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Explanation - The following list includes not only commentaries but other Christian works by well known evangelical writers. Most of the resources below are newer works (written after 1970) which previously were available only for purchase in book form or in a Bible computer program. The resources are made freely available by but have several caveats - (1) they do not allow copy and paste, (2) they can only be checked out for one hour (but can be checked out immediately when your hour expires giving you time to read or take notes on a lengthy section) and (3) they require creating an account which allows you to check out the books free of charge. To set up an account click and then click the picture of the person in right upper corner and enter email and a password. That's all you have to do. Then you can read these more modern resources free of charge! I have read or used many of these resources but not all of them so ultimately you will need to be a Berean (Acts 17:11+) as you use them. I have also selected works that are conservative and Biblically sound. If you find one that you think does not meet those criteria please send an email at The resources are listed in alphabetical order by the author's last name and some include reviews of the particular resource. For hundreds of other commentaries and books that can be borrowed see Christian Commentaries Online

God, are you there? (Do You Care? Do You Know About Me?) by Arthur, Kay (1994) 246 pages.  61 ratings This is not a commentary but a guide to study of the Gospel of John, and one of the best guides available. If you want to meet Jesus or introduce him to someone who is willing to study the Gospel of John with you, this book is for you. You will be guided through the Gospel using inductive Bible study methods by one of the premier inductive teachers of our generation. This would also be an excellent book for small group Bible study of John. You will not be disappointed and hopefully you can use it to see another soul brought into the Kingdom by the Spirit and the Word in John's Gospel (Jn 20:31)!

John - Life Application Commentary - Bruce Barton, et al. (1993) 468 pages  33 ratings Comments are not long but conservative often with excellent application points.

John: Life Application Bible Studies - 125 pages - study notes - not the same as the resource above.

Life Application Study Bible : New Living Translation. Has some very helpful notes. 4,445 ratings

Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus Christ, and the Gospel of John by Bowman, Robert M

James Rosscup - He puts his focus on John 1:1, answering Jehovah’s Witnesses who have changed their line of argument from a few years ago. Bowman also deals with 8:58 and 20:28. For years Bowman has shown skill in refuting cultic error as associate editor of Christian Research Journal and in other capacities.

The Gospel of John: by Bruce, F. F. (1994) 444 pages Grace Theological Journal - "A gold mine for the reader who desires to pursue the argument of the Gospel from the standpoint of the best of present-day scholarship." Rosscup ranks this the #4 (out of 8) best exegetical commentary. 

Rosscup - Bruce gives a fresh translation of the Greek, much good commentary, a copious use of current literature, and application. Clarity prevails as he offers help for pastors, seminarians and lay people. At times, however, his vocabulary will mystify those not trained in languages, e. g. “sotto voce,” p. 174; “ingressive sense of the aorist,” p. 246, etc. Overall it is a very fine commentary by one of the leading evangelicals of recent decades.

John : the gospel of light and life by Hillis, Don W  15 ratings - highly rated by users. Note this is not a commentary but a guided study with questions on many verses followed by a "test" (True/False) - Might be useful if you have never studied John. Also might be helpful to someone teaching (even preaching) John as it gives suggested questions. 

John - The NIV Application Commentary by Burge, Gary M., 1952- (2000) 638 pages 131 ratings or another source 16 ratings

Rosscup - A Wheaton College professor seeks to interpret John in its Jewish flavor, i.e. with sensitivity to the OT rooting and Palestinian Judaism of Jesus’ day. He uses such materials to see the Messianic aspects. Burge offers different views on some of the problems, such as “water and Spirit” in 3:6, and Peter’s responses in 21:15–17. He gives background custom as for the events of the festival when Jesus invited drinking from Him (7:37–39), and footwashing in chap. 13. This does not mean that in all verses comments are adequate (cf. 15:2, 6, for example) to nail details down distinctly, or look at views. Since this series often just sums up passages, remarks on some verses can be difficult and slow to be located, or at times not be there due to the generalities. Some key verses are handled too quickly, or only partially (cf. 10:28, 29). The comments are sufficient at times, but not consistently enough to put the work among the more dependable.

John: the Gospel of Life by Burge, Gary M., (2008) 148 pages - This is a study guide not a commentary. 

Interpreting the fourth Gospel by Burge, Gary (1996) 196 pages - A Guide to New Testament Exegesis. Not a commentary, but an interesting resource. For example on page 125 there is lengthy discussion on Word Studies in John including a section entitled "Fundamental Rules of Word Study." and another entitled "Common Johannine Word Study Errors."

Interpreting the Gospel of John : a practical guide by Burge, Gary M., (2013) 244 pages - Apparently the revised edition of the resource directly above. 

Evangelical Commentary on the Bible - editor Walter Elwell (1989) 1239 pages. User reviews.  Burge, Gary. “John,” in Evangelical Commentary 

James Rosscup - Although brief, Burge shows awareness of issues and often uses his space well to provide help.

The theology of John by Cook, W. Robert

Cyril Barber - A detailed examination of Johannine literature covering all the major areas of thought. A worthy contribution to this area of biblical theology. Recommended.

Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel : a study in literary design by Culpepper, R. Alan

Cyril Barber - Competent interdisciplinary studies in English are rare. This one explores John and makes ample use of modern redactional works to highlight the poetics, narrative structure, and other aspects of the gospel. The result is a stimulating, scholarly work

The Beloved Disciple ... his name, his story, his thought : two studies from the Gospel of John by Eller, Vernard

Cyril Barber - An informative and unorthodox approach to the authorship and theology of the fourth gospel. With tongue-in-cheek Eller uses the techniques of Sherlock Holmes to unravel the mystery of authorship. His conclusion will surprise some and irritate others. A lively discussion.

The Gospel of John; an exposition by Erdman, Charles R.

Rosscup - Concise treatments are given to each of the N. T. books. The main value of the set lies in its clear synthesis which helps the student grasp the flow of thought as he moves through a book. Erdman possessed a lucid writing style. He was amillennial.

A guide to John's Gospel by Guthrie, Donald 

Cyril Barber - In order to promote more expositional study of the biblical text--especially among lay persons--Guthrie has prepared this collection of outlines on the Gospel of John. While his aim is to lay bare what the text actually says, his guiding purpose is to assist Christians understand how Scripture may be applied to their lives. To achieve this goal, Guthrie has divided John's gospel into sections. His knowledge of the NT is incisive, and his skill as a Bible teacher places all readers in his debt. This is an extremely helpful little volume and is as concise as it is relevant. Recommended.

John, the gospel of faith by Harrison, Everett Falconer, 1902- from Everyman's Bible Commentary series. Conservative, but not too much depth.

Exposition of the Gospel according to John by Hendriksen, William, 1900-1982 (1953) 526 pages  19 ratings

Rosscup - Trained in the Christian Reformed tradition, Hendriksen is thoroughly conservative and believes in plenary verbal inspiration. He served for ten years as Professor of New Testament Literature in Calvin Seminary. His introductions are quite extended and carefully written. In his commentary, which is very usable, he first presents a brief synthetic outline of a section, follows up with a detailed discussion verse-by-verse, then gives a survey of the argument in that section. His footnote discussions show a wide breadth of reading. He is usually quite helpful on problems, Greek word meanings, and matters of history, culture or geography. There are many stimulating sermon hints and devotional thoughts. He is good in presenting several different views to a question and documenting them thoroughly. He is amillennial in matters pertaining to the kingdom (cf. his comment on 10:16 as well as his book More Than Conquerors, pp. 222ff.). Though the author is very helpful in the Greek, the manner of discussion can be extremely valuable to the layman.

