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Updated August, 2013


There is considerable disagreement on how the book of the Revelation should be interpreted. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you consider performing your own inductive study prior to consulting a commentary. The greatest challenge in studying the Revelation is to allow God to say what He says and not try to spiritualize or allegorize the text. The single best inductive study in my opinion is the Precept Ministries International 4 part study on the Revelation (see below ). I would also recommend the Precept inductive study on Daniel (Click Daniel 1-6 or Daniel 7-12) (Click here for links to commentaries on Daniel) because the truths in the book of the Revelation have their foundation in the prophesy in Daniel. To state it another way, a full understanding of the book of the Revelation is virtually impossible without an accurate understanding of the book of Daniel, especially Daniel 2, Daniel 7, Daniel 8 and Daniel 10-12 (Clue: These last three chapters deal with the same subject).

Before you consult any commentary, it is important to recognize that there are four schools of interpretation of the Revelation and it is critical to know which view the commentary you are consulting espouses. More importantly you should strive to have a good foundation from your own inductive study before you consult even the most respected commentary or otherwise you will almost certainly be confused by the wide diversity of interpretations of the same passage! The four views of interpretation are summarized in the following chart (see also Bibliography).

More detail

Preterist (from Latin praeter meaning "past") holds that through the use of symbols and allegory, the Revelation deals with events that were fulfilled in John's time and that it was written primarily to provide hope and comfort to the first century church persecuted by Rome. For example, this view interprets the beasts of (Rev 13:1, 2, 11-note) as imperial Rome and the imperial priesthood. The preterist view is held by many modern scholars, especially liberals and others who deny that the Revelation is predictive of specific future events.

More detail

The historicist approach views the Revelation as a symbolic or allegorical prophetic survey of church history from the first century up to the Second Coming of Christ. This was the view espoused by most of the "reformers" and thus dominated Protestant eschatological teaching for centuries. This view however has been discounted by many as it does not adequately address the prophecies in the Revelation. The discerning reader needs to be aware that the historicist view is reflected in most of the "older" commentaries (many of which are public domain works easily accessible on the internet) including the works of John Knox, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, C. H. Spurgeon (although Spurgeon did believe in the Millennium), Matthew Henry, Adam Clarke and Albert Barnes. Unless you understand their historicist approach to prophecy, you may become very confused when reading these older "classic" commentaries. Note that with the exception of Spurgeon, these works are not included in the list of resources. It is also important to realize that many of these "classic" commentaries tend to treat many of the OT promises to Israel as primarily applying to the NT Church, a view that is strongly disavowed by this website (see discussion of The Israel of God). An example of a historicist interpretation is the belief that the strong angel of Revelation 10 symbolizes the Reformation and that the harlot in Revelation 17 represents the Roman Catholic church, both  interpretations which a plain reading of the text simply does not allow!

More detail

This approach argues that the symbols in the Revelation do not relate to historical events but rather to timeless spiritual truths. Idealists feel that Revelation relates primarily to the church between the first and second coming of Christ. They feel Revelation relates to the battle between God and evil and between the church and the world at all times in church history. The seals, trumpets, and bowls are thought to depict God’s judgments on sinners at all times, and the beast refers to all the anti-Christian empires and rulers in history. Thus the Revelation is viewed as describing the victory of Christ and His people down through history. The Millennium in this approach is not a future event but the final cycle of the book describing the church age. The weaknesses of this view include the failure to see the futuristic aspects of many of the prophecies or to connect them in any way with history. (Adapted from Grant Osborne: Revelation. Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) (See another discussion of Idealist Interpretation)

This view is variously referred to as the spiritual approach,  the idealist approach or the symbolic approach and makes no attempt to find individual fulfillments of John's visions, instead viewing Revelation as a great drama depicting transcendent spiritual realities, such as the spiritual conflict between Christ and Satan, between the saints and the antichristian world powers. Fulfillment is seen either as entirely spiritual or as recurrent, finding representative expression in historical events throughout the age, rather than in one-time, specific fulfillments. (From Gregg, S. Revelation, Four views: A Parallel Commentary. Nelson Pub)

More detail

A literal reading of prophecy will generally lead to a "futurist" interpretation. Thus futurists interpret Revelation 4-22 as predictive of future end time historical events preceding, during and after the return of Jesus Christ, the establishment of His 1000 year (thus futurist are usually "premillennial". Amillennialists spiritualize the 1000 years and postmillennialists spiritualize the resurrection which precedes it), millennial kingdom on earth, followed by the creation of a new heaven and new earth. Variations of this view were held by many of the so-called early church fathers, including men like Justin Martyr (164AD), Irenaeus (195AD), et al. This futuristic approach has enjoyed a revival since the 19th century and is widely held by many if not most modern evangelicals. Note that most of the resource links listed below take a futuristic approach to interpret the Revelation.

Click here for an excellent in depth discussion of the interpretative approaches to the Revelation

The interpretative approach taken by this website regarding Revelation 4-22 is that these passages describe literal people, places and events that will be fulfilled in the future. As someone has well said "If the plain sense makes good sense seek no other sense lest it result in nonsense." Most of the resources on this page are espouse the futuristic view, but this fact does not necessarily mean that we agree with every comment in all of the resources.

The wide divergence of interpretative views makes it imperative that the reader of the Revelation be a "true blue" Berean (Acts 17:11) and perform his or her own inductive study prior to consulting any commentary, tape set, web site or sermon, lest he or she become mired down in confusing rhetoric and specious speculation. The Revelation of Jesus Christ was written to edify, equip, encourage and bless God's children, not to hopelessly confuse or divide them. Maranatha!

Precept Ministries International Inductive Study
The first lesson of each study can be downloaded free

Revelation - Pt 1 - Revelation 1-3, 10 lessons  
Revelation - Pt 2
- Revelation 4-22, 12 lessons
Revelation - Pt 3 - Revelation 4-22, 11 lessons
Revelation - Pt 4 - Revelation 4-22, 14 lessons

Revelation of Jesus Christ
Charted Out
Chapter by Chapter

Revelation   4-10
Revelation 11-16
Revelation 17-19
Revelation 20-22

Revelation Lectures
Kay Arthur
(Futuristic View)

Revelation - Part 2
See related topic - Kay Arthur's Lectures on Daniel

Lecture 01 There is No Need to Fear: You Can Know the Things that Will Shortly Come to Pass
Lecture 02 The Testimony of Jesus: Is It Worth Dying For?
Lecture 03 Don't Desert Your Post
Lecture 04 Can You Survive the Difficult Times of the Last Days? Listen...
Lecture 05 Don't Be Afraid: He Is the First and the Last
Lecture 06 Your Kinsman Redeemer is Worthy to Take the Book
Lecture 07 Your Kinsman Redeemer, Part 2
Lecture 08 Watch Out Earth: The Lamb is About to Break the Seals!
Lecture 09 God Can't Be Tied Up in a Neat Little Box
Lecture 10 Some "Givens" in Revelation that Help Unveil the Timing
Lecture 11 Who's Side Are You On? You Can't Have the Best of Both Worlds
Lecture 12 Who's Side Are You On? You Can't Have the Best of Both Worlds, Part 2

Precept Upon Precept
Lectures by Kay Arthur
Revelation - Pt 3

Lecture 00 Knowing Revelation Takes Away the Fear
Lecture 01 Knowing Who God Is & Living Accordingly
Lecture 02 Who Do You Bow Down To?
Lecture 03 When Will the Mystery of God be Finished?
Lecture 04 Date Setting and The Return of Christ
Lecture 05 Matthew 24 and the Coming of the Son of Man
Lecture 06 When Does the Tribulation Begin?
Lecture 07 Why Is It So Important to Understand the Jew?
Lecture 08 Is God Finished With the Jews?
Lecture 09 This Land is Your Land...Forever!
Lecture 10 What Happened to the Old Testament Promises Regarding Israel?
Lecture 11 A Prophecy Regarding Israel: The Beginning of the End

Precept Upon Precept
Lectures by Kay Arthur
Revelation - Part 4

Lecture 00 Where are the leaders? The Strong and Courageous? Those valiant for God's absolutes?
Lecture 01 The Lord Jesus Christ is Returning: You Can Count on It!

