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Daniel Resources - Conservative, Literal Interpretation of Daniel
Discussion of the Interpretative Approaches to the Book of Daniel
Commentaries Classified by interpretative approach to Daniel 9:24-27
Charts Related to Prophecy


Daniel Resources
Commentaries, Sermons, Devotionals
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Updated March 5, 2015

Daniel Commentary
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Daniel 1:1-21 Commentary
Daniel 2:1-23 Commentary 
Daniel 2:24-49 Commentary

Daniel 3 Commentary
Daniel 4 Commentary
Daniel 5 Commentary
Daniel 6 Commentary

Daniel 7 Commentary(1)  -- Da 7:1-6
Daniel 7 Commentary(2)  -- Da 7:7-14
Daniel 7 Commentary(3)  -- Da 7:15-28

Daniel 8 Commentary

Daniel 9:1-23 Commentary
Daniel 9:24 Commentary
Daniel 9:25  Commentary
Daniel 9:26  Commentary
Daniel 9:27  Commentary

Daniel 10 Commentary
Daniel 11 Commentary(1)  -- Da 11:1-19
Daniel 11 Commentary(2)  -- Da 11:20-45

Daniel 12 Commentary

Daniel 9:24-27: Introductory Comments
Summary Chart of Daniel's Seventieth Week

Detailed Chronology of Events Related to Daniel (Reigns of various kings)

Inductive Bible Studies
Precept Ministries International

Note: Please consider doing your own inductive study before you go to the commentaries, so that you will be able to intelligently assess the comments in these resources. This recommendation holds for every book of the Bible, but is especially critical in the prophetic sections of Scripture (Daniel, Revelation, Matthew 24-25, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 2 Thessalonians 2, etc).

Daniel 1-6 - Pt 1 - Living Out a Biblical Worldview
Download Lesson 1


Lesson One (1-6) Overview
Daniel: The Setting
Family Tree: The Last 5 Kings of Judah
Lecture 1 (Kay) Studying the Very Words of God
Lecture 1 (Barber) My God is an Awesome God


Lesson Two (7-12) Overview II
PowerPoint: DANIEL, The Overview
Lecture 2 (Kay) Allegiance to the King
Lecture 2 (Barber) God, The Conductor of History


Lesson Three Daniel Goes to Babylon
Chart: Judah Humbled, Daniel Exalted:
The Fellowship of the Unashamed

Lecture 3 (Kay): What Happens to Worldview when World Changes
Lecture 3 (Barber): Will You Please Make Up Your Mind?:
Psalm 137: Wept Near Rivers of Babylon Power point

Lesson Four The King's Dream: Statue & Stone
Chart: The Statue & The Stone:
Chart: Roman Empire History & Current Events:

Lecture 4 (Kay): O God, When Is Your Kingdom Coming?
Lecture 4 (Barber): Never Fear, History Has Already Been Written

Lesson 5: Will You Bow or Burn?
Chart: Idolatry
Worship Defined
Lecture 5 (Kay) Let It Be Known
Lecture 5 (Barber) The Influence of Godliness


Lesson Six: God Humbles Nebuchadnezzar
Chart: The Sovereignty of God, Responding to Trials
Babylon The Great City,
How to Pray for the Prideful: Psalm 83
Lecture 6 (Barber): The Truth About Our Circumstances...SAME AS.. The Testimony of a Broken King:


Lesson Seven Handwriting on the Wall
Chart: Pride Goes Before Destruction
Historical Background: Nebuchadnezzar's Family Tree
Maps: Cyrus' Invasion:
Lecture (Kay): Who, What are You Toasting with Your Vessel?
Lecture (Wayne): Some People Never Learn


Lesson Eight Daniel in Lion's Den
Map: Medo-Persian Empire:
Historical Background: Cyrus Family Tree
Story: Cyrus Should Have Died
Psalm 57: Integrity in Midst of Lions:
Video: Significance of Cyrus to America (11 min)
Music Video: I've Got a Right to Pray (Crabb Family)
Lecture (Wayne Barber): Are You Incorruptible?:

Daniel 7-12 - Pt 2 - Gaining Understanding of the Time of the End
Download Lesson 1


Lesson One Overview of Daniel The Statue, Four Beasts
Overview of Daniel 1-12 [MS ppt]
Timelime The Most High God Rules Over ALL:
Chart Comparing Daniel 2 & Daniel 7
World History Events of Interest
Video - 3,000 Years of Middle Eastern History (2 min):

Lecture (Kay): The LORD is Coming, Know His Truth!

Lesson Two Time, Little Horn, & God

Chart: War with the Saints
Lecture (Kay): The Beasts & The Dragon


Lesson Three Coming Kingdom of God

Chart: The Eternal Kingdom
Paper: Baal & The One Coming on the Clouds
Lecture (Kay) The Coming of the Kingdom of God

Lesson Four History is His-Story
Chart: The Spirit of Anti-Christ:
Chart: 2300 Evenings & Mornings
History: 2 Greeks Foreshadow Anti-Christ
Poem: The Conquerors
History: Antiochus Epiphanes & The Maccabees:
Lecture (Kay) Daniel's Vision of the Nations

Lesson Five Prayer & 70 Weeks
Structured Format: Daniel 9
Family Tree: Medo-Persian Kings:
PRAYER: Principles of Prayer:
Chart: 70 years of Captivity
Chart: 70 weeks Until...:
Chart: Do the Math!:
Lecture (Kay): The Seventy Weeks of Daniel


Lesson Six "Highly Esteemed" of God
Chart: Take Courage from Writing of Truth
Final Timeline
Changed by Prophecy - Persevere
Lecture (Kay): Persevere to the End, Beloved
Chart: Comparing Luke 21 & Matthew 24


Lesson Seven Angels - Warfare - Prayer
Chart: Creation of Angels
Chart: God's Angel Army

THE Angel of the LORD
Chart: True Warfare Prayer
Lecture (Kay): There is War! There is Final Victory


Lesson Eight Prophecy Fulfilled!
Family Tree: Mede- Persian Kings
Map: Kings of the North & South

Chart: Prophetic Word Made More Sure:
Chart: Intertestamental Development of Jewish Groups
Lecture (Kay): God's Writing of Truth- Our Help in Midst of Darkness:

Lesson Nine Abomination of Desolation (Only 1 Resource Available)
Lecture (Kay): Abomination of Desolation


Lesson Ten The End of This Age Resurrection & Rewards
HW Chart: Preparing My Heart for Judgment
Chart: I Set My Heart to Understand

Chart: (Fruchtenbaum): The Extra Days- 1,290 and 1,335

Lecture (Kay): The Judge of Righteousness Reigns:

Robert Anderson
The Coming Prince

This book is the original source of the famous calculation regarding the termination of the first 69 "seven's" in Daniel 9:24-27

1: Introductory
2: Daniel And His Times
3: The King's Dream And The Prophet's Visions
4: The Vision By The River Of Ulai
5: The Angel' s Message
6: The Prophetic Year
7: The Mystic Era Of The Weeks
8: "Messiah The Prince"
9: The Paschal Supper
10: Fulfillment Of The Prophecy
11: Principles Of Interpretation
12: Fullness Of The Gentiles
13: Second Sermon On The Mount
14: The Patmos Visions
15: The Coming Prince

