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Ambitious Usurpation A.F. Muir Judges 9:1-6
Abimelech, the Adventurer R. A. Watson, M. A. Judges 9:1-22
Ambition Destroys the Finer Feelings of Men H. E. Channing. Judges 9:1-22
Bramble Rule; Or, the People and Their Leaders Homilist Judges 9:1-22
Forms of Usefulness in Life Marcus Dods, D. D. Judges 9:1-22
Jotham's Parable R. A. Watson, M. A. Judges 9:1-22
King Bramble and His Subjects A. F. Vedder. Judges 9:1-22
Misleading Self-Judgments A. Rowland, B. A. Judges 9:1-22
Pulpit Brambles Homilist Judges 9:1-22
Self-Fulfilment E. G. Murphy. Judges 9:1-22
The Bramble H. Whittaker. Judges 9:1-22
The Election of the Usurper to be King J. P. Millar. Judges 9:1-22
The Faithful Olive-Tree Spurgeon, Charles Haddon Judges 9:1-22
The Parable of Jotham A London Minister Judges 9:1-22
The Parable of the Trees J. Bayley, Ph. D. Judges 9:1-22
The Parable of the Trees A. Raleigh, D. D. Judges 9:1-22
The Refusing of Leadership W. Morison, D. D. Judges 9:1-22
Unrighteous Claims of Kindred A.F. Muir

Judges 9:2, 3

Shortcomings of Unscrupulous Schemes A.F. Muir Judges 9:5
Abimelech W.F. Adeney Judges 9:6
Jotham's Fable; Or, Popular Election, its Dangers and Abuses A.F. Muir Judges 9:7-20
Jotham's Parable W.F. Adeney Judges 9:8-15
Strength in Weakness A.F. Muir Judges 9:21
The Nemesis of Usurpation A.F. Muir Judges 9:22-57
Disunion R. Rogers. Judges 9:23
A Worthy Servant of a Worthless Master A.F. Muir Judges 9:30-33, 36-38
The Storming of the Temple of Berith T. De Witt Talmage. Judges 9:48-49
Reputation W.F. Adeney Judges 9:53, 54
Without a Leader A.F. Muir Judges 9:55

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