Behold the Man (Expository Studies in the Gospel of John 11-21) by Hughes, R. Kent (1984) 184 pages Rosscup ranks Hughes work on John's Gospel #3 (out of 6) in the devotional category. 

Cyril Barber on Hughes' related work "John: That you May Believe" - An expositional commentary of rare excellence. Covers the theme of John’s gospel in the best evangelical tradition. Designed for lay people.

Light in the darkness : studies in the Gospel of John by Kent, Homer Austin (1974) 244 pages  2 ratings Rosscup ranks this is the #2 most useful expositional commentary on John. 

Rosscup - Kent’s paragraph-by-paragraph survey of John’s Gospel deals with some of the main problem areas in exposition. It is geared to be a guide for personal or group study. Kent utilizes photographs, maps, and diagrams. It is a good expositional survey by an evangelical (former President, Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, IN).

Encountering John : the Gospel in historical, literary, and theological perspective by Köstenberger, Andreas J.,

Cyril Barber (on Kostenberger's "Exegetical Commentary on the NT") This commentary follows several other works on John’s Gospel written by Kostenberger. The writer treats this canonical book as historically reliable, the product of careful composition, that sets forth Christ as the Son of God in a way that would lead readers to faith in Him. A scholarly production.

The Gospel of John by Michaels, J. Ramsey - New International Biblical Commentary - Mathison writes "preachers may want to consult the commentaries by" and then mentions this author. 

The Gospel According to John : An Introduction and Commentary by Kruse, Colin G  (2008) 404 pages = Note this is not his more detailed work in the Pillar Commentary Series but his shorter work in the Tyndale NT Commentary Series. See reviews although I think these are primarily on the newer edition (2017). They should still give you a good idea of the value of his original edition. 

John by Fredrikson, Roger (The Communicator's Commentary) - now published as the Preacher's Commentary. 4.9/5 stars. These are generally helpful for preaching as they often have illustrations, etc. Read some of the glowing reviews = 10 ratings or reviews.

Or here = The Communicator's Commentary. John - identical to above

The Gospel according to John : the English text with introduction, exposition and notes by Morris, Leon 1 rating Rosscup ranks this is the #5 most useful exegetical commentary on John.

Cyril Barber - A work of superlative scholarship that not only replaces the majestic work by Westcott but surpasses Barrett as well. 

Reflections on the Gospel of John by Morris, Leon - 776 pages (2000)

Studies in the fourth Gospel by Morris, Leon - 382 pages (1969) This is not his commentary in the NICNT, but his writing are always generally excellent. One user writes "This volume concerns controversies over authorship, date, and theological questions that Leon Morris deliberately didn't address in his full commentary."

Secrets of the Spirit by Stedman, Ray C (1977) 164 pages = Also present online at this link. - PDF's of the 12 sermons in this series giveiin in 1973 at Peninsula Bible Church. Entire series, one html file or one Adobe Acrobat .pdf file

Cyril Barber - As an exposition of Christ's "last will and testament," these studies of John 14-16 ably treat the events that took place on the eve of the crucifixion

Preaching the Gospel of John : proclaiming the living Word by Williamson, Lamar. 347 pages. See Ratings - Interesting format - not a classic commentary. A quick review suggests it might have some helpful hints on preaching the texts. 

Christ the liberator by Stott, John R. W

James Rosscup - This book has other messages at Urbana, 1970, but Stott’s expositions on John 13–17 fill the first 89 pages. In the opinion of the reviewer, they are some of the best ever published with respect to coming right to grips with the message for Christians in a concise focus. Stott is well-organized in elucidating the passage, and he brings key issues out clearly in their application to spiritual living and representing Christ in the world.

Insights on John by Swindoll, Charles R (2010) 376 pages  214 ratings - Insights on John, volume two in the landmark Swindoll's New Testament Insights series, provides a wealth of colorful, detailed, and easy-to-understand insights into the gospel of John. Drawing on his vast experience as a communicator of God's Word, Chuck Swindoll presents his legacy to all who read and love the Bible.

Following Christ ... the man of God : a study of John 6-14 by Swindoll, Charles (2000) 132 pages

The Gospel of John: Believe and Live: Believe and Live  (21st Century Biblical Commentary Series) by Towns, Elmer L (2002) 264 pages  47 ratings

Cyril Barber - This book is the fruit of the author's "lifelong love affair with the gospel of John." Through word studies from the Greek text, Towns presents the immense riches to be found in John's unique message. He explains that "John's ultimate purpose is that his readers will believe the record of the life and death of the Son of God and receive eternal life."

The Gospel according to St. John : an introduction and commentary by Tasker, R. V. G. 1 ratings 

The Complete Biblical library / Vol. 5 : Part 1, New Testament : Study Bible, John - interesting resource. Includes interlinear and commentary notes. 

Believe in Miracles but Trust in Jesus by Rogers, Adrian - This is not a commentary on John but does have chapters dealing with some of Jesus' miracles in John - The Possibility of MiraclesThe Problem with Miracles. Water to Wine (John 2), Nobleman's Son Healed (John 4), Healing the Impotent Man (John 5), Feeding the 5000 (John 6), Calming the Storm (John 6), Opening Blind Eyes (John 9), Raising Lazarus (John 11), The Maximum Miracle (John 20:30-31). I will guarantee you that if you are preaching or teaching on any of the preceding chapters in John, you will glean many "pearls" from Dr Rogers' discussion. I give it "6 out of 5 stars!"  42 ratings

Commentary on John by Whitelaw, Thomas

Cyril Barber - Formerly published as the Gospel of St. John. A verse-by-verse exposition with homiletic hints. Seminal. Evangelical.

Be alive  (John 1-12): Get to Know the Living Savior by Wiersbe, Warren (1986) 160 pages.  277 ratings - As he studied and wrote this book, Dr. Warren Wiersbe "felt like a man standing on holy ground." For he realized all the more the truth of the statement of the great Greek scholar Dr. A. T. Robertson: The Gospel of John is "the profoundest book in the world." In Be Alive, Dr. Wiersbe presents the basic teachings of the first twelve chapters of John's Gospel and urges readers to approach its truths with the hearts and minds of worshipers. Come to better know the living Savior and... BE ALIVE!

Be transformed (John 13-21): Christ's Triumph Means Your Transformation by Wiersbe, Warren (1986) 160 pages. 377 ratings - Yes, they became transformed men, those original disciples. In the opening chapters of John's Gospel, you see a group of men who were struggling with their faith and occasionally stumbling. But after Christ's death and resurrection, things changed--because they became transformed by His power and His Word. In completing his study of John's Gospel (see Be Alive for John 1-12). Dr. Warren Wiersbe explains how you can become a transformed person. He answers such important questions as:

  • How does the Holy Spirit work in my life?
  • What are the secrets of answered prayer?
  • Why is Christian fellowship so important?
  • How can I overcome the pressures of the world?

"But as many as received Him, to them gave the power to become..." (John 1:12). This is your invitation to personal transformation and triumph!

The Bible exposition commentary by Wiersbe, Warren W - All NT books in one source. Excellent. Or here

Rosscup - One of America’s most appreciated staunchly evangelical Bible conference teachers gives diligent, refreshing expositions. These are all of his 23 separate, earlier books in the “Be” series on the New Testament. He strikes a particular appeal with lay people as he crystallizes sections, deals with some of the verses, handles certain problems and backgrounds and applies principles. He is premillennial.