1. Chronological Treatise And Tables
2. Miscellaneous: Who And When
Artaxerxes Longimanus & The Chronology Of His Reign / Date Of The Nativity /Continuous Historical System Of Prophetic Interpretation / The Ten Kingdoms / Chronological Diagram Of The History Of Judah
3. A Retrospect And A Reply

Paul Apple
Daniel 1-3 Commentary

Open PDF file

Art Related To Daniel

Daniel 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10-12   10:13   11:2-45   12

Kay Arthur
Daniel Lectures
(Note: These are the older lectures not the new revised Daniel series).
Click Lecture Series on Revelation

Introduction to Daniel - Lecture 1
Introduction to Daniel 2 Lecture 2
Daniel 1 - Lecture 3

Daniel 2 - Lecture 4
Daniel 3 - Lecture 5
Daniel 4 - Lecture 6
Daniel 5 - Lecture 7
Daniel 6 - Lecture 8
Daniel 7 - Lecture 9
Daniel 7 - Lecture 10
Daniel 7 - Lecture 11
Daniel 7 - Lecture 12
Daniel 8 - Lecture 13
Daniel 9 - Lecture 14
Daniel 9 - Lecture 15
Daniel 9 - Lecture 16
Daniel 10 - Lecture 17
Daniel 11 - Lecture 18
Daniel 12 - Lecture 19

Brian Bell
Microsoft Word Notes
Calvary Chapel, Murrieta
Well done chapter summaries

Daniel 1:1-7
Daniel 1:8-21
Daniel 2:1-23
Daniel 2:24-49
Daniel 3
Daniel 4
Daniel 5
Daniel 6
Daniel 7
Daniel 8
Daniel 9
Daniel 10
Daniel 11
Daniel 12

Bethany Bible
Study Notes on Daniel

Daniel 1:1-21 Purpose of Heart in a Pagan Land

Daniel 2:1-49 The Greatest History Lesson Ever Given

Daniel 3:1-30 Three Who Would Not Fall Down

Daniel 4:1-37 Pride and Punishment

Daniel 5:1-31 The Writing on the Wall

Daniel 6:1-28 The God Who Delivers

Daniel 7:1-28 The Vision of the Four Beasts

Daniel 8:1-27 The Ram and the Goat

Daniel 9:1-27 Seventy Weeks
Nice Overview Handout of the 70 Weeks

Daniel 10:1 - 11:1 The Unseen War

Daniel 11:2-20 The Unfolding Drama of Pre-History (Pt. 1)

Daniel 11:21-35 The Unfolding Drama of Pre-History (Pt. 2)

Daniel 11:36-45 For the Time of the End

Daniel 12:1-13 Sealed Till The Time of the End

Alan Carr
Sermons on Daniel

Daniel 1:1-21 Conquering Compromise
Daniel 3:1-30 How To Fight Fire: God's Way
Daniel 3:1-30 How To Get On Fire For God
Daniel 3:19-30 Lessons From The Fiery Furnace
Daniel 4:34-37 The Pathway To Brokenness
Daniel 4:34-37 The Gospel According To Nebuchadnezzar
Daniel 5:1-9; 17-28 The Path To Divine Judgment
Daniel 5:1-31 What Happens When The Party's Over?
Daniel 6:1-28 The Power Of A Consistent Faith
Daniel 8:23-27 The Truth About Satan's Superman
Daniel 8:23-27 Let's Meet The Antichrist

Rich Cathers
Calvary Chapel, Fullerton
Html Texts (some audio available)
Notes with frequent illustrations and applications

Study Series 1

Daniel 1-2

Daniel 3-4

Daniel 5
Daniel 5

Daniel 6

Daniel 7-8

Daniel 9

Daniel 10:1-11:35

Daniel 11-12

Study Series 2

Daniel 1

Daniel 2:1-30

Daniel 2:31-49

Daniel 3:1-30

Daniel 4:1-37

Daniel 5:1-31

Daniel 6:1-28

Daniel 7:1-28

Daniel 8:1-27

Daniel 9:1-19

Daniel 9:20-27

Daniel 10:1-27

Daniel 11:1-35

Daniel 11:36-37

Daniel 11:38-39

Daniel 11:40-43

Daniel 11:44-12:1

Daniel 12:2-3

Daniel 12:4

Daniel 12:5-13

Thomas Constable
Expository Notes

Notes in Pdf Format

W A Criswell
Sermon Notes

Daniel 1:1 The Babylonian Captivity
Daniel 1:1 The Babylonian Captivity
Daniel 1: The Life of Daniel (Lecture)

Daniel 1:-2 A Godly Christian Witness (Lecture Only)

Daniel 1:6-8  The Formative Years of Daniel's Youth

Daniel 1:8-9  Do or Die Decisions

Daniel 1:8-16 The Sovereignty of God (Lecture Only)

Daniel 1:5-8 Wine or Water? (Lecture Only)

Daniel 1:8 Daniel Overview (Lecture Only)

Daniel 1:1-21  The Captives in the Court of Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel 1:17 Wine or Water?

Daniel 1:17 Why The Critics Assail Daniel

Daniel 1:17 Daniel and Revelation

Daniel 1:17 Why the Critics Assail the Book of Daniel

Daniel 2:1-7 Daniel's Critics in the Fiery Furnace

Daniel 2:3-12 Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon

Daniel 2:3-12 Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon - conclusion

Daniel 2 Prophecy

Daniel 2-7 The Sweep of Human History

Daniel 2:4 The Language Of God

Daniel 2:1-24 The Dream of Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel 2:34 The Mystic Stone

Daniel 2:34-35 The Mystic Stone

Daniel 2:36-45 The Sweep of Human History

Daniel 2:45 The Unfailing Word of God

Daniel 2:48 Daniel (Lecture Only)

Daniel 3:1-16 The Image of Gold

Daniel 3:1-16 For God Forever

Daniel 3:19-27 How the Critics Fare in the Fiery Furnace

Daniel 3:19-27 In the Fiery Furnace

Daniel 3:23-27 The Glorious Presence

Daniel 4:1-29  Lycanthropy

Daniel 4:28-33 The Beast Heart

Daniel 4:30 Mystery Babylon

Daniel 5:1-4 Drunk Kings

Daniel 5:5-24 The Handwriting On The Wall

Daniel 5:24-28 Weighed And Found Wanting

Daniel 5:18 God's Sovereign Choice of Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel 5:30-31 The Government Of God

Daniel 6:1-11 The Superlative Minister

Daniel 6:10 Windows Open Toward Heaven

Daniel 6:10 If Daniel Were American President

Daniel 6:16 Daniel is Eaten Up in the Critics Den

Daniel 6:16-24 Angels and Lions

Daniel 6:24-28 Trial and Triumph

Daniel 7:1-28 The Beast Nations

Daniel 7:9-14 The Coming Christ

Daniel 7:9-14 The Ancient Of Days

Daniel 8:1 Will the Real Daniel Stand Up

Daniel 8:1-3 Contrasting Kingdoms

Daniel 8:12 The Purpose Of Prophecy

Daniel 8:9-27 The Final Dictator

Daniel 9:1-4 The Book, The Prayer, The Fast

Daniel 9:20-23 Prevailing in Prayer

Daniel 9:25-27 he Seventy Weeks

Daniel 9:26 The Death Of Messiah

Daniel 10:1-12 The Overwhelming Christ
Daniel 10:11 Daniel In The Eyes Of His Contemporaries

