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C H Spurgeon
All His Sermons on Matthew
Updated January 14, 2014

Matthew 1

Matthew 1:21 Jesus

Matthew 1:21 God With Us

Matthew 2

Matthew 2:1-4 The Far-Off, Near; the Near Far Off

Matthew 2:2 The Sages, the Star, and the Savior

Matthew 2:2: The Wise Men, the Star, and the Savior

Matthew 2:14 Out of Egypt

Matthew 2:23 The Nazarene and the Sect of the Nazarenes

Matthew 3

Matthew 3:7, Hebrews 6:18 Flee from the Wrath to Come

Matthew 3:16,17, 17:5 Voices from the Excellent Glory

Matthew 3:16, 17 Lessons from Christ's Baptism

Matthew 3:17 A Great Sermon by the Greatest Preacher

Matthew 4

Matthew 4:1 Tempted by the Devil

Matthew 4:3 Sonship Questioned

Matthew 4:3 Sonship Questioned - Sermon Notes

Matthew 4:4 Infallibility - Where to Find It and How to Use It

Matthew 4:5-7 Temptations on the Pinnacle

Matthew 4:15-16: Light for Those Who Sit in Darkness

Matthew 4:19: How to Become Fishers of Men

Matthew 4:19- The Making of Men-catchers - Sermon Notes

Matthew 4:20 Straightway

Matthew 4:23-25 Three Homilies from One Text

Matthew 5

Matthew 5.1-12 The Beatitudes

Matthew 5:3: The First Beatitude

Matthew 5:5: The Third Beatitude

Matthew 5:6: The Hunger and Thirst Which are Blessed

Matthew 5:6: The Fourth Beatitude

Matthew 5:7: The Fifth Beatitude

Matthew 5:8: The Sixth Beatitude

Matthew 5:9 The Peacemaker

Matthew 5:14 The Light of the World

Matthew 5:15,16 The Candle

Matthew 5:18 The Perpetuity of the Law of God

Matthew 5:45 No Difference

Matthew 5:47 A Call to Holy Living

Matthew 6

Matthew 6:9: The Fatherhood of God

Matthew 6:10: A Heavenly Pattern for Our Earthly Life

Matthew 6:13 (#509) Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Matthew 6:13 (#1402) Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Matthew 6:22, 23 A Single Eye and Simple Faith

Matthew 6:31-33 Thought Condemned, Yet Commanded

Matthew 6:33 First Things First

Matthew 6:33 Something Worth Seeking

Matthew 7

Matthew 7:7 Knock!

Matthew 7:21 The Sieve

Matthew 7:21-23, 11- The Disowned

Matthew 7:21-23, 11- The Disowned (Sermon Notes)

Matthew 7:24-27 Two Builders and Their Houses

Matthew 8

Matthew 8:2-3 And Why Not Me?

Matthew 8:7,13 The Chief Physician and the Centurion's Servant

Matthew 8:7 Thy Word Suffices Me -Sermon Notes

Matthew 8:8 Self Low but Christ High

Matthew 8:8,9 A Man Under Authority

Matthew 8:10 A Blessed Wonder

Matthew 8:11-12: Heaven and Hell

Matthew 8:14,15 First Healing and Then Service

Matthew 8:16,17 Help For Your Sickness

Matthew 8:19,20 Hopeful, Yet Doubtful

Matthew 8:26 Comfort for the Fearful

Matthew 8:27, Mark 4:41 With the Disciples on the Lake of Galilee

Matthew 9

Matthew 9:2 The Secret of Happiness

Matthew 9:2, Mark 2:3-5, Luke 5:18-20 Good Cheer from Forgiven Sin

Matthew 9:2-7 The Physician Pardons His Palsied Patient

Matthew 9:9 A Man Named Matthew

Matthew 9:9 A Man Named Matthew - Sermon Notes

Matthew 9:12 The Great Physician and His Patients

Matthew 9:20-22 Luke 8:42-48 Good Cheer from Grace Received

Matthew 9:21 May I?

Matthew 9:27-30 Our Lord’s Question to the Blind Men

Matthew 9:27-30 The Plain Man's Pathway to Peace

Matthew 9:27 Faith in Christ's Ability

Matthew 9:32, 33 An Unparalleled Cured

Matthew 9:36: The Compassion of Jesus

Matthew 9:36 A Portrait of Jesus - Sermon Notes

Matthew 9:37, 38, 10:1 Harvest Men Wanted

Matthew 10

Matthew 10:16 Sheep Among Wolves

Matthew 10:22: Enduring to the End

Matthew 10:27 Learning in Private What to Teach in Public

Matthew 10:27- Learn in Private What to Teach in Public - Sermon Notes

Matthew 10:30: Providence

Matthew 10:30-The Numbered Hairs - Sermon Notes

Matthew 10:30 The Hairs of Your Head Numbered

Matthew 10:30 Providence

Matthew 10:32-33 Confession of Christ

Matthew 10:38- Cross-bearing - Sermon Notes

Matthew 11

Matthew 11:5: Preaching for the Poor

Matthew 11:6 Offended With Christ

Matthew 11:12: Holy Violence

Matthew 11:19: The Sinner's Friend

Matthew 11:25, 26 Even So, Father”