Lecture 02 Are the Events of Revelation Past? Happening Now? Or Yet Future?
Lecture 03 It's the Last Hour! Don't be Misled by the Devil's Antichrists
Lecture 04 What Will it be Like When the ''Real'' Antichrist Comes?
Lecture 05 When Will the Antichrist rear his Destructive head?
Lecture 06 The Devil's Beauty & Beast
Lecture 07 Who is the Great harlot Babylon?
Lecture 08 The Day of the Lord is Coming
Lecture 09 Where Will the Church be When the Day of the Lord Comes?
Lecture 10 What & When is Armageddon?
Lecture 11 When Jesus Returns to the Earth Where Will the Church Be?
Lecture 12 Where is the Church in the Book of the Revelation?
Lecture 13 Where is the Church in the 1000 Year Reign?
Lecture 14 What Happens When Jesus Christ Comes Back?

Summary Charts
Emphasis on the Timing of Events

Four charts
Covering Revelation 4-22

Revelation Bibliography
Categorized by Interpretative Approach --
Adapted from Expositor's Bible Commentary and
Revelation, Four Views : A parallel commentary by S Gregg.
This is list is far from exhaustive.

The listing of a specific resource does not indicate that this website agrees with the interpretative approach taken. Note that it is difficult to "pigeon hole" every author for some express different views on specific prophetic passages. This chart therefore should be used as a general guideline. I have not read every work noted. Therefore if you see a work that appears to be incorrectly or unfairly "categorized" please email me and it will be researched. Note that the majority of the "free" commentaries on the Web at Studylight, Crosswalk, BlueLetterBible, etc, are NON-FUTURISTIC works (Guzik at Studylight is an exception) and therefore strong caution is advised in consulting these works unless you have taken time to carefully observe and interpret the text yourself (Note: This caution applies not just to comments on Revelation but on all eschatological topics - study the text for yourself first so you can honestly assess the commentaries!). Otherwise you may become very confused regarding the true interpretation, God's intended meaning of the book of the Revelation. 



Archer, Gleason


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Duck, Daymond R., Revelation God's Word for the Biblically-Inept Series. Lancaster: Starburst Publishers, 1998.

Feinberg, Charles.

Garland, Anthony:
A Testimony of Jesus Christ (Click for free online magnum opus! Also available for purchase) - Highly Recommended!

Gaebelein, Arno C., The Revelation: An Analysis and Exposition of the Last Book of the Bible: Loizeaux Brothers, 1915

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Revelation 1-11 and 12-22. Chicago: Moody Press, 1999 (Click for his sermons which correspond to his published commentaries)

J. Vernon McGee. Thru the Bible With J. Vernon McGee. Thomas Nelson December, 1988. (
Click for a complete listing of Mp3's by chapter/verse below)


Morris, Henry M. The Revelation Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Book of Revelation: Tyndale House, 1983 (Note that this is not Leon Morris who is categorized below!)

NET Bible Notes -
Click for a notes which also include links to contextually related pictures and hymns - Recommended


Newell, William R. The Book of the Revelation: Chicago: Moody Press,1935 (devotional flavor)

Pentecost, J. Dwight.

Phillips, John. Exploring Revelation. Chicago: Moody Press. 1874

Ribeira (1537-91) Jesuit scholar held almost all events are future and apply to the end times

Richison, Grant - Revelation Commentary Notes - (click for notes listed by chapter and verse)


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Stedman, Ray C. God’s Final Word: Understanding Revelation (click for this resource): Grand Rapids: Discovery House, 1991

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Thomas, Robert L. Revelation 8–22: An Exegetical Commentary. Chicago: Moody, 1995.

Walvoord, John F. The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Click for index of this free online book) . Chicago: Moody, 1966.  (also dispensationalist) 

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Ladd, George E. A Commentary on the Revelation of John . Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1972. (Historical premillennial, some classify as more futurist, others as preterist-futurist! He is difficult to categorize - in his book on "Last Things: An Eschatology for Laymen" [not recommended to those who seek to interpret Scripture literally] he says he "feels that he must adopt a spiritualizing hermeneutic"! He replaces Israel with the church. He believes the rapture is post-tribulation.  )

Luther, Martin

Newton, Sir Isaac: The Prophecies of Daniel & the Apocalypse. 1733.

Torrey, R. A. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: Old Tappan, NJ.: Fleming H. Revell (Historical premillennialist)

Spurgeon, C H is classified as a Historicist: Keep this in mind when reading his sermons on the Revelation


Utley, Bob - Bible Lessons International, Marshall, Texas

Wesley, John

Whitefield, George




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Hanegraaff, Hank The Apocalypse Code: Find Out What the Bible REALLY Says About the End Times (Note: Unfortunately this author is well known and this book will propagate a teaching which is distinctly opposed to literal, natural, normal interpretation of the Scriptures. E.g., Hanegraaff teaches that Nero was the Beast of Revelation! This book is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED if you REALLY want to understand what God said in the Revelation of Jesus Christ!  - See Well Done Review of this Book by Thomas Ice) (As an aside if you listen to his program "The Bible Answer Man" - there is good material on the cults but highly questionable material on eschatological matters. Be a Berean!)

Harrington, Wilfred J. The Apocalypse of St. John: A Commentary . London: Geoffrey Chapman, 1969.

Heidt, William G. The Book of the Apocalypse. New Testament Reading Guide . Collegeville, Minn.: Liturgical, 1962.

Morris, Leon. The Revelation of St. John . Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1969 (Also categorized as "Spiritual")

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Metzger, Bruce. Breaking the Code Understanding the Book of Revelation. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1993.

Pieters, Albertus. Studies in the Revelation of St. John . Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1954.

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Swete, Henry Barclay. The Apocalypse of St. John. New York: Macmillan, 1906.



Thomas Constable
(Futuristic View)
Revelation Expository Notes and Commentary
Pdf file (above) or Links to each chapter (below)

Revelation 1

Revelation 2

Revelation 3

Revelation 4

Revelation 5

Revelation 6

Revelation 7

Revelation 8

Revelation  9

Revelation 10

Revelation 11

Revelation 12

Revelation 13

Revelation 14

Revelation 15

Revelation 16

Revelation 17

Revelation 18

Revelation 19

Revelation 20

Revelation 21

Revelation 22

Tony Garland
(Futuristic View)
A Testimony of Jesus Christ
Verse by verse commentary

Highly recommended - one of the more complete conservative resources available.

