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Genesis 15:18 "In that day JEHOVAH made a COVENANT with Abram saying "To your descendants I have given this land from the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates 17:8 and I will give to you & to your descendants after you the land of your sojournings all the land of Canaan for an EVERLASTING possession & will be their God."


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The following maps are some of the highest quality maps available. They are from the Holman Bible Atlas (digital bookHardcover/Paperback version) copyrighted © 1998 B&H Publishing Group, used by permission, all rights reserved.






1 KINGS - 1 &2 Chronicles

Judah Alone amid International Powers

The Babylonian Exile

The Persian Period

The Hellenistic Period










This is an interesting tool which links the Biblical place names with the corresponding Scriptural references. In the 3 categories below you can hold the mouse pointer over the Place Name to see Bible passages that mention that name and if you want more information click the actual place name which links to an compilation of Bible dictionary articles all on one page! Very handy. Below are the 3 subdivisions.



(3) ISRAEL (Satellite Maps)

Well Done Maps from Swindoll Study Bible


Bible Mapper is a fully interactive, highly accurate Bible mapping system that helps you quickly and easily create customized maps of the Holy Lands or study a particular period and aspect of Bible history. Interesting tool! Many of the maps in the next site are made using "Biblemapper" See Bible Mapper Gallery

Bible Maps for every OT and NT location

These color maps are attractive and include two interesting features: (1) Scripture references in which the place name is found (some entries have all the Scriptures, others only representative entries) and (2) Bible Dictionary article (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) describing the specific name. Very nice tool!

Bible Maps, Charts, Timelines

Bible "Timelines" (Tables) from The Dated Events of the Old Testament

Bible Maps - Wikimedia

Maps on E-sword

Click E-sword is one of the best free Bible study software available. Multiple reference resources can be downloaded free of charge, easily installed. Online video tutorials. Many of my students have downloaded this program and all have given positive reviews. If you don't have a computer Bible program, consider this program.

Timeline - Primarily Historical Events

Click the link above - the page that opens has a timeline at the top of the page. This timeline deals primarily with historical events related to Christianity beginning in AD 1-300 (a few events in the 6000-1BC tab). Click the tab of the date range you are interested in and then click on specific people or events. Interesting especially for us history aficionados. From Christian History Institute.

Some other new additions to the Timelines, Sources of pictures and/or Maps...

The Glory Story - The Bible in Pictures from Genesis to Revelation

Genesis to Revelation in still pictures & text, to tell the Bible story! Down load, print, publish, power-point project the pictures!

These pictures are originals and from my brief review (comparing the actual picture to what the Scripture states) appear to accurately picture the people, places and events in God's Holy Word.

RECOMMENDATION: This would be an excellent tool to supplement your Sunday School class. Another powerful use of these pictures would be in presentation of the gospel cross culturally (short term or long term mission trips, to hidden peoples who do not yet have the Scriptures in their language or for that matter lack an actual written language!)





Rose Publishing Maps

Paul's Journey (Unbound Bible) To walk through each of Paul's missionary journeys city by city click the following links for the map beneath which are the cities

Many of the maps in the list are black and white and/or of variable quality

Color Maps from Bible History Online

Old Testament Maps These maps are on and can be used freely

Maps from

  • Resolution not good in some of these maps

Old Testament

Between the Old and New Testament

New Testament

New Testament Cities

New Testament Countries

Temple in the New Testament

Miscellaneous Maps of Paul's Journeys

Satellite Image Maps: On courtesy of ISV Foundation - Note you may need to resize these for optimal resolution (double click map and in right lower corner click the icon).


Old Testament

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The Tabernacle in the Old and Temple in the Old and New Testament


Israel in the New Testament Times

General Maps

Genesis through Deuteronomy (Pentateuch) Maps


Late Old Testament

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Paul's Journeys

Late New Testament/Modern

Greece -


Miscellaneous Maps
and Images

Google Search - Another source I have found helpful searching for images is the Google Image Search. E.g., type "Abraham Genesis" (Note - do not include quotation marks) which retrieves over 100 images. As of 4/18/05 the number of image hits matching Abraham Genesis has increased to 708 (and this is using the preference Moderate Safe Search is on.). The images retrieved include classics by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, etc.

Remember - do not include quotation marks - any phrase in quotation marks produces a search for that exact phrase whereas words without quotation marks will search for a combination that includes all the words on one page. E.g., if you type "Galilee map" in Google and keep the quotation marks, you will retrieve 103 hits on Google Image search. Now type the same two word but this time remove the quotation marks and you retrieve 36,800 hits! (Both with Moderate SafeSearch on - searching without a filter is not recommended!)