Matthew 11:27-28: Powerful Persuasives

Matthew 11:28-30- Rest for the Restless - Sermon Notes

Matthew 11:28- Jesus Calling - Sermon Notes

Matthew 11:28-30: Rest, Rest

Matthew 11:28 The Christ-Given Rest

Matthew 11:28 Christ's Word with You

Matthew 11:28 Jesus Calling

Matthew 11:28 The Old Gospel for the New Century

Matthew 11:28 A World Wide Welcome

Matthew 11:28-30 The Meek and Lowly One

Matthew 11:28-30 Rest for the Laboring

Matthew 11:29 The Heart of Jesus

Matthew 11:30 Christ’s Yoke and Burden

Matthew 12

Matthew 12:3-7: How to Read the Bible

Matthew 12:6: One Greater Than the Temple

Matthew 12:10, 13 The Withered Hand

Matthew 12:19-21 The Gentleness of Jesus

Matthew 12:20: Sweet Comfort for Feeble Saints

Matthew 12:42 The Queen of the South or the Earnest Enquirer

Matthew 12:42 A Greater Than Solomon

Matthew 12:42 The Queen of Sheba

Matthew 12:42 The Queen of Sheba, a Sign

Matthew 13

Matthew 13:3 The Sower

Matthew 13:5, 6 The Seed Upon a Rock

Matthew 13:7,22: Sown Among Thorns

Matthew 13:12 More and More or Less and Less

Matthew 13:30 Wheat in the Barn

Matthew 13:45, 46 A Great Bargain

Matthew 13:51 A Clear Understanding

Matthew 13:55, 56 The Carpenter's Son and His Relations

Matthew 14

Matthew 14:16 One of the Master's Choice Sayings

Matthew 14:17, 18 Compassion for the Multitude

Matthew 14:26 Jesus No Phantom

Matthew 14:28-31: Peter Walking on the Sea

Matthew 14:31 The History of Little-Faith

Matthew 14:17, 18 Compassion for the Multitude

Matthew 14:23-25 The Preparatory Prayers of Christ

Matthew 14:26 Jesus No Phantom

Matthew 14:30 Peter's Shortest Prayer

Matthew 14:31 The History of Little Faith

Matthew 14:31- The Why and the Wherefore of Doubt - Sermon Notes

Matthew 14:31: Mr. Fearing Comforted

Matthew 14:31, 15:28 Little Faith and Great Faith

Matthew 14:31 Mr. Fearing Comforted

Matthew 14:31 Reasons for Doubting Christ

Matthew 14:31 Unreasonable Reasons

Matthew 14:31, 15:28 Little Faith and Great Faith

Matthew 15

Matthew 15:13 The Weeding of the Garden

Matthew 15:19 The Heart - A Den of Evil

Matthew 15:21-28 Faith Victorious

Matthew 15:23 Prayer-Its Discouragements and Encouragements

Matthew 15:23 The Savior's Silence

Matthew 15:24, 25 How to Meet the Doctrine of Election

Matthew 15:25 A Prayer for Everybody

Matthew 15:26,27, Mark 7:27, 28 The Little Dogs

Matthew 15:27 Children's Bread Given to Dogs

Matthew 15:27 Pleading, Not Contradiction

Matthew 15:28 Carte-Blanche

Matthew 15:28: The Perseverance of Faith

Matthew 16

Matthew 16:13-17 Jesus Known by Personal Revelation

Matthew 16:28 An Awful Premonition

Matthew 17

Matthew 17:2 Christ's Transfigured Face

Matthew 17:5 Attention!