Revelation 1

Revelation 2

Revelation 3

Revelation 4

Revelation 5

Revelation 6

Revelation 7

Revelation 8

Revelation  9

Revelation 10

Revelation 11

Revelation 12

Revelation 13

Revelation 14

Revelation 15

Revelation 16

Revelation 17

Revelation 18

Revelation 19

Revelation 20

Revelation 21

Revelation 22

Dave Guzik
Notes on Revelation
(Futuristic View)

Revelation 1

Revelation 2

Revelation 3

Revelation 4

Revelation 5

Revelation 6

Revelation  7

Revelation  8

Revelation  9

Revelation 10

Revelation 11

Revelation 12

Revelation 13

Revelation 14

Revelation 15

Revelation 16

Revelation 17

Revelation 18

Revelation 19

Revelation 20

Revelation 21

Revelation 22



J Hampton Keathley III
(Futuristic View)
Commentary on the Revelation

Foundations for the Study of Prophecy (Revelation)

The Introduction Proper (Revelation)

Revelation 1:1-8 The Prologue

Revelation 1:9-20 The Things Past

Revelation 2:1-7 The Message to Ephesus

Revelation 2:8-11 The Message to Smyrna

Revelation 2:12-17 The Message to Pergamum

Revelation 2:18-29 The Message to Thyatira

Revelation 3:1-6 The Message to Sardis

Revelation 3:7-13 The Message to Philadelphia

Revelation 3:14-22 The Message to Laodicea

Revelation 4:1-22:21 Introduction to the Things Predictive

Revelation 5:1-14 Seven Sealed Book and Lion Who was Also Lamb

Revelation 6:1-17 The Six Seals

Revelation 7:1-17 The Redeemed of the Tribulation

Revelation 8:1-13 The First Four Trumpet Judgments

Revelation 9:1-20 The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets, and First Two Woes

Revelation 10:1-11 The Angel and the Little Book

Revelation 11:1-19 The Temple, Two Witnesses, Seventh Trumpet

Revelation 12:1-17 The Angelic Conflict

Revelation 13:1-18 The Beast and the False Prophet

Revelation 14:1-20 Special Announcements

Revelation 15:1-8 Prelude to the Seven Last Plagues

Revelation 16:1-21 The Bowl Judgments

Revelation 17-18 Babylon as Seen in Scripture: An Introduction to Revelation 17-18

Revelation 17:1-18 The Judgment of Religious Babylon

Revelation 18:1-24 Destruction of Commercial Babylon

Revelation 19:1-21 The Second Coming of Christ

Revelation 20:1-15 The Reign of Christ and the Great White Throne

Revelation 21:1-22:5 The Eternal State

Revelation 22:6-21 The Epilogue

Revelation - Appendix 1: Support for Imminency

Revelation - Appendix 2: Nature of Divine Blessings Grace/ Peace

Revelation - Appendix 3: Who Are the Overcomers?

Revelation - Appendix 4: Seven Subtle Snares of Worldliness

Revelation - Appendix 5: The Doctrine of the Tribulation

Revelation - Appendix 6: The Book of Life

Revelation - Appendix 7: Glossary of Prophetical Terms

Illustrations on Revelation
from 10,000 Illustrations
Click Illustrations


IVP Commentary
(Futuristic View)
Commentary on Revelation
J Ramsey Michaels

Revelation 1

The Title (1:1-3)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ (1:1)

The Nearness of the End (1:1)

The Visions and the Angel (1:1)

The Testimony of John (1:2)

The Beatitude (1:3)

The Greeting (1:4-8)

The Sender and the Recipients (1:4)

Grace and Peace, Glory and Power (1:4-8)

The Voice (1:9-11)

The Opening Vision (1:9-20)

The Vision (1:12-16)

The Explanation (1:17-20)


Revelation 2

The Message to Ephesus (2:1-7)

The Seven Messages (2:1--3:22)

The Message to Smyrna (2:8-11)

The Message to Pergamum (2:12-17)

The Message to Thyatira (2:18-29)


Revelation 3

The Message to Sardis (3:1-6)

The Message to Philadelphia (3:7-13)

The Message to Laodicea (3:14-22)


Revelation 4

The Throne and Its Surroundings (4:1-11)

The Throne Scene in Heaven (4:1--5:14)


Revelation 5

The Seven-Sealed Scroll and the Lamb (5:1-14)


Revelation 6

The Seven Seals (6:1--8:5)

The Opening of the First Four Seals (6:1-8)

The First Seal (6:1-2)

The Second, Third and Fourth Seals (6:3-8)

The Opening of the Fifth Seal (6:9-11)

The Souls and the Altar (6:9)

The Prayer and Its Answer (6:10-11)

The Great Day of Wrath (6:12-17)

The Opening of the Sixth Seal (6:12--7:17)


Revelation 7

The 144,000 and the Unnumbered Multitude (7:1-17)


Revelation 8

The Opening of the Seventh Seal (8:1-5)

The Seven Trumpets (8:6--11:19)

The First Four Trumpets (8:6-13)

Revelation 9

The Fifth Trumpet, or First Woe (9:1-12)

The Opening of the Abyss (9:1-6)

The Locusts and Their King (9:7-12)

The Sixth Trumpet, or Second Woe (9:13--11:14)

The Opening from the East (9:13-16)

Description of the Horses (9:17-19)

The Response to the Invasion (9:20-21)


Revelation 10

The Angel with the Open Scroll (10:1-10)

The Prophecy of the Two Witnesses (10:11--11:14)


Revelation 11

The Seventh Trumpet, or Third Woe (11:15-19)


Revelation 12

The Two Signs (12:1-6)

Two Great Signs and Their Interpretation (12:1-17)

The Interpretation of the Signs (12:7-17)

The Dragon's Past and Present (12:7-9)

The Voice in Heaven (12:10-12)

The Dragon and the Woman (12:13-16)

The Dragon's Departure to the Sea (12:17)


Revelation 13

The Beast from the Sea (13:1-10)

The Two Beasts and Their Deception (13:1-18)

The Beast from the Earth (13:11-18)


Revelation 14

The Redeemed of the Earth (14:1-5)

The Reward of the 144,000 (14:1-3)

The Firstfruits and the Harvest (14:1-20)

Their Identity and Qualifications (14:4-5)

The Harvest (14:6-20)

The Three Angels (14:6-12)

The Voice from Heaven (14:13)

The Next Two Angels (14:14-16)

The Last Two Angels (14:17-20)


Revelation 15

The Seven Last Plagues (15:1--16:21)

The Third Great Sign in Heaven (15:1-8)


Revelation 16

The First Three Bowls of Wrath (16:1-7)

The Fourth Bowl (16:8-9)

The Fifth Bowl (16:10-11)

The Sixth Bowl (16:12-16)

The Seventh Bowl (16:17-21)


Revelation 17

Babylon and Her Destiny (17:1--19:10)

The Vision of the Woman and the Scarlet Beast (17:1-7)

The Angel's Interpretation (17:8-18)


Revelation 18

The Bright Angel's Announcement (18:1-3)

The Voice from Heaven (18:4-20)

The First Appeal to the People of God (18:4-8)

The Three Laments over Babylon (18:9-19)

The Last Appeal to the People of God (18:20)

The Angel with the Millstone (18:21-24)


Revelation 19

The Rejoicing of Heaven and Earth (19:1-8)

John and the Angel (19:9-10)

The Battle (19:11-21)

The Mounted General (19:11-16)

The Grim Invitation and Its Outcome (19:17-21)


Revelation 20

The Imprisonment of the Dragon, or Satan (20:1-3)