In addition to the Google "Image" search engine you can also occasionally find other maps and pictures by using the regular Google search. For example, type in "Ephesus" into Google and retrieve over 241,000 hits (as of 7/22/03), this number increasing to 686,000 as of 4/18/05 and 3,060,000 (9/17/07)! The number one hit remains Ephesus, Turkey: Panoramic pictures of Ephesus - click it for a well done Virtual Tour of Ephesus which is the best preserved archeological site of the 7 churches of the Revelation. But be a Berean (Acts 17:11-noteexamine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil (1Th 5:21, 22-notes) (Notice that all three verbs are not suggestions but commands calling for this to be our habitual attitude and action = present imperative)


See samples of some of 6000 pictures available (for purchase). Note that at the bottom of the page of each of the links to places in the table below there are multiple additional links related to that place (potentially very helpful). If you use pictures in preaching or teaching, consider this set. Power Point files included.




Judah/Dead Sea






NOTE: Purchase Holman Bible Atlas either digital book or Hardcover. Maps copyright © 1998 B&H Publishing Group, used by permission, all rights reserved. 

Chapter 1 The Face of the Ancient Near East  
  The Ancient Near East 001
  Biblical Regions 001a
  Modern States and the Ancient Near East 002
  Mesopotamia: Homeland of Abraham 003
  Egypt: Land of Bondage 004
  Syria and Lebanon 005
  International Routes, The King's Highway 006
  Geography and Trade Routes of the Middle East 006a
Chapter 2 Natural Regions of Palestine  
  National Regions of Ancient Palestine 007
  Physical Geography of Palestine 007a
  Topography of Palestine 007b*
  Cross Sectional Views of Longitudinal Zones 008
  Northern Coastal Plains 009
  Plain of Dor, Plain of Sharon, Samaria, et al. 010
  Philistine Plain, Shephelah, Judah, and the Dead Sea 011
  Arabah, Negeb, Wildernesses of Zin and Paran 012
  The Old City of Jerusalem Today 012a
  Modern Political Divisions of Ancient Palestine 013
  Climate Patterns of Ancient Palestine 014
Chapter 3 Before Abraham  
  Selected Neolithic and Chalcolithic Settlements 015
  The Table of Nations_(1) 016
  The Table of Nations_(2) 016a
  Ancient Near East in the 3rd Millennium 017
Chapter 4 The World of the Patriarchs  
  Ancient Near East in the Time of the Patriarchs 018
  The Land of Canaan from Abraham to Moses 018a
  Palestine in the Middle Bronze Age 019
  The Migration of Abraham 020
  Abraham in Canaan 021
  Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob 021a
  Travels of Jacob 022
  The Journeys of Joseph 023
Chapter 5 The Egyptian Experience  
  Expulsion of the Hyksos 024
  Egypt and Palestine in the Late Bronze Age 025
  Sites in the Amarna Archive (Akhetaton; Tell el-Amarna) 025a
  Campaigns of Thutmose III and Amenhotep II 026
  Canaan in the 14th Century: The Tell el-Amarna Tablets 027
  The Egyptian Empire and the Hittites 028
  Egyptian Empire and Balance of Power, ca. 1400 BCE 028a
  The Route of the Exodus 029
Chapter 6 The Exodus  
  Events during the Sojourn at Kadesh-Barnea 030
  Journey of the Spies 031
  The Journey from Kadesh-Barnea to the Plains of Moab 032
Chapter 7 Conquest and Settlement  
  Ancient Near East from 1200-100 BCE 033
  The Conquest of Canaan 033a
  The Sea Peoples 034
  The Levant from 1200-1000 BCE 035
  The Conquest by Joshua 035a
  Joshua's Central and Southern Campaigns 036
  Joshua's Northern Campaign 037
  The Limits of Israelite Settlement 038
  Israel in Canaan from Joshua to Samuel to Saul 038a
  The Tribal Allotments of Israel 039
  The Division of the Land Among the Tribes 039a
  Levitical Cities and Cities of Refuge (1) 040
  The Levitical Cities (2) 040a
  The Judges of Israel 041
  The Period of the Judges 041a
  Ehud and the Oppression of the Moabites 042
  Deborah's Victory over the Canaanites 043
  Gideon's Battles with the Amalekites 044
  Jephthah and the Ammonites 045
  Samson the the Philistines 046
  The Battle at Ebenezer and the Loss of the Ark 047
  The Ministry of Samuel and Anointment of Saul 048
  The Kingdom of Saul and His Wars 049
  Saul, 1000 BCE 049a
  David's Flight from Saul 050
Chapter 8 The Kingdom of David and Solomon  
  David's Rise to Power 051
  David in Conquest of Canaan 051a
  David's Wars of Conquest 052
  Kingdom of David and Solomon 053
  The United Monarchy under Solomon (1) 053a
  The United Monarchy under Solomon (2) 053b
  Solomon's Economic Enterprises 054
  Solomon's Building Activities 055
  Solomon's Temple 055a
  Jerusalem in the Time of David and Solomon 056
Chapter 9 The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah  
  The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (1) 057
  The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (2) 057a
  The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (3) 057b
  The Campaign of Shishak 058
  Conflicts between Israel and Aram-Damascus 059
  The Omride Dynasty 060
  The Golden Ages of the 9th & 8th centuries BCE 60a
  Phoenician Trade and Civilization 061
  Trade Routes throughout the Middle East 061a
  Travel Routes throughout Palestine 061b
  Elijah and Elisha 062
  The Revolt of Jehu 063
  The Rise of Assyria 064
  Israel & Judah in the days of Jeroboam II and Uzziah 065
  The Assyrian Empire under Tiglath-Pileser III 066
  The Syro-Ephraimite War 067
  Tiglath-Pileser III's Campaigns 068
  Fall of Samaria and Deportation of Israelites 069
  The Fall of the Kingdom of Israel 069a
  Assyrian Districts after the Fall of Samaria 070
  Prophets of the 8th Century BCE 071
Chapter 10 Judah Alone amid International Powers  
  Hezekiah's Preparation for Revolt 072
  Judah under King Hezekiah 072a
  Hezekiah's Jerusalem 073
  Sennacherib's Campaign against Judah 074
  Assyria in the 7th century BCE 075
  The Rise of the Neo-Babylonian Empire 076
  The Reign of Josiah 077
  The Districts of Judah under King Josiah 077a