Windows on the parables by Wiersbe, Warren

Interpreting the parables by Blomberg, Craig

The Gospel of John - William Barclay - Be aware of some questions about his orthodoxy!   (critique) While William Barclay often has very insightful Greek word studies, the Berean-like reader (Acts 17:11) needs to be aware that he does hold some very unorthodox beliefs. See on site comments and also see article on The Enigmatic William Barclay"

John by Beasley-Murray, George Raymond, - Word Biblical Commentary - gets about 4/5 stars. 

One readers review - Given the comprehensiveness of most volumes in the Word series, one would expect more from this volume. It isn't bad by any stretch, but far less detailed and thorough than I had wanted. I don't see much in this which isn't available from other commentaries on John.

The Gospel of John by Witherington, Ben, III,  13 ratings - Read some of the ratings to get an idea of the nature of this book. 

Chronological and Background Charts of the NEW TESTAMENT - Pdf - D Wayne House - outstanding compilation of charts - check this one out!. This book can also be borrowed = Chronological and background charts of the New Testament


Note: The first 4 resources have no time restriction and allow copy and paste function: 

(1) KJV Bible Commentary - Hindson, Edward E; Kroll, Woodrow Michael. Over 3000 pages of the entire OT/NT. Well done conservative commentary that interprets Scripture from a literal perspective. Pre-millennial.  User reviews - it generally gets 4/5 stars from users. - 372 ratings

Very well done conservative commentary that interprets Scripture from a literal perspective   user reviews 

The King James Version Bible Commentary is a complete verse-by-verse commentary. It is comprehensive in scope, reliable in scholarship, and easy to use. Its authors are leading evangelical theologians who provide practical truths and biblical principles. Any Bible student will gain new insights through this one-volume commentary based on the timeless King James Version of the Bible.

(2) The King James Study Bible Second Edition 2240 pages (2013) (Thomas Nelson) General Editor - Edward Hindson with multiple contributing editors. . 3,194 ratings. Pre-millennial. See introduction on How to Use this Study Bible.

(3) NKJV Study Bible: New King James Version Study Bible (formerly "The Nelson Study Bible - NKJV") by Earl D Radmacher; Ronald Barclay Allen; Wayne H House. 2345 pages. (1997, 2007). Very helpful notes. Conservative. Pre-millennial.  917 ratings

(4) The Wycliffe Bible Commentary - only the New Testament (for OT see below to borrow) - 1126 pages. (1971) Everett F Harrison - Editor of New Testament. Uses the KJV.  Strictly speaking not a study Bible, but short notes are similar. KJV text in left column, commentary notes in right column. The comments are generally verse by verse, short, conservative and to the point. Pre-millennial.

Quote from Henry Alford (1810-1871 - not a dispensationalist!) on Revelation 20 - "It will have been long ago anticipated by the readers of this Commentary, that I cannot consent to distort words from their plain sense and chronological place in the prophecy, on account of any considerations of difficulty, or any risk of abuses which the doctrine of the millennium may bring with it. Those who lived next to the Apostles, and the whole Church for 300 years, understood them in the plain literal sense: and it is a strange sight in these days to see expositors who are among the first in reverence of antiquity, complacently casting aside the most cogent instance of consensus which primitive antiquity presents. As regards the text itself, no legitimate treatment of it will extort what is known as the spiritual interpretation now in fashion.”

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery - free for use online with no restrictions (i.e., you do not need to borrow this book). Editors Leland Ryken, J C Wilhoit, Tremper Longman III - This is a potential treasure chest to aid your preaching and teaching as it analyzes the meaning of a host of Biblical figures of speech. Clue - use the "One-page view" which then allows you to copy and paste text. One downside is there is no index, so you need to search 3291 pages for entries which are alphabetical. 

Zondervan NIV Study Bible - (2011) 2570 pages  - Use this one if available as it has more notes than edition below. One hour limit

NIV Study Bible by Barker, Kenneth L; Burdick, Donald W (1995) 2250 pages. This is the first edition. This resource has been fully revised in 2020. One hour limit 

Believer's Bible Commentary - OT and NT - MacDonald, William (1995) 2480 pages. Conservative. Literal. Often has very insightful comments. John MacArthur, says "Concise yet comprehensive - the most complete single-volume commentary I have seen." Warren Wiersbe adds "For the student who is serious about seeing Christ in the Word." One hour limit.

Rosscup - This work, originally issued in 1983, is conservative and premillennial, written to help teachers, preachers and people in every walk of life with different views, explanation and application. The 2-column format runs verse by verse for the most part, usually in a helpfully knowledgeable manner, and there are several special sections such as “Prayer” in Acts and “Legalism” in Galatians. The premillennial view is evident on Acts 1:63:20Romans 11:26Galatians 6:16, Revelation 20, etc.

HCSB Study Bible : Holman Christian Standard Bible - General Editor Jeremy Royal Howard (2010) 2360 pages. Conservative. Good notes. Include Holmans excellent maps. One hour limit

Life Application Study Bible: Old Testament and New Testament: New Living Translation. Has some very helpful notes especially with application of texts. 4,445 ratings One hour limit

The MacArthur Study Bible - John MacArthur. Brief but well done notes for conservative, literal perspective. 1,275 ratings

ESV Study Bible - Excellent resource but not always literal in eschatology and the nation of Israel 6,004 ratings

The David Jeremiah Study Bible - (2013) 2208 pages. 2,272 ratings - "Drawing on more than 40 years of study, Dr. David Jeremiah has compiled a legacy resource that will make an eternal impact on generations to come. 8,000 study notes. Hundreds of enriching word studies"50+ Essentials of the Christian Faith" articles."

Wycliffe Bible Commentary - Charles Pfeiffer - 1560 pages (1962). 214 ratings Less detailed than the KJV Bible Commentary. Conservative. Notes are generally verse by verse but brief. 

Rosscup - Conservative and premillennial scholars here have been experts in their fields. The work contains brief introductions and attempts to give a verse-by-verse exposition, though it does skip over some verses. The treatments vary with the authors, but as a whole it is a fine one-volume commentary for pastors and students to use or give to a layman. Outstanding sections include, for example: Whitcomb on Ezra-Nehemiah-Esther; Culver on Daniel; Ladd on Acts; Harrison on Galatians; Johnson on I Corinthians; and Ryrie on the Johannine Epistles.

The Defender's Study Bible : King James Version by Morris, Henry M. Excellent notes by well known creationist. 45 ratings 

New Bible Commentary - (1994) See user reviews

Compact Bible commentary by Radmacher, Earl D; Allen, Ronald Barclay; House, H Wayne, et al - 954 pages.  424 ratings Multiple contributors to the comments which are often verse by verse. The comments are brief but meaty and can really help your study through a given book. A sleeper in my opinion. 

The Experiencing God Study Bible: the Bible for knowing and doing the will of God - Blackaby, Henry (1996) 1968 pages - CHECK THIS ONE! Each chapter begins with several questions under the title "PREPARE TO MEET GOD." Then you will interesting symbols before many of the passages. The chapter ends with a "DID YOU NOTICE?" question. This might make a "dry chapter" jump off the page! Read some of the 48 ratings

NLT Study Bible (Illustration Version) 

Disciple's Study Bible: New international version 54 ratings Not that helpful for verse by verse study. Focuses on application of Christian doctrines. 10,000 annotations; doctrinal summaries, "Life Helps" section relate doctrine to everyday discipleship. 

The Living Insights Study Bible : New International Version - Charles Swindoll. Notes are good but somewhat sparse and not verse by verse.

