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Chart from Jensen's Survey of the NT - used by permission
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Explanation - The following list includes not only commentaries but other Christian works by well known evangelical writers. Most of the resources below are newer works (written after 1970) which previously were available only for purchase in book form or in a Bible computer program. The resources are made freely available by but have several caveats - (1) they do not allow copy and paste, (2) they can only be checked out for one hour (but can be checked out immediately when your hour expires giving you time to read or take notes on a lengthy section) and (3) they require creating an account which allows you to check out the books free of charge. To set up an account click and then click the picture of the person in right upper corner and enter email and a password. That's all you have to do. Then you can read these more modern resources free of charge! I have read or used many of these resources but not all of them so ultimately you will need to be a Berean (Acts 17:11+) as you use them. I have also selected works that are conservative and Biblically sound. If you find one that you think does not meet those criteria please send an email at The resources are listed in alphabetical order by the author's last name and some include reviews of the particular resource. For hundreds of other commentaries and books that can be borrowed see Christian Commentaries Online

Note these are in no particular order of preference.

Be Diligent (Mark) by Wiersbe, Warren - His comments are usually excellent. (Or here - Bible Exposition Commentary - New Testament

Rosscup - One of America’s most appreciated staunchly evangelical Bible conference teachers gives diligent, refreshing expositions. These are all of his 23 separate, earlier books in the “Be” series on the New Testament. He strikes a particular appeal with lay people as he crystallizes sections, deals with some of the verses, handles certain problems and backgrounds and applies principles. He is premillennial.

Wiersbe's Expository Outlines on the New Testament by Wiersbe, Warren W - Very useful for teaching and preaching. 

Cyril Barber - This is a book of exceptional merit. Pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers will profit from its use. Wiersbe introduces each book of the NT, provides an outline, and then furnishes his readers with a chapter-by-chapter discussion of the contents. The homiletic style is a “plus.” Recommended.

With the Word - Devotional Commentary - Warren Wiersbe 

Windows on the Parables by Wiersbe, Warren

Mark in the Greek New Testament for the English reader by Wuest, Kenneth - He is always worth checking for practical insights on the Greek words.

James Rosscup - This is a verse-by-verse evangelical, expository work which deals with the Greek text but does so in a way which the English reader can follow though he does not know Greek. It is a good book to give to a layman who is serious about studying Mark, and also helpful to the pastor or teacher.

Invitation to Mark : a commentary on the Gospel of Mark, with complete text from the Jerusalem Bible by Achtemeier, Paul J

Exalting Jesus in Mark - Daniel L. Akin. Conservative. Evangelical. 

Exploring the Gospels : Mark - Jerry Vines. Well-known expository Baptist preacher and thus sounds like material that was preached in a series of sermons. Not bad, but not that deep. Generally verse by verse. Might give you some preaching or teaching ideas. Conservative. Evangelical. 

Read, Mark, learn by John Blanchard (Simple introduction to Gospel of Mark)


The Gospel according to Mark : an introduction and commentary by Cole, R. A. (R. Alan),

Cyril Barber - Tyndale New Testament Commentaries. Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1990. First published in 1961. A comparison of the expository sections of the two editions shows little change. The introduction, however, focuses on new work done in Markan studies over the last 30 years, and this is where Cole's contribution is truly remarkable. This commentary will continue to be of help to lay Bible students. Recommended.

James Rosscup - A minister in the Church of Southeast Asia wrote this evangelical study, concluding for Markan priority (p. 47) yet not for any direct literary dependence but Matthean, Markan and Lukan “use of the same, or similar tradition blocks” (p. 48). The commentary itself is provided with a 4-pp. outline set down at the outset and is terse but knowledgeable. Cole sees the Olivet Discourse as referring directly to the destruction of Jerusalem in A. D. 70, though he acknowledges that the meaning reaches on to later fulfillment also (p. 203), a double fulfillment of the same words.

Tim Challies - This is the most concise of the commentaries listed here (though it is still 340 pages) and will necessarily be limited by its size. However, smaller, more readable commentaries do have their place and the experts agree that this one is an excellent addition to any library. This or Edwards’ volume would likely be the best choice for the non-pastor.

Tim Matheson (Ligonier) - The Tyndale commentaries are non-technical and introductory-level commentaries, but they are surprisingly consistent in their high level of quality. Cole’s commentary on Mark is a good example.

The Gospel according to Saint Mark : an introduction and commentary by Cranfield, C. E. B

James Rosscup - One of the finer commentaries on Mark by the famous exegetical scholar from The University of Durham in Scotland. Cranfield is quite helpful on the Greek text, word meanings, customs etc., and is clear, insightful, and refreshing to those who believe in the historical veracity of words and events in Jesus’ ministry.

Tim Challies - This is the oldest commentary in the list (and do remember that I am focusing on newer commentaries since most of the older ones are now available for free). This one receives the highest commendation from Derek Thomas. Meanwhile, Westminster Seminary’s Dan McCartney summarizes what most people want us to know about it: “A little dated, but handy and dependable.” Carson points out that it speaks to a commentary’s quality when it remains in print fifty years after initial publication. Indeed.

The Gospel of Mark by Earle, Ralph 

James Rosscup (referring to Everyman’s Bible Commentary which is not the same one above) - Here is a brief conservative survey by a professor (then) at the Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO. Earle is usually helpful. At times he is overly general, not nailing things down as on the identity of the second and third soils in Mark 4; at other times he commits himself, as in expecting a yet future, final fulfillment of the “abomination of desolation” in Mark 13.

The Bible Knowledge Background Commentary : Matthew-Luke by Evans, Craig A -  This resource will give you very interesting insights and is worth checking on individual passages. 

The Gospel according to Mark by Edwards, James R - Only 44 pages. Not his highly regarded commentary on Mark.

Article by Edwards - The Authority of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark - JETS 37, 1994

The Gospel of Mark : an exposition by Erdman, Charles R.

Rosscup - Concise treatments are given to each of the N. T. books. The main value of the set lies in its clear synthesis which helps the student grasp the flow of thought as he moves through a book. Erdman possessed a lucid writing style. He was amillennial.

The Gospel of Mark : a Commentary on the Greek text by France, R. T (New International Greek Testament Commentary)

James Rosscup - A noted scholar has an apt comment beginning his Introduction, that a commentary should be on the biblical book, not about commentaries on Mark (1), issues in Mark and not all the issues scholars can raise. Still, his footnotes cite many where he can draw help. He assumes that Mark wrote this gospel (6–9). He packs in much learning to shine light on verses, but with all due respect his ideas have misguided him to have Christ’s enthronement to have kingly, universal and eternal dominion here and now be the meaning of texts that are about Christ’s coming at the Second Advent (8:38; 13:26; 14:62, cf. pp. 32, 342–43, 534–35, 610–13). France has a good summary of textual evidence for excluding Mark 16:9ff. (685–88).

