Partaking of His Word

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Thy words were found and I ate them
And Thy words became for me a joy
And the delight of my heart,
for I have been called by Thy name,
O LORD God of hosts.
--Jeremiah 15:16

Our Daily Bread (ODB) is an excellent Scripturally based daily devotional that can enrich your time in the Word and is available at no charge in either booklet or electronic form. There is also a daily schedule to help keep you on track in reading "Through the Bible in One Year". Contributors are Biblically conservative and evangelical and include men like Dr. Haddon W. Robinson, former president of Denver Theological Seminary.

Our Daily Bread can be a very effective "EVANGELISTIC TOOL" that can be helpful to alleviate the anxiety that often accompanies sharing the "narrow truth" (Mt 7:13-14-note) that Jesus Christ as "the (ONLY) Way and the Truth and the Life" (Jn 14:6). I have been giving out the quarterly edition (single booklet containing 3 months of devotionals available in quantity on request from RBC) for over 10 years and always encourage the recipient to use the booklet as an supplement to reading the Bible, not as a substitute for the "the pure milk of the WORD, so that by IT (they) may grow in respect to salvation" (1Peter 2:2-note). I have yet to have anyone refuse a copy of Our Daily Bread. And you will be amazed that just taking the time to offer it (I give it to every repairman who comes to our house, all of my son's friends, etc) will often open a door and allow you to make "the most of the opportunity", as you let "your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person." (Col 4:5-6-note) You can usually quickly discern whether the recipient has been prepared by the Spirit (cf Lydia Acts 16:14) to discuss "the Way, and the Truth, and the Life". I am convinced that the Lord used this little devotional booklet to open the heart (Acts 16:14) of my beloved elderly aunt to "in humility receive the word implanted, which (was) able to save (her) soul" (James 1:21-note) leading her to "confess with (her) mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in (her) heart that God raised Him from the dead" and she was "saved" (Ro 10:9-10-note) just several weeks prior to her physical death. In addition, one of my son's friends recently received Christ and has been "on fire" since. I ask him what brought about his miraculous release from "the slough of despond" at times even to the point of contemplating suicide and he reminded me that one day I had given him a copy of "Our Daily Bread" which God used to drive him to the Word, which in turn "opened (his) eyes so that" (he turned) "from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God" and received "forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in" Jesus Christ. (Acts 26:18). So be encouraged. I do not have the gift of evangelism and yet God used this little booklet for this young man's eternal good and His ineffable glory.

There are 3 ways to obtain ODB: (1) Click on the "Our Daily Bread" link above or go to Home Page and click "Our Daily Bread" logo which opens the devotional for the current day and date. (2) Subscribe to the daily automatic e-mail edition by sending an EMPTY e-mail to: [email protected] (3) You can also request a printed version. You can also request a standing order of multiple additional copies (see why you might want to do so in next section.

Are you having trouble maintaining a consistent "Quiet Time"? Don't feel alone! For some helpful guidelines see the excellent small Discovery House Booklet "Time with God" (see also "Seven Minutes With God")

Browse through the excellent collection of Discovery House Booklets, each booklet about 20-30 pages and covering a wide variety of topics, as diverse as dinosaurs to divorce to depression. Printed booklets can be requested at no charge.

The entire Radio Bible Class site (Daily Bread, My Utmost for Your Highest, Discovery Series, etc) can be SEARCHED. Click on the Search Window on the Reference Search Page and type "meditation" (make sure the window beneath search says "Entire Site"). Press "Search" and you should retrieve >50 "hits". Scroll down and click link (#4) for an interesting devotional on meditation. A similar search on "depression" retrieves 141 "hits". You can also search specific Scriptures but the hits are generally not as specific (eg, I searched "Romans 5:3" and only the 9th hit was relevant).