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Timothy must faithfully pass on the gospel treasure


Do Not be Ashamed

Retain the Standard


Entrust to Faithful Men

Handle the Word Accurately


Realize difficult times will come

Continue in Things Learned


Preach the Word

Fulfill your Ministry

Who is the author and how is he described?

1:1 Paul, Apostle

1:11 Preacher, Teacher

2:9 Criminal

What are Paul's circumstances?

1:8 Suffering for gospel

1:12 Suffer these things

1:15 All in Asia deserted

1:16 In chains

2:9 Imprisoned as a criminal

3:11 Persecutions and sufferings

4:16 No support, all deserted - at 1st defense

Where is Paul as he writes this letter?

1:17 Rome

2:9 In prison

When in Paul's life was this letter composed?

4:6 Being poured out as a drink offering & the time of his departure was near



Who is the recipient and what do we learn about him?

1:2 Timothy, Paul's Beloved son (2:1)

1:4 Sincere faith

1:6 Needed to be reminded to kindle afresh the gift of God in him through the laying on of Paul's hands

1:13 Heard "sound words" from Paul

1:14 Holy Spirit dwelt in him

1:14 Had a treasure entrusted

1:15 Aware of the fact that all in Asia turned away from Paul

2:2 Heard things from Paul in presence of many witnesses

3:10 Followed Paul's teaching, conduct, purpose... persecutions and suffering

3:14 Had learned and become convinced of (the things he heard from Paul and his godly relations) knowing from whom you have learned them

3:15 From childhood known the sacred writings

What instruction does Paul give Timothy in (2Ti 1:8)?

Do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord or of Paul His prisoner

What is Paul's invitation to Timothy (2Ti 1:8)?

Join in suffering

Why is Paul suffering (2Ti 1:8)?

For the gospel

How will Timothy be enabled to remain unashamed while suffering (2Ti 1:8)?

Power of God

(cf Not been given a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline or sound mind, discretion, sobriety, sound judgment 2Ti 1:7)

How does Paul "define" the gospel (2Ti 1:10)?

Abolished death

Brought life & immortality to light

What does Paul experience as a consequence of being appointed a preacher, apostle & teacher of the gospel (2Ti 1:12)?


How is Paul enabled to endure suffering (2Ti 1:12)?

He knows Whom he has believed

Convinced He was able to guard what Paul had entrusted to him

What instructions does Paul give Timothy in regard to the gospel (2Ti 1:13-14)?

Retain the Standard of Sound Words heard from me

Guard the Treasure

How will Timothy be enabled to guard the treasure(2Ti 1:14)?
The Spirit Who indwells him

What is Timothy aware of that might cause him to waver (2Ti 1:15-18)?

All who are in Asia turned away fr Paul

Paul is in chains

Who did Paul remind Timothy about that would encourage him (2Ti 1:15-18)?


Refreshed Paul

Not ashamed of Paul's chains

Eagerly searched for and found Paul in Rome

Rendered services at Ephesus

How will Timothy be enabled to fulfill his ministry (2Ti 2:1)?

By being strong (Literally = being continually strengthened) in the grace (God's transforming power) that is in Christ Jesus

What instructions does Paul give Timothy (2Ti 2:1)?

Entrust (gospel) to faithful men

What does Paul instruct Timothy to do using the metaphors of a soldier, athlete and farmer (2Ti 2:3-4, 2:5, 2:6)?

Suffer hardship

Compete by rules

Work hard

What is Paul's instruction to Timothy to encourage him regarding the truth in the metaphors (2Ti 2:7)?

His part = Consider them

Lord's part = will give understanding

What is Timothy to constantly be mindful of (2Ti 2:8)?

Remember Jesus Christ risen from the dead, descendant of David (cf Heb 12:2)

What is Paul experiencing because of the gospel (2Ti 2:9)?

Suffers hardship: imprisonment as criminal

What does Paul remind Timothy to encourage him to endure hardship (2Ti 2:9)?

Word of God not imprisoned

What motivates Paul to endure even imprisonment (2Ti 2:10)?

That the chosen may obtain salvation

What is the trustworthy statement Paul gives Timothy (2Ti 2:11-13)?

If we died w Him

we shall live w Him

If we endure

we shall reign w Him

If we deny Him

He will deny us

If we are faithless, He remains faithful;

In light of this trustworthy statement what is Timothy instructed to do ? Why? (2Ti 2:14)?

Remind of these things

Don't word wrangle

Ruins hearers

How is Timothy to handle the Word of truth (2Ti 2:15)?