Daniel 11:1-45 Conflict and Conquest

Daniel 12 The Eternal Consummation Of The Age (Lecture)

Daniel 12:1-3 The Shining Saints Of God

Daniel 12:4-13 Final Mysteries

Ron Daniel
Study Notes (Audio Available)
Calvary Chapel, Murrieta

well done notes

Daniel 1 Taking A Stand
Daniel 2:1-30 Nebuchadnezzar's Nightmares
Daniel 2:31-49 A Prophecy Of Kingdoms
Daniel 3 Allowable Insubordination
Daniel 4 Nebuchadnezzar's Testimony
Daniel 5 The Finger Of God
Daniel 6 Living Above Reproach
Daniel 7:1-8 Four Beasts
Daniel 7:9-18 Antichrist's Big Mouth
Daniel 7:19-28 The Fourth Beast
Daniel 8 Antiochus Epiphanes
Daniel 9:1-3 70 Years Captivity
Daniel 9:4-19 We Have Sinned
Daniel 9:20-27 70 Weeks For Israel
Daniel 10:1-12 Mourning & Denying Self
Daniel 10:13-11:1 Waging Real Spiritual Warfare
Daniel 11:2-35 Prophetic History Of The Jews
Daniel 11:36-45 Rise & Fall Of Antichrist
Daniel 12:1-4 A Time Of Distress
Daniel 12:5-13 Events At The End

Bob Deffinbaugh
Daniel: Relating Prophecy to Piety
Bible.org one of the best resources on the web

Preface to Daniel

Daring to Believe Daniel

Daniel 1:3-21 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Daniel 2:1-49 - The Dream Which Nearly Became a Nightmare

Daniel 3:1-30 - Faith and the Furnace

Daniel 4:1-37 - Nebuchadnezzar Learns About the Birds and the Beasts

Daniel 5:1-31 - The Hand of God in History

Daniel 6:1-28 - The Deliverance of Daniel and Darius

Daniel 7:1-28 - Daniel’s Disturbing Dream

Daniel 8:1-27 - The Ram, the Goat, and the Horn

Daniel 9:1-27 - Daniel’s Prayer and Gabriel’s Proclamation

Daniel 10:1-21 - Lifting the Veil

Daniel 11:2-45 - From Here to Eternity

Daniel 12:1-13 - The Hope of Heaven

Dan Duncan
Daniel Commentary Notes
Mp3 Only

Daniel Exposition - 13 sermons

Explore the Bible
Daniel Commentary Notes

Daniel 1:1-4:37 Use Godly Tact and Discretion
Daniel 5:1-6:28 Stand Firm in Faith
Daniel 7:1-8:27 Rejoice in the Lord’s Sovereignty
Daniel 9:1-12:13 Maintain Bible Study and Prayer

A C Gaebelein
A Commentary
The Prophet Daniel: Key to the Visions and
Prophecies of the Book of Daniel

James Rosscup: Dividing the book of Daniel according to the languages in the original text, the writer gives a brief yet sometimes helpful survey of a dispensational interpretation. (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors)

Daniel : Introduction
Daniel 1: Daniel and His Companions in Babylon

Daniel 2: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Daniel 3-6 The Moral and Religious Conditions of the Times of the Gentiles

Daniel 3: The Image of Gold
Daniel 4: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream Vision, His Insanity and Restoration

Daniel 5: Belshazzar's Feast and the Fall of Babylon

Daniel 6: The Decree of Darius the Mede, Daniel in the Lion's Den and His Deliverance

Daniel 7: Daniel's Night Visions and Their Meaning

Daniel 8: The Vision of the Ram and the He-Goat

Daniel 9 The Great Prophecy of Seventy Weeks

Daniel 10: The Preparation for the Final Prophecy

Daniel 11 The Wars of the Ptolemies and Seleucidae Predicted. The Coming Events of the Time of the End

Daniel 12 The End of Prophecy. The Great Tribulation and Israel's Deliverance. The Epilogue

Tony Garland
Verse by Verse Commentary
In Depth - Includes Audio and Slide Show
Slide Show could be used for teaching
SpiritAndTruth.org Book of Daniel for the latest additions

General Resources

Part 1 Introduction

Part 2 Introduction

Part 3 Introduction

Part 4 Introduction

Part 5 Introduction

Part 6 Introduction

Part 7 Introduction

Daniel 1 - Commentary Completed
Daniel 2 - Commentary Completed

Daniel 3 - Commentary Completed

Daniel 4 - Commentaries 4-12 not yet completed - will be added as completed

Daniel 5

Daniel 6

Daniel 7

Daniel 8

Daniel 9

Daniel 10

Daniel 11

Daniel 12

Dave Guzik
Commentary Notes

Daniel 1
Daniel 2
Daniel 3
Daniel 4
Daniel 5
Daniel 6
Daniel 7
Daniel 8
Daniel 9
Daniel 10
Daniel 11
Daniel 12

Joe Guglielmo
Commentary Notes
Updated links - March 5, 2015

Daniel 1
Daniel 2:1-40
Daniel 2:41-49
Daniel 3-4
Daniel 5-6
Daniel 7
Daniel 8
Daniel 9:1-19
Daniel 9:20-27
Daniel 10
Daniel 11
Daniel 12

Floyd Hitchcock
Commentary on Daniel
"March of the Empires"

Daniel 1:1-21 Part I - Introductory Lesson – The Babylonian Captivity

Daniel 2:1-13 Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah – The Name Change

Daniel 2:19-45 Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Daniel 3:17 Better to Die in a Furnace than to Disobey God's WORD

Daniel 3:19-25 The King’s Heart is Changed

Daniel 4:1-18A Chapter Written by Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel 5:1-31 Belshazzar: Weighed and Found Wanting

Daniel 6:1-28 Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Daniel 7:1-12 Part II - Daniel’s Vision of the Four Beasts

Daniel 7:13-14 The Ten Horns on the Nondescript Beast

Daniel 7:19-20 The Little Horn – A Symbol of the Antichrist

Daniel 8:1-14 Antichrist to Be A Supreme Ruler for A Short Time

Daniel 8:15-27 Daniel’s Mistaken Idea Corrected

Daniel 9:1-19 The Wonderful Prayer of the Prophet

Daniel 9:20-27 Seventy Years Determined Upon Thy People and Thy Holy City

Daniel 9:25-27 The Message of the Seventy Weeks

Daniel 10:1-21 Part III - Daniel: A Man Greatly Beloved

Daniel 11:1-20 The Kings of the North and the Kings of the South

Daniel 11:25-35 Two Hundred Years of Fulfilled Prophecy

Daniel 11:36-45 The Antichrist of the Old Testament

Daniel 12:1-13 The Great Tribulation and Michael’s Defense of the Children of Israel

Thomas Ice
70 Weeks of Daniel
On Daniel 9:24-27

Daniel 9:24-27 Context & Meaning of Weeks
Daniel 9:24 Six Prophetic Purpose Clauses 1
Daniel 9:24 Six Prophetic Purpose Clauses 2
Daniel 9:24-27 Israel's Sabbatical Year & 70 x 7
Daniel 9:25 When Does the Prophecy Begin?
Daniel 9:25 Messiah's Arrival Accurately Predicted
Daniel 9:26 Seven Weeks, 62 Weeks, After 62 Weeks
Daniel 9:26 Messiah Cut Off & Prince Who is to Come
Daniel 9:27 He: Antichrist or Christ?
Daniel 9:27 Middle of the Week & Abomination
Daniel 9:24-27 Time Gap
Daniel 9:24-27 Early Church Views