The Apologetics Study Bible Understand Why You Believe by Norman Geisler

NIV Archaeological Study Bible (2005) 2360 pages 950 ratings (See also Archaeology and the Bible - OT and NT)

"Readers who desire a more intimate knowledge of the historical context of the Bible will appreciate the NIV Archaeological Study Bible. Full of informative articles and full-color photographs of places and objects from biblical times, this Bible examines the archaeological record surrounding God’s Word and brings the biblical world to life. Readers’ personal studies will be enriched as they become more informed about the empires, places, and peoples of the ancient world. Features include: • Four-color interior throughout • Bottom-of-page study notes exploring passages that speak on archaeological and cultural facts • Articles (520) covering five main categories: Archaeological Sites, Cultural and Historical Notes, Ancient Peoples and Lands, the Reliability of the Bible, and Ancient Texts and Artifacts • Approximately 500 4-color photographs interspersed throughout • Detailed book introductions that provide basic, at-a-glance information • Detailed charts on pertinent topics • In-text color maps that assist the reader in placing the action "

NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible. Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture Keener, Craig and Walton, John. Editors (2017)

The Holman Illustrated Study Bible 120 ratings Includes the excellent Holman maps but otherwise of little help in serious study.

Zondervan King James Version Commentary - New Testament

NIV Celebrate Recovery Study Bible

Daily Study Bible for Women : New Living Translation

The Woman's Study Bible : the New King James Version

The Study Bible for Women : Holman Christian Standard Bible

Daily Study Bible for Men : New Living Translation

NIV Topical Study Bible : New International Version

Ryrie Study Bible - Charles Ryrie (1978) 2142 pages. Conservative.  216 ratings 

Ryrie Study Bible Expanded Edition (1994) 2232 pages

The Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible : New American standard study by Strong, James, 1822-1894; Zodhiates, Spiros 

The New Inductive Study Bible : updated New American Standard Bible - Introductions of each book give suggestions how to perform an inductive study on that specific book. Not strictly speaking a "study Bible" with notes but a Bible to help you study inductively. Has wide margins for making notes. This is one that works best in "paper," not digitally. 

With the Word - Devotional Commentary - Warren Wiersbe - 428 ratings

Evangelical Commentary on the Bible - Judges by Andrew Boling (20 pages); editor Walter Elwell (1989) 1239 pages. User reviews. (See also Boling's 380 page commentary on Judges the Anchor Bible Series)

Halley's Bible Handbook Henry H. Halley - (2000) 2720 pages (much larger than original edition in 1965 and no time limit on use). (Halley's Bible handbook : an abbreviated Bible commentary - one hour limit 1965 872 pages)

Rosscup - A much-used older evangelical handbook bringing together a brief commentary on Bible books, some key archaeological findings, historical background, maps, quotes, etc. It is helpful to a lay Bible teacher, Sunday School leader, or pastor looking for quick, pertinent information on a Bible book. This is the 72nd printing somewhat revised. Halley packed in much information. Unger’s is better overall, but that is not to say that Halley’s will not provide much help on basic information.

The Shaw Pocket Bible Handbook - Editor - Walter Elwell (1984) 408 pages.

"This hardback is small in size but packed full of content: Brief summaries of every book of the bible, cultural, archaeological and historical info, word definitions, pictures, maps and charts." Worth checking! 



HENRY ALFORD - Greek Testament Critical Exegetical Commentary

Spurgeon - Alford's Greek Testament “for the use of Theological Students and Ministers,” is an invaluable aid to the critical study of the text of the New Testament. 

HENRY ALFORD - New Testament for English Readers

James Rosscup writes that Alford's series on the New Testament "contains much that is valuable in the Greek New Testament...though all of the Greek New Testament words have been changed to English throughout." (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)


WILLIAM BARCLAY Daily Study Bible Commentary

D Edmond Hiebert comments - (Barclay) Prints the author's own translation. A series of popular studies well adapted to the lay reader. Barclay is strongest in his study of word meanings. Contains good illustrative material. (An Introduction to the NT)

See caveats regarding Barclay's theology.



CHRIS BENFIELD - Studies in Gospel of John

Each study is about 5 pages. These are well done. 

JOHANN BENGEL - Gnomon of the New Testament (1877)










CAMBRIDGE BIBLE  - Alfred Plummer


D Edmond Hiebert review - Greek text. Valuable introduction espouses the conservative view regarding introductory problems. The notes on the Greek text set forth its meaning concisely. (An Introduction to the NT)

Cyril Barber - Plummer, Alfred. The Gospel According to St. John. Published a century ago, this study of the Greek text of John's gospel first appeared in the Cambridge Greek Testament.






NOTE: This is potentially a useful resource but be aware it is from the perspective of Church of Christ. Be a Berean - Acts 17:11+.







J LIGON DUNCAN  - sermon transcripts - also Derek Thomas, David Strain


  • John 1 2 3 4 








DON FORTNER - sermon transcripts on the Gospel of John




Rosscup - A good scholar is at his best here. He is exhaustive and excellent, though this work is old.  (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

D Edmond Hiebert - An older commentary by a noted conservative French scholar of the past century. Still outstanding as an evangelical interpretation of the fourth gospel, even if unaware of recent critical trends. (An Introduction to the NT)


GOTQUESTIONS - Related to the Gospel of John


JAMES GUNN - 61 expositions - click below for section under which are multiple individual expositions



SCOTT HARRIS - Grace Bible Church - sermon transcripts on Gospel of John






Rosscup - This work, recently reprinted, has much judicious material tying the thought to Old Testament background theology. At times it is very provocative (cf. on Jn. 1:15, 30, “He is preferred before me,” italics mine). Hengstenberg is one of the towering older names, well-known for Christology of the Old Testament, for example.  (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

Cyril Barber - Rich in grammatical and syntactical insights, this reverent and devout work ably treats the life and labors of Christ as recorded in John's gospel. A rewarding work that will handsomely repay the time spent reading it.


DAVID HOLWICK over 75 sermon transcripts - frequent illustrations




D Edmond Hiebert review - Greek text.  A full verse-by-verse exposition of John by an accomplished conservative Baptist scholar of the past century. Still valuable for its unfolding of the meaning of the text.(An Introduction to the NT)


D Edmond Hiebert review - Greek text. A 180-page introduction, in which the author rejects the traditional view of authorship, deals fully with the critical problems. The commentary is based on the author's rearrangement of the text of the gospel. Valuable for the discerning advanced student. (An Introduction to the NT)

Rosscup -   Bernard, J. A. Gospel According to St. John (International Critical Commentary). Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1928. A liberal work, now outdated as to literature but long held in high esteem on critical and exegetical matters.


IVP COMMENTARY - Rodney A Whitacre





D Edmond Hiebert review - The material in this volume of 650 two-column pages is divided into four parts under each section of the gospel: textual and grammatical; exegetical and critical; doctrinal and ethical; homiletical and practical. While much of the material is dated, it contains an abundance of riches for those willing to dig into its contents. (An Introduction to the NT)

PAUL KRETZMANN - Lutheran commentator


DAVID LEGGE - sermons on the Gospel of John





ALEXANDER MACLAREN - click links for sermons on the chapter

HENRY MAHAN - Sermon transcripts on John - distinct from commentary in next section

HENRY MAHAN - commentary

MASTER'S BIBLE CHURCH -  In depth (eg, 20 pages on Jn 7:37-39!) -

J VERNON MCGEE - Thru the Bible - Mp3's

F B MEYER - commentary on Gospel of John

James Rosscup - A well-organized, suggestively rich lighter, devotional commentary by the famous preacher and writer of a well-known series on Bible characters (Abraham, Moses, Elijah, etc.) and several other insightful devotional books. Here is a commentary by a bright light that can refresh personally, stimulate messages and help illustrate them.