Matthew 17:5-7 The Voice from the Cloud and the Voice of the Beloved

Matthew 17:8: Jesus Only

Matthew 17:17 Hope in Hopeless Cases

Matthew 17:19-21: A Desperate Case--How to Meet It

Matthew 17:19-21, Mark 9:28, 29 The Secret of Failure

Matthew 18

Matthew 18:12, 13 One Lost Sheep

Matthew 18:20 The Lord with Two or Three

Matthew 19

Matthew 19:19: Love Your Neighbor

Matthew 19:30, 20:16 The First Last and the Last First

Matthew 20

Matthew 20:1, 3, 5, 6 Early and Late or Horae Gratiae

Matthew 20:3,4 From Twenty-Five to Thirty-Five

Matthew 20:3-4- From Twenty-five to Thirty-five - Sermon Notes

Matthew 20:6 Good News for the Angel

Matthew 20:6: Good News for the Elderly

Matthew 20:15: Divine Sovereignty

Matthew 20:17-19: The Private Thoughts and Words of Jesus

Matthew 20:28 Christ's Great Mission

Matthew 20:28: Particular Redemption

Matthew 21

Matthew 21:5 Another Royal Procession

Matthew 21:5: The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Matthew 21:9 The Blessed Christ

Matthew 21:9: Hosanna!

Matthew 21:10 An Exciting Enquiry

Matthew 21:10 A Stir—And What Came of It

Matthew 21:10 Who Is This"

Matthew 21:15,16 The Children and Their Hosannas

Matthew 21:17-20: The Withered Fig Tree

Matthew 21:28 Work for Jesus

Matthew 21:28-32 Sermon to Open Neglecters & Nominal Followers of Religion

Matthew 21:28-30 Saying Versus Doing

Matthew 22

Matthew 22:2-4: The Parable of the Wedding Feast

Matthew 22:5: Making Light of Christ

Matthew 22:8-10- Guests for the Wedding Feast - Sermon Notes

Matthew 22:10 The Wedding Was Furnished with Guests

Matthew 22:11-13 What is the Wedding Garment?

Matthew 22:11-14: The Wedding Garment

Matthew 22:30 The Angelic Life

Matthew 22:42 Questions of the Day and THE Question of the Day

Matthew 23

Matthew 23:19 The Altar

Matthew 23:37 I Would; But Ye Would Not

Matthew 23:37 What Jesus Would Do

Matthew 24

Matthew 24:12 A Prophetic Warning

Matthew 24:24 Effects of Sound Doctrine (topic: election)

Matthew 24:39 Noah's Flood

Matthew 25

Matthew 25:10 Entrance and Exclusion

Matthew 25:10- Entrance and Exclusion - Sermon Notes

Matthew 25:21, 30; Luke 17:10 Unprofitable Servants

Matthew 25:22-23: The Two Talents

Matthew 25:31-36 The Reward of the Righteous

Matthew 25:32 The Final Separation (In my opinion he erroneously equates with Great White Throne)

Matthew 25:35, John 1:12 The New Year’s Guest

Matthew 26

Matthew 26:2 After Two Days is the Passover

Matthew 26:7-13: Good Work

Matthew 26:10 Something Done for Jesus

Matthew 26:13: A Woman's Memorial

Matthew 26:26 Take, Eat

Matthew 26-30, 1 Cor 11:20-34 Exposition of

Matthew 26:28 The Blood Shed for Many

Matthew 26:29 The New Wine of the Kingdom

Matthew 26:30 The Memorable Hymn

Matthew 26:36 The Garden of the Soul

Matthew 26:39 Christian Resignation

Matthew 26:53, 54 Jesus Declining the Legions

Matthew 26:64 Nevertheless, Hereafter

Matthew 26:67 Rev 20:11 An Awful Contrast

Matthew 27

Matthew 27:4 A Sermon With Seven Texts

Matthew 27:19 The Dream of Pilate's Wife

Matthew 27:22, 23 All Are Guilty

Matthew 27:24, 25 Pilate & Ourselves Guilty of the Saviour's Death

Matthew 27:27 The Whole Band Against Christ

Matthew 27:30 A Gross Indignity

Matthew 27:28-30 Mocking the King

Matthew 27:29 The Crown of Thorns

Matthew 27:29- Mocked of the Soldiers - Sermon Notes

Matthew 27:43: Let Him Deliver Him Now

Matthew 27:45 The Three Hours' Darkness

Matthew 27:46: The Saddest Cry from the Cross

Matthew 27:46: Lama Sabachthani

Matthew 27:46: Our Lord's Solemn Inquiry

Matthew 27:50-51: The Rent Veil

Matthew 27:50-53 The Miracles of Our Lord’s Death

Matthew 27:61. Over Against the Sepulcher

Matthew 28

Matthew 28:2 The Stone Rolled Away

Matthew 28:4-6 For Or Against?

Matthew 28:6: The Tomb of Jesus

Matthew 28:6 A Visit to the Tomb

Matthew 28:8-10 Obedience Rewarded

Matthew 28:9-10 All Hail!

Matthew 28:9-10- "All Hail!" - Sermon Notes

Matthew 28:18 Our Omnipotent Leader

Matthew 28:18,19 Missionaries' Charge and Charts

Matthew 28:18-20 The Power of the Risen Saviour

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