S Lewis Johnson
Daniel Expository Messages
The SLJ Institute

Daniel 2:1-49 The Course of World Empire, part I

Daniel 2:1-49 The Course of World Empire, part II

Daniel 9:24-27 Prophecy of the 70 Sevens, part I

Daniel 9:24-27 Prophecy of the 70 Sevens, part II

Daniel 9:24-27  Concluding Thoughts on Daniel


Daniel 1:1-21 The Preparation of a Prophet

Daniel 2:1-45 God's Portrait of Man's History - I

Daniel 2:1-45 God's Portrait of Man's History - II

Daniel 3:1-30 The Golden Image, the Fiery Furnace and the Son of God

Daniel 4:1-37 The Dream of the Great Tree, or Nebuchadnezzar's Lesson in Systematic Theology

Daniel 5:1-31 Weighed, but Wanting

Daniel 6:1-28 Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel 7:1-14 The Four Beasts of Daniel

Daniel 7:15-28 The Beast Vision Interpreted

Daniel 8:1-14 The Ram and the He-Goat

Daniel 8:15-27  The Interpretation of the Ram and He-Goat Vision

Daniel 9:1-27 The Prophecy of the Seventy Sevens - I

Daniel 9:24-27 The Prophecy of the Seventy Sevens - II

Daniel 10:1-10 Daniel and the Unseen

Daniel 11:1-45 The Willful King

Daniel 12:1-13 Tribulation, Resurrection, Testimony in Daniel's Conclusion

Pastor Joonho
Daniel Sermon Series

Daniel 1 Purpose in one's heart

Daniel 2 Back to the future

Daniel 3 Courage under fire

Daniel 4 A confession of a prideful king

Daniel 5 The handwriting on the wall

Daniel 6 The lions in the den of the man of integrity

Daniel 7 A prophetic puzzle

Daniel 8 The Prophecy So Accurate That Is Almost Unbelievable

Daniel 9:1-9:19 The prayer of Daniel

Daniel 9:20-9:27 The backbone of the biblical prophecy

Daniel 10 The unseen warfare

Daniel 11 The kings of the South and the North and the antichrist

Daniel 12 Living in a privileged time

10,000 Illustrations @ Bible.org
Click for illustrations on Daniel

Daniel 2 Ether
Daniel 5:25 Numbered Days
Daniel 6:1-10 - Grass on Your Path
Daniel 6:4-5 Super Fund Misuse

Steve Kreloff
32 Sermons on Daniel
Mp3 Only

Index to the 80 Sermons

Alexander Maclaren
Sermons on Daniel

Daniel 1:8ff Youthful Confessors

Daniel 2:36-49 The Image and the Stone

Daniel 3:13-25 Harmless Fires

Daniel 5:17-31 Mene, Tekel, Peres

Daniel 6:5 A Tribute from Enemies

Daniel 6:16-28 Faith Stopping the Mouths of Lions

Daniel 12:13 A New Years Message

John MacArthur
Highly Recommended

Daniel 1 The Uncompromising Life
Daniel 1:1-2 God's Man for a Time of Crisis, Pt. 1
Daniel 1:1-2 God's Man for a Time of Crisis, Pt. 2
Daniel 1:1‑8 An Uncompromising Life
Daniel 1:8,9 The Consequences of an Uncompromising Life - Part 1
Daniel 1:10‑21 The Consequences of an Uncompromising Life - Part 2

Daniel 2:1-30: Forgotten Dream & Unforgettable Daniel

Daniel 2:1-30: Forgotten Dream & Unforgettable Daniel - Study Guide
Daniel 2:31-40: The Rise and Fall of the World--Part 1

Daniel 2:31-40: The Rise and Fall of the World--Part 1 - Study Guide
Daniel 2:41-43: The Rise and Fall of the World--Part 2

Daniel 2:41-43: The Rise and Fall of the World--Part 2 - Study Guide
Daniel 2:44-49: The Rise and Fall of the World--Part 3

Daniel 2:44-49: The Rise and Fall of the World--Part 3 - Study Guide

Daniel 3:1‑3 Uncompromising Faith in the Fiery Furnace - Part 1
Daniel 3:4‑30 Uncompromising Faith in the Fiery Furnace - Part 2

Daniel 4-1-37: How Are the Mighty Fallen!

Daniel 4-1-37: How Are the Mighty Fallen! - Study Guide

Daniel 5-1-31: Divine Graffiti- The End of an Empire

Daniel 5-1-31: Divine Graffiti- The End of an Empire - Study Guide

Daniel 6:1-28  in the Lion’s Den

Daniel 7 The Coming Kingdom of Christ - Part 1
Daniel 7:1-7 The Coming Kingdom of Christ - Part 2
Daniel 7:8-28 The Coming Kingdom of Christ - Part 3

Daniel 8:1-2, 15-19 False Messiahs - Part 1
Daniel 8:3-9 False Messiahs, Part 2
Daniel 8:9-14, 20 False Messiahs - Part 3

Daniel 9:1-3 Elements of True Prayer, Part 1
Daniel 9:3-15 Elements of True Prayer, Part 2
Daniel 9:16-19 Elements of True Prayer, Part 3

Daniel 9:1-19 Characteristics of True Confession

Daniel 9:1-19 Pattern of Prayer from a Man of Prayer

Daniel 9:1-19 A Prayer of Brokenness
Daniel 9:1-19 Characteristics of a Fervent Prayer Life - Part 1
Daniel 9:1-19 Characteristics of a Fervent Prayer Life - Part 2
Daniel 9:20-27 The Arrival of the King
Daniel 9:27 (Not a sermon but a Q/A post on Matthew 24:15) The Abomination of Desolation

(Related message) Luke 21:20-24 The Terrors of the Great Tribulation, Part 1

(Related message) Luke 21:20-24 The Terrors of the Great Tribulation, Part 2
(Related message) 2Thessalonians 2:1-5 The Coming Man of Sin, Part 1
(Related message) 2Thessalonians 2:1-5 The Coming Man of Sin, Part 2
(Related message) 2Thessalonians 2:3-5 The Coming Man of Sin, Part 3
(Related message) 2Thessalonians 2:6-10 The Coming Man of Sin, Part 4
(Related message) 2Thessalonians 2:6-10 The Coming Man of Sin, Part 5

Daniel 9:20-24: Israel's Future--Part 1 

Daniel 9:20-24: Israel's Future--Part 1 - Study Guide
Daniel 9:24-25: Israel's Future--Part 2 

Daniel 9:24-25: Israel's Future--Part 2  - Study Guide
Daniel 9:26-27: Israel's Future--Part 3 

Daniel 9:26-27: Israel's Future--Part 3  - Study Guide

Daniel 10:1-21: The Vision of Glory 

Daniel 10:1-21: The Vision of Glory  - Study Guide

Daniel 11:1-35: The Reign of Rebellion--Part 1

Daniel 11:1-35: The Reign of Rebellion--Part 1  - Study Guide
Daniel 11:36-45: The Reign of Rebellion--Part 2 

