land, it is well for you that there is a work like the Pictorial Bible, in which the notes of the most observant travellers are arranged under the texts which they illustrate. For the geography, zoology, botany, and manners and customs of Palestine, this will be your counselor and guide....A work of art as well as learning."

KJV BIBLE PARALLEL BIBLE COMMENTARY - Edward Dobson, Charles Feinberg, E. Hindson, W. Kroll - NO RESTRICTIONS ON USE

Well done conservative commentary that interprets Scripture from a literal perspective.  User reviews - 372 ratings - I have found the comments are very good but generally not in great depth. It is worth checking as you may glean additional insights on a passage. It is not strictly speaking verse by verse but does cover many verses. 

KJV STUDY BIBLE - General Editor - Edward Hindson - NO RESTRICTIONS ON USE

PAUL E. KRETZMANN - Lutheran Perspective

LANGE'S COMMENTARY - J J VAN OOSTERZEE - Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures 

Spurgeon writes "Oosterzee in Lange is excellent."

D Edmond Hiebert - In keeping with the series to which it belongs, the massive material is presented in three parts: exegetical and critical, doctrinal and ethical, and homiletical and practical. Conservative in viewpoint. Valuable for those willing to dig into its vast stores of material, much of which is definitely dated.

CARL LANEY - BORROW - Everyman's Bible Commentary

James Rosscup - Laney, an assistant professor of Biblical literature at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary and more widely known for his volume The Divorce Myth, traces the lives of Samuel, Saul and David. This 1982 update for Moody Press’s Everyman’s Bible Commentary Series is a surprisingly resourceful paperback. Laney argues tersely for a 722 B. C. date for the Fall of Samaria. Thus, he prefers a time of writing for I & II Samuel sometime during or immediately following David’s lifetime. He dates the dividing of the kingdom as 931 B. C. Regarding textual matters, Laney does not overlook the lacuna of I Samuel 13:1 as he states that great benefit can be gleaned from the LXX in a study of these two books. One interesting sidelight is his citation of the “dynastic defense” motif evident in I Samuel 15 and II Samuel 8, a setting apparently not unlike 13th Century Hittite tradition. Laney’s discussion of God’s will in I Samuel 8:21, 22 is quite helpful. In I Samuel 28 the treatment of the Witch of Endor is thorough. He concludes that God caused Samuel himself to appear. In II Samuel 7, Laney sheds light on the covenant by picturing its threefold nature. Laney’s maps and graphics are well-placed and worthwhile. His treatment in 2 Samuel 24 of the two-sided nature of David numbering God’s people is also worthy of attention. This is a well researched and supported volume. There are few volumes on I and II Samuel which could rightly claim to be more helpful on expositional matters.—Jan Sattem



JOHN MACARTHUR- verse by verse - probably the best expositor in the last 100 years but very literal and conservative


John MacArthur - "Concise yet comprehensive - the most complete single-volume commentary I have seen."

Warren Wiersbe - "For the student who is serious about seeing Christ in the Word." 

  • Believer's Bible Commentary - This resource is always worth checking. commentary on whole Bible. Often has pithy, practical and devotional comments.

ALEXANDER MACLAREN - sermons with a devotional bent

JAMES MCCULLEN - sermons and study notes

P G MATHEW - sermons

J VERNON MCGEE - Thru the Bible comments - often has pithy comments

EUGENE MERRILL - unfortunately note some of margins slightly cut off.

James Rosscup - Professor of Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary surveys both books with conservative expertise, dealing with Hebrew meaning, problems, customs, etc. He has a high view of inspiration and a good use of literature relevant in the area.

Bible Knowledge Commentary - Old Testament - 1 Samuel by Eugene Merrill

F B MEYER - Devotional

HENRY MORRIS - Defender's Study Bible Notes - well-known creationist. Conservative. Millennial. 

ROBERT NEIGHBOUR - Living Water Commentary

TOMMY NELSON - mp3's but worth listening

NET BIBLE NOTES  - somewhat technical but you can find some practical "nuggets" 

JAMES NISBET'S - Church Pulpit Commentary

NIV STUDY BIBLE - BORROW - notes are brief but helpful.