F B MEYER - devotionals - Our Daily Homily (ODH) Our Daily Walk - unmarked

F B MEYER - brief comments (distinct from his commentary listed above)

H A W MEYER - Commentary

JOHN R MILLER - Devotional Hours with the Bible


OUR DAILY BREAD - Devotional Illustrations

PASTOR LIFE - sermons

Title Book/Chapter/Verse Subject Author
The Bad Samaritan John  4 :1-42 Evangelism Mark Adams
A Worshipping Church John  4 :23-24 Worship Adrian Rogers
Having a Heart for the Harvest John  4 :27-38 Soul Winning; Witnessing; Evangelism Terry Trivette
Why We're In Business John  4 :27-39 Evangelism; Church; Missions James B. (Jim) Henry
The Left Water-Pot John  4 :28-30 Witnessing; Joy, Salvation; Missions Francis Dixon
Ever Increasing Faith John  4 :46-54 Faith; Trust; Dependence on God Jack Woodard
Trust John  4 :46-54 Trust; Faith; Dependence on God James Merritt
The Healing of the Nobleman's Son John  4 :46-54 Healing; Miracle of Jesus David E. Owen


ROBERT MORGAN - often uses illustrations

HENRY MORRIS - Defender's Study Bible Notes - Notes are in links on the right side of the page



PHIL NEWTON - sermons on John







POPULAR COMMENTARY ON THE NEW TESTAMENT Gospel of John authored by William Milligan and William Moulton





GRANT RICHISON - commentary with practical application on each verse 

NOTE: The link below is just to the first verse of the chapter (e.g., ). In the top right corner of the page you will find a link to go to the next verse by verse comment. There are literally hundreds of comments - e.g., there are 4 separate studies on John 1:1 -    , then you can go to , etc, etc. Read Introduction to John

A. T. ROBERTSON - Word Pictures of the New Testament

J C RYLE - Commentary - always has a few very pithy comments

ROB SALVATO - sermons

JOHNNY SANDERS - commentary notes



NOTE: There are literally 1000's of sermons but the quality varies so please exercise a Berean mindset (Acts 17:11+). Here is an example of a Pdf on John 4. The Pdfs often give some useful teaching and preaching ideas/insights. 


CHARLES SIMEON - link includes all of Simeon's sermon on the chapter

CHUCK SMITH - Calvary Chapel founder



The following topics are discussed on Handfuls of Purpose (click)

  • THE LIVING WATER. John 4:7-14.
  • THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA. John 4:1-30.


C H SPURGEON - sermons




CLAUDE STAUFFER - Verse by verse studies

  • John 4 The Samaritan Woman and the Second Sign


JOHN STEVENSON - sermon notes


RON TEED - sermon notes

TIM TEMPLE - sermon notes



JOHN TRAPP - commentary

BOB UTLEY - commentary

VALLEY BIBLE CHURCH - sermon transcripts on the Gospel of John

INSTRUCTIONS - There are 182 sermons on John. The church changed their links so now the best way to retrieve the Transcript in Pdf is by clicking on the INDEX PAGE FOR SERMONS ON JOHN. Then hunt for the chapter and verse you desire. When you find the text in which you are interested, select "DOWNLOADS" and then select TRANSCRIPT (average about 5 pages - Here is an example from sermon #169 "The Word Incarnate - Part 3" John 1:14)


D Edmond Hiebert review - One of the classical commentaries on John. Still richly rewarding in spite of its age. An admirable presentation of the conservative position. (An Introduction to the NT)