Tim Challies ranks this his #1 on Mark - Most commentators on commentaries reserve the top spot for France’s volume (Note that he has also written a top-five commentary on Matthew). While the NIGTC is more scholary than most other series, and requires at least some knowledge of Greek, D.A. Carson says it is still “remarkably accessible and includes a healthy mix of history, theology, social context, even warmth.” By way of context, I have rudimentary knowledge of Greek (one year of university-level) and find that I am able to make my way through these commentaries, though with some difficulty at times

Tim Matheson (Ligonier) - In my opinion, R.T. France has not only written the best commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, he has also written the best commentary on the Gospel of Mark. The New International Greek Commentary series is technical and does require a knowledge of the Greek language. For those who need something less technical, I suggest the commentaries by Lane, Strauss, and Edwards listed below.

A Theology of Mark's Gospel : Good News About Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God by Garland, David E

Cyril Barber (this critique relates to the NIV Application Commentary by Garland) - The NIV Application Commentary. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1966. Possesses the criteria of a good lay person’s commentary. Pays close attention to interpretative issues, and ably bridges the gap between the era of the NT Gentile church and our own time. Using the historic present tense, Garland causes the events in Christ’s life to take on a vivid, contemporary flair. Footnotes direct the student to both primary and secondary source material.

Mark : A Commentary on His Apology for the cross by Gundry, Robert H. 

Cyril Barber - This is one of the most detailed and technical commentaries on Mark’s gospel, and according to the publishers, the fullest and most precise in any language. It stresses the literary features of the text, but also states that Mark’s material stands somewhere toward the middle of the continuum between biography and mythology, between what is historically accurate and what is fictional. In approaching the text of Mark, Gundry turns from form- and redaction-criticism (both of which Gundry considers to be inappropriate when studying Mark) and treats the text as it stands. He pays close attention to a variety of literary devices: word order, chiasm, inclusio, asyndeton, and Mark’s use of the historic present tense. This work is remarkable for its erudition. It will be consulted by scholars for years to come. It is also hoped that preachers will be able to cull information from its 1069 pages.

James Rosscup - Cf. Gundry on Matthew for his view about midrash. Here, again, he offers prolific bibliography (32 pp.) and commentary so prolonged that details at times are user unfriendly for many, and it can be hard to locate individual verses in the pages of “Notes.” Gundry presents Jesus in His success yet in His self-denial and suffering unto the cross, a perspective so different from today’s health-and-wealth idea of discipleship (cf. 2–3). Explanation of details is ponderous, giving the patient much to consider. Frequent statements may be grasped only by an inner circle of scholars (cf. the first note on 39), and some will recoil at misleading claims such as one that Mark’s not mentioning disciples receiving the Spirit shows that Mark is “not interested in” this (38). A writer does not have to include every detail in which he has an interest! Gundry shows the future Second Advent context of certain predictions in Mark 13, but one must read with great alertness and sometimes re-reading to follow him. Overall, teachers, more studious pastors, and advanced students will find much stimulation in the thorough comments, as on issues in 4:26–29.

Mark : a Self-Study guide by Jensen, Irving - Master teacher in the area of inductive Bible study, therefore worth checking. 

Studies in the Gospel of Mark by Kent, Homer Austin

Book of Mark : a life-changing story by Lucado, Max

Mark : a new translation with introduction and commentary (The Anchor Bible) Mann, Christopher Stephen.

Cyril Barber - The author boldly champions the priority of Matthew and Luke, but errs in assuming that Mark's gospel is merely a digest of the former two. His Introduction is very thorough, and should stimulate fresh discussion on the theme of this gospel. Valuable philological data is included from a variety of sources, and O'Callahan's thesis is tested in the discussion of 6:53-56 and elsewhere. The comments on the text are very brief, but the notes are full and have bibliographic references interspersed throughout. Of particular value to seminarians.

James Rosscup - Basically a liberal work but often profitable in technical aspects and thoroughness. He surveys scholarly thinking on Mark and reviews approaches of recent years. His bibliographies are valuable, and he frequently has good input on Greek grammar, words, customs in Jesus’ day, etc. In his mind, Mark is the third gospel to be written, and all three synoptics date before A. D. 70.

Mark : the humanity of Christ by MacArthur, John - Only 132 pages - This is not his full commentary on the Gospel of Mark. (His sermons below closely parallel his commentary on Mark).

Mark, evangelist and theologian by Martin, Ralph P

Cyril Barber - A scholarly assessment of the scope of Mark's gospel with a suggestion for a new purpose and Sitz im leben.

The Communicator's Commentary. Mark by McKenna, David L. (Now published as Preacher's Commentary Series) Generally helpful for preaching and teaching.

The Expositor's Bible Commentary - 1994 edition - Abridged - New Testament

The Gospel according to Mark C F D Moule (1965)

The Servant Who Rules Mark 1-8 by Stedman, Ray C Always worth consulting his practical sound commentary. 

Cyril Barber -  An impressive treatment of Mark 1:1-8:26. Stedman stands in the tradition of Merrill Unger when it comes to hermeneutics and the application of the text to life. In this work Christ is presented as the believer's model, and through the unfolding of each scene in the narrative, Stedman shows how that may be accomplished. Recommended.

The Ruler Who Serves Commentary on Gospel of Mark by Stedman, Ray C. Always worth consulting his practical sound commentary. This work is volume 2 on Mark 8:27-16:20. 

Cyril Barber - A beautiful, thematic exposition of Mark 8:27-16:20. Well deserving of a place in every preacher's library. Warmly recommended

General Articles, Matthew, Mark by Turlington - Broadman Bible Commentary

Mark : a Study Guide commentary by Vos, Howard Frederic

Cyril Barber - A well-reasoned, thematic study that proves again that sometimes the most valuable things come in small packages. Of great value to laypeople who desire to obtain a good grasp of this material.


Interpreting the Parables by Blomberg, Craig

Chronological and Background Charts of the NEW TESTAMENT - Pdf - D Wayne House - outstanding compilation of charts - check this one out!. This book can also be borrowed = Chronological and background charts of the New Testament


Note: The first 4 resources have no time restriction and allow copy and paste function: 

(1) KJV Bible Commentary - Hindson, Edward E; Kroll, Woodrow Michael. Over 3000 pages of the entire OT/NT. Well done conservative commentary that interprets Scripture from a literal perspective. Pre-millennial.  User reviews - it generally gets 4/5 stars from users. - 372 ratings

Very well done conservative commentary that interprets Scripture from a literal perspective   user reviews 

The King James Version Bible Commentary is a complete verse-by-verse commentary. It is comprehensive in scope, reliable in scholarship, and easy to use. Its authors are leading evangelical theologians who provide practical truths and biblical principles. Any Bible student will gain new insights through this one-volume commentary based on the timeless King James Version of the Bible.

