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Public Domain Maps
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Abraham's Journey
Genesis 11:27-12:9, Acts 7:2-4

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Battle of Michmash

1Samuel 13:1-23; 14:1-14

Elijah's Travels

1Kings 17-21

2Kings 1:1-4; 2:1-25; 4-9; 13:14-21

United Kingdom: 12 Tribes of Israel

Divided Kingdom: 931BC

1Kings 12

Divided Kingdoms - 775 BC

Israel Under Solomon

Alexander's Conquests

Maps below courtesy of Penn State

Seleucid Empire, ca 198BC

Israel's Topography

Sinai Topography

The Twelve Tribes

UN Partition Plan 1947

Armistice Lines 1949-67

Six Day War 1967

Modern Israel, 2005

Satellite Image Maps
Used by permission ISV

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New Testament Palestine

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Old Testament Palestine

The Biblical World

Paul's First Missionary Journey

Acts 13:4-14:28

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Acts 15:36-18:32

Paul's Third Missionary Journey
Acts 18:23-21:26

Paul's Journey to Rome
Acts 27:1-28:31

Summary of Events of Matthew Chapters 1-7
Sermon on the Mount (click for more detail)