Daniel 11:36-45: The Reign of Rebellion--Part 2  - Study Guide

Daniel 12:1-3: The Great Tribulation--Part 1 

Daniel 12:1-3: The Great Tribulation--Part 1 - Study Guide
Daniel 12:4-13: The Great Tribulation--Part 2 

Daniel 12:4-13: The Great Tribulation--Part 2 - Study Guide

J Vernon McGee
Thru the Bible
Mp3 Audio
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Complete Book of Daniel - Zip File
Alternative Links to Individual Mp3 Tracks

Daniel: Introduction

Daniel the Writer

Daniel's Life

Daniel 1:1, 2

Daniel 1:3-5

Daniel 1:6-8

Daniel 1:9-13

Daniel 1:14-21

Daniel 2: Introduction

Daniel 2:1-3

Daniel 2:4

Daniel 2:5-9

Daniel 2:10-13

Daniel 2:14-23

Daniel 2:24-28

Daniel 2:29, 30

Daniel 2:31-35

Daniel 2:36-39

Daniel 2:40-43

Daniel 2:44, 45

Daniel 2:46-49

Daniel 3:1, 2

Daniel 3:3-7

Daniel 3:8-1

Daniel 3:13-18

Daniel 3:19-27

Daniel 3:28-30

Daniel 4: Introduction

Daniel 4:1-3

Daniel 4:4-9

Daniel 4:10-16

Daniel 4:17, 18

Daniel 4:19-22

Daniel 4:23-27

Daniel 4:28-33

Daniel 4:34-37

Daniel 5:1

Daniel 5:2-4

Daniel 5:5-7

Daniel 5:8-12

Daniel 5:13-24

Daniel 5:25-29

Daniel 5:30, 31

Daniel 6: Introduction
Daniel 6:1-3

Daniel 6:4, 5

Daniel 6:6-9

Daniel 6:10-15
Daniel 6:16-28

Daniel 7: Introduction

Daniel 7:1, 2

Daniel 7:3, 4

Daniel 7:5, 6

Daniel 7:7

Daniel 7:8

Daniel 7:9-12

Daniel 7:13, 14

Daniel 7:15-18

Daniel 7:19-23

Daniel 7:24-26

Daniel 7:27, 28

Daniel 8: Introduction

Daniel 8:1-4

Daniel 8:5-7

Daniel 8:8-12

Daniel 8:13, 14

Daniel 8:15-22

Daniel 8:23-27

Daniel 9: Introduction

Daniel 9:1, 2

Daniel 9:3, 4

Daniel 9:5-14

Daniel 9:15-19

Daniel 9:20, 21

Daniel 9:22-24

Daniel 9:25-27

Daniel 10: Introduction

Daniel 10:1-4

Daniel 10:5, 6

Daniel 10:7-9

Daniel 10:10-13

Daniel 10:14-21

Daniel 11: Introduction

Daniel 11:1, 2

Daniel 11:3-14

Daniel 11:15-20

Daniel 11:21-28

Daniel 11:29-35

Daniel 11:36

Daniel 11:37

Daniel 11:38, 39

Daniel 11:40-45

Daniel 12: Introduction

Daniel 12:1

Daniel 12:2, 3

Daniel 12:4-9

Daniel 12:10-13


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Daniel 1 Just You and God
Daniel 1:1-6 Shine On!
Daniel 1:1-8 Refusing the Easy Way
Daniel 1:1-16 Gaining Respect
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Daniel 1:8 Dare to Be a Daniel
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Daniel 10:1-11-1 Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

Daniel 11:1-35 The Reign of Rebellion

Daniel 11:36-12-13 How Long Until...-

Joseph Augustus Seiss
Daniel Commentary (1879)
Voices from Babylon: or, The Records of Daniel the Prophet

Daniel 1:1-21 The Forming Prophet

Daniel 2:1-35 The Vision of Empire; or, Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Daniel 2:36-46 The Succession of Kingdoms; or, The Four Great Sovereignties

Daniel 2:34, 35, 44-49 The Final Dominion; or, The Kingdom of the Stone
Daniel 3:1-30 The Golden Memorial; or, Nebuchadnezzar's Great Image

Daniel 4:1-37 The Great Man Humbled; or, The King's Insanity

Daniel 5:1-31 The Doom of Sacrilege; or, Belshazzar's Feast

Daniel 6:1-28 The Medo-Persian Prime Minister; or, The Faith of Daniel Tested

Daniel 7:1-28 The World's Governments; or, The Vision of the Four Beasts.

Daniel 8:1-27 The World-Powers and Israel; or, The Ram, He-Goat and Little Horn

Daniel 9:1-27 The Chosen People's Fortunes; or, The Seventy Weeks

Daniel 10:1-21 and Daniel 11-35 The Picture Filled In; or, The Vision by the Hiddekel

Daniel 11:36-45 The Reign of the Antichrist; or, The Wilful King

Daniel 12:1-13 The Final Outcome; or, The Great Consummation

Chuck Smith
Sermon Notes
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Daniel 1:8 Daniel Man of Commitment

Daniel 2:36-45

Daniel 2:44 The Coming Kingdom

Daniel 2:45 The Coming King

Daniel 3:16-17 Commitment

Daniel 3:16-18 The Commitment that Wins

Daniel 3:22-25 With You In the Fire

Daniel 4:34-37 Learning Important Lessons the Hard Way

Daniel 5:25-31 Weighed In The Balances
Daniel 6:1-3 Daniel a Man of Excellent Spirit

Daniel 6:3 The Excelling Spirit

Daniel 6:18-20 Is Your God Able To Deliver?

Daniel 7:13,14 Thy Kingdom Come

Daniel 8:27 Doing the Kings Business

Daniel 9:1

Daniel 9:1-19 The Prayer of Daniel

Daniel 9:22-26 The Messiah the Prince

Daniel 9:25 This Is The Day
Daniel 10:12-14 Prayer
Daniel 11:32 Knowing God
Daniel 12 How Long Till the End?

Daniel 12:2,3 Shining as the Stars

Daniel 12-5

Daniel 12:6 How Long Till the End?


Study Guide for Daniel


Through The Bible Series

Daniel 1-4

Daniel 5-8

Daniel 9-10

Daniel 11-12

C H Spurgeon
Sermons on Daniel
All his sermons on Daniel

Daniel 1:8 Dare to be a Daniel
Daniel 3:14 Is It True?
Daniel 3:16-18: Three Names High on the Muster-roll
Daniel 3:25: Consolation in the Furnace

Daniel 4:34-35 The Unconquerable King

Daniel 5:6 Sermon Notes - A Man troubled by His Thoughts
Daniel 5:27: The Scales of Judgment
Daniel 6:10 Daniel Facing the Lion's Den
Daniel 6:10 Daniel's Undaunted Courage
Daniel 6:20 The Lion’s Den
Daniel 8:19 A Safe Perspective

Daniel 9:17 Prayer for the Church
Daniel 9:17 Sermon Notes - A Man Troubled by His Thoughts
Daniel 9:19: Daniel: A Pattern for Pleaders

Daniel 9:23 The Dawn of Revival; or, Prayer Speedily Answered

Daniel 9:24 Shutting, Sealing and Covering; or Messiah's Glorious work
Daniel 10:11: Daniel's Band