(2) The King James Study Bible Second Edition 2240 pages (2013) (Thomas Nelson) General Editor - Edward Hindson with multiple contributing editors. . 3,194 ratings. Pre-millennial. See introduction on How to Use this Study Bible.

(3) NKJV Study Bible: New King James Version Study Bible (formerly "The Nelson Study Bible - NKJV") by Earl D Radmacher; Ronald Barclay Allen; Wayne H House. 2345 pages. (1997, 2007). Very helpful notes. Conservative. Pre-millennial.  917 ratings

(4) The Wycliffe Bible Commentary - only the New Testament - Burdick, Donald W. “Mark,” in Wycliffe Bible Commentary, ed. C. F. Pfeiffer and E. F. Harrison. Chicago: Moody, 1962. 1,525 pp.  Strictly speaking not a study Bible, but short notes are similar. KJV text in left column, commentary notes in right column. The comments are generally verse by verse, short, conservative and to the point. Pre-millennial. (Borrow OT - Wycliffe Bible Commentary)

Rosscup on Burdick's commentary  - A careful New Testament scholar from Conservative Baptist Seminary, Denver, is the author. He has provided a solid, well-organized and knowledgeable study from a conservative, premillennial viewpoint. Though brief it is worth the time.

The MacArthur Study Bible - John MacArthur. Brief but well done notes 

ESV Study Bible - Excellent resource but not always literal in eschatology and the nation of Israel 

HCSB Study Bible : Holman Christian Standard Bible General Editor Jeremy Royal Howard (2010) 2360 pages. Conservative. Good notes. Include Holmans excellent maps.

The David Jeremiah study bible - (2013) 2208 pages. - "Drawing on more than 40 years of study, Dr. David Jeremiah has compiled a legacy resource that will make an eternal impact on generations to come. 8,000 study notes. Hundreds of enriching word studies"50+ Essentials of the Christian Faith" articles."

NIV Study Bible - (2011) 2570 pages  - Use this one if available as it has more notes than edition below. One hour limit

NIV Study Bible by Barker, Kenneth L; Burdick, Donald W (1995) 2250 pages. This is the first edition. This resource has been fully revised in 2020. One hour limit 

The Ryrie Study Bible - Charles Ryrie (1978) 2142 pages. Conservative.  

The Defender's Study Bible : King James Version by Morris, Henry M. Excellent notes for well known creationist. 

Believer's Bible Commentary by MacDonald, William (1995) 2480 pages. Conservative. Millennial. Often has devotional bent. 

Dr. John MacArthur, Jr. - "Concise yet comprehensive - the most complete single-volume commentary I have seen."

Warren Wiersbe - "For the student who is serious about seeing Christ in the Word." 

Life Application Study Bible : New Living Translation. Has some very helpful notes. 4,445 ratings

The Word in life Study Bible - Very interesting format. Not your routine study Bible. Worth checking the very informative notes. (e.g., here is a picture of Jesus' post-resurrection appearances.)

New Bible Commentary - (1994) See user reviews 

The Experiencing God Study Bible : the Bible for knowing and doing the will of God - Blackaby, Henry (1996) 1968 pages - CHECK THIS ONE! Each chapter begins with several questions under the title "PREPARE TO MEET GOD." Then you will interesting symbols before many of the passages. The chapter ends with a "DID YOU NOTICE?" question. This might make a "dry chapter" jump off the page! Read some of the 48 ratings

Compact Bible commentary by Radmacher, Earl D; Allen, Ronald Barclay; House, H Wayne, et al - 954 pages.  424 ratings Multiple contributors to the comments which are often verse by verse. The comments are brief but meaty and can really help your study through a given book. A sleeper in my opinion. 

NIV archaeological study Bible (2005) 2360 pages 950 ratings (See also Archaeology and the Bible - OT and NT)

NIV cultural backgrounds study Bible. bringing to life the ancient world of scripture Keener, Craig and Walton, John. Editors (2017)


Evangelical Commentary on the Bible - editor Walter Elwell (1989) 1239 pages. User reviews

Eerdmans' family encyclopedia of the Bible (1978) 344 pages

Eerdmans' handbook to the Bible (1983) 688 pages 

The Lion handbook to the Bible - (1999) 822 pages. This resource is absolutely loaded with very nice color pictures and charts.

Tyndale handbook of Bible charts & maps by Wilson, Neil  

Bible handbook and A-Z bible encyclopedia

International children's Bible field guide : answering kids' questions from Genesis to Revelation by Richards, Larry

The illustrated guide to Bible customs & curiosities by Knight, George W. (George William), 

Today's handbook of Bible times & customs by Coleman, William L

The Shaw pocket Bible handbook - Editor - Walter Elwell (1984) 408 pages.

"This hardback is small in size but packed full of content: Brief summaries of every book of the bible, cultural, archaeological and historical info, word definitions, pictures, maps and charts." Worth checking! 

Unger's Commentary on the Old Testament (Volume 2 - Isaiah - Malachi) by  Unger, Merrill Frederick, 1909- (1981) 972 pages.

Zondervan illustrated Bible backgrounds commentary - New Testament - 552 pages. (2002) See user reviews.

The new Unger's Bible dictionary by Unger, Merrill Frederick, 1909-

Survey of the Bible : introductory insights, background studies, book-by- book survey by Unger, Merrill Frederick

The parallel New Testament and Unger's Bible handbook : produced for Moody monthly by Unger, Merrill  (1975) 744 pages 4 ratings

The Hodder Bible handbook by Unger, Merrill 

Nelson's expository dictionary of the Old Testament by Unger, Merrill 

Kregel Bible handbook : a full-color guide to every book of the Bible by Kerr, William 3 ratings

The new encyclopedia of Christian quotations by Water, Mark

Zondervan handbook to the Bible

Zondervan illustrated Bible backgrounds commentary  - Matthew, Mark, Luke

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery - free for use online with no restrictions (i.e., you do not need to borrow this book). Editors Leland Ryken, J C Wilhoit, Tremper Longman III - This is a potential treasure chest to aid your preaching and teaching as it analyzes the meaning of a host of Biblical figures of speech. Clue - use the "One-page view" which then allows you to copy and paste text. One downside is there is no index, so you need to search 3291 pages for entries which are alphabetical. 