MARVIN VINCENT - Greek Word Studies

SERMONS BY VERSE - Older expositions and sermons

Chance in the Divine Economy J. Fawcett, M. A. John 4:1-42
Characteristics of Christ Displayed in This Conversation Bp. Ryle. John 4:1-42
Christ Abolishing Prejudices Lange. John 4:1-42
Christ and the Samaritans H. Burton, M. A. John 4:1-42
Christ and the Woman T. Whitelaw, D. D. John 4:1-42
Christ and the Woman of Samaria Bp. Ryle. John 4:1-42
Christ and the Woman of Samaria Caleb Morris. John 4:1-42
Christ At Jacob's Well Carl Keogh, D. D. John 4:1-42
Christ Driven Away Jeremiah Dyke. John 4:1-42
Christ in His Human Weakness and Divine Exaltation Lange. John 4:1-42
Christ's Gentleness with the Fallen J. Cynddylan Jones, D. D. John 4:1-42
Christ's Request Bp. Ryle. John 4:1-42
Commendable Enthusiasm Dr. Guthrie. John 4:1-42
Connection Between the Conversations with the Woman of Samaria and with Nicodemus Bp. Westcott. John 4:1-42
He Left Judaea W. H. Dixon., Canon Westcott. John 4:1-42
In the Path of Christ J. Trapp. John 4:1-42
Influence After Death H. W. Beecher. John 4:1-42
Its History Bp. Ryle. John 4:1-42
Jacob's Well a Type L. R. Bosanquet. John 4:1-42
Jacob's Welt an Emblem of the Sanctuary R. H. Lovell. John 4:1-42
Jesus At the Well S. S. Times John 4:1-42
Jesus At the Well Sermons by the Monday Club John 4:1-42
Jesus At the Well of Sychar James G. Vose. John 4:1-42
Jesus Found At the Well   John 4:1-42
Jesus Sitting on the Well C. H. Spurgeon John 4:1-42
No Sympathy Without Suffering Boswell. John 4:1-42
Our Attitude Towards Samaria W. Hawkins. John 4:1-42
Providence Shown in Conversions J. Flavel. John 4:1-42
Sat Thus on the Well F. Godet, D. D. John 4:1-42
Soul-Winning Tact Bible Society Report John 4:1-42
Subsidiary Points H. J. Van Dyke, D. D. John 4:1-42
Suffering Begets Sympathy J. Trapp. John 4:1-42
Tact and Kindness Will Win Souls   John 4:1-42
The Appropriateness of the Place for the Purpose J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Conference J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Drawer of Water J. R. Macduff; D. D. John 4:1-42
The First Visit to Samaria G. D. Boardman, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Interior of the Well Lieut. S. Anderson, R. E. John 4:1-42
The Jewish Treatment of Women S. S. Times John 4:1-42
The Journey to Samaria A. Beith, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Locality F. I. Dunwell, B. A. John 4:1-42
The Lost One Met and Saved J. Gill. John 4:1-42
The Model Teacher C. S. Robinson, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Needs Be J. Macduff, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Occasion of the Journey W. Arnot, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Ordinances Necessary Dean Goulburn. John 4:1-42
The Parcel of Ground that Jacob Gave to His Son Joseph A. Beith, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Pedagogy or Rudimentary Teaching of Jesus C. E. Luthardt, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Real Significance of the Woman's Coming to Christ J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Realness of the Scene Dean Stanley. John 4:1-42
The Retreat of Jesus   John 4:1-42
The Revolution Christ Effected in the Treatment of Women J. Cynddylan Jones, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Rite of Baptism T. Whitelaw, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Self-Abnegation of Christ C. E. Luthardt, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Sixth Hour Bp. Ryle. John 4:1-42
The Thirsting Saviour A. Warrack, M. A. John 4:1-42
The Three Baptisms F. Godet, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Weary Pilgrim J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Woman of Samaria J. Cynddylan Jones, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Woman of Samaria W. Jay. John 4:1-42
Topography of Jacob's Well and Neighbourhood C. Geikie, D. D. John 4:1-42
Unquenchable Enthusiasm D. L. Moody. John 4:1-42
Utilizing Disagreeable Necessities A. F. Muir, M. A. John 4:1-42
Value of a Well in the East H. W. Beecher. John 4:1-42
Weariness and Work W. Poole Balfern. John 4:1-42
Why Christ Did not Personally Baptize   John 4:1-42
Why Religious Ordinances are Sometimes Unprofitable D. Guthrie, D. D. John 4:1-42
The Wearied Christ Alexander Maclaren John 4:6
The Fountain of Living Water D. Young John 4:6-15
Give Me to Drink' Alexander Maclaren John 4:7
Patriotism and Christianity J.R. Thomson John 4:9
Askest and Saith Abp. Trench. John 4:9-10
Christ Cares not for Classes or Races, But For Knox Little. John 4:9-10
Dealings and Gift of God F. D. Maurice. John 4:9-10
History of the Samaritans Lord Carnarvon's, Druses of the Lebanon. John 4:9-10
Samaritan Churlishness Canon Tristram. John 4:9-10
The Evils of National Rivalry John Ruskin. John 4:9-10
The Evils of Sectarian Bigotry Bp. Ryle. John 4:9-10
The Forbearance of Christ John McNeill. John 4:9-10
The Hatred of the Jews for the Samaritans Canon Tristram. John 4:9-10
The Hostility of the Samaritans Towards the Jews J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:9-10
The Jews and Samaritans J. Trapp. John 4:9-10
The Significance of Giving Drink H. C. Trumbull, D. D. John 4:9-10
Characteristics of Living Water T. De Witt Talmage, D. D. John 4:10
Christ and the Woman of Samaria R. M. McCheyne. John 4:10
Christ, a Priceless Blessing J. Spencer. John 4:10
Christ's Testimony Concerning His Mission W. Braden. John 4:10
If Thou Knewest! J.R. Thomson John 4:10
Ignorance and Instruction W. Griffith. John 4:10
Living Water Lange. John 4:10
Living Water J. Benson. John 4:10
Salvation is a Free Gift   John 4:10
Salvation Must be Accepted as a Free Gift   John 4:10
Saving Knowledge C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:10
The Gift and the Giver Alexander Maclaren John 4:10
The Gift of God J. J. Black, LL. B. John 4:10
The Gift of God Ragged Life in Egypt John 4:10
The Gift of God and Living Water J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:10
The Gift of Living Water Marcus Dods, D. D. John 4:10
The Gift of the Spirit   John 4:10
The Living Water Mark Guy Pearse. John 4:10
The Preaching of Christ T. Guthrie, D. D. John 4:10
The Two Fountains A. J. Morris. John 4:10
Wayside Opportunities E. H. Chapin, D. D. John 4:10
From Whence? J.R. Thomson John 4:11
Christian Character Forceful G. Litting, LL. B. John 4:11-12
Conduits for the Water of Life W. Perkins. John 4:11-12
Deep Wells N. L. Frothringham. John 4:11-12
Earthly and Spiritual Blessings Trapp. John 4:11-12
Hero-Worshi Van Doren. John 4:11-12
Holy Water C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:11-12
Human Expedients and Divine Provision T. Kidd. John 4:11-12
Jesus a Spring   John 4:11-12
Life's Ever Springing Well C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:11-12
Life-Streams R. Berser. John 4:11-12
Living Water A. J. Parry. John 4:11-12
Living Water Donald Fraser, D. D. John 4:11-12
Living Water Canon Liddon. John 4:11-12
Living Water, or Vital Religion J. Cynddylan Jones, D. D. John 4:11-12
Man's Longings Satisfied by Christ J. C. Jones, D. D. John 4:11-12
Nothing Van Doren. John 4:11-12
Perinal Supplies Donald Fraser, D. D. John 4:11-12
Religion a Spring J. Watson, M. A. John 4:11-12
Riches Unsatisfying H. W. Beecher. John 4:11-12
Salvation to be Received as a Free Gift D. L. Moody. John 4:11-12
Swinging Up into Everlasting Life J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:11-12
The Activity of Grace C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:11-12
The Best Happiness Within J. Fawcett, M. A. John 4:11-12
The Blessings of the Gospel Evan Lewis, B. A. John 4:11-12
The Bucket Abp. Trench. John 4:11-12
The Contrast J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:11-12