The Millennium (20:1-10)

The Reign of the Martyrs (20:4-6)

The Release of Satan (20:7-10)

From the Old Creation to the New (20:11--21:8)

The Judgment of the Old Creation (20:11)

The Judgment of the Dead (20:12-15)


Revelation 21

The New Creation (21:1-8)

What John Saw and Did Not See (21:1-2)

What John Heard (21:3-8)

Jerusalem and Her Destiny (21:9--22:15)

The Vision of the City (21:9-21)

John's Interpretation of the Vision (21:22-27)


Revelation 22

The Vision of the River of Life and Its Interpretation (22:1-5)

John and the Angel (22:6-15)

Conclusion (22:16-21)

S Lewis Johnson
(Futuristic View)
Sermons on Revelation
Mp3 and Transcripts
Updated 11/11/13
The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 1:1,2,3
The Authentic Emperor Revelation 1:4,5,6,7,8
Christ Amid the Candlesticks Revelation 1:9-20
The Complaint of the Risen Christ Revelation 2:1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Consolation for Tribulation Revelation 2:8,9,10,11
Worldly Compromise at Satan's Throne Revelation 2:12-17
That Woman Jezebel Revelation 2:18-29
Sardis, the Model of Past Glory Revelation 3:1,2,3,4,5,6
Kept from the Hour of Trial - I Revelation 3:7-13
Kept from the Hour of Trial - II Revelation 3:7-13
The Curse of the Happy Medium Revelation 3:14-22
The Throne of the Lord God Almighty Revelation 4:1-11
The Christology of Heaven - I Revelation 5:1-14
The Christology of Heaven - II Revelation 5:1-14
A Panorama of Coming Cosmic Revelation 6:1-17
An Interlude of Encouragement Revelation 7:1-17
The Saints Pray, the Judgments Fall and the World Trembles Revelation 8:1-13
Infernal Locusts and Supernatural Cavalry Revelation 9:1-21
The Little Book Revelation 10:1-11
The Two Witnesses Revelation 11:1-14
The Seventh Trumpet Revelation 11:15-19; Ps 2:1f
A Cameo of the Conflict of the Ages Revelation 12:1 2 3 4 5
War in Heaven Revelation 12:6-12
War on Earth Revelation 12:13-17
I - Daniel and the Beasts Revelation 13:1-18; Da7:1ff
II - Daniel and the Beasts Revelation 13:1-18; Da7:1ff
I - The Beast from the Sea Revelation 13:1-13
II - The Beast from the Sea Revelation 13:4-10
The Beast from the Earth Revelation 13:11-18
The Lamb and the Redeemed on Mount Zion Revelation 14:1-5
Eternal Gospel and Everlasting Punishment Revelation 14:6-12
Judgment, The Unwelcome Truth Revelation 14:13-20
The Songs of Moses and The Lamb Revelation 15:1-8
The Seven Bowls of God's Wrath Revelation 16:1-21
Babylon and the Origin of Babylonianism Revelation 17:1-6; Gen. 11
Babylonianism - Past, Present and Future Revelation 17:6;Zec 5:5-11
Babylon and the Great Harlot Revelation 17:1-6,15-18
Babylon and the Beast Revelation 17:7-18
A Rebuilt Babylon Revelation 18:1-24
The Harlot Judged and the Lamb United With His Bride Revelation 19:1-10
The Second Advent of the Messiah Revelation 19:11-18
The Great Supper and the Binding of Satan Revelation 19:17-Re 20:1-3
The Millennial Kingdom of Christ Revelation 20:4-6
The Final Rebellion Revelation 20:7-10
The Final Judgment Revelation 20:11,12,13,14,15
A New Heaven and a New Earth Revelation 21:1-8
The Metropolis of the New Earth Revelation 21:9-Re 22:5
His Coming and Our Coming Revelation 22:6-21
Clarence Larkin
(Futuristic View)
A Study of the Last Prophetic Book of Holy Scripture

Comments: Generally takes a literal, conservative approach but you must be a Berean (Acts 17:11-note) when you read his comments. E.g., in Rev 14:6,7 Larkin describes the "Eternal Gospel" preached by the angel as not related to salvation but judgment (Larkin), a teaching with which I strongly disagree, as does John MacArthur (note) or Tony Garland (note). He has some charts which are nice but must be viewed with the same Berean mindset!

Revelation - Table of Contents
Revelation - List of Charts

Revelation - List of Woodcuts
Overview chart of Revelation

Revelation 1

Revelation 2

Revelation 3

Revelation 4

Revelation 5

Revelation 6

Revelation 7

Revelation 8

Revelation  9

Revelation 10

Revelation 11

Revelation 12

Revelation 13

Revelation 14

Revelation 15

Revelation 16
Revelation 17

Revelation 18

Revelation 19

Revelation 20

Revelation 21

Revelation 22


John MacArthur
(Futuristic View)
Sermons on Revelation

A Jet Tour Through Revelation

Revelation 1 Christ’s Commitment to His Church

Revelation 1:1 Back to the Future, Part 1

Revelation 1:1-6 Back to the Future, Part 2

Revelation 1:4-17 Christ’s Role in the Church Today

Revelation 1:7-8 The Certainty of the Second Coming

Revelation 1:9-17 The Vision of the Glorified Son, Part 1

Revelation 1:10-20 Christ at Work In His Church

Revelation 1:17-19 The Vision of the Glorified Son, Part 2

Revelation 2-3 Satan's Plans For The Church

Revelation 2-3 The Danger Facing the Church

Revelation 2-3 The Death of the Loveless Church

Revelation 2-3 The Ministry of Christ to His Church

Revelation 2:1‑7 Ephesus: When Love Grows Cold

Revelation 2:1-7 Rekindling Your Love for Christ

Revelation 2:8-11 Smyrna: The Suffering Church

Revelation 2:12-17 Pergamos: The Church at Satan's Throne

Revelation 2:18-20 Thyatira: The Church That Tolerates Sin, Part 1

Revelation 2:18-29 Thyatira: The Church That Tolerates Sin, Pt. 2

Sardis: The Dead Church (66-11) (Revelation 3:1-6)