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels

Dictionary of Paul and his letters   180 ratings IVP Series

Dictionary of the later New Testament & its developments 71 ratings IVP Series

Dictionary of New Testament background 79 ratings IVP Series


DANIEL AKIN - sermons


  • Follow Me - Opens with illustration - S. I. McMillen, in his book None of These Diseases, tells a story of a young woman who wanted to go to college, but her heart sank when she read the question on the application blank that asked, “Are you a leader?” Being both honest and conscientious, she wrote, “No,” and returned the application, expecting the worst. To her surprise, she received this letter from the college: “Dear Applicant: A study of the application forms reveals that this year our college will have 1,452 new leaders. We are accepting you because we feel it is imperative that they have at least one follower.”

HENRY ALFORD The New Testament for English Readers

James Rosscup writes that Alford's series on the New Testament "contains much that is valuable in the Greek New Testament...though all of the Greek New Testament words have been changed to English throughout." (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works)



Spurgeon's critique - Alexander expounds Mark as an independent record, and does not constantly tell us to “see Matthew and Luke.” Hence the book is complete in itself, and the author’s learning and care have made it invaluable.

PAUL APPLE Commentary on the Gospel of Mark

WILLIAM BARCLAY Commentary on the Gospel of Mark Daily Study Bible

D Edmond Hiebert - Prints the author's own translation.  Valuable for its numerous helpful word studies and background material. Barclay holds that Christ's descent into Hades gave those who there heard Him a second chance.

Comment: I appreciate Barclay's unique insights on Greek words, but clearly his teaching about a "second chance" is NOT sound doctrine! Be an Acts 17:11 Berean with Barclay. See discussion of his orthodoxy especially the article "The Enigmatic William Barclay".

ALBERT BARNES Commentary on the Gospel of Mark Notes on the New Testament

BRIAN BELL Sermons on Mark


JOHANN BENGEL Gnomon of the New Testament

JOHANN BENGEL The Critical English Testament

Combination of Gnomon above + Comments by other expositors [in brackets] (Recommended if not conversant with Greek)


BIBLE.ORG RESOURCES Resources that Reference Mark

BRIAN BILL Sermons on Mark

Pastor Bill's sermons are recommended as they focus on Scripture with frequent illustrations, quotes and practical applications.


A B BRUCE The Expositor's Greek Testament Commentary




Rosscup writes - "This is an excellent liberal study of the book from the standpoint of the Greek. There are excellent cross-references on key words, and usually serious efforts to explain the meaning." (Ed note: The word "liberal" is cause for considerable discretion if you use this work by Alfred Plummer.)


JOHN CALVIN Commentary on the Gospel of Mark

Note: Calvin combines the synoptic Gospels and thus does not have a completely separate commentary on Mark

ALAN CARR Sermons on the Gospel of Mark




OSWALD CHAMBERS Devotionals on the Gospel of Mark

ADAM CLARKE Commentary on the Gospel of Mark

Click for caveat on Clarke

THOMAS CONSTABLE Expository Notes and Commentary

Conservative, Millennial

RON DANIEL Sermon Notes on the Gospel of Mark

DEFENDER'S STUDY BIBLE Notes on the Gospel of Mark Dr Henry Morris


DAN DUNCAN Gospel of Mark Sermons


  • Mark Commentary - 1 




ALFRED EDERSHEIM - Jewish believer in Messiah


DWIGHT EDWARDS - pithy and practical




Mark Sermon Outlines - 79 messages - available titles:

  • Mark 1:40-45 How Can A Sinner Obtain Mercy?
  • Mark 1:40-45 How Can A Sinner Obtain Mercy?
  • Mark 1:35-39A Sunday With The Savior
  • Mark 1:35-39 A Sunday With The Savior
  • Mark 1:21-34 Lessons From A Day Of Miracles
  • Mark 1:9-20 The Baptism Of The Master
  • Mark 1:9-20 The Baptism Of The Master
  • Mark 1:1-8 The Beginning Of The Gospel
  • Mark 1:1-8 The Beginning Of The Gospel
  • Discovering Christ in Mark - 771 page book


GENE GETZ - short video emphasizing principles

  • Mark. 1:12-13; Our Great High Priest: When we're tempted to sin, we should take comfort in the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is our great high priest who can identify with every temptation we face. Video
  • Mark 1:21-39; Renewing Our Strength: To renew our strength physically, psychologically, and spiritually, we must plan times to be alone with God. Video


RICHARD GLOVER - "A Teacher's Commentary" - an older work (1884), but with excellent devotional comments

Review - Richard Glover (1837-1919) minister of Tyndale Baptist Church, Bristol has a very fine devotional commentary hidden under a bad title. “A Teachers Commentary on Matthew” (also a separate volume on Mark) is misleading, sounds D.O.A., and is easily passed over for something glossy. But as far as commentaries are concerned, Glover’s title is one of his only weaknesses. Glover writes with a deceptively simple style. He meditates on the text in front of him, looks for the heart, feeling, and experimental sense, gives instructive hints primarily for meditation but is wholly quotable. In a word, he is a fine example of expository writing,


DOUG GOINS  Sermons on the Gospel of Mark


GOTQUESTIONS - Related to the Gospel of Mark




DAVE GUZIK Commentary on the Gospel of Mark

JAMES HASTINGS Great Texts of the Bible

These are in depth



DAVID HOLWICK SERMONS  Frequent illustrations.



This expositional Bible study of the Gospel of Mark was written by Dr. Daniel Hill when he was the Pastor of Southwood Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He taught the complete book, verse by verse. These are well done and have frequent points of practical application.


ICC NEW TESTAMENT COMMENTARY Commentary on the Gospel of Mark E. P. Gould

LOWELL JOHNSON - well-done sermons providing a good template for your sermon


Note - Has wonderful devotional and pragmatic flavor. 

Congregational preacher J.D. Jones brings out some of the most applicable lessons from Mark without dodging the difficult passages, and in doing so delivers what Warren Wiersbe calls “one of the best” commentaries on Mark." Now that is high praise! (from




J P LANGE Commentary on the Gospel of Mark

JAMIESON, FAUSSET, BROWN Commentary on the Gospel of Mark


DAVID LEGGE Sermons on the Gospel of Mark

JOHN LIGHTFOOT Commentary on the Gospel of Mark

JOHN MACARTHUR Sermons on the Gospel of Mark


ALEXANDER MACLAREN Sermons on the Gospel of Mark


F B MEYER Our Daily Homily or Our Daily Walk


J VERNON MCGEE 'Thru the Bible'







Cyril J. Barber - Emphasizes the concept of ‘service’ as the key to understanding this Gospel, and provides a fast-moving chronological exposition.  Morgan’s works should be in every preacher’s library.” 



Spurgeon - “A deeply learned work; we know of none more thorough.  Differing as we do from this author’s theology, we nevertheless set a high price upon this production.”

Cyril Barber - A very full, devotional treatment.  The overall strength of this exposition far outweighs its syntactical deficiencies.”