Be diligent to handle accurately word of truth

What is Timothy to avoid and why (2Ti 2:16-17)?

Worldly & empty chatter > lead to further ungodliness

Who does Paul warn Timothy about & why (2Ti 2:16-17 2:18)?

Hymenaeus & Philetus = gone astray from the truth

Upset faith of some

What can Timothy be assured of in (2Ti 2:19)?

Firm foundation of God stands w seal

What kind of vessel is Timothy to be? How can he fulfill his potential?
(2Ti 2:20-21 2:22-23)?

Vessel of honor

Set apart, useful, prepared for every good work


Cleanse one's self

Flee youthful lusts

Pursue +R, faith, love, peace

Refuse foolish speculation (quarrel)

How does Paul describe the Lord's bondservant? (2Ti 2:24-26 )

Not quarrel


Able to teach

Patient when wronged

Gently correct

those in opposition


God might grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth

What can truth do for those whose senses are captivated?

Come to senses

Escape snare of devil

What will the last days be like & what should Timothy do (2Ti 3:1-5)?

Last days = difficult

Realize (be aware)

Avoid ungodly men

What will the ungodly men do (2Ti3:6-8)?

Captivate weak women

How can one recognize these ungodly men (2Ti3:8)?

Oppose the truth, Depraved mind

Rejected (faith)

Will these ungodly men be successful (2Ti3:9)?

Not make progress

Folly = obvious

How does Paul contrast Timothy with these men these ungodly men be successful (2Ti3:10-11)?

Followed Paul's teaching, conduct, etc

What does he warn Timothy about? What does he assure him of? (3:12-13)

Godly Persecuted

Evil men will get worse

What does Paul tell Timothy will enable him to survive the deception? (3:14)

Continue in things you learned (gospel)

How does Paul explain the efficacy of the word of God Timothy will enable him to survive the deception? (3:15-17)

Give wisdom leading to salvation

Is inspired

Profitable for




Training in +R

Equips us for every good work

What is Paul's solemn charge to Timothy and why? (4:1-4)

Preach the Word

Rebuke, reprove, exhort

Men will turn from truth to myth

Accumulate teachers who tell them what they want to hear

How does Paul say Timothy is fulfill his charge in light of the departure from truth? (4:5)

Be sober

Endure hardship

Do work of evangelist

Fulfill your ministry

Why is Timothy's role so crucial? (4:6)

Paul's departure has come (Timothy is Paul's faithful man)

How does Paul sum his life and his coming reward? (4:7-8)

Fought the good fight

Finished the course

Kept the faith

In future -

Crown of +R

For all who have loved Christ's appearing

How does Paul describe Demas? (4:10)

Loved present world

Departed for Thessalonica

How does Paul describe Alexander? (4:14)

Did much harm

Why? (4:15)

Opposed teaching

How is Timothy to interact with Alexander? (4:15)

Be on guard

What happened at Paul's first defense? (4:16-17)

All deserted him

Lord stood with him

Strengthened him

Delivered him

Why? (4:17)

Paul accomplish his proclamation to Gentiles

What was Paul's firm assurance in this difficult time - up to the very end of his life? (4:18)

Lord will deliver me from every evil deed, and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom; to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen. (cf "I know Whom I have believed 2Ti 1:12)


Gospel: testimony, standard, treasure, truth, the word, teaching, things you heard from me

Suffering: chains, prison, persecution

Other: not ashamed, endure, charge, diligence

What can we deduce about the historical context?

What were the times like?

Persecution from without

Defection ("deny Him") and deception from within


Chapter 1 (1:15)
All in Asia
Phygelus & Hermogenes

Turned away from Paul


Not ashamed of Paul's chains
Often refreshed Paul
Searched and found me

Chapter 2 (2:16-18)
Hymenaeus & Philetus

Gone astray from the truth
Taught resurrection had occurred
Upset faith of some

Chapter 3 (3:5-9)
Men holding form of godliness but lack power thereof

Captivate weak women
Oppose the truth


Evil men and impostors


Proceed from bad to worse

Deceive and are themselves deceived

Chapter 4 (4:3-4)
Those who do not endure sound doctrine
Accumulate teachers ~ own desires

Turn aside ears from the truth to Myths




Loved this present world

Deserted Paul


Alexander Coppersmith


Did much harm

Vigorously opposed Paul's teaching



Stayed with Paul



Mark had deserted on 1st missionary journey

Now he is useful to Paul for service