The Deceptive Character of This World's Good Sir S. Baker. John 4:11-12
The Difficulty of Arriving At Truth S. Clarke, M. A. John 4:11-12
The Freeness of Salvation and the Cost of the Means J. C. Jones, D. D. John 4:11-12
The Inward Spring G. H. Salter. John 4:11-12
The Longing for Unknown Happiness Knox Little. John 4:11-12
The Satisfaction Within A. J. Parry. John 4:11-12
The Source C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:11-12
The Spring of Living Water A. Poulton. John 4:11-12
The Springing Fountain A. Maclaren, D. D. John 4:11-12
The Unsatisfying Nature of Worldly Things J. Spencer. John 4:11-12
The Water of Life W. Jay. John 4:11-12
The Woman's First Rejoinder G. Hutcheson. John 4:11-12
The Worth of the Water of Life S. Hieron. John 4:11-12
True Religion W. Griffiths. John 4:11-12
Unsatisfactory Nature of This World's Good J. Fawcett, M. A., J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:11-12
Ver. 11 May be Affirmed J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:11-12
What May be Seen in the Well J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:11-12
Worldly Things Unsatisfying J. Trapp. John 4:11-12
Worldly Things Unsatisfying Thomas Brooks. John 4:11-12
Example S. Baring-Gould John 4:13
Carnal Pleasures Tire Dr. Donne. John 4:15
Mercy a Free Gift C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:15
Salvation Must be Realized by the Soul J. Cumming, D. D. John 4:15
Spiritual Laziness H. W. Beecher. John 4:15
Spiritual Thirst Prepares Us to Receive the Living Water C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:15
The Heavenly and the Earthly Mind H. W. Beecher. John 4:15
The Suppliant Supplicated J.R. Thomson John 4:15
The Thirst of Life and its Satisfaction in Christ   John 4:15
The Water of Life C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:15
A Plain Word Spoken in Season   John 4:16-18
Christ Looks into the Inner Life J. H. Hitchens, D. D. John 4:16-18
Christ's Skill in Dealing with the Conscience G. A. Chadwick, D. D. John 4:16-18
Conscience Must be Aroused J. Trapp. John 4:16-18
Preparation for Blessing Needful H. W. Watkins, D. D. John 4:16-18
Sin Must be Confessed Before Salvation Can be Obtained John McNeill. John 4:16-18
The Power of Private Reproof Bp. Ryle. John 4:16-18
We Must Faithfully Apply the Truth   John 4:16-18
Personal Preaching Bp. Brownrig. John 4:19
Sinners Avoid the Truth John McNeill. John 4:19
Christian Worship R. Brodie, M. A. John 4:20-29
Christianity Non-Centralized Dr. Whichcote., J. Boyd. John 4:20-29
How to Worship God Dean Close. John 4:20-29
Human Curiosity and Divine Mystery W. M. H. Aitken, M. A. John 4:20-29
Mount Gerizim F. I. Dunwell, B. A. John 4:20-29
Not Where, But How is the Main Thing Clerical Library John 4:20-29
Spiritual Worship F. W. Robertson, M. A. John 4:20-29
The Advent of Christ in Relation to the Heathen Canon Vernon Hutton. John 4:20-29
The Breadth of Spiritual Religion Phillips Brooks, D. D. John 4:20-29
The Church of the Future H. W. Beecher. John 4:20-29
The Old Worship and the New R. W. Dale, LL. D. John 4:20-29
The True Worship of God T. Whitelaw, D. D. John 4:20-29
The Vanity of Religious Controversy J. Fawcett, M. A. John 4:20-29
This Mountain Archbishop Trench. John 4:20-29
Traditional Religion J. Lightfoot, D. D. John 4:20-29
Veneration for Places of Ancient Worship R. W. Dale, D. D. John 4:20-29
Worship and Holy Places J.R. Thomson John 4:21
Aptness of Christ Archdeacon Paley. John 4:22-23
Can We be Sure of God J. Clifford, D. D. John 4:22-23
Christ's Revelation of God H. J. Van Dyke, D. D. John 4:22-23
God May be Worshipped Anywhere E. Bakersteth. John 4:22-23
How We May Know God New Cyclopaedia John 4:22-23
Ignorant Worship Affects the Life for Evil   John 4:22-23
Ignorant Worshippers Raikes' Diary. John 4:22-23
One Nation and All Nations A. Vinet, D. D. John 4:22-23
The Spiritual Ignorance of the Samaritans F. D. Maurice, M. A. John 4:22-23
The Straightforwardness of Jesus G. J. Brown, M. A. John 4:22-23
The True Worship A. Beith, D. D. John 4:22-23
The Axe At the Root -- a Testimony Against Puseyite Idolatry Charles Haddon Spurgeon John 4:23
The Divine Search J.R. Thomson John 4:23
A True Worshipper   John 4:23-24
Appropriate Worship Dean Young. John 4:23-24
God Seeks Worshippers J. Trapp. John 4:23-24
Living Worshippers the Only True Worshippers Little's, Historical Lights. John 4:23-24
Seeketh Bp. Ryle. John 4:23-24
Spiritual Worship T. Barrass. John 4:23-24
Spiritual Worship F. W. Robertson, M. A. John 4:23-24
Spiritual Worship Dr. Whichcote. John 4:23-24
Spiritual Worship Menander John 4:23-24
The Axe At the Root C. H. Spurgeon., Caryl. John 4:23-24
The Spirituality and Simplicity of Christian Worship Canon H. Stowell, M. A. John 4:23-24
The Spirituality of Worship H. Melvill, B. D. John 4:23-24
The Spirituality of Worship P. Schaff, D. D. John 4:23-24
True Worship Binds Together All Human Souls Stewart. John 4:23-24
Where to Pray   John 4:23-24
Worship T. Jones, D. D. John 4:23-24
Worship W. E. Channing, D. D. John 4:23-24
Worship and Worshippers J.R. Thomson John 4:23, 24
Christian Worship T. Starr King. John 4:24
Christian Worship a Necessity Rendall. John 4:24
God is a Spirit   John 4:24
God is a Spirit R. Watson. John 4:24
God Like the Wind Abp. Trench. John 4:24
God's Spirituality a Necessity S. Charnock. John 4:24
Of God and His Natural Perfections   John 4:24
Spiritual Religion Dean Stanley. John 4:24
Spiritual Worship Essential S. Charnock. John 4:24
The Fallacy of Holy Places D. Young John 4:24
The Nature and Worship of God R. Watson. John 4:24
The Nature and Worship of God   John 4:24
The Nature of Acceptable Worship Jabez Burns, D. D. John 4:24
The Simplicity of Christ's Sublime Disclosures J. C. Jones, D. D. John 4:24
The Spirituality of God J. T. Duryea, D. D. John 4:24
The Spirituality of God S. Summers. John 4:24
The Worship God Desires Cicero John 4:24
True Worship is Spontaneous R. A. Bertram. John 4:24
What is Spiritual Worship S. Charnock. John 4:24
Christ Earnestly Desired is Quickly Found J. Trapp. John 4:25-26
Messiah J. M. Randall John 4:25-26
Second Evasion and Reply J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:25-26
The Samaritan View of the Messiah F. Godet, D. D. John 4:25-26
The Woman of Samaria W. Jay. John 4:25-26
Why This Revelation of Messiahship was Made to the Woman and not to the Pharisees J. C. Jones, D. D. John 4:25-26
The Astonishment of Ignorance D. Young John 4:27
A Fourfold Theme D. Thomas, D. D. John 4:27-42
Christ's Treatment of the Waifs and Strays J. Cynddylan Jones. John 4:27-42
Gospel Work in Sychar C. S. Robinson, D. D. John 4:27-42
Jewish Prejudice Against Women F. Godet, D. D. John 4:27-42
Moments of Silence J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:27-42
Sowing and Reaping Sunday School Times John 4:27-42
Sowing and Reaping H. C. McCook, D. D. John 4:27-42
Sowing and Reaping Sermons by the Monday Club John 4:27-42
The Mission of the Woman Bp. Ryle. John 4:27-42
The Reticence of the Disciples S. S. Times John 4:27-42
The Samaritan Woman and Her Mission C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:27-42
The Seclusion of Oriental Women S. S. Times John 4:27-42
The Test of Friendship H. C. Trumbull, D. D. John 4:27-42
A Woman's Zeal S. R. Aldridge, LL. B. John 4:28-30
God Wilt Honour Zeal D. L. Moody. John 4:28-30
Sudden Conversion J. H. Hitchens, D. D. John 4:28-30
The Expansive Power of Christianity J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:28-30
The Forgotten Waterpot R. Berser, D. D John 4:28-30
The Home Missionary J. R. Macduff. John 4:28-30
The Woman of Samaria W. Jay. John 4:28-30
The Power of a Personal Revelation J.R. Thomson John 4:29