JAMES NISBET Church Pulpit Commentary

OUR DAILY BREAD Devotional and Sermon Illustrations

JOSEPH PARKER The People's Bible Commentary on the Gospel of Mark


Jesus' Baptism Tells The Story Mark  :9-15 Baptism of Jesus; Jesus, Purpose of Johnny Hunt
Sands of Pleasure Mark  1 :11-13 Loneliness; Training, God's; Equipped for Service Scott Nute
God's Great Work Mark  1 :1-12 Revival; Soul Winning; Awakening; Renewal; Evangelism Keith Fordham
The Touch of the Master's Hand Mark  1 :40-45 Hand of Jesus; Sin Removed; Salvation; Healing; Jesus, Power of J. Mike Minnix




MATTHEW POOLE English Annotations on the Holy Bible


THE PULPIT COMMENTARY Gospel of Mark: Scroll Down Page for the Homilies




KIM RIDDLEBARGER - Downloads Pdf about 7 pages

A. T. ROBERTSON Word Pictures on the Gospel of Mark

DON ROBINSON Sermons on Mark

J C RYLE  Commentary on the Gospel of Mark





CHARLES SIMEON Sermons on the Gospel of Mark

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the great saint Charles Simeon see Dr John Piper's discussion of Simeon's life - you will want to read Simeon's sermons after meeting him! - click Brothers We Must Not Mind a Little Suffering

CHUCK SMITH Commentary and Sermon Notes


Click here for the following studies on the Gospel of Mark


R C SPROUL - Devotionals from Ligonier Ministries

C. H. SPURGEON  Sermons

RAY STEDMAN Sermons on the Gospel of Mark




Rosscup writes - "Swete’s work is one of the best older conservative commentaries on the Greek text. Swete was an Anglican minister and a scholar in Latin, Greek, and theology, and taught at Cambridge. He does a fairly good job on the Messianic character of the suffering Servant."

D A Carson says that Swete's commentary is "dull and stodgy, in spite of its thorough scholarship." 