Revelation 3:7-11 Divine Blessing for a Faithful Church, Part 1

Revelation 3:7 Philadelphia: The Faithful Church, Part 1

Revelation 3:7-13 Philadelphia: The Faithful Church, Part 2

Revelation 3:14-18 Laodicea: The Lukewarm Church, Part 1

Revelation 3:19-22 Laodicea: The Lukewarm Church, Pt. 2

Revelation 4:1-3 A Trip to Heaven, Pt 1

Revelation 4:4-6 A Trip to Heaven, Pt 2

Revelation 4:6b-11 A Trip to Heaven, Pt. 3

Revelation 4:8-11 A Trip to Heaven, Pt 4

Revelation 5 Worshiping the Worthy Lamb

Revelation 5:1-4 A Vision of the Lamb, Part 1

Revelation 5:5-8 A Vision of the Lamb, Part 2

Revelation 5:8-14 A Vision of the Lamb, Part 3

Revelation 6:1-2 The Coming of World Peace

Revelation 6:3-8 The Beginning of the End

Revelation 6:9-11 God's Great Day of Wrath

Revelation 6:12-14 Fear of the Wrath to Come, Pt. 1

Revelation 6:15-17 Fear of the Wrath to Come, Pt. 2

Revelation 7:1-8 Survivors of the Wrath of God

Revelation 7:9-12 Tribulation Saints, Part 1

Revelation 7:13-17 Tribulation Saints, Pt. 2

Revelation 8:1-5 The Seventh Seal

Revelation 8:6-13 Divine Destruction of Earth's Ecology

Revelation 9:1-12 Hell On Earth

Revelation 9:13-21 Satanic Slaughter

Revelation 10:1-11 When God Breaks His Silence

Revelation 11:1-2 Two Witnesses, Pt 1

Revelation 11:3-6 Two Witnesses, Pt 2

Revelation 11:7-14 Two Witnesses, Pt 3

Revelation 11:14-17 The Seventh Trumpet, Pt 1

Revelation 11:14-19 The Seventh Trumpet, Pt. 2

Revelation 12:1-5 The Birth of Christ in Cosmic Perspective

Revelation 12:1-6 The War of the Ages, Part 1

Revelation 12:7-12 The War of the Ages, Pt 2

Revelation 12:13-17 The War of the Ages, Pt 3

Revelation 13:1 The Beast Out of the Sea, Part 1

Revelation 13:1-4 The Beast Out of the Sea, Part 2

Revelation 13:1-10 The Coming World Ruler

Revelation 13:5-10 The Beast Out of the Sea, Part 3

Revelation 13:11-14 The Final False Prophet, Part 1

Revelation 13:15-18 The Final False Prophet, Part 2

Revelation 14:1 Triumphant Saints, Part 1

Revelation 14:2-5 Triumphant Saints, Part 2

Revelation 14:6-11 Angelic Messengers

Revelation 14:12-13 Blessed Are the Dead

Revelation 14:14-20 The Final Reaping of the Earth

Revelation 15:1-2 The Final Wrath of God, Part 1

Revelation 15:3-8 The Final Wrath of God, Pt. 2

Revelation 16:1-11 The Seven Bowl Judgments, Pt. 1

Revelation 16:12-16 The Seven Bowl Judgments, Pt. 2

Revelation 16:17-21 The Seven Bowl Judgments, Pt. 3

Revelation 17:1-6 The Destruction of the Final World Religion, Pt. 1

Revelation 17:1-6 The Destruction of the Final World Religion, Pt. 2

Revelation 17:7-8 The Destruction of the Final World Religion, Pt. 3

Revelation 17:9-18 The Destruction of the Final World Religion, Pt. 4

Revelation 18:1-2 Babylon Is Fallen, Pt. 1

Revelation 18:1-5 The Final Economic Collapse, Part 1

Revelation 18:1-5 The Final Economic Collapse, Part 2

Revelation 18:3-8 Babylon Is Fallen, Pt. 2

Revelation 18:9-24 Babylon Is Fallen, Pt. 3

Revelation 19:1-6 Heavenly Hallelujahs, Pt. 1

Revelation 19:7-10 Heavenly Hallelujahs, Pt. 2

Revelation 19:7-10 Heavenly Hallelujahs, Pt. 3

Revelation 19:11-20:15 The Coming Earthly Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ

Revelation 19:11-16 The Glorious Return of Jesus Christ, Pt. 1

Revelation 19:11-16 The Glorious Return of Jesus Christ, Pt. 2

Revelation 19:17-21 The Glorious Return of Jesus Christ, Pt. 3

Revelation 20 The Coming Earthly Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, Pt. 1

Revelation 20:1-5 The Coming Earthly Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, Pt. 2

Revelation 20:6-8 The Coming Earthly Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, Pt. 3

Revelation 20:8-10 The Coming Earthly Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, Pt. 4

Revelation 20:11-12 Man's Last Day in God's Court, Pt. 1

Revelation 20:12-13 Man's Last Day in God's Court, Pt. 2

Revelation 20:14-15 Man's Last Day in God's Court, Pt. 3

Revelation 21:1-3 The New Heaven and the New Earth, Pt. 1

Revelation 21:3 The New Heaven and the New Earth, Pt. 2

Revelation 21:4-8 The New Heaven and the New Earth, Pt. 3

Revelation 21:9-21 The Capital City of Heaven, Pt. 1

Revelation 21:22-22:5 The Capital City of Heaven, Pt. 2

Revelation 22:6-12 Jesus Is Coming

Revelation 22:13-17 God's Last Invitation, Pt. 1

Revelation 22:18-21 God's Last Invitation, Pt. 2

J Vernon McGee
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Revelation Intro
Revelation Intro 2 
Revelation Organization

Revelation Interpretation
Revelation Premillennial
Revelation Six Features
Revelation Ten Subjects
Revelation Unveiling
Revelation After These
Revelation 1 Intro 
Revelation 1:1
Revelation 1:1
Revelation 1:3
Revelation 1:4
Revelation 1:5-6
Revelation 1:7-8
Revelation 1:9
Revelation 1:10-11
Revelation 1:12-13
Revelation 1:14-16 
Revelation 1:17-18
Revelation 1:19-20
Revelation 2 Intro
Revelation 2 Intro 2
Revelation 2 Intro 3
Revelation 2:1-3
Revelation 2:4
Revelation 2:4
Revelation 2:5-7
Revelation 2:8

Revelation 2:9-11
Revelation 2:12
Revelation 2:13
Revelation 2:13-15
Revelation 2:16-17

Revelation 2:18-19
Revelation 2:20-29
Revelation 3:1
Revelation 3:2-3
Revelation 3:4
Revelation 3:5-6
Revelation 3 Intro
Revelation 3:7
Revelation 3:7-8
Revelation 3:9-10
Revelation 3:1-13
Revelation 3:14
Revelation 3:14-16
Revelation 3:16
Revelation 3:17
Revelation 3:18-21
Revelation 3:22
Revelation 4 Intro
Revelation 4:1
Revelation 4:2-3
Revelation 4:4-7 
Revelation 4:7-8
Revelation 4:9-11
Revelation 5 Intro 
Revelation 5:1
Revelation 5:2-4
Revelation 5:5-6
Revelation 5:7-10
Revelation 5:11-14
Revelation 6 Intro
Revelation 6 Intro
Revelation 6 Intro
Revelation 6:1-2
Revelation 6:3-4
Revelation 6:5-6
Revelation 6:7-8
Revelation 6:9-11
Revelation 6:12-14
Revelation 6:15-17
Revelation 7 Intro
Revelation 7:1
Revelation 7:2
Revelation 7:2-3
Revelation 7:4
Revelation 7:5-8
Revelation 7:8
Revelation 7:9-10
Revelation 7:11-12
Revelation 7:13-14
Revelation 7:15-17
Revelation 8 Intro
Revelation 8:1
Revelation 8:2
Revelation 8:3-5
Revelation 8:6-7
Revelation 8:8-9
Revelation 8:10-11
Revelation 8:12-13
Revelation 9 Intro 
Revelation 9:1
Revelation 9:2-6
Revelation 9:7-12
Revelation 9:13-16
Revelation 9:17-19
Revelation 9:20-21
Revelation 10:1
Revelation 10:2-3
Revelation 10:2-3
Revelation 10:4
Revelation 10:5-7
Revelation 10:8-10
Revelation 10:11 
Revelation 11:1-2
Revelation 11:3
Revelation 11:4-6
Revelation 11:7-12
Revelation 11:13-14 
Revelation 11:15-18
Revelation 11:19
Revelation 12 Intro
Revelation 12:1-2
Revelation 12:3-4
Revelation 12:5-6
Revelation 12:7-9