Daniel 10:18 Our Lord's Humanity a Sweet Source of Comfort

Daniel 10:19 The Man Greatly Beloved

Daniel 11:32-33 Knowledge Commended

C H Spurgeon
Devotionals on Daniel

Daniel 3:      Through Floods and Flames
Daniel 3:16-18: Lose all rather than lose your integrity
Daniel 3:27: No Smell of Fire

Daniel 5:27:  Weighed and Found Wanting
Daniel 5:27:  Weighed in the Balance
Daniel 9:8:    A Deep Sense and Clear Sight of Sin
Daniel 9:26:  The Messiah Cut Off
Daniel 10:11  Man of High Esteem
Daniel 11:32  Valiant for Truth
Daniel 11:32  People Who Know Their God
Daniel 12:3   Shine As Many Stars
Daniel 12:13  Nothing to Alarm Us

Ray Stedman
Expository Series on Daniel

Daniel 2:19-45: When Dreams Come True

Daniel 2:32-45: The Last Act

Daniel 7:1-14: The World Menagerie

Daniel 7:15-28: The Coming Caesar

Daniel 8:1-27: The Great Propagandist

Daniel 9:20-27: God's Countdown

Daniel 10:1-21: The Other Side of Prayer

Daniel 11: The Time of the End

Daniel 12: The Last Word

Today in the Word
Moody Bible Institute
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Today's Word
Verse by Verse Commentary
by Grant Richison

Daniel 1:1
Daniel 1:1b
Daniel 1:2
Daniel 1:3-4
Daniel 1:5-7
Daniel 1:8
Daniel 1:8b
Daniel 1:9-10
Daniel 1:11-16
Daniel 1:17-21
Daniel 2:1-3
Daniel 2:4-13
Daniel 2:14-16
Daniel 2:17
Daniel 2:18
Daniel 2:19-20
Daniel 2:21-23
Daniel 2:24-30
Daniel 2:31-35
Daniel 2:36-40
Daniel 2:41-42
Daniel 2:43-45
Daniel 2:46-49
Daniel 3:1-7
Daniel 3:8-17
Daniel 3:18
Daniel 3:19-23
Daniel 3:24-25
Daniel 3:26-30
Daniel 4:1-5
Daniel 4:6-7
Daniel 4:8-18
Daniel 4:19
Daniel 4:20-23
Daniel 4:24-27
Daniel 4:28-37
Daniel 5:1
Daniel 5:2-8

Daniel 5:9-12
Daniel 5:13-17
Daniel 5:18-19
Daniel 5:20-21
Daniel 5:22-31
Daniel 6:1-3
Daniel 6:4
Daniel 6:5
Daniel 6:6-9
Daniel 6:10
Daniel 6:11
Daniel 6:12-18
Daniel 6:19-20
Daniel 6:21-22
Daniel 6:23
Daniel 7:1-2
Daniel 7:3-6
Daniel 7:7
Daniel 7:8-13

Daniel 7:14
Daniel 7:15-18
Daniel 7:19-23
Daniel 7:24
Daniel 7:25
Daniel 7:26-28
Daniel 8:1-4
Daniel 8:5-8
Daniel 8:15-26
Daniel 8:27
Daniel 9:1-2
Daniel 9:3
Daniel 9:4
Daniel 9:5
Daniel 9:6-7
Daniel 9:8

Daniel 9:9-11
Daniel 9:12-13
Daniel 9:14
Daniel 9:15
Daniel 9:16
Daniel 9:17-19
Daniel 9:20
Daniel 9:21-23
Daniel 9:24

Daniel 9:25
Daniel 9:26
Daniel 9:26b
Daniel 9:27
Daniel 10:1-3
Daniel 10:4-7
Daniel 10:8-10
Daniel 10:11-12
Daniel 10:13
Daniel 10:13b
Daniel 10:14-11:1
Daniel 11:2-4

Daniel 11:5-20
Daniel 11:21
Daniel 11:22-31
Daniel 11:32-35
Daniel 11:36
Daniel 11:37-45
Daniel 12:1
Daniel 12:2
Daniel 12:3
Daniel 12:4
Daniel 12:5-6

John Walvoord
Daniel: Introduction
The Key To Prophetic Revelation
Highly Recommended
(Note: This is Dr Walvoord's entire original book of Daniel)


Chapter 1 Early Life Of Daniel In Babylon

Chapter 2 Nebuchadnezzar’s Vision Of The Great Image

Chapter 3 The Golden Image Of Nebuchadnezzar

Chapter 4 Nebuchadnezzar’s Pride And Punishment

Chapter 5 Belshazzar’s Feast And The Fall Of Babylon

Chapter 6 Daniel In The Lions’ Den

Chapter 7 Daniel’s Vision Of Future World History

Chapter 8 The Vision Of The Ram And The Goat
Chapter 9 The Prophecy Of The Seventy Weeks

Chapter 10 The Vision Of The Glory Of God

Chapter 11 World History From Darius To The Time Of The End

Chapter 12 The Time Of The End


Steve Zeisler
Peninsula Bible Church

Daniel 1: The Courage to be Different

Daniel 2: Nebuchadnezzar's Nightmare

Daniel 3: The Furnace of Blazing Fire

Daniel 4: The End of Arrogance

Daniel 5: Hand Writing on The Wall

Daniel 6: In a Pit With Hungry Lions

Daniel 7: Four Beasts From The Sea

Daniel 8: The Enemy of The People of God

Daniel 9: A Prayer And a Prophecy

Daniel 10:1-11:1: Cosmic Conflict

Daniel 11:2-12:13: Waiting And Watching



There is considerable disagreement on how the book of the Daniel should be interpreted. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you consider performing your own inductive study prior to consulting any commentaries. The single best inductive study in my opinion is the Precept Ministries International study on Daniel (click here), the understanding of which is crucial to an accurate interpretation of the prophecies in the book of the Revelation. To state it another way, a full understanding of the book of the Revelation is impossible without an accurate understanding of the book of Daniel.

The following is adapted from the introduction to the Revelation Resources because Daniel is replete with prophecies, some of which have been fulfilled (assuming a literal approach) and some of which are yet to be fulfilled. The approach one takes to the interpretation of the future prophecies in the book of the Revelation will greatly influence how one interprets the future prophecies in the book of Daniel. The following chart summarizes the four main "schools" of interpretation regarding the prophecies in the Revelation.

Even more important is to build a firm foundation from your own inductive study of Daniel before you consult even the most respected commentary, otherwise you may be confused by the diversity of interpretations!

The four views of interpretation of Revelation are summarized in the following chart. If you would like to see which "school" of interpretation your favorite commentator espouses, click here for a list of authors who are categorized by their main interpretative approach. Although there are probably some exceptions, the authors in this list undoubtedly take a similar interpretative approach to the unfulfilled prophecies in Daniel (Click here to see Daniel Commentaries categorized by the approach to the important prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27)

John MacArthur (any of his sermons or publications are highly recommended) nicely summarizes the "interpretative challenges" in Daniel noting that

The main challenges center on interpreting passages about future tribulation and kingdom promises. Though the use of Imperial Aramaic and archeology have confirmed the early date of writing, some skeptical interpreters, unwilling to acknowledge supernatural prophecies that came to pass (there are over 100 in Daniel 11 alone that were fulfilled), place these details in the intertestamental times. They see these prophecies, not as miraculously foretelling the future, but as simply the observations of a later writer, who is recording events of his own day. Thus, they date Daniel in the days of Antiochus IV Epiphanes (175–164 b.c., Daniel 8; 11:21–45). According to this scheme, the expectation of the Stone and Son of Man (Da 2, Da 7) turned out to be a mistaken notion that did not actually come to pass, or the writer was being intentionally deceptive." MacArthur takes a literal approach to the interpretation of Daniel (an approach also taken by this website) noting that there will be a literal "future 7 year judgment period (cf. Da 7:21,22; 11:36-45; 12:1) and a literal 1,000 year kingdom (cf. Rev. 20) after Christ’s second coming when He will reign over Israelites and Gentiles (Da 7:27)...an era before and distinct from the final, absolutely perfect, ultimate state, i.e., the new heaven and the new earth with its capital, the New Jerusalem (Rev 21,22). The literal interpretation of prophecy, including Daniel, leads to the premillennial perspective.

