Han Chinese, Xiang in China
pronounced: shahng

Did you know there is a people group in China that has a writing system that is only understood by their women? They call themselves the Xiang, one of the Han Chinese peoples. The Xiang worship the spirits of dead communist leaders that once ruled China.

Ministry Obstacles: The Xiang take great pride in their fighting abilities. They are independent to the point of rejecting outside ideas, including those coming from Christ’s followers.

Outreach Ideas: Martial artists who know Jesus might be able to establish contact with this people group. Ask the Lord to raise up the right people to go to them.

Scripture Focus: "You must not have any other god but me." Ex 20:3

Scripture Prayer: Pray for this people group to understand and obey this essential and central command.

Prayer Focus: We do not know if there are any from this people group that follow Christ. Pray for a movement to Christ among this people group, precious in God’s sight. Ask God to show them that Jesus Christ is the sovereign, risen Savior, the only one who is truly worthy of worship. Pray for spiritual openness and a hunger for true righteousness, especially among their leaders.


People Name:

Xiang Chinese





10/40 Window:




World Population:



Chinese, Xiang

Primary Religion:

Ethnic Religions



Audio NT (FCBH):


Jesus Film:


Audio Recordings:


Christ Followers:

Few, less than 2%



Progress Level:


Daily Pop-up Reminder to Pray

Revelation 5:9 - And they sang a new song, saying, “Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from EVERY TRIBE AND TONGUE AND PEOPLE AND NATION

1 Thes 2:19-20 For who is our hope or joy or crown of exultation? Is it not even YOU, in the presence of our Lord Jesus AT HIS COMING? For YOU ARE OUR GLORY AND JOY.

John MacArthur “A great part of heaven’s bliss for the redeemed will be the joyful presence of those whom they have been used to reach…Whether or not believers know those people now as friends, they will know them in glory as friends forever and as sources of eternal joy.”