THIRD MILLENNIUM Notes on the the Gospel of Mark








MARVIN VINCENT New Testament Word Studies



SERMONS BY VERSE - Older expositions

Beginnings C. S. Robinson, D. D. Mark 1:1
Christ not a Son, But the Son H. M. Grout, D. D. Mark 1:1
Christ's Divinity Practically Proved Joseph Parker, D. D. Mark 1:1
How to Receive the Gospel G. Petter. Mark 1:1
One Gospel R. Glover. Mark 1:1
The Author and Subject of the Gospel G. Petter. Mark 1:1
The Beginning of the Gospel Anon. Mark 1:1
The Beginning of the Gospel J. C. Gray. Mark 1:1
The Beginning of the Gospel A.F. Muir Mark 1:1
The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ M. Henry. Mark 1:1
The Bible Without Christ Foster Mark 1:1
The Commencement of the Gospel Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:1
The Divinity of Christ J. Cumming, D. D. Mark 1:1
The Genesis of the New Kingdom D. Davies, M. A. Mark 1:1
The Gospel Dr. Hoge. Mark 1:1
The Gospel of Jesus Christ J. A. Alexander, D. D. Mark 1:1
The Great Scheme Started T. Kelly. Mark 1:1
The Origin of the Gospel The Evangelist Mark 1:1
The Son of God R. Watson. Mark 1:1
The Strong Forerunner and the Stronger Son Alexander Maclaren Mark 1:1
The Substance and Design of the Gospel P. J. Wright. Mark 1:1
Unity and Progress of Divine Dispensations J. Parker, D. D. Mark 1:1
What 'the Gospel' Is Alexander Maclaren Mark 1:1
Glad Tidings E. Johnson Mark 1:1-8
The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ R. Green Mark 1:1-8
The Ministry of John the Baptist J.J. Given Mark 1:1-8
Christ Entering Jerusalem C. S. Robinson, D. D. Mark 1:1-11
Christ Entering Jerusalem J. R. Danford. Mark 1:1-11
Honouring Christ E. H. Chaplin, D. D. Mark 1:1-11
The Triumphal Entry J. R. Thomson. Mark 1:1-11
Who is This? J. Jowett, M. A. Mark 1:1-11
A Happy Town Trapp. Mark 1:1-12
Christ in the House G. Rogers. Mark 1:1-12
Christ in the House J. S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:1-12
Christly Influence in the Home C. H. Spurgeon. Mark 1:1-12
Family Worship J. N. Natron. Mark 1:1-12
How Christ Enters the House J. N. Natron. Mark 1:1-12
It was Noised that He was in the House L. Palmer. Mark 1:1-12
Jesus in the House: Piety At Home J. N. Natron. Mark 1:1-12
Piety in the House Proved by Virtue in the Children Arnot. Mark 1:1-12
Shiloh M. Henry. Mark 1:1-12
The General Ministry of Christ D. Davies, M. A. Mark 1:1-12
The King and His Court Anon. Mark 1:1-12
Christ's Way to be Prepared, not Ours G. Petter. Mark 1:2
How to Prepare the Way for Christ G. Petter. Mark 1:2
Man's Part in the Work of Spiritual Preparation G. Petter Mark 1:2
Need of Preparation for Christ J. Morison, D. D. Mark 1:2
Preparatory Work Needful for Spiritual Progress The American Sunday School Times Mark 1:2
Preparing the Way of the Lord A. Tucker. Mark 1:2
Road Building in the East The American Sunday School Times Mark 1:2
The Appropriateness of This Double Prophecy Anon. Mark 1:2
The Heart Prepared to Receive Christ G. Petter Mark 1:2
The Law of Preparation The American Sunday School Times Mark 1:2
A Rough Man for Rough Work J. C. Jones. Mark 1:3
Christ's Public Entrance Upon His Ministry J. F. Hurst, D. D. Mark 1:3
God's Use of Man's Voice R. Glover. Mark 1:3
Novelty and Mystery J. C. Grey. Mark 1:3
The Preacher a Voice Quesnel. Mark 1:3
A Faithful Ministry Beneficent A. H. Currier. Mark 1:4
It is not Wise to Disregard a Faithful Ministry A. H. Currier. Mark 1:4
John the Fulfilment of Prophecy A. H. Currier. Mark 1:4
Nature's Solitude Refreshing A. H. Currier. Mark 1:4
Solitary Communion with God R. Glover. Mark 1:4
The Age in Which the Baptist Ministered H R. Haweis, M. A. Mark 1:4
The Baptism of John Dean Stanley. Mark 1:4
The Baptist's Training R. Glover. Mark 1:4
The Ministry of John the Baptist A. H. Currier. Mark 1:4
The Ministry of John A.F. Muir Mark 1:4-8
Confessing Sin Quesnel. Mark 1:5
Efficiency More than Refinement in Work for God Sermons by the Monday Club Mark 1:5
John the Baptist Sermons by the Monday Club Mark 1:5
Secret of John Baptist's Influence H. M. Luckock, D. D. Mark 1:5
The Baptist's Audience H. M. Luckock, D. D. Mark 1:5
The Crowd Going Out to the Lonely Man H. R. Haweis, M. A. Mark 1:5
The Inspiration of Work for God Sermons by the Monday Club Mark 1:5
The Necessity of Confession of Sins G. Petter. Mark 1:5
What Induced Them to Flock to Him Thus G. Petter. Mark 1:5
Rules for Sobriety in Diet G. Petter. Mark 1:6
Rules to be Used in the Use of Apparel G. Petter. Mark 1:6
The Baptist's Plain Fare John Trapp. Mark 1:6
Why Did John Baptist Use Such Mean Apparel and Diet G. Petter. Mark 1:6
Wild Honey   Mark 1:6
Christ Mightier than the Baptist Anon. Mark 1:7
Retiring with Humility in Favour of Another Amer. Sunday School Times Mark 1:7
Shoestrings; Humble Service J. R. Howat. Mark 1:7
The Baptist's Humility Trapp. Mark 1:7
Unloosing Eastern Sandals Burder. Mark 1:7
John's Baptism and Christ's A.F. Muir Mark 1:8
Hidden Worth M. Henry. Mark 1:9-10
Jesus Christ's Early Youth and Baptism Expository Outlines Mark 1:9-10
Nazareth C. Geikie, D. D. Mark 1:9-10
Nazareth of Galilee: the Fitness of the Spot F. W. Farrar, D. D. Mark 1:9-10
Our Lord's Baptism H. M. Luckock, D. D. Mark 1:9-10
The Baptism of Christ H. Thorne. Mark 1:9-10
The Baptism of Christ: its Significance W. B. Pope, D. D. Mark 1:9-10
The Baptism of Jesus Sermons by the Monday Club Mark 1:9-10
The Baptism of Jesus Anon. Mark 1:9-10
The Coronation of the King A. McLaren, D. D. Mark 1:9-10
The Public Commencement of a Great Life Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:9-10
The Saviour's Consecration to His Work Anon. Mark 1:9-10
The Baptism of Jesus A.F. Muir Mark 1:9-11
The Baptism of Our Lord J.J. Given Mark 1:9-11
The Consecration of Jesus E. Johnson Mark 1:9-13
The Official Preparation R. Green Mark 1:9-13
After Baptism   Mark 1:10
Dovelike Properties in Christ G. Petter. Mark 1:10
How to Improve Our Baptism T. Manton. Mark 1:10
Like a Dove J. Morison, D. D. Mark 1:10
The Divine Trinity Bishop Jeremy Taylor. Mark 1:10
The Dove Temper in the Church   Mark 1:10
Humiliation and Exaltation H. M. Luckock, D. D. Mark 1:11
My Beloved Son Family Churchman Mark 1:11
An Important Interview T. Collins. Mark 1:12-13
Association of the Angels with Christ H. W. Beecher. Mark 1:12-13
Christ Tempted of the Devil Expository Outlines Mark 1:12-13
Christ with the Wild Beasts H. M. Luckock, D. D. Mark 1:12-13
Christ's Susceptibility to Temptation Joseph Parker, D. D. Mark 1:12-13
Good Stronger than Evil S. Greg. Mark 1:12-13
How Little We Know of the Angels Henry Batchelor. Mark 1:12-13
Jordan Exchanged for the Wilderness Dr. Parker. Mark 1:12-13
Life not All Wilderness R. Glover. Mark 1:12-13
