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  • Map of Israel in first century - hold your pointer over a name on the map and if it is an active link (most are - hint if you just place the tip of the arrow on the word, it may not show as an active link, so make sure the arrow is on the word and the finger pointing icon will pop up if the link is active). Click the link for a short description of the location. Very nice feature! You could even take a quick tour of the holy land free of charge! The map is also full page and easy to read. Recommended.

The Ancient Near East 

Natural Regions of Palestine

Before Abraham

Genesis - Patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel)

Background on Egypt Prior to the Exodus

Exodus - The Exodus of from Egypt

Numbers - Israel After Exodus from Egypt

Conquest and Settlement of Canaan

Kingdoms of David and Solomon

The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

Judah Alone amid International Powers  

The Babylonian Exile

The Persian Period

The Hellenistic Period

Rome's Emergence as a World Power

The Romans, Palestine, and Herod the Great

World of Jesus

The Life and Ministry of Jesus

Early Expansion of the Church

The First Jewish Revolt

The Early Christian Church

Modern Jerusalem and Palestine

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Cities, Rivers, Seas, Mountains, Valleys - OT

M&P = Map and Pictures

Cities, Rivers, Seas, Mountains, Valleys - NT

M&P = Map and Pictures


Empires Associated with Israel

The Assyrian Empire

The Babylonian Empire

The Persian Empire

The Greek Empire - The Inter-testament Period

The Roman Empire




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Israel Enters the Promised Land (see also Joshua below)

Israel During the time of the Judges

Israel - Reigns of Saul, David, Solomon

Israel during the Divided Kingdom

Israel After the Babylonian Exile

Israel at the time of Jesus & Early Church

Israel Modern

Jesus' Ministry

Jerusalem - Old Testament

Jerusalem - New Testament



See Israel During the Time of the Judges

Kings (and Chronicles)

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John - The Gospels


Paul's Journeys



Power Point Maps

Satellite Image Maps

Unbound Bible

Prophets in the Old Testament





Timelines - Bible Timelines

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