Christ and Modern Scepticism E. E. Jenkins, M. A. John 4:29-30
Christ the Saviour of Great Sinners New Cyclopaedia John 4:29-30
Christ's Improvement on Common Things Dr. Goodman. John 4:29-30
Come   John 4:29-30
Consider Messiah's Ministry of Salvation As W. Arnot, D. D. John 4:29-30
Enthusiasm Smiles. John 4:29-30
Every Christian Must be a Missionary C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:29-30
God's Work is Our Work Griffith John. John 4:29-30
Heavenly Nourishment G. W. Humphries, B. A. John 4:29-30
How Souls are Won C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:29-30
Jesus About His Father's Business C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:29-30
Joyful Service Christian Treasury John 4:29-30
Love the Secret of Successful Work H. C. Trumbull, D. D. John 4:29-30
Mysterious Meat C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:29-30
Service Should be Willing Service C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:29-30
Soul Food F. D. Maurice. John 4:29-30
Sources of Christ's Satisfaction J. Riddell. John 4:29-30
Tell the News W. Booth. John 4:29-30
The Duty of Spreading the Gospel C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:29-30
The Hidden Support of Life W. M. Taylor, D. D. John 4:29-30
The Joy of Having Found Christ C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:29-30
The Lord's Meat Bp. Huntington. John 4:29-30
The Power of Concentration H. O. Mackey. John 4:29-30
The Ruling Passion Family Churchman John 4:29-30
The Satisfying Power of a Great Aspiration R. H. Lovell. John 4:29-30
The Self-Revealer G. W. Conder. John 4:29-30
The Superlative Value of Food W. Arnott, D. D. John 4:29-30
The Two Forgettings J. P. Lange, D. D. John 4:29-30
The Zeal and Food of Christ T. Whitelaw, D. D. John 4:29-30
True Work Family Churchman John 4:29-30
Weak Instruments Useful J. Trapp. John 4:29-30
The Physical and Spiritual Food of Man B. Thomas John 4:31-34
Spiritual Work and Spiritual Food J.R. Thomson John 4:34
The Purpose of Jesus in Eating D. Young John 4:34
Autumn: a Season for National Instruction D. Thomas, D. D. John 4:35-38
Closing Incidents J. R. Macduff, D. D. John 4:35-38
Conviction H. Tozer. John 4:35-38
Earnestness Essential to Success New Cyclopadia John 4:35-38
Faith J. Gill. John 4:35-38
Fields White Already unto Harvest W. Arnot, D. D. John 4:35-38
Fields White for Harvest C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:35-38
Fruit After Many Days S. H. Tyng, D. D. John 4:35-38
Great Results from Small Causes J. C. Jones, D. D. John 4:35-38
Harvest D. Thomas, D. D. John 4:35-38
He Abode There Two Days S. S. Times. John 4:35-38
Large Results from Humble Beginnings H. Ward Beecher. John 4:35-38
Lift Up Your Eyes, and Look H. Arnold Thomas, M. A. John 4:35-38
Love to Souls Life of Rev. S. Thornton. John 4:35-38
Missions T. Dale, M. A. John 4:35-38
Mutual Dependence Family Churchman John 4:35-38
On Reaping R. V. Pryce, LL. B. John 4:35-38
One Soweth, and Another Reapeth H. Melvill, B. D. John 4:35-38
Other Men Laboured, and Ye are Entered into Their Labours J. A. James. John 4:35-38
Personal Effort Must be Encouraged Matthew Henry. John 4:35-38
Reaping Family Churchman John 4:35-38
Receiving Wages F. D. Maurice, M. A. John 4:35-38
Sowing and Reaping H. C. Trumbull, D. D. John 4:35-38
Sowing and Reaping W. M. Taylor, D. D. John 4:35-38
Sowing and Reaping Bp. Ryle. John 4:35-38
Sowing and Reaping Matthew Henry. John 4:35-38
Sowing and Reaping New Cyclopaedia John 4:35-38
Sowing and Reaping -- Missions   John 4:35-38
Sowing and Reaping -- Tracts New Cyclopaedia John 4:35-38
Sowing the Gospel Seed R. B. East, M. D. John 4:35-38
Spiritual Harvest J. Gwyther, B. A. John 4:35-38
Success in Unexpected Quarters Matthew Henry. John 4:35-38
Testimony and Experience C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:35-38
The Christian Harvest B. Thomas John 4:35-38
The Fields are White Bowes. John 4:35-38
The Fields White to Harvest Bp. Daniel Wilson. John 4:35-38
The First Female Missionary   John 4:35-38
The Gospel Harvest B. Godwin. John 4:35-38
The Gospel Harvest J. Parsons. John 4:35-38
The Grain Ripe T. De Witt Talmage. John 4:35-38
The Great Harvest Evan Lewis, B. A. John 4:35-38
The Harvest and the Labourers D. Fraser, D. D. John 4:35-38
The Harvest of Heathen Souls T. Dale, M. A. John 4:35-38
The Heathen are Waiting for the Gospel   John 4:35-38
The Ministry of Woman J. De Kewer Williams. John 4:35-38
The Passion for Immediate Results H. Ward Beecher. John 4:35-38
The Penalties of Neglect T. Dale, M. A. John 4:35-38
The Reaper and the Wages W. Hoyt, D. D. John 4:35-38
The Reaper's Joy C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:35-38
The Soul Harvest Bp. M. Simpson. John 4:35-38
The Spiritual Culture of the World D. Thomas, D. D. John 4:35-38
The Two Harvests D. Young John 4:35-38
The Wages of Doing Good   John 4:35-38
The Wages of Doing Good -- Joy Good Words. John 4:35-38
The Woman of Samaria W. Jay. John 4:35-38
The World's Redemptive Faith D. Thomas, D. D. John 4:35-38
White Already W. L. Walkinson. John 4:35-38
Woman as a Christianizer N. H. Axtell. John 4:35-38
Zeal for Soul-Gathering C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:35-38
Christ the Saviour of the World Helps for the Pulpit John 4:42
The Progress of Faith T. Whitelaw, D. D. John 4:42
The Samaritan's Confession of Faith   John 4:42
The Saviour of the World J.R. Thomson John 4:42
A Twice Verified Proverb T. Whitelaw, D. D. John 4:43-45
Moral Usefulness D. Thomas, D. D. John 4:43-45
A Lesson for Tittle Faith C. S. Robinson, D. D. John 4:46-54
Benefits of a Pious Parentage J. Trapp. John 4:46-54
Characteristics of Faith C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:46-54
Domestic Affliction Bp. Ryle. John 4:46-54
Domestic Affliction a Messenger of God G. Hermann. John 4:46-54
Except Ye See Signs and Wonders, Ye Will not Believe R. Winterbotham, M. A. John 4:46-54
Family Religion P. Skelton. John 4:46-54
From Faith to Faith Family Churchman John 4:46-54
Himself Believed and His Whole House Lisco. John 4:46-54
Jesus the Saviour of the Children New Cyclopaedia John 4:46-54
Physicians in the East H. C. Trumbull, D. D. John 4:46-54
Prayer James Hamilton, D. D. John 4:46-54
Prayers of a Father N. E. Puritan. John 4:46-54
Restoration of Nobleman's Dying Son M. Gibbs. John 4:46-54
Signs and Wonders C. Kingsley, M. A. John 4:46-54
Signs and Wonders Abp. Trench. John 4:46-54
Taking God At His Word J. Vaughan, M. A. John 4:46-54
The Christian Calls His Saviour to His Sick Bachmann. John 4:46-54
The Courtier's Son J. Laidlaw, D. D. John 4:46-54
The Faith of a Nobleman T. Whitelaw, D. D. John 4:46-54
The Fame of Christ H. W. Watkins, D. D. John 4:46-54
The Growth of Faith J.R. Thomson John 4:46-54
The Human Tendency to Make a Difficulty of Believing New Cyclopaedia of Anecdote John 4:46-54
The Nobleman of Capernaum J. Harding. John 4:46-54
The Nobleman of Capernaum J. A. Seiss, D. D. John 4:46-54
The Nobleman's Faith C. H. Spurgeon. John 4:46-54
The Nobleman's Faith P. B. Power, M. A. John 4:46-54
The Nobleman's Son Sunday School Times John 4:46-54
The Nobleman's Son Sermons by the Monday Club John 4:46-54
The Obedience of Faith Sermons by the Monday Club John 4:46-54
The Same Hour R. Besser, D. D. John 4:46-54
The Second Miracle At Cana Dean Vaughan. John 4:46-54
The Second Miracle in Cana A. Maclaren, D. D. John 4:46-54
The Testing of Faith Which the Nobleman Stands J. P. Lange, D. D. John 4:46-54
The Universal Passion for Miracles Heubner. John 4:46-54
The Uses O Trouble   John 4:46-54
True Faith H. C. Trumbull, D. D., J. Ford, M. A. John 4:46-54
We Should Count Our Mercies J. Trapp. John 4:46-54
The Second Miracle Alexander Maclaren John 4:54