Man Led into Temptation for His Good H. J. Wilmot Buxton, M. A. Mark 1:12-13
Ministry of Angels Mrs. Jameson. Mark 1:12-13
Our Relation to Adam's Temptation and to Christ's Dean Vaughan. Mark 1:12-13
Reasonableness of Belief in the Existence of Angels Stopford Brooke. Mark 1:12-13
Satanic Agency J. Harris, D. D. Mark 1:12-13
Satanic Temptations Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:12-13
Satan's Opportunity John Trapp. Mark 1:12-13
Satan's Wiliness T. Guthrie, D. D. Mark 1:12-13
Sinlessness Unfolds into Holiness J. C. Jones. Mark 1:12-13
Solitude Ecce Deus. Mark 1:12-13
Spiritual Visitants Bp. Hall. Mark 1:12-13
Subtlety of Satan's Temptations J. G. Pilkington. Mark 1:12-13
Temptation H. J. Wilmot Buxton, M. A. Mark 1:12-13
Temptation Follows Blessing T. Watson. Mark 1:12-13
Temptation not Necessarily Hurtful A. B. Grosart, D. D., J. Parker, D. D. Mark 1:12-13
The Force of Temptation J. C. Jones. Mark 1:12-13
The Number Forty in Scripture H. J. Wilmot Buxton, M. A. Mark 1:12-13
The Power of Goodness to Tame the Animal Creation J. C. Jones. Mark 1:12-13
The Temptation A.F. Muir Mark 1:12, 13
The Temptation J.J. Given Mark 1:12, 13
The Temptation of Christ W. F. Adeney, M. A. Mark 1:12-13
The Temptation of Christ Various. Mark 1:12-13
The Wilderness H. Macmillan, LL. D. Mark 1:12-13
Why Does God Allow Us to be Tempted H. J. Wilmot Buxton, M. A. Mark 1:12-13
Why Men are Tempted S. Greg. Mark 1:12-13
Christ the Evangelical Minister J. Burns, D. D. Mark 1:14
Christ's Preaching Expository Discourses. Mark 1:14
Hindrances no Injury Sunday School Times Mark 1:14
Impediment Changed into New Impetus D. Davies, M. A. Mark 1:14
Jesus Came into Galilee Principal A. M. Fairbairn. Mark 1:14
The Galilean Ministry H. Thorne. Mark 1:14
The Kingdom of God T. M. Lindsay, D. D. Mark 1:14
The Kingdom of God an Inward State H. R. Haweis, M. A. Mark 1:14
The Kingdom of God: God Reigning in Men's Hearts Phillips Brooks, D. D. Mark 1:14
The Scope of Our Lord's Ministry C. Simeon, M. A. Mark 1:14
The Silencing of Christ's Ministers not the Suppressing of Christ's Gospel Anonymous. Mark 1:14
The Vicissitudes of a Godly Life Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:14
The Galilean Ministry J.J. Given Mark 1:14, 15
The Ministry of Mercy A. Rowland Mark 1:14, 15
The Fishers of Men R. Green Mark 1:14-20
Christ Preaching Repentance J. Carter. Mark 1:15
Faith and Repentance Inseparable Charles Haddon Spurgeon Mark 1:15
Gist of the Saviour's Teaching Quesnel. Mark 1:15
Jesus in Galilee Sermons by Monday Club Mark 1:15
Jesus in Galilee Sermons by Monday Club Mark 1:15
Low in Repentance, High in Faith C. H. Spurgeon. Mark 1:15
Nature and Evidence of Repentance W. W. Whythe. Mark 1:15
Preaching Repentance   Mark 1:15
Repent and Believe J. G. Pilkington. Mark 1:15
Repentance Mead., Secker., Bernard., Mason., Dyer. Mark 1:15
Repentance a Daily Duty M. Henry. Mark 1:15
Repentance a Reversal of Conduct Sunday School Times Mark 1:15
Repentance and Faith J. Crowther., H. Melvill, B. D. Mark 1:15
Repentance and Faith R. Dixon, D. D. Mark 1:15
Repentance and Faith Inseparable C. H. Spurgeon. Mark 1:15
Repentance and Faith Twin Duties John Trapp. Mark 1:15
Repentance Bears Sweet Fruit Scholiast in Mark 1:15
Repentance Dear to the Christian   Mark 1:15
Repentance Lifelong Bishop Ryle. Mark 1:15
Repentance not Immediately Followed by Faith R. Dixon, D. D. Mark 1:15
The Call to Repentance and Faith J. Thornton. Mark 1:15
The Look of Repentance Backward and Forward J. G. Pilkington. Mark 1:15
The Repentance of Believers John Wesley Mark 1:15
The Time Fulfilled Principal A. M. Fairbairn. Mark 1:15
The Way to the Kingdom John Wesley Mark 1:15
Tokens of Repentance G. Petter. Mark 1:15
Christ's Call to Busy Men A. Rowland Mark 1:16, 17
Bait to Catch Fish G. McMichael. Mark 1:16-18
Busy Men John Trapp. Mark 1:16-18
Catching Fish a Preparation for Catching Men D. Davies, M. A. Mark 1:16-18
Christ Calling Men Dr. Parker. Mark 1:16-18
Christ's Election of Disciples S. A. Brooke, M. A. Mark 1:16-18
Forsaking All to Follow Christ T. Brooks. Mark 1:16-18
Grippers R. Glover. Mark 1:16-18
Heart Responsive to Heart Dr. Parker. Mark 1:16-18
Jesus, as Head of the Kingdom, Calling His Helpers D. C. Hughes, M. A. Mark 1:16-18
Primary and Subordinate Qualifications that are Important to be Possessed by All Those Who Essay to Do Good to Others W. Kelynack. Mark 1:16-18
Rules for Fishing Mark Guy Pearse. Mark 1:16-18
The Apostles Change of Employment a Gain to Them P. B. Davis. Mark 1:16-18
The Call of the First Apostles R. Glover. Mark 1:16-18
The Call to Service D. Davies, M. A. Mark 1:16-18
The Estimate Jesus Christ Had of Humanity in Contrast with All the Other Objects that Engaged His Attention W. Kelynack. Mark 1:16-18
The Gospel as a Fishing Net Dr. Mark Frank. Mark 1:16-18
The Higher Discipleship J. H. Shakespeare, M. A. Mark 1:16-18
The Lord Chose M. F. Sadler, M. A. Mark 1:16-18
The Making of Men Catchers C. H. Spurgeon. Mark 1:16-18
The Manner in Which Christ Attracted Men to Himself by Making Their Secular Calling Typical of Spiritual Work Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:16-18
The Minister is a Fisherman R. Cecil. Mark 1:16-18
The Ministerial Office   Mark 1:16-18
Why Should the Lord Choose His Foremost Apostles from Among Fishermen M. F. Sadler, M. A. Mark 1:16-18
Call of Disciples E. Johnson Mark 1:16-20
The Call of the Disciples; Or, Work and Higher Work A.F. Muir Mark 1:16-20
The Call of the First Four Disciples J.J. Given Mark 1:16-20
A Call to Discipleship Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:19-20
Christ's Insight into Character J. Donne, D. D. Mark 1:19-20
The Beneficent Influence of a Christ-Attracted Life W. J. Henderson, B. A. Mark 1:19-20
The Call of the Sons of Zebedee W. J. Henderson, B. A. Mark 1:19-20
What the Gospel Ministry Is The Christian Advocate. Mark 1:19-20
Capernaum Quesnel. Mark 1:21
Capernaum D. C. Hughes, M. A. Mark 1:21
Christ in the Synagogue of Capernaum Expository Discourses. Mark 1:21
Mighty in Word and Deed Alexander Maclaren Mark 1:21
The Synagogue H. M. Luckock, D. D. Mark 1:21
Soul-Emancipation E. Johnson Mark 1:21-28
The Authority of Jesus A.F. Muir Mark 1:21-28
The Healing of a Demoniac the Synagogue of Capernaum J.J. Given Mark 1:21-28
The Illustrative Example of Christ's Work R. Green Mark 1:21-39
An Earnest Preacher and an Astonished Congregation Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:22
Christ the Model of the Christian Ministry J. A. Copp. Mark 1:22
Christ's Authority Largely Derived from His Moral Atmosphere H. Bushnell, D. D. Mark 1:22
Conviction of Christ's Authority Through His Servant's Teaching   Mark 1:22
Ministerial Authority J. Parker, D. D. Mark 1:22
