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Chart from recommended resource Jensen's Survey of the OT - used by permission
Chart on Judges - Charles Swindoll

(The High Cost of Compromise)

Jdg 1:1-3:6 Jdg 3:7-16:31 Jdg 17:1-21:25
Introduction History of the Judges Appendix
Causes of the


Curse of the


Conditions in
the Cycles


Failure to Complete Conquest Jdg 1:1-36
God's Judgment for
Failure Jdg 2:1-3:6
Curse of the
Conditions in
the Cycles
Living with
War with the
Living Like the
About 350 Years of Israel's History - Almost 25%!
From Compromise to Confusion!
"in the days when the JUDGES governed"
(Note: All dates are approximations & time gaps NOT to scale)
Exodus 40 Years Israel Enters Canaan JUDGES Saul David   Messiah

Redemption from Slavery

Wilderness Wandering

Canaan Conquered
Joshua Dies

LIGHT of book of RUTH
Shines forth
in Dark Days of Judges

To obey is better than sacrifice

Man after God's Own Heart

The Lamb that was slain

-- 40 yrs ~24 yrs

350+ yrs

40 yrs 40 yrs Forever
MESSIAH'S LINE   To Salmon was born Boaz by Rahab To Boaz was born Obed by Ruth To Obed was born Jesse To Jesse was born David the King Jesus Christ the Lord

1445 -1405

1405 -1381


1051-1011 1011-971 4AD

Another Timeline of Israel's History
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from Jensen's Survey of the OT

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Ambitious Usurpation A.F. Muir Judges 9:1-6
Abimelech, the Adventurer R. A. Watson, M. A. Judges 9:1-22
Ambition Destroys the Finer Feelings of Men H. E. Channing. Judges 9:1-22
Bramble Rule; Or, the People and Their Leaders Homilist Judges 9:1-22
Forms of Usefulness in Life Marcus Dods, D. D. Judges 9:1-22
Jotham's Parable R. A. Watson, M. A. Judges 9:1-22
King Bramble and His Subjects A. F. Vedder. Judges 9:1-22
Misleading Self-Judgments A. Rowland, B. A. Judges 9:1-22
Pulpit Brambles Homilist Judges 9:1-22
Self-Fulfilment E. G. Murphy. Judges 9:1-22
The Bramble H. Whittaker. Judges 9:1-22
The Election of the Usurper to be King J. P. Millar. Judges 9:1-22
The Faithful Olive-Tree Spurgeon, Charles Haddon Judges 9:1-22
The Parable of Jotham A London Minister Judges 9:1-22
The Parable of the Trees J. Bayley, Ph. D. Judges 9:1-22
The Parable of the Trees A. Raleigh, D. D. Judges 9:1-22
The Refusing of Leadership W. Morison, D. D. Judges 9:1-22
Unrighteous Claims of Kindred A.F. Muir

Judges 9:2, 3

Shortcomings of Unscrupulous Schemes A.F. Muir Judges 9:5
Abimelech W.F. Adeney Judges 9:6
Jotham's Fable; Or, Popular Election, its Dangers and Abuses A.F. Muir Judges 9:7-20
Jotham's Parable W.F. Adeney Judges 9:8-15
Strength in Weakness A.F. Muir Judges 9:21
The Nemesis of Usurpation A.F. Muir Judges 9:22-57
Disunion R. Rogers. Judges 9:23
A Worthy Servant of a Worthless Master A.F. Muir Judges 9:30-33, 36-38
The Storming of the Temple of Berith T. De Witt Talmage. Judges 9:48-49
Reputation W.F. Adeney Judges 9:53, 54
Without a Leader A.F. Muir Judges 9:55

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