Revelation 12:10-12
Revelation 12:13-17
Revelation 13 Intro
Revelation 13:1
Revelation 13:2
Revelation 13:3

Revelation 13:4-8 
Revelation 13:9-10
Revelation 13:11
Revelation 13:12-14-
Revelation 13:15-17
Revelation 14 Intro
Revelation 14:1
Revelation 14:2-3
Revelation 14:4-5
Revelation 14:6-7
Revelation 14:8

Revelation 14:9-12
Revelation 14:13
Revelation 14:14-16
Revelation 14:17-18
Revelation 14:19-20
Revelation 15:1
Revelation 15:2
Revelation 15:3-4
Revelation 15:5-6  
Revelation 15:7-8
Revelation 16:1
Revelation 16:2
Revelation 16:3 
Revelation 16:4-7 
Revelation 16:8-9 
Revelation 16:10-11
Revelation 16:12
Revelation 16:13-14
Revelation 16:15-16
Revelation 16:17-18
Revelation 16:19-21
Revelation 17 Intro
Revelation 17:1-2
Revelation 17:3
Revelation 17:4-5
Revelation 17:6-10
Revelation 17:11-14
Revelation 17:15-18
Revelation 18 Intro
Revelation 18:1-2
Revelation 18:3-4
Revelation 18:5-8
Revelation 18:9-10 
Revelation 18:11-17
Revelation 18:17-19 
Revelation 18:20-21 
Revelation 18:22-24
Revelation 18 Review
Revelation 19:1
Revelation 19:2-4-
Revelation 19:5-6
Revelation 19:7-8
Revelation 19:9-10
Revelation 19:11-12
Revelation 19:13-16 
Revelation 19:17-21
Revelation 20 Intro
Revelation 20:1-3
Revelation 20:4-6
Revelation 20:7-9
Revelation 20:10
Revelation 20:11 
Revelation 20:12-13
Revelation 20:14-15
Revelation 21 Intro
Revelation 21:1
Revelation 21:2
Revelation 21:3-4
Revelation 21:5 
Revelation 21:6-8
Revelation 21:9
Revelation 21:10-11
Revelation 21:12-14
Revelation 21:15-16
Revelation 21:17-21
Revelation 21:22-23
Revelation 21:24-25
Revelation 21:26-27
Revelation 22:1-2
Revelation 22:3-5
Revelation 22:6-11
Revelation 22:12-21

Miscellaneous Resources
on Revelation
(Futuristic View)

154 Sermons on Revelation:


W A Criswell

Interpretive Models for the Book of Revelation Greg Herrick, PhD

Defender's Study Bible - Excellent, conservative, literal study Bible notes from a leading Creationist. In the box labeled "Book" select "Whole Bible" - Enter book name and chapter and click enter or advanced search. Books that begin with a number (eg. 1, 2 Timothy, etc) must have a space between the number and name (e.g., "2 Timothy 1" retrieves study notes but "2Timothy 1" returns no study notes). Searches of first chapter of any book will usually retrieve Dr Morris' introductory comments on that book. E.g. Gal 1 retrieves introductory notes and several notes on specific verses but does not retrieve all notes on Gal 1 (only notes through verse 6) - Note: If looking for notes on a specific verse enter chap/verse (e.g., enter Gal 1:7) to see if there is a note (not all verses have notes).

Henry Morris

ESV Study Bible - $15 for lifetime online access or free with print version.
ESV MacArthur Study Bible - $20 for lifetime online access

Comment: This online resource allows one to view both the MacArthur Study Bible Notes & ESV Study Bible Notes at the same time & both synchronize with the Scripture! Very nice tool but note that purchase is required. Includes online ESV audio version.

Crossway Publishing

Holman Christian Standard Bible -Study Bible (HCSB Study Bible) - Enter Scripture. Study notes synch with Scripture. Mouse over underlined words pops up the Greek or Hebrew word. Activate this feature by selecting the "Alpha & Omega" Icon on bar above the Scripture. The HCSB is a very well done, literal translation.

Holman Publishing
Revelation Artwork - 30 Digital Arts - Striking Pix! Ted Larson
Revelation Artwork (35 prints) Pat Marvenko Smith
The use of the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
Revelation 1:9-19 In Patmos
Revelation 2:1-7 Letter to Ephesus
Revelation 2:1-7 Letter to Smyrna
Revelation 15:3 Moses and the Lamb
Joseph Parker

A Case for the Futurist Interpretation of the Book of Revelation

Andy Woods
Net Bible Notes
on Revelation
(Futuristic View)
Recommended Resource
Includes Links to Contextually
Relevant Pictures (Very nice!) & Hymns

Revelation 1
Revelation 2

Revelation 3

Revelation 4

Revelation 5

Revelation 6

Revelation 7

Revelation 8

Revelation  9

Revelation 10

Revelation 11

Revelation 12

Revelation 13

Revelation 14

Revelation 15

Revelation 16

Revelation 17

Revelation 18

Revelation 19

Revelation 20

Revelation 21

Revelation 22

Our Daily Bread
Devotionals on Revelation (140)
Updated July, 2010

Revelation 1:1-8 The Complete Story
Revelation 1:9-18 Awesome, Not Frightening
Revelation 1:18 He Was Dead But Now Lives
Revelation 1:8-18 The Timeless Name
Revelation 1:9-18 Christ Is Risen!
Revelation 1:10-17 Just Imagine!
Revelation 1:10-18 From Awe To Adoration
Revelation 1:10-18 Touching Bottom
Revelation 1:10-18 First Church Of The Lampstand

Revelation 1:18 Resurrection Reality
Revelation 1:18 He Was Dead But Now Lives
Revelation 1:20 The Right Light
Revelation 2:1-7 Desert Of Diversion
Revelation 2:1-7 Commended and Corrected
Revelation 2:1-7 A Painful Step
Revelation 2:1-7 Rediscovering the Passion
Revelation 2:1-7 Spiritual Passion
Revelation 2:5 First Church Of The Lampstand
Revelation 2:12-17 Your Name Is Safe
Revelation 2:12-17 A White Stone
Revelation 2:18-29 The Meter Reader
Revelation 2:20 What's Wrong?
Revelation 3:1-6 Wake Up And Live
Revelation 3:5 No Mistakes
Revelation 3:7-13 He Holds The Keys
Revelation 3:14-22 Love that Won't Quit
Revelation 3:14-22 Poor Little Rich Church
Revelation 3:14-22 Through His Eyes
Revelation 3:14-22 Finding Jesus
Revelation 3:14-22 Dashboard Dining
Revelation 3:14-22 Don't Bother Me
Revelation 3:14-22 God's Heart Revealed
Revelation 3:14-22 Problem With Self-Sufficiency

Revelation 3:14-22 Crooked House
Revelation 3:14-22 Love That Won't Quit
Revelation 3:14-22 Go For The Gold!
Revelation 4:1 Spiritual Vision Thru Personal Purity
Revelation 4:6-11 Surrendered Crowns
Revelation 4:8 Holy, Holy, Holy
Revelation 5:1-10 Singing And Prayer
Revelation 5:1-14 Paid By The Judge
Revelation 5:1-14 Singing And Prayer
Revelation 5:1-14 In His Presence
Revelation 5:1-10 The Artist's Dream
Revelation 5:8-14 The Fairest
Revelation 5:8-14 Everyone Sings
Revelation 5 Come, See
Revelation 5:8-14 Sing