The Authority of Christ J. R. Thompson, M. A. Mark 1:22
The Authority of Our Lord's Teaching J. Harris, D. D. Mark 1:22
The Teaching of Christ J. Burns, D. D. Mark 1:22
Amazed At the Miracles of Christ T. Morlais Jones. Mark 1:23
Christ Casts Out a Devil Expository Discourses. Mark 1:23
Holiness is Eminently Characteristic of Christ R. Watson. Mark 1:23
Possessed with a Devil R. Glover. Mark 1:23
The Devil in Church A. J. Morris. Mark 1:23
The Man with an Unclean Spirit Expository Outlines Mark 1:23
The Two Antagonistic Powers of the Sanctuary Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:23
Christ and the Demons A.F. Muir Mark 1:24
Jesus not Wanted H. J. Wilmot Buxton, M. A. Mark 1:24
Jesus Rebuking the Unclean Spirit Anonymous. Mark 1:24
The Happiness of Heaven Can Only be Appreciated by the Holy J. H. Newman, D. D. Mark 1:24
The Holy One of God Trapp. Mark 1:24
The Region... Round About A.F. Muir Mark 1:28
The Home and the Synagogue A. Rowland Mark 1:29
A Domestic Drama J. S. Swan. Mark 1:29-31
Christ's Public and Private Ministry J. Parker, D. D. Mark 1:29-31
Domestic Affliction Healed by Christ Joseph S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:29-31
Instant Healing from Christ Bishop Chris. Wordsworth. Mark 1:29-31
Jesus as Healer H. Thorne. Mark 1:29-31
Miracles are Instructive Emblems of Scriptural Truth A. H. Currier. Mark 1:29-31
Mutual Benefits J. H. Godwin. Mark 1:29-31
Peter's Mother-In-Law Cured Expository Outlines Mark 1:29-31
Simon's Wife M. F. Sadler. Mark 1:29-31
Simon's Wife's Mother R. Glover. Mark 1:29-31
Simon's Wife's Mother C. S. Robinson, D. D. Mark 1:29-31
The Best House Visitation C. H. Spurgeon., M. Henry. Mark 1:29-31
The Great Physician's Skill D. Davies, M. A. Mark 1:29-31
The Ministry of Women Marianne Farningham. Mark 1:29-31
The Religious Uses of Time J. Parker, D. D. Mark 1:29-31
The Cure of Peter's Wife's Mother and Others J.J. Given Mark 1:29-34
The Progress of Health E. Johnson Mark 1:29-34
Healing and Service Alexander Maclaren Mark 1:30
Christ the Healer A. Rowland Mark 1:32, 33
A Great Hospital Sunday Near a Great City E. Paxton Hood. Mark 1:32-34
Christ the Restorer of Humanity Canon Liddon. Mark 1:32-34
Christ's Miracles A. H. Currier. Mark 1:32-34
Diverse Elements in Humanity Dealt with by Christianity H. Bushnell, D. D. Mark 1:32-34
Hospital Healing Canon S. R. Hole, M. A. Mark 1:32-34
In Ministering to the Sick, We Follow and Find Christ Canon S. R. Hole, M. A. Mark 1:32-34
Miracles At Capernaum Expository Outlines Mark 1:32-34
Power to Heal D. C. Hughes, M. A. Mark 1:32-34
Sunset J. Parker, D. D. Mark 1:32-34
The Attraction of Jesus J. Allanson Picton, M. A. Mark 1:32-34
The House of Mercy E. Paxton Hood. Mark 1:32-34
There is in Man Something Akin to the Diabolical A. H. Currier. Mark 1:32-34
A Physician for Both Body and Soul J.J. Given Mark 1:32-39
A Composite Picture S. D. (Samuel Dickey) Gordon Mark 1:35
Christ Praying B. Wilkinson. Mark 1:35
Convenience Made for Private Prayer R. Glover. Mark 1:35
Early Morning Communion with God   Mark 1:35
Early Morning Prayer Trapp. Mark 1:35
Early Risers   Mark 1:35
Finding a Place to Pray Anon. Mark 1:35
If We Would Pray Well, We Must Pray Early M. F. Sadler. Mark 1:35
Jesus in Prayer The Congregational Pulpit Mark 1:35
Jesus in Secret Prayer D. C. Hughes, M. A. Mark 1:35
Jesus Rising Early for Secret Prayer J. Lathrop, D. D. Mark 1:35
Prayer W. H. Jellie. Mark 1:35
Private Devotion J. S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:35
Rising Early   Mark 1:35
Secret Devotion J. Morgan. Mark 1:35
Secret Prayer A. Barnes, D. D. Mark 1:35
Secret Prayer Aids Social Usefulness J. Morgan. Mark 1:35
The Devotions of Christ Various. Mark 1:35
The Early Mornings a Friend to the Graces M. Henry. Mark 1:35
The History Era Prayer of Christ A.F. Muir Mark 1:35
The Prayers of Christ Prof. A. S. Farrar. Mark 1:35
The Prayers of Jesus J. Stalker, M. A. Mark 1:35
True Prayer Difficult G. Petter. Mark 1:35
An Unconscious Prophecy J. Parker, D. D. Mark 1:36-39
Christ the Centre of Union for All Men J. A. Picton, M. A. Mark 1:36-39
Christ, a Home Missionary W. R. Williamson, D. D. Mark 1:36-39
Christian Evangelization J. S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:36-39
The Desire of Humanity for Christ J. A. Picton, M. A. Mark 1:36-39
The Reason for Christ's Apparently Unreasonable Departures J. Cymore Davies. Mark 1:36-39
A Parable in a Miracle Alexander Maclaren Mark 1:40
The Lord and the Leper Charles Haddon Spurgeon Mark 1:40
Can and Will H. Smith., Quesnel. Mark 1:40-45
Christ Touches Corruption Without Taint A. McLaren, D. D. Mark 1:40-45
Christ's Mission a Protest Against Death Dr. Parker. Mark 1:40-45
Christ's Pity Shown More in Deeds than in Words R. W. Dale, LL. D. Mark 1:40-45
Christ's Relation to Human Suffering A. G. Churchill. Mark 1:40-45
Christ's Saving Touch J. G. Greenhough, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
Christ's Touch A. McLaren, D. D. Mark 1:40-45
Cleansed by Christ Sunday School Times Mark 1:40-45
Cleansing of the Leper Expository Outlines Mark 1:40-45
Leprosy R. Glover. Mark 1:40-45
Leprosy a Symbol of Sin Anon. Mark 1:40-45
Reasons for Silence Respecting Christ's Miracles G. Petter., R. Glover. Mark 1:40-45
Show Thyself to the Priest Dean Plumptre. Mark 1:40-45
The Approach of a Needy Life to Christ J. S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
The Cleansing of the Leper W. G. Barrett. Mark 1:40-45
The Cleansing of the Leper J. Richardson, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
The Cleansing of the Leper T. Whitelaw, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
The Cleansing of the Leper R. Green Mark 1:40-45
The Cure of a Leper J.J. Given Mark 1:40-45
The Cured Leper Still Rebellious D. Davies, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
The Judicious Reserve Which Should Characterize the Speech of the Newly Converted J. S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
The Leper E. Johnson Mark 1:40-45
The Leper Cleansed Dr. Parker. Mark 1:40-45
The Leper's Petition A.F. Muir Mark 1:40-45
The Leper's Prayer R. Glover. Mark 1:40-45
The Method of Spiritual Salvation Illustrated J. Parker, D. D. Mark 1:40-45
The Saviour and the Leper Andrew A. Bonar. Mark 1:40-45
The Use of Personal Contact J. G. Greenhough, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
The World's Treatment of Lepers, and Christ's J. G. Greenhough, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
Unostentatious Philanthropy J. S. Exell, M. A. Mark 1:40-45
Christ's Touch Alexander Maclaren Mark 1:41
Coming to Christ by Various Roads C. H. Spurgeon. Mark 1:45
Gathering to the Centre C. H. Spurgeon. Mark 1:45