  • Zondervan NIV Study Bible - (2011) 2570 pages - use the new edition if available.
  • The NIV Study Bible by Barker, Kenneth L; Burdick, Donald W (1995) 2250 pages. Note this is the first edition. This resource has been fully revised in 2020. 

NKJV STUDY BIBLE - no restriction for use - Earl Radmacher, Ronald Allen, H. Wayne House

  • NKJV Study Bible - 2345 pages. Allows copy/paste - notes are brief but conservative and well-done




PETER PETT - Commentary

MATTHEW POOLE - Commentary

PREACHER'S HOMILETICAL - Commentary - Includes Germ Notes, Illustrations, Homilies






JOHN SCHULTZ - 150 page commentary - Well done

SERMONAUDIO - PDF's of sermons - Be aware there might be some variation in quality so be a Berean! 



CHUCK SMITH - Sermon Notes


  • 1 Samuel 3 THE CALL OF SAMUEL. .

RUSSELL SMITH - downloads Microsoft Word document

C. H. SPURGEON - Sermons, et al


DAVID TSUMURA - BORROW - New International Commentary on the Old Testament  

Mathison (Ligonier) - The best intermediate-advanced-level commentary on the first book of Samuel is now the commentary by David Tsumura in the NICOT series. It is very well written and very thorough. Tsumura’s expertise in the languages of the ancient Near East is evident throughout.


DEREK THOMAS - sermons 

DAVID THOMPSON - sermons - average about 6 pages, verse by verse exposition. Literal. Conservative. (Audios are available but only pdf's are listed)

TODAY IN THE WORD - devotionals

JOHN TRAPP - Commentary

BOB UTLEY 1 Samuel Commentary - brief notes but offers interesting insights including Hebrew words with frequent topic addendums


James Rosscup - Vos was Professor of History and Archaeology, King’s College, Briarcliff Manor, New York, In this conservative work he gives a long outline at the outset, then incorporates this in his survey of I and 2 Samuel. For many Bible teachers, preachers, and lay people the exposition helpfully sums up what is said and some implications. It offers brief explanation of some main problems, such as the number judged at Beth Shemesh in I Samuel 6:19ff. and how to fill in the number of Saul’s years in 13:1.

WARREN WIERSBE -  BORROW - Always worth checking for preaching/teaching points.

Rosscup - One of America’s most appreciated staunchly evangelical Bible conference teachers gives diligent, refreshing expositions. These are all of his 23 separate, earlier books in the “Be” series on the New Testament. He strikes a particular appeal with lay people as he crystallizes sections, deals with some of the verses, handles certain problems and backgrounds and applies principles. He is premillennial.