Revelation 5:8-14 Sing Of Your Love
Revelation 5:9 We Are Family
Revelation 5:11 Praiseworthy
Revelation 5:12 In Honor And Memory
Revelation 5:12 The Lamb Wins

Revelation 6:12-17
Revelation 7:9-17 The Lamb Is Our Shepherd
Revelation 7:9-17 The Brightest Hope
Revelation 7:15-17 No Joke!
Revelation 8:1-5 The Difference Prayer Makes
Revelation 8:7-9 Unshakable
Revelation 11:15 A Reason For Optimism

Revelation 11:15-18 Our Savior And King
Revelation 12:7-12 War In Heaven
Revelation 12:7-12 Almost-Perfect Disguise
Revelation 15 The Final Opening Ceremony
Revelation 15:1-8 Majestic Sounds
Revelation 16:1-7 Poetic Justice
Revelation 16:17-21 Unshakable

Revelation 17:9-14 The King
Revelation 19:1 Majestic Sounds
Revelation 19 The Untouchables

Revelation 19:1-9 Reunion Dinner

Revelation 19:1-21 The Lamb Wins
Revelation 19:6-10 Eyes Only For Her
Revelation 19:11-16 The Final Scene

Revelation 19:11-16 Victory Day

Revelation 20:9 How It All Ends

Revelation 20:11-15 No Mistakes
Revelation 20:11-15 The Way Out
Revelation 20:11-15 It's In The Books
Revelation 20:12 The Book Of Names

Revelation 20:13 Holy Is The Lord!

Revelation 21:1-2  The Tree Of Life
Revelation 21:15 Thoughts Of Heaven
Revelation 21:3 Two Gardens

Revelation 21:1-3, 15-27 Going For The Gold
Revelation 21:1-4 Far Better

Revelation 21:1-4 A Blessed Alternative

Revelation 21:1-5 We'll Sing And Shout!
Revelation 21:1-5 A City Of Smiles

Revelation 21:1-5 A Happy Reunion

Revelation 21:1-5 Thoughts Of Heaven
Revelation 21:1-7 To Die Is Gain

Revelation 21:1-7 Echoes Of Paradise

Revelation 21:1-7 A Happy Life

Revelation 21:3-4 Three Needs

Revelation 21:1-8 The Best Is Yet To Be

Revelation 21:1-8  Beyond Imagination!
Revelation 21:1-8  Tears In Heaven

Revelation 21:1-8  Where Do You Want To Live?

Revelation 21:4 Sorrow's Aftermath
Revelation 21:4 What's Ahead?

Revelation 21:4 Losing Dad
Revelation 21:4 Temporary Tears

Revelation 21:4 Obsolete

Revelation 21:4A Weeping World

Revelation 21:9-27  The Ultimate Real Estate
Revelation 21:9-27 From Podunk To Eternity
Revelation 21:9-27 On The Other Side
Revelation 21:9-22:5 No Disappointment

Revelation 21:10 Seeing God's Glory
Revelation 21:14-21 Heaven's Asphalt
Revelation 21:21 Eager For Heaven
Revelation 21:23 Seeing God

Revelation 21:23 An Eclipse of Heaven

Revelation 22:1-4 We Will See Him
Revelation 22:1-5 Off The Treadmill
Revelation 22:1-5 The Prospect of Heaven
Revelation 22:1-5 Heaven's Greatest Delights
Revelation 22:1-5 Thoughts Of Heaven
Revelation 22:1-5 “There's Heaven”

Revelation 22 Devotionals Related to Heaven
Revelation 22:1-5 What Will We Do In Heaven?
Revelation 22:1-5 December Desire
Revelation 22:1-5 The Prospect Of Heaven

Revelation 22:1-5 Just A Glimpse
Revelation 22:1-5 The Face Of Christ
Revelation 22:1-5 Heaven's Surprises

Revelation 22:1-5 The Tree Of Life
Revelation 22:1-5 There's Heaven

Revelation 22:1-5 Off The Treadmill

Revelation 22:1-7 Heaven Is Far Better

Revelation 22:2 The Tree Of Life
Revelation 22:3 No Disappointment
Revelation 22:4 Astonished By
Revelation 22:4 First Sight
Revelation 22:6-17 The Person Makes the Place
Revelation 22:17 Charlie's List
Revelation 22:17 Come Quickly!
Revelation 22:18 Test The Teachers
Revelation 22:18 Harvest Home
Revelation 22:18 Our Lord's Return 

Grant Richison
Revelation Commentary Notes

Revelation 1:1
Revelation 1:1b
Revelation 1:1c
Revelation 1:1c
Revelation 1:2
Revelation 1:3
Revelation 1:3b
Revelation 1:3c
Revelation 1:3d
Revelation 1:4
Revelation 1:4b
Revelation 1:4c
Revelation 1:4d
Revelation 1:5
Revelation 1:5b
Revelation 1:5c
Revelation 1:5d
Revelation 1:5e
Revelation 1:5f
Revelation 1:6
Revelation 1:7
Revelation 1:8
Revelation 1:9
Revelation 1:9b
Revelation 1:10
Revelation 1:11
Revelation 1:12
Revelation 1:13
Revelation 1:14
Revelation 1:15
Revelation 1:16
Revelation 1:17
Revelation 1:18
Revelation 1:18b
Revelation 1:19
Revelation 1:20
Revelation 2:1
Revelation 2:2
Revelation 2:3
Revelation 2:4
Revelation 2:5
Revelation 2:6
Revelation 2:7
Revelation 2:8
Revelation 2:9
Revelation 2:10
Revelation 2:10b
Revelation 2:11
Revelation 2:12
Revelation 2:13
Revelation 2:14
Revelation 2:15
Revelation 2:16
Revelation 2:17
Revelation 2:18
Revelation 2:19
Revelation 2:20
Revelation 2:21
Revelation 2:22
Revelation 2:23
Revelation 2:24
Revelation 2:25
Revelation 2:26
Revelation 2:27
Revelation 2:28
Revelation 2:29
Revelation 3:1
Revelation 3:2
Revelation 3:2b
Revelation 3:2c
Revelation 3:3
Revelation 3:4
Revelation 3:5
Revelation 3:6
Revelation 3:7
Revelation 3:8
Revelation 3:9
Revelation 3:10
Revelation 3:11
Revelation 3:12
Revelation 3:13
Revelation 3:14
Revelation 3:15
Revelation 3:16
Revelation 3:17
Revelation 3:18
Revelation 3:19
Revelation 3:20
Revelation 3:21
Revelation 3:22
Revelation 4:1
Revelation 4:2-3
Revelation 4:4-8
Revelation 4:9-11
Revelation 5:1-7
Revelation 5:8-10
Revelation 5:11-14
Revelation 6:1-2
Revelation 6:3-6
Revelation 6:7-8
Revelation 6:9-17
Revelation 7:1-4
Revelation 7:5-8
Revelation 7:9-12
Revelation 7:13-17
Revelation 8:1-6
Revelation 8:7-13
Revelation 9:1-11
Revelation 9:12-21
Revelation 10:1-2
Revelation 10:3-7
Revelation 10:8-11
Revelation 11-1-2
Revelation 11-3-6
Revelation 11-7-10
Revelation 11-11-14
Revelation 11-15-19
Revelation 12-1-6
Revelation 12-7-12
Revelation 12-13-17
Revelation 13-1-10
Revelation 13-11-18
Revelation 14-1-5
Revelation 14-6-13
Revelation 14-14-20
Revelation 15-1-4
Revelation 15-5-8
Revelation 16-1-11
Revelation 16-12-16
Revelation 16-17-21
Revelation 17-1-4
Revelation 17-5-6
Revelation 17-7-18
Revelation 18-1-