Finally MacArthur adds that there are specific interpretative challenges such as

interpreting numbers (Da 1:12,20; 3:19; 9:24-27); identifying the one like a Son of Man (Da 7:13,14); determining whether to see Antiochus of the past or Antichrist of the far future in Da 8:19-23; explaining the “seventy sevens” in Da 9:24-27; and deciding whether Antiochus of Da 11:21-35 is still meant in Da 11:36-45, or whether it is the future Antichrist. (MacArthur, J. J. The MacArthur Study Bible. Nashville: Word Pub)


Preterist (from Latin praeter meaning "past") holds that through use of symbols and allegory, the Revelation deals with events that were fulfilled in John's time and that it was written primarily to provide hope and comfort to the first century church persecuted by Rome. For example, this view interprets the beasts of (Rev 13) as imperial Rome and the imperial priesthood. The preterist view is held by many modern scholars, especially liberals and those who deny that the Revelation predicts specific future events.


Views the Revelation as a symbolic or allegorical prophetic survey of church history from the first century up to the Second Coming of Christ and was the view espoused by most of the "reformers". This view however has been largely discounted as it does not adequately address the prophesy in the Revelation. The discerning reader needs to be aware that the historicist view is reflected in most of the "older" commentaries (many of which are public domain works easily accessible on the internet) including the works of John Knox, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, C. H. Spurgeon, Matthew Henry, Adam Clarke and Albert Barnes. Unless you understand their historicist approach to prophesy, you may become very confused when reading these older "classic" commentaries. Note that with the exception of Spurgeon, these works are not included in the list of resources. It is also important to realize that many of these "classic" commentaries tend to treat many of the promises to Israel as now having their primary application to the church, and this view is firmly disavowed by this website. An example of a historicist interpretation is the belief that the strong angel of Rev 10 symbolizes the Reformation and that the harlot in Rev 17 represents the Roman Catholic church.


Maintains that Revelation is not predictive prophecy, but a symbolic portrait of the cosmic conflict between the forces of good and evil. In this view the Revelation becomes merely a collection of stories designed to teach spiritual truth. Some refer to this method of interpretation as "Spiritual".


Interprets Revelation 4-22 as predictive of future end time historical events preceding, during and after the return of Jesus Christ, the establishment of His 1000 year, millennial kingdom on earth, followed by the creation of a new heaven and new earth. Variations of this view were held by the earliest expositors, such as Justin Martyr (d. 164), Irenaeus (d. c. 195), et al. This futurist approach has enjoyed a revival since the 19th century and is widely held among evangelicals today.

Note that as best I can discern, most of the resources listed below interpret the book of Daniel using a literal ("futuristic") approach.

The interpretative approach taken by this website regarding Revelation 4-22 and the prophetic sections of the book of Daniel is that these passages describe literal people, places and events that will be fulfilled in the future. As someone has well said "If the plain sense makes good sense seek no other sense lest it result in nonsense." Many of the resources on this page espouse a similar literal interpretative view, but this does not necessarily mean that we agree with every comment in all of the resources.

Bob Deffinbaugh  notes that

"What makes the Book of Daniel most profitable for some makes it most problematic for others. Daniel is one of the great Old Testament prophets, and these prophecies have a great deal to say about things yet to come. For the Bible-believing Christian this puts Daniel on the “must read” list. For the unbelieving skeptic, it puts the message and meaning of this great book on the “hit list.” Much that is written about Daniel, then, is written from a critical perspective. Daniel is profitable for the Christian because it describes life in Babylon during the dark days of the captivity of the Jews, in fulfillment of the prophecies God had given this wayward people. Finally, Daniel is a most profitable book because it describes the life of a very godly man, living in an ungodly world."

The wide divergence of interpretative views in the realm of Scripture prophecy makes it imperative that the discerning reader be a "true blue" Berean (Acts 17:11) and perform his or her own inductive study prior to consulting any commentary, tape set, web site or sermon, lest he or she become mired down in confusing rhetoric and specious speculation. The Prophecies in Daniel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ were written to edify, equip, encourage and bless the saints, not to hopelessly confuse or divide them. Maranatha!

Recommended Resources
(And Some that are not recommended)

The first group of resources below accepts Daniel 9:25-26 as a prophecy of the Messiah and allows for a "Gap" Between Daniel's 69 and 70th Week. The works in this first group seek the normal, literal interpretation and would in general be classified as "futurists" and millennialists.

Disclaimer: Note that categorizing an entire work and/or writer's interpretative approach is undoubtedly somewhat subjective so if you see a commentary that you know is inappropriately classified, please email your concern and it will be researched and corrected as needed.

Anderson, Sir Robert: Daniel in the Critic's Den and The Coming Prince

Archer, Gleason L., Jr: "Daniel" in Expositor's Bible Commentary (Regency Reference Library 1985) (Or try here but site is very erratic - Daniel in Expositor's Bible Commentary)

Arthur, Kay: 19 Part Lecture Series on Daniel (Precept Ministries International)

Bible Knowledge Commentary. John Walvoord, Roy Zuck (Victor Books, 1985)

Boice, J M: Daniel: An Expositional Commentary (Logos)

Campbell, Donald: Daniel: God's Man in a Secular Society (Discovery House, 1988)

Constable, Thomas: Expository Notes on the Whole Bible (Logos)

Culver, Robert D: Daniel and the Latter Days. (Moody Press, 1977)

Deffinbaugh, Bob: Daniel: Relating Prophecy to Piety

Guzik, Dave: Brief Expository Notes (Logos free download)

Ice, Thomas: Daniel 9:24-27: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel (pt 1)

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KJV Bible commentary. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1994)

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MacArthur, John: MacArthur Study Bible (click here also)

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Radio Bible Class: What Can We Know About The Antichrist?; What Can We Know About The Endtimes?; What Can We Know About The Second Coming?

Radio Bible Class: The Daniel Papers

Richison, Grant: Devotional Series on Daniel from Campus Crusades for Christ

Second Coming - Table comparing Rapture versus Second Coming

Stedman, Ray: Expository Series on Daniel

Strauss, Lehman: The Prophecies of Daniel..

Verse by Verse Notes: On Daniel 9:24-27 on this website

Walvoord, John Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation (Online Version) - Highly Recommended

Whitcomb, John: Daniel: Everyman's Bible Commentary

Wood, Leon: A Commentary on Daniel (Regency Reference Library, 1973)

Zeisler, Steve: Expository Sermon Series

The second group listed below accepts Daniel 9:25-26 as Prophecy of the Messiah but does not interpret a Gap between Daniel's 69 & 70th Week

Most of these works interpret Daniel's 70th week as literally following the 69th week and interpret the he in Daniel 9:27 as the Messiah and not the Antichrist. Basically most of these writers also do not accept the 1000 year reign of Messiah on earth (i.e., they are amillennialists) as mentioned in Revelation 20.