SERMONS BY VERSE - Older expositions

A Reformation Beginning in the Soul of a Child George Matheson, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:1-10
The Child Prophet   1 Samuel 3:1-10
The Child Prophet no Miracle George Matheson, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:1-10
The Precious Word J. Morlais Jones. 1 Samuel 3:1-10
The Preciousness of the Word of the Lord in the Day of Evil W. Jay. 1 Samuel 3:1-10
The Word of the Lord Precious J. Slade, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:1-10
Times Without Vision Monday Club Sermons 1 Samuel 3:1-10
Wanted: a Prophet R. Jones. 1 Samuel 3:1-10
What Samuel's Call Resembles in Modern Times Dean Goulburn. 1 Samuel 3:1-10
Samuel's Call to the Prophetic Office B. Dale 1 Samuel 3:1-18
The Old Priest and the Child Prophet D. Fraser 1 Samuel 3:1-18
The Character of Eli F. W. Robertson, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:2-14
The Call of Samuel C. Ness. 1 Samuel 3:4-10
The Child Samuel A. Maclaren, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:4-10
Early Religious Impressions C. S. Robinson, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:7
A Memorable Surprise J. B. Morgan. 1 Samuel 3:8
God's Call to the Child G. Waddy Polkinghorne. 1 Samuel 3:8
Inward Convictions Bishop Woodford. 1 Samuel 3:8
Little Samuel in Bed J. Vaughan, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:8
The Lights of the Sanctuary Ever Burning Spurgeon, Charles Haddon 1 Samuel 3:8
Answering God Homilist 1 Samuel 3:10
Childhood a Prophecy J. Matthews. 1 Samuel 3:10
Divine Calls John Henry Newman 1 Samuel 3:10
Divine Calls Verified J. H. Newman. 1 Samuel 3:10
God's Call to Samuel J. H. Wilson. 1 Samuel 3:10
God's Calling of Samuel Evangelical Preacher 1 Samuel 3:10
Guides to Religious Experiences R. C. Ford, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:10
Heavenly Voices Christian Herald 1 Samuel 3:10
Listening to God Lyman Abbott, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:10
Obedient to the Voice of God J. Wells, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:10
Present Day Inspiration J. Clifford, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:10
Responsive Souls   1 Samuel 3:10
Samuel, the Model of Early Piety R. Newton, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:10
Samuel, the Young Prophet Monday Club Sermons 1 Samuel 3:10
Samuel; Or, God's Wrath Upon His Church H. Crosby, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:10
Speak, Lord Spurgeon, Charles Haddon 1 Samuel 3:10
Spiritual Surrender for Children C. S. Robinson, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:10
The Child Samuel's Prayer Spurgeon, Charles Haddon 1 Samuel 3:10
The Faithful Servant B. Dale 1 Samuel 3:10
The Listening Servant G. B. F. Hallock, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:10
The Listening Soul L. A. Banks, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:10
The Pupil of God Homilist 1 Samuel 3:10
The Reality of Revelation and the Preparation for Receiving It Dean Goulburn. 1 Samuel 3:10
The Still Small Voice in the Night G. B. Ryley. 1 Samuel 3:10
Use of the Divine Name in Prayer   1 Samuel 3:10
Vocation J. R. Illingworth, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:10
Voices of God H. Allen, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:10
Voices of God J. S. Stone, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:10
Youth the Repository of Divine Judgment Joseph S. Exell, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:10
Causes of Eli's Overthrow J. Parker, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:11-16
The Causes of Eli's Overthrow J. Parker, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:11-16
Eli R. A. Hallam, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:13
Eli and His Seas Dean Goulburn. 1 Samuel 3:13
Eli and His Sons Canon Liddon. 1 Samuel 3:13
Eli: a Warning to Parents R. Jones, B. A. 1 Samuel 3:13
Eli's Family Government C. S. Robinson, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:13
Parental Restraint B. Dale 1 Samuel 3:13
The Children of Religious Parents E. Monro. 1 Samuel 3:13
The Fatal Consequences of a Bad Education J. Saurin. 1 Samuel 3:13
The Guilt and Consequence of Parental Unfaithfulness E. Payson, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:13
The Punishment of Evil Doing J. Parker, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:13
The Punishment of Parental Sins T. L. Cuyler, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:13
Humble Service Christian Endeavour Times 1 Samuel 3:15
The Doors of the Tabernacle A. Willett. 1 Samuel 3:15
A Private Enquiry Charles Haddon Spurgeon 1 Samuel 3:17
Faith Surviving Sorrow Campbell Morgan, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:18
It is the Lord: Let Him Do What Seemeth Him Good Anthony Faringdon. 1 Samuel 3:18
Peaceable Fruit of Righteousness Dean Goulburn., Dean Goulburn. 1 Samuel 3:18
Resignation B. Dale 1 Samuel 3:18
Resignation in Suffering J. E. Beaumont. 1 Samuel 3:18
Resignation to the Divine Will Canon Hutchings, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:18
Samuel's Youthful Virtues R. Steel. 1 Samuel 3:18
Speaking the Truth in Love Dean Goulburn. 1 Samuel 3:18
Here to Grow J. R. Miller, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:19
Samuel N. Emmons. 1 Samuel 3:19
The Character of Samuel D. Moors, M. A. 1 Samuel 3:19
The Growth of Character W. J. Woods, B. A. 1 Samuel 3:19
The Ministry of Samuel J. Harrison. 1 Samuel 3:19
Samuel the Prophet B. Dale 1 Samuel 3:19-4:1
Communications from God Dean Goulburn. 1 Samuel 3:20-21
From Dan to Beer-Sheba T. Champness. 1 Samuel 3:20-21
The Call and Prophetic Work of Samuel T. W. Jenkyn, D. D. 1 Samuel 3:20-21