Revelation 18-4-8
Revelation 18-9-10
Revelation 18-11-19
Revelation 18-20-24
Revelation 19-1-2
Revelation 19-3
Revelation 19-4-7
Revelation 19-7-9
Revelation 19-10
Revelation 19-11
Revelation 19-12-16
Revelation 19-17-21
Revelation 20-1-3
Revelation 20-4-6
Revelation 20-7-8
Revelation 20-9-10
Revelation 20-11-12
Revelation 20-13-14
Revelation 20-15
Revelation 21-1
Revelation 21-2
Revelation 21-3
Revelation 21-4

Revelation 21-5-6

Revelation 21-7

Revelation 21-8

Revelation 21-9-11

Revelation 21-12-21
Revelation 21-22-23
Revelation 21-24-27
Revelation 22-1
Revelation 22-2
Revelation 22-3
Revelation 22-4-5
Revelation 22-6-7

Revelation 22-8-10

Revelation 22-11

Revelation 22-12

Revelation 22-13

Revelation 22-14

Revelation 22-15

Revelation 22-16-17

Revelation 22-18-19

Revelation 22-20

Revelation 22-21

A. T. Robertson
 Word Pictures on Revelation
Notes on original Greek text
Interpretative approach difficult to state with certainty but not definitively futuristic

Revelation  1
Revelation  2
Revelation  3
Revelation  4
Revelation  5
Revelation  6
Revelation  7
Revelation  8
Revelation  9
Revelation 10
Revelation 11
Revelation 12
Revelation 13
Revelation 14
Revelation 15
Revelation 16
Revelation 17
Revelation 18
Revelation 19
Revelation 20
Revelation 21
Revelation 22

J A Seiss
Revelation Commentary
(Futuristic View)

Joseph Augustus Seiss' (picture) Lectures on the Apocalypse was initially published in 3 volumes in the mid-1800's and has become widely accepted by modern evangelical scholars as one of the first popular works based upon the futurist interpretation of the Revelation.

Preface to Volume 1 (1865)
Table of Contents - 1
General Index
Revelation 1:1-3
Revelation 1:4-8
Revelation 1:9-17
Revelation 1:17-20
Revelation 1:20
Revelation 2-3
Revelation 3:21
Revelation 4:1
Revelation 4:1-11
Revelation 5:1-14
Revelation 6:1-2
Revelation 6:3-8

Revelation 6:9-11
Revelation 6:12-17

Revelation 7:1-8
Revelation 7:9-17

Preface to Volume 2 (1865)
Table of Contents - 2
Revelation 8:1-5
Revelation 8:6-12
Revelation 8:13, 9:1-12
Revelation 9:13-21
Revelation 10:1-11
Revelation 11:1,2
Revelation 11:3,4
Revelation 11:5-14
Revelation 11:15-19
Revelation 12:1,2
Revelation 12:3,4
Revelation 12:5
Revelation 12:6-12
Revelation 12:12-17
Revelation 13:1-10
Revelation 13:11,12
Revelation 13:13-18
Preface to Volume 3 (1865)
Table of Contents - 3
Revelation 14:1-13
Revelation 14:14-16
Revelation 15:1-8, 16:1-11
Revelation 16:12-21
Revelation 17:1-17
Revelation 17:18
Revelation 18:1-8
Revelation 18:9-24, 19:1-6
Revelation 19:7-10
Revelation 19:11-21
Revelation 20:1-3
Revelation 20:4,5
Revelation 20:6
Revelation 20:7-15
Revelation 21:1-8
Revelation 21:9-27
Revelation 22:1-5
Revelation 22:6-15
Revelation 22:16-21

John Walvoord
Revelation Exposition
(Futuristic View)

Revelation 1: Introduction: The Things Which Thou Hast Seen
Revelation 2: The Letters To Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, And Thyatira
Revelation 3: The Letters To Sardis, Philadelphia, And Laodicea
Revelation 4: The Church In Heaven
Revelation 5:The Lamb And The Seven-Sealed Book
Revelation 6: The Beginning Of The Great Day Of God’s Wrath
Revelation 7: The Saints of the Great Tribulation
Revelation 8: The Seventh Seal And The Beginning Of The Trumpets
Revelation 9: The Fifth And Sixth Trumpets: The First And Second Woes
Revelation 10: The Mighty Angel With The Little Book
Revelation 11: The Two Witnesses And The Seventh Trumpet
Revelation 12: The Conflict In Heaven And Earth
Revelation 13: The Beasts and the False Prophet
Revelation 14: The Victory of the Lamb and His Followers
Revelation 15: The Vision Of The Seven Last Plagues
Revelation 16: The Vials Of The Wrath Of God
Revelation 17: The Destruction Of Ecclesiastical Babylon
Revelation 18: The Fall Of Babylon
Revelation 19: The Second Coming Of Christ
Revelation 20: The Reign Of Christ
Revelation 21: The New Heaven And The New Earth
Revelation 22: Concluding Revelations And Exhortations

Ray Stedman
Revelation Expository Messages
(Futuristic View)
Updated 11/11/13

Overview: The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Revelation 1:1-18: Behind The Scenes Of History

Revelation 1:19-2:7: The Church That Lost Its Love

Revelation 2:8-17: Smyrna And Pergamum

Revelation 2:18-29: Thyatira: The Worldly Church

Revelation 3:1-6: The Church Of The Zombies

Revelation 3:7-13: The Little Church That Tried

Revelation 3:14-21: The Rich-Poor Church

Revelation 4: Supreme Headquarters

Revelation 5:1-14: The Great Breakthrough

Revelation 6:1-17: Four Terrible Horsemen

Revelation 7:1-17: To Jew And Gentile
Revelation 8:1-13: Angels Of Doom
Revelation 9:1-21: All Hell Breaks Loose

Revelation 10:1-11: The End Of The Mystery

Revelation 11:1-19: The Last Warning

Revelation 12:1-17: The Woman And The Serpent

Revelation 13:1-18: When Men Become Beasts

Revelation 14:1-20: The Time Of Harvest

Revelation 15:1-16:21: Earth's Last Trial

Revelation 17:1-19:5: The Dragon Lady

Revelation 19:6-21: The Rider On The White Horse

Revelation 20:1-15: One Thousand Years Of Peace

Revelation 21:1-22:21: The City Of Glory

Steve Zeisler
(Futuristic View)
Peninsula Bible Church
Updated 11/11/13

Sermon Series on Revelation

Revelation 1:1-20      Unveiled Majesty
Revelation 2:1-7        The Greatest is Love
Revelation 2:8-11      The Hard Road to Life
Revelation 2:12-17    Mind Pollution
Revelation 2:18-29    The Deep Things of Satan
Revelation 3:1-6        Sleeping Sickness
Revelation 3:7-13      Golden Opportunity
Revelation 3:14-22   The Investment Counselor

Theology in Pictures from the Revelation
Revelation 1               Do Not Be Afraid!
Revelation 4,5            Why is There Singing in Heaven?
Revelation 12             Defeating the Dragon
Revelation 18, 21       A Tale of Two Cities


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