Baldwin, Joyce G: Daniel: An Introduction and Commentary. (Inter-Varsity Press, 1978). (Baldwin makes an odd comment that "The numbers are symbolic and not arithmetical; by the time 69 sevens have passed, God's allotted seventy is almost complete" She goes on to add that "to him (Daniel) the 70 years covered the whole of future time, and the coming of the kingdom looked from his vantage-point like one event.")

Barnes, Albert: Barnes Notes on the Old Testament (ca 1942)

Calvin, John: Calvin's Commentaries (mid 1500's)

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Jamieson, R., Fausset, & Brown:  A commentary, critical and explanatory (1871)

Keil, C. F., & Delitzsch, F: Commentary on the Old Testament (1866-1891) (Presents a difficult to follow discussion which seems to conclude the 70th week correlates with the end times in which Antichrist is exterminated, but they interpret the "seven's" symbolically and thus do not formally espouse a "gap") (Daniel Commentary)

Young, E J: The Prophecy of Daniel (1949)

Geneva Study Bible: Study Notes (1599)

Mauro, Philip: The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation (1921)

Leupold, H. C.: Exposition of Daniel (Baker Book House, 1949)

New Bible Commentary (Sinclair Ferguson)

This last group does not believe Daniel 9:24-27 is a prophecy of the Messiah  and thus these works generally equate with a liberal school of (non-literal) interpretation

This group generally argues that Daniel was written in the second century (late date) after all the historical events prophesied had come to pass and thus they conclude that the entire book represents the author's (not the original Daniel) interpretation of past history. In general the commentators this non-Christological group attempts to find fulfillment of the Daniel's 70 Weeks in the events leading up to the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes. In 168 B.C., a pagan altar was constructed on top of the great altar of burnt sacrifices, and a pagan sacrifice was offered under the reign of Antiochus Epiphanes. This act precipitated the Maccabean revolt which Antiochus attempted unsuccessfully to put down with great cruelty (167-164 B.C.).

The works below are NOT recommended by this website, and if you must consult do so cautiously and "be a Berean"! (Acts 17:11-note) Note that several of these works are published by companies that one normally considered conservative evangelical sources, but clearly that does not guarantee that the contents are thoroughly conservative and evangelical. Examine every commentary (including the notes you are now reading!) carefully. Hold fast (present imperative = command to make this one's lifestyle) to those that are true (cf 1Th 5:21-note). The only way you will personally be able to achieve this goal is to learn to study the Scriptures inductively (Click introduction to inductive Bible study).

Solid food (as prepared by careful inductive study) is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil (see Hebrews 5:14-note)

Goldingay, John E: Daniel. Word Biblical Commentary. Volume 30 (Dallas: Word Books, 1989) (For example he writes that "There is no reason to refer it exegetically to the first or second coming of Christ.", page 260)

Brown, R. E., Fitzmyer, J. A., & Murphy, R. E: The Jerome Biblical commentary (1968)

Matthews, V. H., Chavalas, M. W., & Walton, J. H: The IVP Bible background commentary: Old Testament (InterVarsity Press, 2000)

Montgomery, James A: A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Daniel. The International Critical Commentary. (1964) (Rosscup writes: Often the work is in a dense fog on prophetical positions, fostering confusion. - from Commentaries For Biblical Expositors or Logos)

F F Bruce:  A popular commentary series edited by F. F. Bruce and William Barclay (Abingdon Press) is full of modernistic thought and historical-critical discussion and specifically in the volume dealing with Daniel, the book of Daniel is said to have been written after the fulfillment of the events prophesied therein. In the same volume we are told that we cannot know who authored the book of Daniel (though Jesus Christ said Daniel wrote it).

Russell, D. S: Daniel. The Daily Study Bible series. (Westminster John Knox Press, 1981)



THE THREE DIVINE DAYS - Of The Lord, Of Christ, Of God)


THE END TIME JUDGMENTS - Of Christ, Of the Sheep & Goats, Of Israel, Of the Great White Throne

EZEKIEL TIMELINE - Ezekiel's prophecy in context of Israel's history

GLORY OF THE LORD -Depicts the departure of God's glory and His return to the Temple

GOD'S PLAN FOR THE AGES - God's Eye Overview from the first Adam to the second Adam

GOD'S PLAN FOR JERUSALEM - Timeline chart of the "five" prophetic peaks of Jerusalem

REVELATION CHARTED OUT - Allows comparison of events and timing  Revelation 4-22

By Kay Arthur

Revelation Part 3

Lecture 00 Knowing Revelation Takes Away the Fear
Lecture 01 Knowing Who God Is & Living Accordingly
Lecture 02 Who Do You Bow Down To?
Lecture 03 When Will the Mystery of God be Finished?
Lecture 04 Date Setting and The Return of Christ
Lecture 05 Matthew 24 and the Coming of the Son of Man
Lecture 06 When Does the Tribulation Begin?
Lecture 07 Why Is It So Important to Understand the Jew?
Lecture 08 Is God Finished With the Jews?
Lecture 09 This Land is Your Land...Forever!
Lecture 10 What Happened to the Old Testament Promises Regarding Israel?
Lecture 11 A Prophecy Regarding Israel: The Beginning of the End

Revelation Part 4

Lecture 00 Where are the leaders? The Strong and Courageous? Those valiant for God's absolutes?
Lecture 01 The Lord Jesus Christ is Returning: You Can Count on It!

Lecture 02 Are the Events of Revelation Past? Happening Now? Or Yet Future?
Lecture 03 It's the Last Hour! Don't be Misled by the Devil's Antichrists
Lecture 04 What Will it be Like When the ''Real'' Antichrist Comes?
Lecture 05 When Will the Antichrist rear his Destructive head?
Lecture 06 The Devil's Beauty & Beast
Lecture 07 Who is the Great harlot Babylon?
Lecture 08 The Day of the Lord is Coming
Lecture 09 Where Will the Church be When the Day of the Lord Comes?
Lecture 10 What & When is Armageddon?
Lecture 11 When Jesus Returns to the Earth Where Will the Church Be?
Lecture 12 Where is the Church in the Book of the Revelation?
Lecture 13 Where is the Church in the 1000 Year Reign?


DISCLAIMER: Before you "go to the commentaries" go to the Scriptures & study them inductively in dependence on your Teacher, the Holy Spirit, Who Jesus promised would guide us into all the truth (John 16:13). (Click 3 part overview of how to do Inductive Bible Study).  Remember that Scripture is always the best commentary on Scripture. Any commentary, even those by the most conservative & orthodox teacher/preachers cannot help but have at least some bias of the expositor based upon his training & experience. Therefore the inclusion of specific links does not indicate that we agree with every comment. We have made a sincere effort to select only the most conservative, "bibliocentric" commentaries. Should you discover some comment you feel may not be orthodox, please email your concern. We recommend that your priority be a steady intake of solid Biblical food so that with practice you will have your spiritual senses trained to discern good from evil (Hebrews 5:14-note).

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