The Golden Age of King Josiah

  Nebuchadnezzar's Campaigns against Judah 078
Chapter 11 The Babylonian Exile  
  Judah during the Exile 079
  The Kingdom of Judah 079a
  Exile; Palestine in the Post-Exilic Period 079b
  Jewish Exiles in Babylon 080
  Jewish Refugees in Egypt 081
Chapter 12 The Persian Period  
  World Powers of the 6th century BCE 082
  The Conquests of Cyrus the Great 083
  The Persian Empire 084
  The Return of the Jewish Exiles to Judah 085
  Judah in the 5th century BCE 086
  Palestine after the Exile 086a
Chapter 13 The Hellenistic Period  
  Alexander the Great's Empire 087
  The Division of Alexander's Empire ca. 275 BCE 088
  Palestine under the Ptolemies 089
  The Seleucid Empire and Antiochus III 090
  Campaigns of Antiochus IV against Egypt 091
  The Maccabees in 168 BCE 091a
  Selected Events in the Maccabean Revolt 092
  Jewish Expansion under the Hasmonean Dynasty 093
  Pompey's Campaign against Jerusalem 094
Chapter 14 Rome's Emergence as a World Power  
  Early Rome 095
  Roman Expansion in the 3rd & 2nd centuries BCE 096
  Civil Wars amidst Roman Expansion in 1st century BCE 097
  Roman Empire in the Age of Augustus 098
Chapter 15 The Romans, Palestine, and Herod the Great  
  Roman Rule in Palestine 63-40 BCE 099
  The Kingdom of Herod the Great 100
  Herod's Building Program 101
Chapter 16 The World of Jesus  
  The Division of Herod's Kingdom 102
  Palestine under the Herods 102a
  Palestine in the Time of Jesus (1) 103
  Palestine in the Time of Jesus (2) 103a
  Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls 104
Chapter 17 The Life and Ministry of Jesus  
  Jesus' Birth and Early Childhood 105
  The Birth, Childhood, and Baptism of Jesus 105a
  John the Baptist 106
  Galilee in the Time of Jesus 107
  Jesus' Ministry in Galilee and Journey to Jerusalem 107a
  The Ministry of Jesus around the Sea of Galilee 108
  The Ministry of Jesus beyond Galilee 109
  Jesus' Ministry according to John 109a
  Jesus' Journeys from Galilee to Judea 110
  Jesus in Judea and Jerusalem 111
  Jerusalem in the New Testament Period 112
  The Passion Week in Jerusalem 113
Chapter 18 Early Expansion of the Church  
  The Kingdom of Herod Agrippa I 114
  The Kingdom of Agrippa II 115
  Pentecost and the Jewish Diaspora 116
  Expansion of the Early Church in Palestine 117
  Paul's Conversion and Early Ministry 118
  Paul's Journeys 118a
  The First Missionary Journey of Paul 119
  The Second Missionary Journey of Paul 120
  The Third Missionary Journey of Paul 121
  Paul's Arrest and Imprisonment 122
  Paul's Voyage to Rome 123
Chapter 19 The First Jewish Revolt  
  Distribution of Roman Legions under Tiberius 124
  The First Jewish Revolt 125
  Titus's Campaigns 126
  Herod's Temple 126a
Chapter 20 The Early Christian Church  
  Churches of the Revelation 127
  The Roman Empire ca. 117 CE 128
  Palestine from 73-135 CE 129
  The Bar Kokhba Revolt, 132-135 CE 130
  Hadrian's Jerusalem 131
  Christian Expansion in the 2nd & 3rd Century 132